Rossi Taking Names of People Interested 10 kW Heat/Hot Water Plants — $5400 per Unit

In what could turn out to be a very important development in the commercialization of his E-Cat technology, Andrea Rossi made the  following announcement on his site yesterday.


EUR4,000 (USD5,400) for a 10 kW heat / hot water plant

It looks like Leonardo Corporation is testing the market to see if there is enough interest from the public to start mass producing small E-Cats for the domestic market. Rossi has said previously that it would take 1-2 years for these smaller units to be available — and that may still be the case, but this move indicates that they are ready to expand production if the demand is there.

It will be very interesting to see if and when the 10,000 name limit will be reached. One thing that Rossi does not specify here is how people sign up to indicate interest. Probably the intention is that people fill out the form on the web site which now has the option for visitors to indicate whether they are interested in a 1 MW plant, or an “ECAT home”

I’m not sure how Leonardo Corp. is going to be able to determine which people are seriously interested. There may be people sign up who want to cause mischief, or who are enthusiastic and want to show support, but who may not have the funds to make a purchase. However those are details that will have to be dealt with by Leonardo Corporation.

I would not be surprised if there is an overwhelming amount of interest from a public who is eager to start using a new and improved energy source in their homes.

  • PiersD

    There are probably a few criteria to determine the suitability of ECats for domestic premises.
    – ECat will probably be an “always on” device, and therefore might not be suitable for some types of properties.
    – ECat will probably need to be purchased as a packaged system similar to the Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump. The Ecodan package includes all controls and a cylinder.
    – It is possible that an electrical generator will be required for the surplus thermal heat not required for hot water or central heating, especially during the summer months.

    The final ECat domestic purchase and installation cost is likely to be over 10000 Euros, including plumbing, electrical work, and certification.

    • Rockyspoon

      You’re right–it takes a while to get to fusion temperature on the E-Cat and I’m betting cycling on/off isn’t good for it. However, there’s always the option to produce extra electricity and sell it to the grid–most utilities are required by law to accept it (there’s been some interesting court cases on this that have set precedent) but the price you get from your utility is pretty low–something around 1 c/kWh (because the utility’s cost isn’t predominantly the electricity itself; it is their investment in their grid and the cost of all their employees).

      But the E-Cat is so cheap to run (say $30/6months according to Rossi or $5/mo) that you could leave it on indefinitely and just use what heat and electricity you need while the rest can be sold to cut your payback time on investment a little.

    • philippefx

      > The final ECat domestic purchase and installation cost is likely to be over
      > 10000 Euros, including plumbing, electrical work, and certification.

      This. It will probably need 10 years to be cheapper than what I have now :/

  • Martin6078

    Potential of users are huge.Millions of homeowners and landlords of cousre are waiting for these things.Several of them are planning to replace their existing heating system with E-CAT. The prize is equal to a modern conventional gas, oil, solar, condensing boiler or a heat pump. Together with the last named,a heat pump the E-Cat could be even more interesting.
    Warm Regards:
    Martin Schwingenheuer

  • arian

    Don’t send your order for ECAT Home Units to [email protected] . com
    this email is just for ordering 1MW plant .for Home Units order you must go to and in the right side of the page in “select interest” chose “Buying” then in “Product” chose “ECAT HOME” and in “NUMBER OF UNITS” chose how many e-cat you want buy.

    • Kai Tønder

      How much noice can you expect a home ecat device will produce?

      • arian

        I’m not sure but rossi says noise of 1MW plant is 50db .

        • Rockyspoon

          And that is for the ancillary pumps and other mechanical devices. The reaction of combining Ni + H together creates no noise whatsoever. I figure future home units will be as quiet as your current furnace since the heat would be delivered to the rest of the house with a fan that circulates the air around.

  • morse

    Anybody knows what are the specifics of this domestic e-cat? I normaly consume around 8000kW (heating, cooking, boiler, etc…) on a yearly basis and it cost me around 1500 euro/year. What will it cost if I have an e-cat installed. I suppose the ecat can also produce electricity instead of steam?

  • Marc

    This is beginning to look more and more like a scam. Demand will be limitless once the ecat is proven to work. Testing the market is just ridiculous. AR should just license the ecat to a production company and enjoy the royalties.

