Could an “E-Cat Anticipation Effect” Depress Economic Activity?

If you were planning to purchase a new car, and all of a sudden learned that in two years time a vehicle was coming on the market that would have double the fuel economy of today’s best models for a similar price, what would you do? Would you go ahead and buy a new car right away, or wait a couple of year until the superior vehicle was available? If it was me, I would probably wait. If my current car was roadworthy I’d plan to keep driving it for two more years, but if I really needed a new vehicle, I’d look for a cheaper used model to tide me over until I could buy the superior model. Widespread anticipation of a better car would mean trouble for the entire auto industry.

Such a scenario is not dissimilar to the situation that some people are finding themselves in right now regarding the E-Cat. They want to make their homes or businesses more energy efficient and may have been considering a new heating or cooling system, or perhaps installing solar panels to help provide electricity and hot water. When they hear that in a few years time a much more efficient heating system (and perhaps electricity generation) may be available they could decide to wait until E-Cat units are available.

As news of the E-Cat spreads, as it seems to be doing right now, this “E-Cat anticipation effect” could be magnified — which would mean trouble for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, both for the manufacturers and the installers of HVAC systems.

Of course all we have to go on regarding availability of E-Cat units are the projections given by Andrea Rossi who says that home-based E-Cats won’t be available for another two years. That timeline could be longer, or shorter based on a number of factors — particularly the actions of regulatory agencies, since Rossi has said he can’t put anything on the market that is not perfectly legal.

Is anyone out there basing purchasing decisions on your anticipation of E-Cat availability?

  • arian

    Defkalion : first pictures of their lab released.

    • daniel maris

      Interesting to see something more than some text on a website…

    • Sanjeev

      Good news indeed.
      How will they proceed without the secret sauce is still anyone’s guess though.

  • Francesco CH

    It’s the opposite: if such a news is on all the TV programmes around the world then a strong sense of confidence concerning the future will spring immediately.

    So the E-Cat will have a positive effect, not a negative one

    • daniel maris

      Some firms and individuals will bring forward purchases if they can cut operating costs significantly.

    • Firms such as Exxon will be devastated. Countries like Saudi Arabia will be crushed. “So the E-Cat will have a positive effect, not a negative one”? The transition will be COMPLICATED. For some it will be clearly beneficial. For others it will be clearly devastating. For car companies it’ll start out as struggle but turn into gold. For others (those adapting existing cars to run on e-cat, for instance) it will start out as gold and turn to nothing.

      COMPLICATED, not “good”, not “bad” not even just “both”, just “complicated”.

      • Alain

        since producing will became more easy, with less work there will be 3 choice :
        – increase unemployment, keep or reduce salaries (because employment market low), and concentrate wealth in elit, until french revolution (like some place today).
        – keep employment, keep working time, increase production, spread consumption, like the 50s, untill everibody is needing nothing more (like west european bougeoisie now, who ask for ungrowth)
        – keep employment, reduce working time (retirement, education, leisure, vacation), keep production, keep salaries, keep consumption, until someone else working more for less take your job … until you cannot pay him because you are poor (call that chinamerica syndrom).

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    There will be 10 or 15 years economic disruption, with significant deflation, which will cause consumers to delay purchases in hope of buying cheaper later.

    • Kim

      In 20 years Energy will be the new

      Fiat Money will be boring.


      • Josh

        Why would fiat (limitless, on-demand) energy as a currency be any more interesting?

        • Kim

          Way of your Head


          • Josh


      • Iggy Dalrymple

        If energy is the new currency in the E-Cat age, then there will be hyperinflation because the E-Cat will be the equivalent of the common man’s printing pre$$.

        • Josh

          Exactly. A limitless (practically speaking) currency that anyone can print (not just governtments) would be far more inflationary than anything we’ve ever seen.

  • Maarten

    There might be *some* delay in consumption, however followed by a more then compensating incline. The magnitude of the effect will depend on how fast the masses will be aware of the product, and secondly on the ‘production speed’. If the production levels grow exponentially, and the consumer level gradually (people choose evidence-based products, and don’t always see the point in buying new if the old works), the effect might be minimal. Rossi will need sufficient production and service partnerships in all countries and regions to satisfy needs.

