Report of Sven Kullander’s Lecture about Nuclear Power/E-Cat at Orebro University, Sweden

Many thanks to Hampus Ericsson for sending this report of Sven Kullander’s lecture, “Tomorrow’s Nuclear Power — Will it be Cold or Hot?” which was given at Orebro University in Sweden on November 23rd.

First he started with talking about how the world could change if Rossi is right. Then he went over all different kinds of nuclear plants and last he talked about Rossi. He just went over Ny Tekniks articles and ended with going over Focardi’s article from 1994 were he proves extra energy can be made from hydrogen and nickel.

He said that it must be the fusion of nickel and hydrogen and causes the extra heat in the experiment that he saw in Bologna but as a scientist he couldn’t say that, because that would break the laws of today’s science.

He confirmed that is was NASA that refused to buy the E-Cats the first time, they wanted to know the secret of Rossi’s machine and Rossi said no.

He also said it was Mats Lewan that introduced Rossi to him. So it seems Mats has been the link here.

He also talked about there being to black boxes in this story of Rossi and the E-Cat. Sven said that after 3 years of working with this Rossi gets very mad if anyone questions if it works, that’s why he doesn’t talk with so many people, only the ones who are “loyal” to him.

Sven stressed just like Mats Lewan how important it is to independently test the ecat and that Uppsala University is glad to do it. If Uppsala University gets an E-Cat they need to get full access, they will also need to be able to officially write a report that everyone can read. Rossi has not yet said yes to this, Sven said that Rossi understands that he needs to let go of his secret sooner or later (let’s hope it’s sooner).

Sven said also that both Focardi and Levi are people that you can trust, and that this is not a fraud; maybe Rossi has fallen in love with his device a little bit too much and maybe he is reading some numbers wrong but he is not frauding anyone. Rossi was almost broke when Sven meet him. And the reason Rossi almost got in prison was because he wanted to make garbage into fuel Wich is high fashion right now. His company that he sold was doing just this.

So in short summary, there is extra heat that can’t be explained with a chemical process but we need more testing before we can say that it’s real for a 100%.

It was a nice lecture with 100 people in the audience, only 3 women. Most of the people were older, fifty plus. Nearly half of the people there had not heard of Rossi before, they thought it was a lecture about nuclear power.

Hampus Ericsson.

  • georgehants

    I think it fair to say now and always that every comment made by people with skeptasism beyond the normal, I will believe it when I see it, but in the meanwhile Good Luck, can I help, what encouragement can I give, is misplaced.
    The harm done by irrational and “self ” based skeptasism is now and has always been immense and should be seen clearly for the totally negative effect that it has in every case.
    There has never in History been a single case where skeptasism beyond a “normal” doubt, has achieved anything, people displaying abnormal skepticism are showing only their sad programing.
    Science is reeling from an irrational incapability to be fairly open-minded and to encourage all it’s members and students to question everything, the more something is established Dogma the more it should be viewed with suspicion.

    • Abraham A

      Skepticism prevents, or limits, frauds, and has done so through history. Without skepticism, people would be conned out of their money far more often.

      Science is doing pretty well even with skepticism, and it is not hurt by it at all. It _needs_ it in order to get where we are today. Science is usually hurt by people or institutions who have their own agenda. But those are rarely ever the skeptics.

      The skeptics have a bad rep because they’re the typical messengers of news you don’t _want_ to believe. Pretty much everybody wants to live in a world with free, abundant energy, and those nasty skeptics appear to be stealing that away from you. In actual fact, they mostly want to _protect_ people from those who wish to capitalize on this beautiful dream for their own gain. I see how that can be misinterpreted as bitterness or sadness though.

      But don’t worry, there’s plenty of proper science that is not shrouded with secrecy and as much drama as this, which will also make our lives better. Despite all those skeptics.

      • georgehants

        georgehants on November 24, 2011 at 11:55 am

        I think I said beyond rational skepticism, you are defending rational skeptasism that I clearly said is good and normal, Irrational skeptics achieve nothing, they are not “bringers of bad news” that news is already there and excepted by normal skepticism.

        Much of science is a joke having delayed Cold Fusion for 23 years by irrational skepticism of a subject like many others, that self-serving academia and establishment clones tried to hide for reasons not yet fully investigated.

        • jfab

          “I said beyond rational skepticism, you are defending rational skeptasism”

          What do you mean? What is the difference between skepticism and skeptasism? Thanks

          • georgehants

            you are clearly a maryyago.

          • jfab

            What do you mean? What is the difference between maryyugo and maryyago? Thanks

      • daniel maris


        I don’t agree – it isn’t scepticism per se that prevents fraud, it is free debate.

        What you can get scepticism being enthroned as King, as we have had with cold fusion, and ruling out new ways of thinking.

        Equally with peer review science, complacency can set in…as in “if it’s been peer reviewed it’s OK”, which of course doesn’t follow. Drug companies make great play of that.

        I think we have seen huge frauds perpetrated on the public through lack of free debate. Really the Space Shuttle was a 30 year fraud that set back space development probably 10-20 years. Lots of drugs are peddled as cures when in fact they have only marginal benefit and deliver lots of unpleasant side effects.

  • georgehants

    I think I said beyond rational skepticism, you are defending rational skeptasism that I clearly said is good and normal, Irrational skeptics achieve nothing, they are not “bringers of bad news” that news is already there and excepted by normal skepticism.

    Much of science is a joke having delayed Cold Fusion for 23 years by irrational skepticism of a subject like many others, that self-serving academia and establishment clones tried to hide for reasons not yet fully investigated.

  • Andrew Macleod

    People have to remember it used to be a death sentence to claim the world is round, because it was fact that it was flat. The fact that Rossis device appears contrary to today’s physics just goes to show how little we really do know(if he is right). If our current standard model is correct where is the Higgs? Why are these neutrinos appear to travel faster light? To sit back and say something can’t work because we say it can’t is stupidity.

    • Yong

      It will be accepted by the science community until the test showing that these neutrinos appear to travel faster than light is independently repeated and verified by a third party, and is repeatable anywhere else. The same is true for e-Cat. It has to be tested by third party before it can be accepted. Therefore, all the controversial is caused by Rossi himself.

  • Peter Hunt

    There is ample evidence that some of the academics institutions consciously buried data on the Fleischman Pons duplicative experiment to preserve their own dominance in the filed of fusion.

    Others did not but the crushing condemnation and rejection of data because it did not fit their mental model is, was, and ever shall be a totally unwarranted and shameful piece on unscientific greed — yes greed — for personal self promotion.

    Such a perversion of science is in my mind worse than murder which can be understood in terms of madness or fear but it is of limited focus. This distortion of truth and distorts the credit of all of science’s attempts to improve the human condition.

    Be skeptical but do not pervert one’s own data and then claim others are sloppy or dishonest in the presentation of similar results.

    • Steve Robb

      I could not have said it better. Too many phycisists act like priests rather than as scientists. If you put a plate of evidence before them they will cherry pick the evidence and ignore the facts that don’t flatter them. “Scientists” are humans full of vanities and are often very arrogant.

      • Kim



  • georgehants

    Rational skepticism without all the abuse and low grade comments will suffice.

    • Jon

      Full ack.

  • Steve Robb

    I don’t understand why these “scientists” feel they need access to the details of the reactor to determine if it is working as claimed. They have the first law of thermodynamics at their disposal and have used it repeatedly to show that the system produces a much greater amount of energy out that was put into the system. That is all you need to show the e-cat or any other system is producing net energy. To take it apart will only reveal details of how it works not whether it works. Rossi does not owe them those details and they don’t need it. Certainly I am curious about the details but at present it should remain a black box device to protect the inventors intellectual property.

    • Sanjeev

      I agree with you and I can guess a reason for why a scientist would want to know what’s inside, which is – fear of getting cheated.

      Any competent scientist knows that the black box is something extraordinary, defying the known knowledge (called ‘laws’), so he is afraid to approve it lest its a trick. Moreover, he won’t get anything out of such a test, all money and all glory belong to Rossi. If it turns out to be a trick, his carrier is dead…

      A customer, on the other hand, will be happy to test the black box as long as he makes a profit using it. His risk is only monetary loss, which he can claim in court.

    • Fabian Montgomery

      I think that scientists are more concerned with understanding the mechanism of Rossi’s discovery rather than its practical application. Assuming that Rossi’s device is on the level, they have good reason to want to get their hands on an E-Cat, since it could revolutionise the standard theories. This is Nobel Prize territory, every scientists wet dream.
      Rossi on the other hand, is an industrialist. He wants to be a Cold-Fusion tycoon, that appears to be his dream. I don’t think that he will ever be awarded a Nobel prize unless he creates a solid theory explaining the effect, and is awarded some sort of honorary physics degree and I think that Rossi knows that.
      I hope that he remembers Foccardi and his friends at the University of Bologna to have the first crack at doing the theoretical science.

    • Sanjeev

      Connected to the same issue is the question – why Rossi is reluctant to get a test done, even a black box test ?

      I guess the answer is fear of losing the secret.