    • Jim

      “AR should just license the ecat to a production company and enjoy the royalties.”

      Isn’t that kind of what he’s doing with the Swedish group, which is licensing his tech? There’s another group for North America too.

      • Lars

        The Swedish company does not exist. Few swedish guys that have a postbox in england and a few bankrupcies in their luggage already. The registred adress in england have lots and lots of other companies at this adress as well but it is a private house. They’ve also been into net poker etc. I have very hard to se that they would manufacture anything.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    More stuff that Rossi says will happen… someday. “Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow….”

  • s

    I’ve always believed that cold fusion produces excess energy. I believe that Rossi is obtaining excess energy to some extent. However, taking pre orders for a small ecat heater when he has yet to demonstrate to the public that a small Ecat can produce excess energy for more than a few hours seems premature to me. If Rossi has run a small 10kw ecat for months and it works as he says, that is great. But, at some point, you have to show detailed results for the long term test or have another demonstration with the ecat running for a week or so to prove your claims with consumers.

    • morse

      We will definitely hear something in the next few weeks from Defkalion and the other Swedish company whose name I forgot. If they also claim to have a device, then we will hear it on CNN.

  • twmemphis

    What a NONSENSE!
    This message about “collecting names now” just shows again how likely it is that the E-Cat is a fake.
    It makes absolutely no sense to evaluate the market for the product as such market will be there anyway, but only when multiple scientists or science-magazines can really independently test it.
    All stories, messages, even the tests left not just a little, but LOTS of doubts.
    It is completely unrealistic and not logic to behave like Rossi does if he had an existing and working product. Until today it all looks like one of the biggest cheats the world has seen so far. The goal seems to be only to slowly make more and more people get used to Rossis way of telling his stories and then believing them, until a few people have to spend a lot of money which Rossi will then take to have a nice living on a sunny island.


    • Rockyspoon

      And yet that approach is exactly what Henry Ford used when starting to mass produce his Model A over 100 years ago. Apparently, he told people it would cost them $100 for an automobile (all black, by the way) but the catch was they’d have to pay for it now and he’d deliver it in about a year. Ford took the orders (people were skeptical but the price was something they couldn’t refuse), built him an assembly-line plant, made the cars and delivered them. Almost all of the cars up to that point were built by craftsmen one at a time–and everything in each car was pretty much custom crafted (meaning it wasn’t going to be very interchangable with any other car). This old approach was very time consuming and expensive. Ford revolutionized the way autos were built and Rossi sounds like he’s doing about the same thing, so it isn’t “nonsense” and it isn’t a bad way to go.

      In Rossi’s case, I’d ask for a downpayment to see who was serious or not, then I’d take the orders to a lending institution and get the capital needed for expansion.

      So “twmemphis”… do you have any irrefutable proof Rossi is planning on going to a sunny island once he gets his orders, or are you just going to be one of the last people that will (grudgingly) utilize the E-Cat? (By the way, once your local electric utility starts conveying electricity that is generated in part or total by E-Cats, I really think it would be honorable for you to move off that grid, buy a windmill or solar panel, and “have fun with that”.)

      • OnTheWaterfront

        I will make this easy for all you people who can’t wait to buy one of these Ecats. Just give me $2,700 and I’ll kick you in the nuts. Its basically the same thing Rossi is offering, but at half the price, and no wait.

      • Robert Horning

        BTW, which “Model ‘A'” are you talking about here in regards to the Ford Motor Company? The vehicle you are talking about was the Model “T”, which was the one which revolutionized the concept of a mass-produced automobile. Ford came up with a separate Model “A” vehicle (1927) after the Model “T” was discontinued, on the premise that they needed to restart the naming of the designs as it was a clean-sheet redesign. That is the “Model A” vehicle that you may have seen, if you saw any at all. BTW, the original Ford “Model ‘A'” (1903 model year) was painted red in the factory, not black.

        The difference here is that Ford had previously made automobiles when he was asking for a deposit, and he was hardly the first one to make an automobile either. He was the first one to offer one for sale at a reasonable price that an ordinary worker or farmer could pay for one, and was also the first production automobile to pass more than a million manufactured in that particular model. Even now that is a major accomplishment for any manufacturer for any model.