  • Josh

    Considering Rossi is apparently unwilling to share his manufacturing work, it will be about 50 years before anyone notices any impact from 1MW e-cats.

    If he actually had a product he was bringing to market with any type of scale, I’d say yes, quite likely, to your question. The technology would be incredibly disruptive (and deflationary) – though it would create vast new opportunities in agriculture, travel, etc.

    Unfortunately, I think Rossi is either a fraud, or business-inept, so I see little impact for the forseeable future.

    • Kim

      If you can create a mushroom cloud of energy
      from a Nuclear Explosion…

      Why is it so difficult for people to
      understand that this energy can be released
      Slowly and Stably also.


      • Josh

        I don’t necessarily doubt it (though it has been 65+ years since they figured out fission, so fusion can’t be overly easy).

        I just don’t see Rossi being the one to bring it to us… at least not at his current pace. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but it feels like he keeps trying to buy more time…

    • Josh, you have a bad case of nearsightedness. Rossi is starting out with 1Mw plants. However, he is already inviting licensees. See:

      This is the way snowballs are built. You roll a little snowball around for a while and it gets bigger. The bigger the ball gets the faster it gets bigger. It doesn’t take long until it is too big to be managed by one.

  • Francis

    fraud, fraud, fraud…
    nothing else!

    • Robert Horning

      While I’m not convinced that this is the real thing, on what basis are you convinced that this is a fraud? Do you have some “inside knowledge” that the rest of us don’t have?

      • No need for inside knowledge. Logic 101 will suffice. He has the Italian patent in his hand. He can go no further in the patent process unless and until he can prove without a shadow of a doubt in a public forum that this contraption is real and works. Without a patent he has a head start which will quickly be meaningless once these devices are put in the field. If this thing is real keeping it secret jeopardizes his position. Ergo it can’t be real.

        • Heinz

          I don’t mind if it’s secret, as long as it works and I can buy it and use it. 😉

          • Kim


            A Patent is not going to
            stop the stampede.

            The Genie is out of the


          • You can’t buy it and you can’t use it. You can only believe in the promise on faith that you will be able to one day. When this is over the lesson people will learn is no peer review = good bye.

          • Jack T.”no peer review = good bye.” You worship at the great god “science”. But science has failed us with cold fusion.

            Please read this article on a US Government website:
            which says:
            “Tests conducted at NASA Glenn Research Center in 1989 and elsewhere consistently showed evidence of anomalous heat … such effects are now published in peer-reviewed journals”

            Peer review has been tried and has failed! Rossi is using the “free market” proof. This will work.

          • Rossi isn’t using the “free market” proof because it can’t be verified one way or another whether he sold anything to anyone.

          • Jack T, “it can’t be verified one way or another whether he sold anything to anyone.”

            If the one sale he has is the last one he gets, we’ll all eventually pack our bags and go home.

            Rossi will sell another one and another and another. That is when the free market proof is complete.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Fraud just does not make sense. Would Rossi sell his first 1Mw plant to someone who plans to take it back to their lab and test it?

          • Jil

            Well one has been sold on 28September to a mysterious client who happened to be there at test (and bought it the moment the test was done).
            To be honest, if i made a device that could generate energy for next to nothing. I would be noble enough to spread the information on how to make one. for 2 reasons.
            1. once its public it cant be stopped.
            2. if it were public it wouldnt take long before someone manufactures it. (also it doesnt delay so much, the sooner we can use truly green energy, the better for mother nature.

            but thats my opinion ofcourse. i am aware that money is worth more than that. secrecy seem to weight a lot in this project.

          • Jil

            correction @Jil 15, 2011 at 11:13 am.
            October* not September

          • Josh

            You make the mistake of “knowing” the customer was real and “knowing” that he bought the device. Both are pieces of information from Rossi and not independently verified.

          • Unfortunately fraud is the only thing that makes sense.

