Aureon Energy Update

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting this following communication from Aureon Energy in the Always Open thread:

It seems Aureon is progressing further and they seem to concentrate on transmuting Radium into other more benign elements. Short video’s on their website reveal just a little bit more and are interesting to look at. Maybe Bob Greenyer has some more news from them.

“Dear Gerard,
We have made major progress finalizing the company structure to move forward with the work we are focused on in the elemental transmutation of radium.

We now have 5 new SAFIRE chamber candidate designs we will be testing; they are aqueous, semi-aqueous and gaseous configurations working to evaluate the most effective solution.

These designs are grounded in and further extend the patents and intellectual property already established by the SAFIRE project.
Thank you for your support without which we would not have been able to continue to move forward.

Kind regards,

Montgomery W. Childs
Founder | Chairman
Aureon Energy Ltd. – The SAFIRE Project