        More recently, Tesla Motors has done a “viral marketing” campaign offering to sell their vehicles over the internet with pre-orders. The big thing here, however, is that the customers were allowed to come to the factory and test drive the vehicles before the cash was put down, and the vehicle was also made available to independent reviewers, including a rather unflattering review by the BBC show “Top Gear” that had enough inaccuracies that it even went before the British High Court in a lawsuit… that ultimately Tesla lost too.

        If some demonstrator plants in actual operation are in place that people can look into and check out, there might be some reason to be involved with buying one of these devices. So far, I’ve seen nothing of that nature.

  • achi

    I believe that the time for seeing Rossi’s actions are over. Anything we get from him at this point on is going to be anticlimactic. I think Defkalion and others are about to enter the scene guns a-blazing and Rossi will be bringing up the rear trying to claim whatever rights to the process that he can.

    • achi

      I also think that there should be a link to Defkalion’s site in the links section, since they claim to be a player. It seems better suited to this site than the link to who only published an article.

      • There was a great denial of Rossi awhile back, they had the means to make any units. They did not defend themselves. For several months they were left for the public to believe them to be liars. Then a few weeks ago, they did mention they still planned on a public release. They are not advertising, or taking orders, or even providing proof of their products. Until, they actually enter the race, we can only assume they have just Hot Air to sell. It would be good to keep an eye on them. If I am going to buy something from them, they need to prove they have a superior product to Rossi’s.

        • That is if Rossi isn’t also selling a dud.

  • Yong

    Before I write down my name, could I have a document from Rossi which should at least include a brief description of the plant, how it works, what fuels are used and where to buy, how to connect it to a home heating system, how to operate it, what the annual cost would be and how long it would last, and most importantly a safety measure etc.
    Best regards,

    • Jesse

      Cold Fusion NAZI says, “No cold fusion for you!”

      • Robert Horning

        Which is just fine for me. Let somebody else find out this is a scam first before I sink any substantial (for me) amount of money into a worthless hunk of metal that is just an inefficient and over priced electric heater.

        If it actually works, it should be obvious. So far, I haven’t seen any real proof this is something which actually produces energy for any amount of time. If this is an electric water heater, it would be over priced and under perform. I won’t put a penny down until it is proven to work…. to my satisfaction. If you want to waste your money because you are a “true believer”, be my guest.

        As P. T. Barnum once said, “a sucker is born every minute”.

        • For the first adopters it will only be curiosity, that floats the ship. I am a doubting Thomas as well, but, still hopeful. We will have our demonstration through the curiosity of others. Rossi hasn’t announced a winner for the design of the unit yet, so this seems more of que for him to decide when to ramp up production for the Home unit.

    • Martin6078

      #Young. I Agree. I´m convinst in a short time we´ll get this information as well.
      yors sincerely

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  • MJS

    If they are just collecting names then his data could be 10,000 impulse buyers or enthusiasts that later won’t buy. It’s more a test of the spread of the news about E-cat than anything else.

    • Since there isn’t an interested buyer count on the website. You might assume someone will verify legit interest through some means. Perhaps the use of the same escrow account idea he had for the bigger units. He could simply say it took him 2 years to get that many names to sign up for them, which coincides with the R&D time-frame. We will have to wait and see.

  • What happened to the 500 euro model he talked about

    • He mentioned earlier that the cost would eventually be 500 euro per kW. He didn’t say when or if those will come in 1 kW units. I think he talked about 3, 5, or 10 kW units.

  • I stand correct about 500 euro per KWh.

    I wonder about Rockyspoons comment:

    “but the price you get from your utility is pretty low–something around 1 c/kWh”

    The official figures I have from BC Hydro
    (British Coloumbia Canada) that is mostly
    from hydroelectric dams claim the cost is
    about 5 cents per KWh and they charge customers
    about 5% to 10% more than that.

    • Michael Smeltzer

      I live here in Beulah, MI. I have Consumers Electric. I live in a 1000 sq ft home and pay almost 13 cents per KwH… I welcome E-cat.


    This means he will take names at both sites to get to 10,000 names. Here are the sites:

    [email protected]

  • mimarob

    Just remember that with the ecat actually working, there might not be a grid anymore 🙂