Principles of Nature (Gordon Docherty)

This is a comment from Gordon Docherty on the previous thread which I thought was particularly noteworthy, and felt it would be good to put it in its own thread.

To understand better how nature works, it is useful to make a comparison of traits considered opposite and, in some way, either “male” (on the left – they tend to be male characteristics) or “female” (on the right – they tend to be female characteristics):

Distance<-->Information Density
Light (Emission, Outflow)<-->Darkness (Containment, Absorption)
Positive (Charge)<-->Negative (Charge)
Negative (Temperature Gradient)<-->Positive (Temperature Gradient)
Radius (middle to edge)<-->Curvature, Angular Velocity, Orbital Velocity (round the circle perimeter)
Oxygen<-->Other elements except Hydrogen, “the carrier”

In combination with these, there are two types of movement –

Axial-Radial Motion -> inside -> outside (centrifugal) -> explosion -> disintigrating, decelerating, dissipating/separating, diverging, destructive, friction creating, noise creating, downward -> masculine energy

Radial-Axial Motion -> outside -> inside (centripetal) -> implosion -> intigrating, accelerating, concentrating/collecting, converging, constructive, friction reducing, noise reducing, upward -> feminine energy

Nature continually seeks a state of balance (dynamic equilibrium), by balancing opposites (also known as balancing thesis with antithesis – for example, balancing selfishness (thesis) with love (its antithesis), balancing egoism (thesis) with altruism (its antithesis).

This is as true in animals as in plants as in substances as in energies – for example, the constructive (female) energy from Earth to Heaven and the destructive (male) energy from Heaven to Earth
Evolution (in positive terms) is then seen as the interplay of opposites, with the female form exceeding the male form.

So, what has this to do with Energy Production? Simple – Radial-Axial Motion, motion that is converging, constructive and noise reducing, is the preferred way nature uses to power life on Earth – it’s why plants and animals don’t sound like old boilers.

So, why has humanity not taken heed of this? Why is every machine and mode of transport today powered by Axial-Radial Motion, motion that is diverging, destructive, noise creating?

Well, perhaps it was not always so.

Consider the Seven Great Hermetic Principles that underly all the worlds religions and teachings – and nature’s mechanisms :

1. The Principle of Mentalism – This principle embodies the understanding that everything in the universe is created by thought or mind. There is nothing that exists in the material universe where this is not the case.

2. The Principle of Correspondence (or scale invariance) – As above, so below. Often misunderstood, this is quite simple – we live in a fractal universe.

3. The Principle of Vibration – This principle explains the difference between the different manifestations of matter and spirit. From pure spirit all the way down to the grossest level of matter is a continuum of varying degrees of vibration. Every atom and molecule is vibrating in a certain motion, speed, vibration, and frequency. It is the combination of these frequencies that determine the form of any given object, be it of a physical or metaphysical nature. Everything is in motion, and is vibrating, and nothing is at rest. Even a physical object, as for example a chair, is really in a state of motion. The atom, and electrons are vibrating, and there is space between these atoms and molecules. This is true of the atom as it is true of the solar system, galaxy, universe, and super universes. For the omniverse is nothing more than a large atom. This relates to “As above so below.”

4. The Principle of Polarity (or everything has its opposite) – This is a fascinating principle and law. Take, for example, heat and cold. Though they are opposites they are really the same thing. It is merely a matter of degree. The same could be said of spirit and matter. They are really the same thing. They could be likened to water. Freeze water and it becomes ice (matter). Boil water and it evaporates and becomes gaseous fumes (spirit). They are identical in nature, but different in degrees.

5. The Principle of Rhythm (or for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) – This principle, we see manifesting in every aspect of our lives. We see it in the tides of the oceans. We see it in our need for sleep after a day of work. We see it in the creation of a star and sun and its eventual collapse. We see this law operating in the rise and fall of nations, and even in the operation of the omniuniverse. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect – There are no accidents in the universe. Everything in the universe is governed by “laws”: there are physical laws, emotional laws, mental laws, and spiritual laws. By understanding these laws we can learn to operate in grace instead of karma.

7. The Principle of Gender – Everything has a yin and yang. On the physical plane each person has a male or female physical body, however psychologically each person is androgenous with male and female qualities. Each person has a left brain and right brain.

These principles are from true (antediluvian) antiquity – they were already described as being from antiquity even in Old Kingdom of Egypt. Yes, they underlie “ways of living”, but when you consider them from an engineering standpoint, they are much in agreement with the following :

A. correspondence -> scale invariance, or, “as above, so below” – the universe is fractal
B. vibration and rhythm -> everything has motion, everything has its own natural frequency, everything is capable of resonance (repeatedly applying energy at a body’s natural frequency)
C. cause and effect -> transmission, induction, actions have consequences
D. polarity, gender -> the universe is made of opposites, with each part of the opposites being in and defined by the other

Focussing in on resonance, it is only possible in a radial-axial motion system, the system nature prefers to use (saving the axial-radial only for the “big bangs”).

Yet, all current fusion systems – except, it must be said, LLP’s Plasma device – all focus on heat, pressure, quantity, light, positive charges, zero, explosive power, destruction – heating up a plasma and accelerating it around a loop in the hope that some nuclei might collide with sufficient force to overcome the Coulomb barrier. This is a brutalist and brute-force approach, likely owing its thinking to nuclear fission.

Such systems will NEVER deliver a viable commercial power source.

Systems that use radial-axial systems, however, and especially vortices / vorticles, the fractal nature of the universe, resonance and coherence, the resulting IMPLOSION systems formed (as a 3 to 4 level fractal toriodal moment) suck in nuclei from a naturally formed plasma, shroud the nuclei clusters with electrons and through a generated magnetic (feminine) pressure in excess of 50,000,000 Tesla, lead to ElectoNuclear Collapse and, via a suitable (worm-hole) channel – a toroidal moment twisted into a tornado – emerge to reform nuclei (that draw in electrons in a “cold” electron flow) in a process labelled ElectroNuclear reGeneration.

Not only this, but where the fractal toroids do break (for whatever reason), the resulting strings act as Falaco Solitons, whose ends provide the perfect environment for hydrogen fusion.

In radial-axial systems, in other words, the Coulomb barrier ceases to be an issue (under the extreme magnetic pressures, nucleons themselves start to unravel/disintegrate).

And the kicker is, this can all be demonstrated using a piece of Aluminium foil subject to ultrasonic waves in the water bath of an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner (cost circa $35 – $100)

So, is it not about time that, in addition to the multi Billions spent on Hot Fusion for an outcome that can never be achieved, just a tenth or even a hundredth of those budgets be set aside to explore radial-axial (implosion) systems for energy production – oh, and yes, for transmutation and gravity shielding as well.