            Fortunately I’m not a customer or losing money on this one. Some dumb idiot might be however. That’s why he’s not coming out and announcing that he bought the 1MW unit.

          • Rossi perpetual motion machine. Nobody admits to being taken so Rossi keeps taking them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mafia gets a cut in exchange for protection from angry customer/investors.

  • Kim

    I Believe it would have a positive affect,
    but only if managed correctly.

    You have to put new wine into new wine skins

    if we attempt to put old wine into new wine skins


  • arian

    Article about e-cat from

  • Robert Horning

    For myself, the simply answer to this question is absolutely not. There will not be any sort of “anticipation effect” until E-Cats will be so widespread that it won’t matter anyway.

    If you use the history of microcomputers as an example, the “big iron” computers that were sold by the major computer manufacturing companies continued to be sold for a great many years (still are sold as a matter of fact) and what happened is that those markets only gradually shifted to the new equipment.

    This isn’t to say that microcomputers didn’t have an impact… they most certainly did. Some of the traditional computer manufacturers that existed in the 1960’s aren’t with us any more, in part because they couldn’t adapt to the changes. One of the big companies of the past, IBM, not only adapted to microcomputers but even embraced “open source software” and is in a strong position to continue forward throughout the 21st century.

    I expect that similar situations will happen with energy producing companies, and there is no way that the coal mines, the oil wells (at least the ones currently producing petroleum), or any of the other energy sources including solar panel manufacturers are going to stop doing business. It will take years, perhaps even decades for the switch to happen.

    All of this is even assuming that the device even works as planned. With additional doubt that the whole thing might be a farce, you most certainly won’t see anybody even “anticipating” a new type of vehicle or energy device like replacing the furnace in their home with the E-Cat.

  • You are right in your concern. The economic effects of the arrival of the e-cat will be, well, complicated. Certainly for a while it’ll be hard for a car company to sell cars, yet the car companies will bloom and blossom once the e-cat settles in. R&D will go nuts! But energy projects that take years to justify, such as new grid, hydro-electric and pipelines will be crushed from the moment the world takes Rossi seriously. Oil and gas exploration will also drop to zero.

    This topic is discussed extensively at

    What are we waiting for? We are waiting for the cover of Time magazine. We are waiting for the mainstream to remove the “if it’s real.” We are waiting for that undeniable proof. We are probably waiting for a major e-cat purchaser to turn their 1Mw e-cat into a viewable, studiable, watchable test case.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, I can’t really disagree with your reaction Bruce.

      We are waiting for all those things and when they happen, then we are entering on a new world.

      The adjustments will indeed be complicated. Some comments:

      1. I don’t think the E cat is going to be “dirt cheap”. It will take time for costs to come down. Rossi seems to be starting at $2M per MW – which is actually pretty expensive, and we don’t really yet have a fix on operating costs, although they are likely to be low (buy maybe not as low as solar panels or even wind turbines).

      2. It will be an accelerating process though and some industries will be hit hard: oil and gas extraction; wind and solar; nuclear; and coal. Hydro, tidal and geothermal I suspect will be less affected.

      3. I;ve read that in the UK energy accounts for 15% of costs of production (although as with labour, one might equally say it is 100% of the costs as it is a fundamental “work” unit).
      If we run with the 15% figure, and let’s assume say that the E cat came in at a third the price of other energy sources (average) then we might see potential 10% efficiency gains. Maybe half that could be realised within ten years. I think this would be a huge economic stimulus. We saw Norway and Sweden transformed from relatively poor countries to relatively rich countries in the 20th cenutry by hydro-electric power, so we shouldn’t underestimate the effect of the stimulus.

      4. I think the reduced energy costs will however have a longer term stimulus. With reduced energy costs, various robotic solutions become possible, and can increase productivity. Also one obvious area is agriculture where increased energy inputs could greatly raised outputs.

      5. I would expect the cost of the E cat to continue to decline over several decades as economies of scale kick in and also the technology is improved.

      • Kim

        In 20 years Energy will be the new

        Fiat Money will be boring…

        We are energy Creatures…


        • daniel maris

          I think energy could form the basis for a currency.

