Rossi Tells PESN That He Has Sold Home to Finance E-Cat Launch

Andrea Rossi has been quite open about the financial challenges he has been facing lately, particularly following the split with Defkalion Green Technologies which took place after they were apparently unable to meet contractual financial obligations.

PESN contacted Rossi and asked if they might be able to arrange for a way for people to donate funds to help the E-Cat project come to a successful conclusion. Rossi responded emphatically:

“No, I absolutely do not want people to spend money. Do not worry, I have the money to finish the work. We do not have serious financial problems and I have all the finance necessary to do what I have to do.”

Later he explained “I have sold my house, now I have the money to finish the plant.”

Ever since information about the E-Cat story has been public, Rossi has insisted that he would finance the whole affair using his own sources and he seems to be determined to keep this commitment. The stance allows him to maintain a level of independence, and also (perhaps more importantly) gives him the ability to avoid the ‘scammer’ label which so often is applied to people who seek investments or donations for ambitious projects — many of which eventually fail, leaving those investors or donors with nothing of value.

While it is yet to be seen if Rossi can provide convincing evidence of the validity of his technology, he seems to be able to say with credibility that he has not been financing his project with money from the public.

  • Dr. Johannes Hagel

    I must admit, this sounds impressive to me. Somebody who does this is very convinced of what he is doing if he is not mentally ill. And this is for sure not the case with Mr. Rossi of whom I have the impression that he knows exactly what he is doing. In addition this kind of action is very atypical for a scammer as has been pointed out in the above article. So on one hand we may all be more convinced of the validity of the E-Cat even before having seen the final tests and on the other side I feel oblidged to express my deepest respect for such an act of self investment and courage. Its just great Mr Rossi!

  • John

    I’m not saying Andrea Rossi is a scammer, but IF he were, it goes without saying he’d have no trouble lying about having sold his house. 🙂

  • Wes

    Ed Roberts sold his house in 1974 to fund his dream; a personal micro-computer. I travelled to Albuquerque NM in 1976 to do a story on him for my magazine (Microtrek). His lead programmer was kid who had just dropped out of college. His name was Bill Gates.

    Stanger things have happened than Rossi’s self-funded energy trek. Hopefully it will not be self-funded debacle.

  • I would not think twice about donating to help launch this. The benefits it will provide for mankind far outweigh any other considerations.

    The idea that this could be a “scam” is from people who did not realize Andrea Rossi was a very rich entrepreneur before this. He has had dealings with Jimmy carter (when he was president), and sponsored a Formula 3 racing team.

    If you do have doubts. This is such an exciting technology you can find your doubts answered by investigating. Some say he burns hydrogen, yet they weighed it, and last time ran without hydrogen hose. Some say steam inefficient, yet truly HOT steam is very invisible (junior science). What people see as steam is water condensing from the steam. The hotter it is the more invisible it is.

    There have been enough tests in my opinion to prove this is the real thing.

    I would happily donate! Not a godfather type of donation either. An anonymous donation.

  • georgehants

    What a Christmas present for the World if Rossi is legit.

  • Brad Arnold

    Did Rossi sell his Florida home? That isn’t necessarily a good thing (for America) if he doesn’t own a residence in the US anymore.

  • Where can I get a Glasgow bunnet for the undying skeptic Craig Binns to eat. This behavior on Dr. Rossi’s part is sooooo not scammer behavior. The other two possibilities are that Rossi is deluded — that he has miscalculated, or that his technology works. If this is a mighty error, Rossi has convinced a number of top scientists that it is. So far his batting average with these top scientists is 100%. It’s hard to believe the error theory.
    The darn thing must, therefore, work!

  • Jojo Jaro


    I can’t think of any other development that is more significant than the E-Cat. This has got to be the invention of the century.