Italian RAI TV feature on Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat Now Available Online (In Italian Language)

The feature on Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat by Italian RAI television station  is now available online. It is an Italian language program only and no subtitles are yet available. For non-Italian speakers there are some interesting shots of Rossi and the E-Cat. Hopefully translations will be available soon! Click here to see the video.

  • H-G Branzell

    Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, is a substance that can be dissolved in water with any concentration. It can easily be catalyzed to decompose into water, oxygen and 0,196 MJ of heat per mol. This liquid looks very much like water and has no noticeable odour.

    I principle we could build a gadget that would be fed water with hydrogen peroxide and produce a lot of heat. Let us call such a device an F-Cat. In the reactor of the F-Cat a catalyst would decompose the peroxide as described. The exit products would look very much like the ones that the E-Cat produces: steam and some hot water. The oxygen would normally not be noticed. But, if you tried to put the hose down into a bucket of cold water (calorimetry!) you would certainly notice that all the “steam” would not condense. In a high water flow low temperature test like the 18-hour one the oxygen would probably also not be noticed unless you put the hose under water.

    If we with our F-Cat perform experiments parallel to those that have been done more or less in public with various E-Cats the following peroxide concentrations in weight percent would be required to procude the same net power.

    dec 16 39
    jan 14 39
    feb 21 0,3
    mar 29 39
    apr 19 35
    apr 28 35

    As with any good model the number of free parameters for the steam experiments are reduced, in this case from five to two.

    Warning! If you try to build your own F-Cat be sure to ask mum and dad for permission and use safety goggles.