          Certainly requiring banks, say, to set aside energy stores – which could then be sold at a future date – might be a more effective way of proceeding than making them capitalise themselves more.

          In a future crisis, such energy stores might provide a much needed economic stimulus when released on to the market.

  • Jim

    I think it’s going to be a wash in terms of people waiting. It’s likely to be more than a few years before fusion generators are set up for cars. So it’s unlikely anyone will wait to buy a new car just for that.

    If the home model starts out with just releasing heat and not generating power, it will be taken up slowly. I can’t see spending $2500 for a heat generator only, as my heating bill is far less than that per year.

    But furnace/ac mfrs will start designing replacement systems to work with the e-cat, I expect. So this may end up being a huge boost to the heating/ac industry.

    Also, if the 1MW units sell well, then mfring costs will drop, causing a worldwide economic boom.

    I can also see grocery stores and other retail establishments ordering units. Lights, air conditioning, and food chilling adds a lot to grocery costs.

    So, no, I don’t see a large economic lag caused by the news. Perhaps people will buy fewer new furnaces for a while, but they still need repairs done. And if the water heater breaks, they are generally not repairable.

  • arian

    Sutherland Products, Inc publicly give order for 1mw plant


    Charlie Sutherland
    November 14th, 2011 at 10:36 AM

    Dear Mr. Rossi,

    We make GREEN detergents and are growing even in these dangerous economic times.

    My company relies on GREEN technology and a GREEN aware customer base. Our customer distribution reaches all 50 states and several countries in Europe and the Far East

    I have a mfg plant and warehouse to heat. Not only would your e-cat devices save me money, but the advertising value of our using your technology would greatly increase our sales and spread information about your company to many parts of the world.

    We hope we can afford to get involved at this early stage of development.

    Charlie Sutherland
    Sutherland Products, Inc.
    Mayodan, NC USA

    Andrea Rossi
    November 14th, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Dear Charlie Sutherland:
    Please contact
    [email protected] . com
    Warm Regards,

    • Sanjeev

      This is a good news. But the real new will be when they declare that they have bought a plant and it is working well. 🙂

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  • Oscar Galli

    To Wait two years, or more, is not a problem; the important thing is that the E-Cat gives confirmation to work well.

  • Another question is what is going to happen to all new investments in the energy sector when energy prices starts to dwindle to only a small fraction of that in the budget of those investments ?

    The depression of the 30’s was due to overproduction caused by new mass production technologies (that is why consumerism was invented – to increase demand).

    Anyway, there is a risk for energy availability to rise faster than demand, depressing energy prices ruining all energy investments (including e-cats)

    • Alain

      also this lack of demand was amplified by deflationist behaviors in the name of economic orthodoxy… (look greek to see what happend)

      productivity had increased much , but not income nor consumption…. so, unemployment, loss of production and consumption capacity, deflationist circle…

      if energy get free like e-cat, we should find quickly a way either to work less at the same salary (leisure time choice), or work the same producing more and consuming more (consumption choice). the problem is that those choice are not compatible on the same economic flat world.

  • bill

    The international patent office is looking like fools. It is their responsibility to research this especially now that there are witnesses and a commercial device is up for sale! Get on with it!

    • Fred

      There is no such thing as an international patent office. Furthermore, a prerequisite for getting a patent is full disclosure of the invention. As long as Rossi decides to keep his secret, he should not get a patent. After all, a patent “consists of a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor… in exchange for the public disclosure of an invention” (quote taken from wikipedia).

  • Sanjeev

    Energy is a basic need. In my opinion, it’s use cannot be delayed, even if we know for sure that a cheaper source will be available in some years time.

    It’s like giving up buying food if someone tells you that cheaper and more delicious food is available next month in the store.

    You have given an example of cars, which is an important need, but one can survive without (like by using public transport or a bike). So those who can hardly afford a car, will be willing to postpone, if they are sure that a cheaper car with no fuel costs is coming in the market. Now, any new tech costs a lot initially, so he will estimate the time after which it will be cheaper than an ordinary petroleum driven car. If its an year, than postpone for sure, if 10 years, then it makes no sense to delay.

