US Intelligence Whistleblower Alleges US Government Programs Have Alien Craft Materials

Thanks to Mark for posting about the following.

Multiple news outlets have today been reporting about how a former US intelligence official, now-turned-whistleblower named David Grusch, has come forward providing the US Congress and the US Inspector General detailed classified information claiming that programs within the US government that possess materials that include fragments of crashed UFO craft, and partially intact craft. He even claims that dead bodies of aliens have been found.

Here is part of an interview with Grusch from the NewsNation news channel.

Grusch states that we have “quite a number” of spacecraft from a non-human origin that have either landed or crashed on earth. Grusch says he received documentary evidence from other intelligence officials, but he himself has not himself published any pictures or documents.

A detailed account of Grusch’s allegations can be found in this article on the website: