A Toroidal Model of the Proton and Electron

Recently a new paper was published by Giorgio Vassallo and Andras Kovaks titled “The Proton and Occam’s Razor” in which the authors present a new model of the proton.

They propose the proton as in terms of geometric and electromagnetic concepts, and propose that it is a spherical shaped charge with an anapole (toroidal) magnetic moment. This is in contrast to the commonly accepted quark model.

This paper has a seeming connection with with Andrea Rossi’s theory in that it discusses the importance of the Zitterbewegung path in both the electron and proton. In the proton they propose that the zitterbewegung path is helicoidal, where as in the electron it is circular.


Andras Kovacs also presented information about this model yesterday in a video for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project titled “Toroidal models of the electron and proton”.

Kovacs has also written an introduction in the CleanHMe project site: https://www.cleanhme.eu/?p=639