    Those who have a lot of money to spend, will spend it on cars anyway, for them it won’t matter which tech is coming next, they will buy that too, when it comes. Its like the gaming cards (GPUs), you know that a faster and cheaper card will be available after 6 months, but if you are a gamer, you still buy it, instead of waiting.

    So I do not see any big change or sudden change in the field of transport or energy in near future. If CF is true, it will take off slowly, then rise exponentially, like an S-curve.

    If anyone is interested, please read Ray Kurzweil, his concept of exponential growth, accelerating returns and dynamics of disruptive techs is awesome and very enlightening.

    • Alain

      my computation about the cost of switching all energy use from current to e-cat, just the heating device
      ( price: )

      is that it could consume no more that 0,02% of annual nickel production to replace all the energy used on earth.
      and the switching should cost less than 50% of annual PIB is price stay stable, and less than 3% is prices is reduced as expected.

      of course my evaluation forget about the turbines and besides costs, but it is an estimation that say that contrary to wind and sun, we can switch easily, without any shortening of nickel.

      the cost of switching should be quite the same as replacing todays cheap powerplant/homeheating./engine with new different but simpler one.

  • John W. Ratcliff

    I wouldn’t worry about it. At Rossi’s current, and projected, rate of production there will be enough E-Cat’s to transform the energy economy in maybe several million years.

    He’s practically making the things by hand after all.

    Not to mention the fact that they are not even useful to produce electricity!

    Oh yeah, and not to mention that it is most likely a fraud.

    So, your premature speculation is, how shall we say, a bit premature.


    • Alain

      it is quite easy to use this water heating device with a turbine or stirling engine, running an alternator.
      there are home power plant used in germany (their electricity is awfully expensive, and local production is often subsidized by green policy). they are callde “co-generation” heater .
      they work with gas-oil ou natural gaz, are used to heat the house, but also produse “by the way” electricity. in fact it is a thermal electricity power plant, where you use the cooling system to warm the house, and the electricity as by-product (reverse to common power plant).

      you can also use it to desalt/pump/clean water, warm greenhouse for crops, run heavy vehicle (boats, trucks) and probably hybrid cars.
      the only disavabtage of that energy AFAIK is that it is not as easy as explosion engine to throtle (but recent works on hybrid cars is to keep the engine at stable power to make best efficiency)

  • James Nielson

    The adoption speed of this technology will not depend as much on whether AR shares the technology with others as much as it depends on 1)That the technology works and 2)How fast the technology can be adapted to different uses.

    First if the technology works than there will imediately be a profitable market for competition to enter into. (I believe that AR will not be able to keep the secret catalyst secret)

    Second there seems to be one and one use only for the product as it stands now, heat. If the heat can be effectively turned into electricity, and if the technology can be adapted into use for vehicles, then we will see the adoption of the technology much quicker.

    I don’t think that the adoption of this technology will happen so quick that people decide to wait on purchases. If the heater/ac in your home goes out and there is not a unit available from AR for home use, you will just buy a new heater/ac unit. You will not go without.

  • Thomas Paign

    Regarding the possibility of a LENR automobile, I’d argue that it is more likely that LENR heat would be used to create syntetic gasoline and diesel fuel. The energy density of petroleum products is what makes them so superior for automobiles. LENR heat could be used to create carbon neutral gasoline and diesel fuel. No need for dangerous hydrogen storage or toxic battery production. Go a step further and we could sequester carbon within synthetic bitumen for roads, pavement, etc.
    However, this requires that Rossi’s invention is real…of which I am both skeptical but hopeful.

    • George

      Haha, do you work for the petro industry! If Rossi’s invention is real, of which I am also skeptical and hopeful you will soon be looking for a job. No one in their right mind would use oil for energy production any longer if LENR is practically free. Although this may be an interim step until most vehicles are converted to LENR.

