Key Points from the Defkalion White Paper Providing Company Overview and Outlook

One of the most interesting things on the new Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) web site is a white paper that gives an overview of the company’s technology and its business plan. It appears that they have carefully thought out how to introduce and proliferate their E-Cat-based technology which will be marketed under the brand name Hyperion. Reading through the white paper some key points regarding the manufacturing and distribution of E-Cat based technology emerge:

DGT have dual production strategy that is designed to protect the industrial secret. They will operate factories will assemble the Hyperion devices, and also sublicense to other manufacturers who will do the same. They will, however, keep separate the manufacturing of the the “black box” E-Cat reactors which will contain Andrea Rossi’s industrial secret. The black boxes will be presumably sealed before they are sent to the Hyperion device manufacturers. This is apparently the deal that DGT and Rossi have come up with to keep the trade secret secure. (I read somewhere, but can’t find it now, that each black box will be able to be monitored using cellular communication technology)

There will initally be three factories for assembling Hyperion devices in Xanthi, in northern Greece. The first factory is already being prepared, and will have the capacity to produce 300,000 units anually; a second factory will also be built in be double the size of the first and will be built in 2012. The third Xanthi factory will belong to Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies, a separate, but related company from DGT which has the right to build the “black box” reactors and supply them to the Hyperion manufacturers.

DGT will produce a range Hyperion devices to meet various energy requirements, and these devices will produce only heat. However, DGT will be selling “total package” devices which will incorporate third party technology “such as steam turbines and micro-steam turbines, Rankin new generation CHP” to allow for the production of electricity as well as heat.

DGT will have the rights to manufacture, sublicense and sell its Hyperion products in all parts of the world except for the Americas. Andrea Rossi has provided the rights for his E-Cat technology in North and South America to Ampenergo.

DGT is set up to allow for rapid proliferation of its technology while maintaining control. They emphasize that they will sublicense to companies on condition that products are sold for a fixed price and DGT receive a fixed royalty. Regarding granting exclusive national rights to companies they say, “National exclusivity depends on the country since the larger the country is, the more difficult it will be to meet the expected large demand from the onset.”

The company recognizes one of the biggest hurdles they face is initial acceptance of their technology as being a legitimate energy solution. The recent news conference (not yet available in English) has barely made a ripple in world news sources. One may think that an energy source like this should be front page news, but at present that is not the case. DGT recognize that they are claiming something that is considered impossible:

“We face daunting challenges in delivering secure, affordable, sustainable and environmentally acceptable energy production to support a precarious globally economy. The successful growth remains critically dependent upon public demand, which stems from public education and awareness. Educating the public is necessary for people to understand and accept this new energy.”

Even if they can finally convince people of the reality of their claims there are other challenges ahead of the company — not least the precarious state of Greece’s current economic and political climate. With social unrest and economic uncertainty in Greece it may be hard to launch this new industry. However, if the company can show it has a revolutionary product to introduce, it could make all the difference to the nation and its creditors and help turn the corner in Greece’s current crisis.

  • Lande

    I just sent the following message to Rossi on his journal website.

    We’ll see if he answers, but I think their use of Power and energy terms is not very accurate, which makes we wonder…

    Dear mr Rossi,

    I have just read the Deflakion “white paper” (overview/strategy/positioning).

    I wonder why Deflakion (and you may be..) use energy terms that are a little “obscure”. Stating that a product can give up to 30 kwhr/hr is the same as saying 30 KW continous output. So why not just use the normal term of “up to max 30KW” ?

    Saying max 30 kwhr/hr could also mean that it can give 15KW the first half hour, and then 45KW output the next half hour to give a total of 30 KWhr energy for the full hour. But I excpect what is actually meant is a max output of 30 KW continous output.

    Next the Deflakion paper also mention the term 0,5kw/hr as the electrical radioator consumption. This is not a scientific term and should probably be just 0,5KW max el. consumption. (they probably meant to write 0,5kwhr/hr, but this is not a normal scientific notation and can produce confusion for those who understands the implication of such notations)

    Deflakion also states “Series C Hyperion 20kW product can generate up to 157 Mw in one year of operation”. This makes no sense, but what they mean is probably 157 MWhr energy in one year.

    Deflakion needs to correct these issues to avoid confusion and distrust…


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  • James

    One year from now we will be getting more excuses and no product.
    It is all just another wild scam. keep your money in your pockets.

  • nikola dojcinovski

    New product in clean energy generation

    As the cost of energy increases, many of us have begun to explore new options of generating our power at home(wind, solar, etc). I invented a new product which can produce substantial amount of reliable and clean electricity from existing rotation of our vehicle wheels. It is a lightweight product(2.5oz per wheel) and if connected to 4 wheels of a vehicle and driven for 1 hour, it will generate up to 1000 watts (1kWh).
    This product will provide a vehicle with ADDITIONAL ELECTRICITY to be used for things like:
    Coffee maker, toaster, plasma TV, computer, fridge etc.
    Recharge the batteries in electric or hybrid vehicles and extend their predicted range of miles. 1kWh is a good addition of extra power.
    Will help hydrogen and fuel cell technology to separate HHO from H2O within the vehicle.
    Charge any existing battery, including Li-Ion which can be used to power a house or apartment and lower our electricity bills.
    In order to store 1000 watts in a Li-Ion battery, we will have to add an additional 13 lb to the vehicle weight. I assume this additional weight will have minimal impact on the vehicle’s overall performance. However, it is safe to assume that the performance impact will be negligible. Future improvements in Li-Ion technologies will further lower this weight requirement.

    This product is not an infinite energy machine, but an economical source of energy. According to statistics, people from the US, Canada, Australia, EU, Japan, and Korea spend an average of 75 minutes per day driving to work / school / shopping / movies / etc. If connected to my product, each vehicle will be able to produce up to 1000 watts. These countries have an average of 2 cars per family and a potential to lower their electricity bills from 8% to 15%. The rest of the world has an average of 40 minutes of driving time per day and each of their vehicles will be able to produce up to 600 watts, which represents 16% of the total electricity used per family in China,Brazil,Mexico or 45% of the electricity consumed in India or Pakistan
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    At 69 years old with no desire to pursue a business venture. I have a US patent pending on this product and am looking for a partner or joint venture with an established global company in: electronics, manufacturing, distribution, hybrid, battery, automotive, investments, etc who can take this product to the next level. Opportunities are endless and with minimal financial investment, the right company can have exponential return. Please contact me.
    Nikola Dojcinovski
    [email protected]