NASA References LENR as Possible “Climate Solver”

Thanks to a reader for sending me a PDF of a technical bulletin published by NASA in May 2023 titled:

“Societal Futures to Inform Space and Aero Planning: A Technological Projection”

The authors are:

Dennis M. Bushnell
Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia

Lois E. Macklin
Context 21, Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canad

On page 14 is this reference:

“Japanese LENR – The Japanese have apparently determined how to scale LENR, low energy
nuclear reactions, creating weak nuclear force reactions, not cold Fusion, at some 10,000 times chemical energy density. This has no radiation, is a long lasting heat battery, and there are many ways to ever more efficiently convert the heat to electricity. The associated costs are low and size/weight is small. The scaling cited by a Japanese firm is in the range which would essentially and inexpensively “solve climate” and reduce energy costs, increase operational range.”