      • John Littlemist

        I agree with Thomas here. For me it is hard to imagine how vehicles would directly “be converted to LENR” with current technology available. E-cat’s energy carrier is the hot steam (or some other liquid) so basically a LENR based vehicle would have a steam engine, which reminds me of old locomotives with huge water tanks. Not very practical for vehicles, IMO.
        Besides, it seems that currently the E-Cat LENR reaction requires hours to get started, which means that an external energy source is also needed. Would you wan’t to wait 2 hours to get your car started?


        I do not work for petro industry, I’m just an engineer.

        • Robert Horning

          If you want to see some practical and even mass-produced steam-powered automobiles, look no further than the “Stanley Motor Company”, which produced vehicles from 1902 to 1924:

          With modern materials, a dependable source of heat, and a really good heat sink I think you could update this basic design considerably. You don’t need huge water tanks, but you do need to develop radiator technology.

          In terms of a “cold start”, yeah, that might take a couple hours. I think the large issue is trying to design the reactor core for automotive purposes rather than something intended to be stationary. The objections presented here certainly aren’t valid other than it does present some engineering challenges.

          • John Littlemist

            Thank you for your insight.

            Time will tell how the future vehicles will be powered.

            They might be powered directly by LENR, but I’d place a bet for hydrogen and/or electricity. Hopefully the initial energy source will be LENR anyway.

          • Alain

            we shoul also forget about the easy to throtle gaz engine…

            generating liquid fuel is a good idea, quite easy et cheap for migrating.

            one could also use de e-cat to feed a stirling engine, in an Hybrid Car. could be heavy, but not much more than a classic hybrid. and CF energy is so cheap that you can waste it, unlike gazoline.

  • Bill Colias

    The way to minimize the havoc caused by any disruptive technology is to rely on free market forces and resist any governmental attempts at regulation.

  • arian
  • arian

    Defkalion GT

    We have to clarify that two of the pictures in our November 14th Press Release are from a low-end Hyperion single reactor pre-industrial version7 prototype. Several components on it (isolations, security components, anti-explosive protection, casing, functional I/O etc) have been deliberately omitted.
    Final products for mass production, that will follow their prototype certification, do have some minor differences in engineering/architecture and assembly quality. A full specs sheet as well as product’s basic design and their scheduled third party testing will be released as per our announcement of November 14th.
    Thank you

    • Johannes Hagel

      My impression from the recent pictures of Defkalion GT is that their labs are significantly better equipped than Rossis one at Bologna and also the components of Hyperion do have a more attractive looking compared to Rossis aluminium insulated units. However, Rossi has (as far as we think to know) a working apparatus which on GT side remains still to be proven. If these images are not too much faked I would definitly regrett the divorce between Rossi and Defkalion GT since Rossis ideas would very much profit from the advanced equipment of GT compared to Rossis one.

  • Ben

    This ECAT has fraud written all over it. If Mr Rossi is a true man of science, he should share this technology to the world right now. This contraption of his will change our world for the better. Whats with all the cloak and dagger stuff? How much money does he need?

    • nima

      who give you something free in this world especially
      when someone invest all of his money and 20 years of his life to invent this are so logical.

      • Hampus

        Like Rossi himself said no company would invest billions of dollar in a technology that is public knowledge. Just a couple of months ago a scientist in Canada invented a drop that would save a lot of people that have cancer, but he couldn’t patented it. Because the drog is to similarly to another, so no company wants to make it. Also the drug would be cheaper to make then the drugs they have today, they want to make money not lose it.

        A panted is also useless in today’s world, company’s don’t care about them anymore, every company steals other company’s patents and leaves the issue to the lawyers, the company with the most money will win not the one who is right. For example Håkan LANs a Swedish inventor who have made countless inventions and are now in several legal battle with a lot of companies that have stolen his ideas, and as you might think he lost. He have the patent but that don’t matter, the one with most money will win regardless.

        If Rossi tells the world how he does it he will never be able to sell and continue to develop the e-cat.

        • Ben

          My point is – its not all about the money. Rather a higher calling, something honorable.

          That is why our world today is in a financial turmoil – GREED. If Mr Rossi’s device works, he will be likened to the IMF, OPEC of LENR. At least he could alleviate Italy’s economic malaise.

