Guess Who Owns The Domain Name

Things are getting very curious in E-Cat world! If you follow this link:

you will end up at:

That is, at Exxon-Mobil’s Energy and Technology page, where it reads:

Thanks to some comments to this post, it looks like this is a coincidence. A Whois search shows that the domain name was first registered in 2004, and another poster informed us that “Long before there was an energy catalyzer, there were equilibrium catalysts ( E-CAT)” These E-Cats are apparently fluids used in the oil industry.

So I am glad to have been set straight here — thanks to the alert readers here who cleared this little mystery up!

Frank Acland

  • Jonathan

    Maybe Exxon has seen the writing on the wall and wants to be in on Fire 2.0.

  • Paul

    Long before there was an energy catalyzer, there were equilibrium catalysts ( E-CAT).

  • Renzo

    Paul is probably right, the domain has been first registered in 2004

    • Cid

      Can it be seen who first registered it? Isn’t it entirely feasible that that the domain name first stood for equilibrium catalysts, but somewhere along the line Exxon became aware of the Energy Catalyzer and bought the domain from whoever owned it at the time? This kind of stuff happens all the time, I presume.

  • Mark

    For how long has it re-directed to Exxon-Mobil? Anyone try this in January 2011? Who was the site registered to back then?

  • Tom

    For a second I was considering suicide when I read this headline …

  • timycelyn

    Jury’s still out with me on what sort of E-cat this web address in currently intended for.

    1. Equilibrium catalysts
    2. A bit of cybersquatting by Exxon – in case e-cat is a goer, they want some useful turf to be sitting on as they bargain for a place at the trough
    3. Yes it’s them….

    In the unlikely event it’s three, does anyone know if they would meet the Rossi “Once you know the location, you’ll know who it is” test?

    And whilst on the subject of web addresses, try That’s pretty intriguing as well…..

  • Wes

    It is an old url… but it was good for a ‘what the…’ moment!

    What are the odds of “e-cat” being a domain name owned by Exxon? A case of Entangled Minds, or is there something more here?

  • Penguin

    But, On Rossi’s own blog he gives a curious answer to a question asking if he realised the domain was re-directed to Exxonmobil…

    Dear Greg:
    I did not know, but I am delighted of this, and this is an evidence of what I always said: all the energy sources will be integrated in the interest of Mankind.
    Warm Regards,

    This raises some questions

    1- Is the big un-named US corporation that Rossi has mentioned a few weeks ago, Exxon ?

    2 – Has Exxon thus convinced Rossi that a deal with them would be the best way to introduce this technology into the global energy market ?

    3 – Or perhaps as suggested above there is an innocent explanation ?

    Rossi’s answer is certainly interesting in that he is not surprised or concerned by the question, and seems excited instead !


    • Mark

      However, if Rossi were under NDA with Exxon, don’t you think he would downplay the importance or ignore this rather than get excited? Another explanation I can think of is that there is no relationship between Rossi and Exxon, but not being aware of equilibrium catalysts, Rossi was naturally taken back by what he thought was Exxon being proactive in securing this domain name.

  • georgehants
  • GJ

    Checking the Wayback internet archive, shows the domain was first registered in 1997. Shortly after it was then parked for many years. Then on 19th May 2006 the domain appears to have been used as the archive is showing a error in Italian. The last crawl of the domain was 7 Feb 2011 which shows the domain parked. The page is in Italian so I wonder if Rossi owned it back then. He may have passed ownership to Exxon if they are the ‘big’ company involved with industrialising the E-cat.

    If Exxon are now involved with Rossi I would be quite disappointed.

  • Rick Gresham

    Purely speculative, but I would be very surprised to see Exxon interested in the e-cat. They’ve always dissed alternative energy in the past despite some token investments (chump change to Exxon) to apease certain constituencies. They have a program – Exxon Citizen Action Team website ( – don’t know if it has anything to do with e-cat or not. Keep in mind, Exxon’s orgins are Standard Oil and John D. Rockefeller and we know how concerned they were with anything not related to consolidation of power and profits. Exxon is the company that brought us the Valdez oil spill; their CEO Condolezza Rice served as Bush’s Sec of State along with Haliburton’s CEO and former Sec of Defense as VP. Any wonder we ended up in a ground war above one of the largest oil deposits in the world, one that Hussein was trying to get priced in Euros? Now Exxon is in bed with Vladimir Putin trading Texas/Gulf rights for rights to poke holes in the ground in Russia and to help Putin return to his former throne, this after Russian efforts to trash BP in Russia.

  • Sascha

    Already tracking visitors 🙂

  • George

    The website is not owned or controlled by Exxon-Mobile. It is owned by Kleiner-Perkins, one of the biggest VC’s in the world. Am I the only one that clicked on the link? As far as I am aware there is no connection between Kleiner-Perkins and Exxon.

  • George

    If Rossi were involved with Exxon-Mobile why would he say he is funding everything himself??? I can’t believe how completely irrational some of the people are on this site. Do half of you think you have been abducted by aliens too! For crying out loud people use your freaking minds and quit write completely useless dripple about crap you know nothing about. If you don’t know keep your friggin mouth closed!!!
    With that said if K-P is interested in e-cat than that would be a very significant development.

  • When the e-cat is discovered by the world, Exxon’s reaction will be oh #$%^, our business model is toast! Their response will be a mad scramble to get into other things, because companies, like people, are not into folding up and dying — they fight for their lives. When the e-cat is revealed, Exxon might become extremely pleased that they serendipitously own They may find good uses for it.

  • kagesenshi

    as of today .. seems now directs to

    is google the mysterious client? XD

  • kagesenshi

    oops ignore my previous comment .. it was covered in this blog earlier 😛 .. I just stumbled upon this site while googling XD ..