Some Media Outlets Begin to Pay Attention to the E-Cat

Many E-Cat follower have noticed how ever since the January news conference when Rossi and Focardi introduced the energy catalyzer to the world the topic has been virtually ignored by media organizations around the world. The Swedish magazine NyTeknik has been virtually alone among established publications in following the E-Cat, and they have provided an invaluable service.

There as signs that this virtual blackout might be changing now. Since the beginning of October there have been a few more outfits taking notice and publishing stories that are balanced and quite positive.

Here are some articles that have come out recently along with some key quotes from them:

Cheap Power: An Overnight Revolution (Computerworld,  Oct 14)

“We could see a world where ubiquitous power generation is so cheap it wouldn’t be worth metering (as a consequence, Rossi would become the wealthiest man in the world, assuming that all of the vested interests in the existing oil and power economies didn’t have him bumped off).

“It remains to be seen whether this is really all some kind of mistake, which seems unlikely, or a hoax, which seems equally implausible because, if it is all bogus, then there’s no obvious upside for Rossi or any of the others involved.

“So, Oct. 28 will be a big day. If the demonstration goes ahead as planned either we’re going to be really disappointed or we’ll be on the brink of something that will change the world forever.

‘You thought the adoption of the Web was fast? This could change everything overnight.”


E-Cat: The Video Test in Bologna  (, Oct 14 — In Italian)

” The test of October 6 was the first of its kind for the E-Cat, the invention of Andrea Rossi using the principle of nuclear fusion could produce abundant energy at low cost. His “catalyst for energy” (E-Cat) has in fact worked in self-sustaining, ie without electrical power, producing energy through a reaction that is supposed to be “nuclear fusion” controlled, no radioactive emissions and low temperature (and therefore is called “cold fusion”)”

Cold Fusion Rears its Head as E-Cat Research Promises to Change the World  (, Oct 6)

“Because it does not produce carbon dioxide, the E-Cat solves the CO2 emissionproblem at a stroke. Transport, manufacturing and heating will all switch over to E-Cat because of the lower costs, and fossil fuels would become a thing of the past. Britain’s reliance on imported gas would end, and oil imports would all but cease, being confined to a few niche applications. Oil companies, and oil-based economies, would collapse.

“It’s an appealing vision — unless you happen to be working in one of the sectors that would be affected — but until later this month we can’t tell if it’s for real.”

It’s interesting and quite refreshing to see established journalists paying attention to this story, and to hear them saying many of the same things that long-time observers have been saying.

Andrea Rossi will need publicity and media attention if he wants to achieve his dream of making the E-Cat a ubiquitous form of cheap and abundant energy. Increased media attention, however, will put extra pressure on him — especially when it comes to the upcoming demonstration on October 28th. If things go wrong on that day it might be a blow that would be difficult to recover from — nothing seems to spread faster across the Internet than a spectacular failure!

  • Joe V

    I am totally amazed by how fast an internet video, of some 20-something starlet, speeds around the world. The general public, and dare I say, the well informed public seems more concerned about fleeting fads and nonsensical gossip. Unfortunately, it is the market which drives content, not the content which drives the market. Real hope doesn’t sell ad space. Only stories about doom and gloom, lost prosperity and corporate greed seem to matter these days. It is your fellow neighbor who wishes to live beyond their means, to satisfy a once great ambition, an ambition of hope. We seem to look for the worse in people and relish in their down fall. How many replies have you read regarding Andrea Rosssi and his E-cat seem to only root for his failure. Even if he fails, which I hope does not happen, he should be commended for the time and effort in which he has spent trying to better the world for all, the supporters and non-supporters alike. Like I always tell my children, it is better to have tried and failed, than to never have tried at all.

  • Cliff Bradley

    I’m fairly amazed at how there is almost no coverage by the news media in the United States.

    That being said, it should be remembered that in the United States Pons and Fleishman were virtually driven out of the country because they found something that nobody could replicate. What it did was to cause anyone working on “Cold Fusion” to keep their head down. It also caused the News Media to simply dismiss any news about cold fusion as nonsense or a hoax or delusion or some other word used to dismiss it as a non-story. In other words, they wouldn’t take the chance with their career of being mocked by their fellow newsies.

    I think Rossi is brilliant for keeping it low key and keeping control of everything himself. The 1MW plant will speak for itself. Once he starts generating electricity, it will be too late to stop it.

    • daniel maris

      I think you’re right Cliff -it’s fear of peer-group mockery and career death that has kept this out of the mainstream media. After all press and TV are usually prepared to take avowals of authenticity from learned professors in ancient seats of learning as a good starting point for an “amazing science” story.

      I think things will definitely change if Rossi can pull off a credible 1 MW test on 28th Oct. If it’s postponed or looks dodgy in some way, then I think interest may die.

    • h_corey

      Remember, eventually P&F were replicated just not consistently or predictably. But hardly anyone knows this because of the thorough beating P&F took. Everyone tossed cold fusion in the trash bucket always to labeled “scam”.

  • James

    Remember the clam when the first nuclear reactor was proposed in the 1950s that electricity would be so cheap that metering would not be necessary? The fad became the all electric home. Boy did that go bust.
    I sure hope it is true this time around.
    I have been disappointed so many times that I have become very sceptical of all the clams of cheap energy.

  • Pierre Duflos

    C’est étonnant ce que la Françe et les pays francophones sont muet pour l’E-Cat de Rossi.
    Si cet E-Cat est une arnaque, elle est sacrement bien menée ! en impliquant beaucoup de monde quand même ainsi que des scientifiques avec des rapports récents et d’il y a 20 ans !
    Quel serait l’intérêt d’un tel mensonge ? (mais il y a peut-être une astuce de Rossi pour gagner beaucoup d’argent ??) Je ne crois pas. Je crois à l’invention de Rossi qui se base sur des réactions NickelHydrogène déjà étudiées et constatées il y a plus de 20 ans par Focardi et d’autres.
    J’espère une commercialisation rapide et attends aussi le 28 octo 2011 pour le test du 1MW et qu’enfin on sache la vérité…car le sort du monde en dépend…ou non.

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