NyTeknik Article Profiles Businesses Built Around E-Cat

Mats Lewan has written an article in the Swedish magazine NyTeknik which provides an overview of the current business interests involved in the E-Cat. Some points of interest found in the article are:

Greek Company Defkalion will start production of the E-Cat in 2012 in two factories. They project that at the announced factory in Xanthi they will produce 40,000 E-Cats in the first year, with the capacity to produce 300,000 a year in the future. The location of the second factory has not been announced.

Rossi’s agreement with Defkalion has been provisionally signed, but there are certain clauses that have yet to be met.

Andrea Rossi’s wife Maddalena Pascucci, a commerce graduate, is joint owner of 50% of Leonardo Corporation along with Rossi and is managing the commercial side of the E-Cat business. Pascucci also owns 70% of EFA srl, an Italian based company which manages licences for the E-Cat in Europe.

The NyTeknik article can be read here.

  • Brad Arnold

    It is important to note the Defkalion is going to hold a news conference in Greece this week to announce to the world they the highly disruptive energy technology. I am not sure if this will wake up the financial markets to the fact that 100 trillion dollars in world-wide energy assets are going to go quickly obsolete, but the truth is becoming harder to ignore. We are predictably going to see the biggest world-wide economic crisis in the history of the world – who is going to want to own all those power plants that are at least 5 times more costly to run than the Rossi E-Cat? How about all that oil, natural gas, and coal that companies are holding on their books? Can you say wide spread insolvency and default?

    I am 100% for transitioning to LENR technology ASAP, but the short term affect is going to be market chaos. Will a new conference held in Greece this week trigger a wide spread market realization, a massive sell off, and consequential banking crisis? Maybe. It will have to happen sooner rather than later: it is cheaper to just immediately replace those old power plants now than to keep running them at 5 times the cost. Who is going to get stuck owning those old dinosaur energy assets??