Rossi Suggests E-Cat Technology Could Be Incorporated Into Existing Nuclear Power Plants

As the world wonders what to do about existing nuclear fission power plants which process radioactive fuels and produce dangerous radioactive waste, Andrea Rossi asserts that it would be possible to replace the current reactors with E-Cat reactors which he maintains use or produce no hazardous materials.

On reader commented: “Maybe in the future your Ni-H reaction could replace the rods with Uranium in todays nuclear plants with only that change. It would save a LOT of money if it would be possible to use what is already built. Is the effect of your reaction big enough for that replacement?”

Rossi’s response: “I think that we should ready for an integration right now.”

If this is actually the case, there would be a tremendous opportunity for rapid integration of E-Cat technology into the existing electrical power infrastructure. We hear of Japan, Germany and other countries planning to phase out their nuclear power plants, while other countries are trying to decide how to move forward with safer nuclear power. Switching to E-Cat nuclear power would seem to be an obvious choice if it turns out to be a viable replacement in terms of the capacity for power output.

When another of Rossi’s reader’s asked, “would it not be also beneficial to utilize existing coal plants? They still generate steam, correct?”, Rossi answered simply, “Yes.”

One of the appeals of the E-Cat technology (if it works as advertised) is that it seems to be simple enough in engineering terms to be adapted to be used in existing power facilities. If nuclear plants can be adapted for the E-Cat, it should be possible to adapt coal, natural gas, oil and other types of power stations too. Eventually it would seem likely that E-Cat power stations would be built on a micro level — in communities and homes, thus avoiding the expense and power losses of long distance power transmission.

There are lots of unknowns about Rossi’s plans, but we’re only a few weeks away from finding out more of the E-Cat’s capabilities. It seems like Rossi may be focusing at first on trying to integrate E-Cat technology into what is already available.

  • “It seems like Rossi may be focusing at first on trying to integrate E-Cat technology into what is already available.”

    I don’t think that Dr. Rossi understands that as soon as the world is convinced of the validity of his technology, its implementation will be ripped from his hands. Even if he and his continue to be the only manufacturers of the e-cats themselves (not a scenario that is likely to last) the R&D that will be done with these e-cats, will be far beyond what Dr. Rossi can imagine or control. It’ll be exciting! It’ll be unexpected.

  • susan

    Bruce. The story is much more simple than we could ever believe.
    He has nothing to worry about because in his hand there is a plain “nothing”.
    If he had something THEY would would have ripped it him off looooong time ago.
    THEY for sure have already seen his cards. THEY looks like are ignoring him but THEY did investigate right as he appeared on surface. THEY just are letting him to play his harmless game as long as it will not start to bother THEM.

  • Arnd

    Susan, you look like a conspiracy theorist. There is no “THEY” in the sense that you use it. There are a lot of companies in the energy field and most of them simply do not take somebody like Rossi seriously, he is not on their radar. There have been so so many wrong claims about free energy by now that nobody is even turning his head when another one appears.
    I think that Rossi might be different, for me it looks like he really has something and the world will change after that. But of course nobody can be sure before end of October.

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  • Arnd, I totally agree with you. The world is numb to false free energy claims. Though I too have passed on a gazillion of them, I am putting some hope that this one is for real. Rossi’s e-cat is different in a few ways:
    – Cold fusion just doesn’t seem to go away. There are so many claims that there’s something going on here.
    – Rossi has dared to let independent Ph.D. physicists spend hours with the thing, even letting them rewire the measuring system.
    – Rossi has introduced the world to new, working technology in the past. Though his garbage to oil technology never took off in the marketplace, it worked!
    – He hasn’t asked for my money. He has only asked that I wait until he proves it.
    – He has not delayed his launch date. Now, I know the end of October isn’t here yet, but he hasn’t pushed it back yet. If he does push it back a bit, I’m ok with that, but I will loose faith if he pushes it back past the end of the year. After all, there have been an abundance of false free energy claims.

  • David

    Whether or not this is “real” is something that will be clear soon enough. I have no monetary investment in it, I have no professional credibility at stake, I don’t even have to worry about personal pride. I hope it is real but if it isn’t then it isn’t.

    That said I do believe Rossi is on to something. This has gone too far to simply be a sham. If it was why is defkalion still moving forward when they had the perfect opportunity to back out when Rossi split with them?

    If it were a sham why hasn’t anyone come forward and said so from inside the scam? If it were a sham why would Rossi actually invite government scientists from several countries including NASA personnel?

    I would have to wonder what he would have to gain by making claims he cannot back up except public derision and jail time. To me it just doesn’t feel like a lie.

    No matter, by the end of the year he will either be exposed or his name will be on the lips of every person on earth. I for one am willing to wait and see.

  • Rick Gresham


    why is defkalion still moving forward when they had the perfect opportunity to back out when Rossi split with them?

    I can’t find anything recent on Defkalion and their website is next to useless as a source of information. Do you have any information on their plans or progress?


    • david

      My Google searches came up with several referances to defkalion and their Hyperion unit. In those articles it seems very clear that not only are they still planning their own 1 mw station but that they intend to roll out a finnished product by the end of the year.

  • Brad Arnold

    It is farfetched to believe LENR Ni-H can “replace” uranium fuel rods in nuclear power plants (i.e. the reactor core will have to be sealed), but it is known that the Rossi E-Cat (or LENR Ni-H in general) could be integrated with existing steam turbines, thereby eliminating the need for burning coal, natural gas, oil, or even nuclear fission to heat the water.

    Rossi is approaching the problem from the top down, and commercializing a 1 megawatt E-Cat reactor. On the other hand, Defkalion is approaching commercialization by introducing several consumer units (as Defkalion last left it, their units were in the process of being certified for sale in the EU by the Greek government).