Rossi on Skepticism

New Energy Times editor, Steven Krivit has reported further on his recent visit to Bologna to see Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat.  Krivit has received quite a bit of attention since he published a video of the E-Cat in operation. There has been a lot of analysis of the amount of steam and water coming out of the E-Cat, with some observers concluding that there is not nearly as much energy being created by the E-Cat as Rossi has claimed.

Rossi himself has responded to Krivit’s reports on numerous occasions, and has been less that flattering in his assessment of Krivit’s analysis.

According to Krivit, a third report will be published soon on New Energy Times which will include interviews with third party scientists who have looked at Krivit’s video. Apparently this new analysis will conclude that Rossi’s technology produces much less excess heat than Rossi claims, and perhaps none at all.

Perhaps with this development in mind, Andrea Rossi recently wrote an unusually long post at his site in response to a comment about skeptics and skepticism of his claims:

I agree with your attitude. By the way: my only real problem is to manufacture plants which satisfy the needs of my Customers. Skepticism is not my business. Nor is my business if a person is convinced or not, so far he is not a Customer.
Your comment is very smart also on another point: I cannot lose my very limited time to answer or to convince the so called “skeptics”, because whatever I answer they will always have new objections: I saw that Skeptics are divided in the following categories:
1- honest skeptics (like you): they do not need to be convinced by chatters, they are like you, they wait for a 1 MW plant in operation, and after that to the thousands of 1 MW plant in operation which will follow up
2- Competitors: they want to know how my toy works: they will never accept an explication unless they are put in condition to copy my tech: with them my time should be totally lost, or negatively (for me) employed;
3- Lobbysts against my tech and “journalists” paid by competitors or lobbysts : whatever I will say, they will shoot. Ignoring them. their shoots will make the effect of tennis balls against a tank
4- Imbeciles: an army of persons that have nothing to do and play the scientists, without even understanding what they are talking about; to talk with them is a pure loss of time
The categories 2 and 3 are the most vociferous in asking new public tests in “indipendent” labs, wherein “indipendent” means a lab in competition with us and in contact with them…one among the most called for is also the one that has organized a campaign against me, to try to discredit my work, buying a “journalist”. Never mind: just other tennis balls against my tank: the 1 MW plant that I will put in operation in October and that will be the first of a long sery. My plants will talk for me: FACTS, AGAINST CHATTERS. Let them chatter, we will see. And I am sure you will be glad to know that from our analysis we understood that in the Skeptics universe most of People thinks like you. The competitors, lobbysts, corrupt journalists, imbeciles battalion is made of a small number of persons that to try to appear more persons than they are invent a lot of fake names. Our informatics have found one imbecile who has coined for himself 11 different names and email addresses…basically, is a small and not significant self- referencing community. If my plants will work well for my Customers, they will be the last of my problems. If my plants will not satisfy my Customers, they will be the last of my problems. Definitely, in any case they will be the last of my problems, so there is no reason for me to lose my time to repeat thousands of time the same things. I am putting my life on this stake, I have bertter to do than to listen these guys.
After this analysis, it is clear why I have chosen to employ my time only to work as hard as possible. While the imbeciles chatter, you have not idea of the difficulties I have to overcome every day.

Clearly, Rossi has confidence in his products, and does not want to get involved in sparring with those who are skeptical of his invention. His main concern it seems is to make the best use of his time. The last week of October is only twelve weeks away and in his mind it is necessary to work continuously to get ready for the public unveiling of his first invention and then the creation of “thousands” more.

  • During my 47 years life I have been searched ways to help our people survive against the poverty, the misery, the exploitation from economic power and I sincerely believe in some human beings capable to live and work to supply hope for life expectation increase in a world being poisoned by pollution, violence, deseases, lies and all kind of mysticism. Sincerely I wish to Mr Andrea Rossi all success in his job and I am proud to be an engineer like him. Sucess !

    • daniel maris


      This device – if proven – could certainly prove vital in combatting worldwide poverty.

      Put this together with cheap solar power, the internet, mobile phones and machines to extract water from the atmosphere and I think you have a really powerful set of anti-poverty tools.

  • Rick Gresham

    I have a question for the readers of this blog, purely hypthetical at this point. Suppose Rossi’s E-Cat, Piantelli’s system and all the knock-offs that follow do in fact produce heat, power and probably cooling as well. Further suppose that uptake of the CHP technology was rapid and broad. Finally, suppose someone made it possible to aggregate net electrrical production from all those plants and enabled their owners to donate their net production to placing CHP systems in villages around the world that don’t currently have heat, power, running water or any of the other amenities we take for granted. Would you donate? Just curious.

    • Sergio

      I think the best answer is to give all the tools to replicate the production of E-Cat. This technology reverses the concept of the economy, the multinationals have scope any longer to exist. Ciao

  • For years I have been working on clean energy so to speak, following Bedini, Meyers, Johnson, Bearden and others. It is really exciting when someone claims and can prove over unity in any process. I and several others also noticed the lack of steam in the Krivit’s report. Also we evaluated in a practicle world and were skeptical also and we still are until one is produced to be beneficial to the environment and other living things, also will everyone that needs heat get one free, we doubt it. Anyway after reading the Rossi reply to the skeptics I think Rossi could also be considered a skeptic, he kept pushing the cold fusion stigma and said it can be done. Anyway as a mechanic/inventor myself I wanted to just say to Rossi after I read the article that it’s ok and it would be a big turn on to just be a grease monkey on a project like this.

    I really hope this e-cat system works as claimed, we need a better choice than fossil fuels to burn. It seems limitless the new devices to come from this technology.

  • daniel maris

    Rick Gresham,

    I would feel much happier about directly funding this technology so as to send a generator to some far away village currently without power, than to give to an unaccountable charity with a bloated bureaucracy.

    That said, this isn’t the same as a solar panel. Operationally, this sound like a device that will require complex maintenance and so will not be appropriate for isolated rural communities.

    We are now close to a sort of targetted giving, so we can fund say cheap laptops, solar panels and lap tops for poor people. I am a believer in giving people the means to improve their lives. Maybe we can also throw in some polytunnels, that will retain moisture and regulate temperature.

  • DS Basgall

    I think most people here are sceptical in varying degrees. And Rossi is encouraging us to be sceptical.

    It would be marvellous if he is proved right as will immediately been in a different kind of world where investors will be more open to funding developments on the edge of understanding.

    • daniel maris

      The comment above was mine not DS Basgall’s – apologies if I made the mistake.

  • Yu

    Not all people around are the septics. If one looks with attention, one finds the signs of a big machine starting to turn. A good example:

    hmm. any relation to the new technology?

    • David

      Nope. Everything to do with the demand for Nickel as required for certain types of stainless steel and Ni-Mh batteries.