          If it looks too good to be true – it is probably not. I hope that it is true though.

          • Hampus

            “If it looks to good to be true its probably not” is the worst way to live your life. What if a beautiful girl comes up to you and starts flirting, do you say to yourself it’s to good to be true and leave her?.

            Life is for living, anything can happen in life. It’s better to be positiv and lose most of the time then to be pessimistic and never win.

  • arian
  • jaroc

    When Engineers and scientists have access to Mr. Rossi’s device, they will reengineer and tweak it, so as to make it run as efficiently as possible. WOW! can’t wait for the IPO.

  • Az

    From Facebook
    Giuliano Bettini

    November 15, 2011 01:06
    andrew ha detto…
    Hi everybody, this is the first time I’m actually leaving a comment on this blog but I’ve been following the intricate debate for a long time so far.
    I guess I shouldn’t do what I’m about to do, but I think that this technology needs more credibility..
    And in fact I can assure you that that mysterious partner everybody is wondering about with whose name starts with N is the NRL.. the naval reserch lab.. I know it for sure coz I have friends involved in the all agreement thing…

  • Francis

    This homepage is organized by Andrea Rossi or by friends of him.
    The same is under

    Only a big fraud. But did Rossi made money with it? It doesn’t seems like that.

    • Adam

      Proof please.

      • Kim



      • Hari

        Can we ask for proof for e-cat?

        • Adam

          If you going to make a statement as if fact, at least have the decency to back it up with something, not just run off.

          If I say “I have invented an over-unity device” and show you a video or documentation of the said over-unity device, I’ve shown you my proof, whether you believe it or not is up to you.

          • M.Hat

            Why should Rossi try to satisfy anyone’s curiousity at this point? The first 1MW machine is being delivered and he’s got better things to do. After all, he’s the guy who’s about to bring a new industrial revolution to the world. When the device is set up and running in the U.S. the really important question will have been answered, and
            I believe very strongly that the answer will be yes. This belief is shared by many prominent physicists who have watched the device come through its final stages of development and then witness its actual prototype produce a large amount of net energy over a sufficiently long period of time. I’m with them.

  • Wellington

    If you were planning to purchase a new car, and all of a sudden learned that in two years time a vehicle was coming on the market that would have double the fuel economy of today’s best models for a similar price, what would you do?


    I won’t buy a new car now. Because of the first electric cars that are coming to market now, like the Nissan Leaf, and because of the E-Cat.

    I will wait for cheaper electric cars, hopefully powered by the E-Cat.

    SO, I will keep my old car at least until 2013.

    • Kim

      I only bought a water heater for 6 year warranty
      because I know it will be obsolete by then.


  • Hari

    Here is an idea for Rossy and co. to establish credibility for Rossy’s invention or discovery. You don’t have to reveal the secret of the device or publish the inner workings, all you have to do is to build a similar setup for your own home and cut off your natural gas and electricity connections from your local utility providers. That way no one can question the credibility or feasibility of e-cat. Ready to take that as a challenge?

    • bachcole

      Hari, this is why we are here interested in this. I also figure that I can extract a lot of money from my local utility by selling them energy first from my basement and then from a small shop. But by then, everyone else would have figured it out and I will have to live off of my savings.

      But, seriously, we are wait to see if it actually works, and then buy one.

  • Adam

    The movie Thrive if anyone is interested.

  • 1MW Ecat cold fusion reactor for sale.

    Contact: Hollywood Stage and Prop Liquidators

    • Francesco CH

      It is not scam, it is for real

      • It’s for real. This prop they’re selling was used in the October 28th test. Serious, no lies, no scam.

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  • I know there are many thousands of us behind this technology, but the vast majority of the world has not even heard a whisper of it.

    I think it is important to tell your local politicians and local news about the NASA video for this reason.

    It is a NASA video saying they stand behind LENR. They do not say Andrea Rossi though. Since it is NASA it is a strong organization to hear from in regards to this tech.

    I doubt the economy will be hurt in anticipation. There simply is not enough people who know.