Never Give Up

The reason I got interested in Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat many years ago now was I felt there was something to this person and his invention, and I still feel the same way. There hasn’t been a great deal to report about as late. Since the postponement of the EV demonstration last year, AR has been fairly quiet, but he is working away as usual to try and fix problems and make improvements to his technology. I check in with him occasionally and my sense is that really nothing has changed in his ambitions and work habits.

He doesn’t provide much detail about what is going on behind the scenes, but he is working away on various fronts and he has said that he expects to do some kind of demonstration in the third quarter of this year. Based on past experience his projected dates for showing things can be fluid, so I would not be too surprised if we had to wait beyond the third quarter.

Those who have been following this channel and E-Cat story for a long time now probably realize that I am an optimist. I have learned along the way that setbacks and disappointments are part of life, but success is rarely easy to attain. You have to have faith, believe in what you are doing, be persistent, have a positive attitude and to never give up. I will continue to keep up with what is going on with the E-Cat. Hopefully there will be more to report on in the coming months.