      It will be possible for a competent scientist to find out what’s inside the core without opening it or what RF values are used etc etc. Rossi is a busy man, he cannot guard the box 24×7. Of course there can be NDAs and all, but it can’t prevent anyone from coming up with a similar but only slightly different method. DGT is a good example. (Assuming their product works)

      • Fabian Montgomery

        I do not think that there is an actual “black box” in E-cat. The term “black box” is a science and engineering term describing a type of system, from Wikipedia:
        “In science and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics without any knowledge of its internal workings.”
        I think that the use of this term has created some sort of perception that there’s some sort of RF device on E-Cat. I do not recall a direct quote from Rossi about such a thing. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Sanjeev

          By ‘black box’ I meant the reactor core, no one is allowed to look inside.
          As far as I know, there is a RF generator somewhere in Ecat. I won’t be able to provide a link, but there was a discussion about it on vortex.

  • Sanjeev

    Rossi says he set a trap for DGT. In other words he lied to them, as they were trying to steal the tech.

    This would mean many things. One is that DGT has nothing probably and that no one knows which other things are lies. Fodder for skeptics surely, but IMO, this is a bad news for all those who are optimistic, including me. 🙁

    • ?

      What were expecting? Scientific experiments with solid and conclusive data or business strategies? Lots of huff-puff.

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  • I’m convinced, though this is more gutfeeling, and i do tend to have a reliable gutfeeling. Today’s science is over allready. Science came to rely (or became) too much on establishment and establishment does not tolerate change very well. Establishment is at heart, unchangeable. This is what holds back science as we speak.

    Scientific minds tend not to leave the trail, ever, believing this is what makes science great ? Too often this leaves groundbreaking theories, groundbreaking devices out in the dark until some lone soul takes them out into the light . . . or ends up building a device that proves it is worth eating the pudding.

    Today’s science is at a tipping-point. Either wild things like entanglement, cold-fusion, quantum-computing become valid and commercial products … or we slip back into our slumber and never see the unity of science-and-religion. matter-and-mind.

    I hope, in this lifetime to see a unity emerge. This will change our entire perspective on who we are, what we can achieve, what we ultimately see as right or wrong but also what we perceive as possible and impossible.



    • ?

      What are you talking about?

  • Fred

    I’m a bit surprised at the amount of “science bashing” that is going on here.
    It is certainly true that today’s science is too much of a rigid establishment, and that many leaders of that establishment “act like priests rather than as scientists”.

    In the case of the e-cat however, I’m sure many scientists would be happy to test whether(!) the e-cat works, without knowledge of the catalyst. In oder to do so however, they must be allowed to use their own equipment and test setup – something that Rossi is not willing to do.

    Of course Mr. Rossi is not obliged to allow an independent party to test his device. Personally, I doubt the wisdom of this strategy (assuming the e-cat works) as an independent validation of the claim would certainly increase media and investor’s interest. But of course my opinion is not very important to Mr. Rossi, whom I wish the best of luck.

    Nevertheless, my impression is not that the scientific community refuses to test the device, or demands from Rossi immediate and complete disclosure of his invention – it is rather that Rossi is keeping the e-cat on a very short leash.

  • Loop

    Few things to mention, by the EU law Rossi were breaking the law if this story is lie that he will be selling the 10KW units to the customers.
    Not only that he made announcements of that plan but he started to collect the names, addressees and etc from the people.
    Telling to the public now, that he didn’t had intention to sell any 10kw unit and that he made up the story just to foll the Defkalion is the bigger lie than if we found out in the future that E-cat story is a complete lie, because you have right to make lies if you didn’t take the money or take any direct interest into the customers.
    Taking the customers information, Rossi bounded himself with the semi-contracts and its enough for sentence to jail, it wouldn’t be a long sentence, 2 years of jail max maybe even he could pass with the suspended sentence, but he could be processed for that one for sure.

    I hope that he didn’t fooled the people with the 10kw units. It doesn’t matter if he is in war with Defkalion.

    The second thing is that I think that if this E-cat story is not the lie, the idea of making only the big units is just partially the thing which would help the people and the planet.

    The only hope for the humanity is that people could get the small units in their hands for their personal usage in order to make the people independent from the governments and from the corporations.

    This planet said enough is enough to the corporations and governments.

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi signed a deal with the University of Bologna for the replication and independent test of the energy catalyzer technology.

    • daniel maris

      Wow! Another watershed moment!

      It’s like we’ve been climbing a mountain range going up and down but gradually getting higher on average than before. Does a real contract with the University of Bologna mark another key advance to a new evelation? I think so. Of course we await more details!

  • the snake

    Rossi trusts in no one, not even Focardi or Levy. They said, they don’t know about the trade secret.

    • fraudrossi

      He is HIDING SOMETHING! He has a real history!

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  • Sanjeev
    Part 1/8

    McKubre is the man who has survived a cold fusion explosion ! He knows about this subject more than anyone else. In this lecture, he indirectly approves Rossi’s work. That’s another +1 for Rossi.