LENR Promoted as Energy Solution in Michigan Senate Race by Candidate Randy Hekman

I just received the following press release from the campaign of Randy Hemkan, who is seeking to be the Republican candidate in Michigan for the U.S Senate.

Energy: America’s Next ‘Space Race’

Grand Rapids, Michigan – December 30, 2011. Could a new form of virtually limitless energy that promises national security, economic strength and environmental sustainability be in our future? According to energy experts, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ in a form called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). LENR refers to nuclear reactions that happen at room temperature. While nuclear, they involve neither fusion nor fission and require little shielding as they produce negligible radiation.
The significance of LENR technology, according to proponents, is that it has the potential to power virtually everything with little cost and no environmental damage, including the ability to power your home and everything in it, for just pennies a day.

LENR research has the potential to solve climate and energy problems, Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist of NASA’s Langley Research Center said in a June interview with EV World, a sustainability publication.

While claims like these bring a healthy skepticism, there is also growing evidence that this technology can be exploited. In fact, LENR is finding some unlikely allies in political candidates these days including Bruce Tarr, State Senator from Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, Presidential candidate and Randy Hekman, US Senate Candidate from Michigan.

“The simple reality is that our economy depends on energy that now is primarily derived from coal, oil and natural gas to function,” Hekman states. “Energy exploration–mining and drilling–provide needed jobs, and the energy these industries produce keep our economy moving. We need to end the policies that subsidize inefficient sources of energy such as ethanol, wind and geothermal. The best alternative energy program is Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Scientists in China and India are hard at work to overcome the technical hurdles and turn this scientific theory into useful consumer products. We need America to be the world leader in this.”

Hekman is no stranger to LENR, graduating from MIT and, in 1996 started his own research company around LENR. In 2004, he was part of a team to appear before a Department of Energy (DoE) panel to present research findings and seek scientific support. While campaigning for US Senate full time, Hekman continues to speak about LENR and is working to connect private funding sources with top LENR researchers in the U.S.

“This is a new, potentially trillion dollar industry that has the ability to solve our nation’s energy crisis, secure our country by not depending on foreign oil and turn America into an energy and technology exporter,” says Hekman. “This is our version of the ‘space-race’ where we need to develop this technology and get it to market first. Can someone explain to me again why this isn’t a top priority?”

Some institutions, such as U.S. Navy SPAWAR and NASA have been funding LENR research along with new interest from the likes of Royal Dutch Shell, the University of Missouri and others.

“But we need much more private investment in this new energy resource,” said Hekman. “The US Department of Energy (DoE) and the current administration has a dismal record in picking winners and losers in the energy area. We do not need more Solyndras. I believe in allowing private investment and market forces to drive new energy technologies like LENR.”

For more on this subject, visit Randy Hekman’s blog at
Randy Hekman is a Navy veteran, former prosecutor, juvenile court judge, author and administrative pastor. In early 2011, Hekman announced his intentions to run for the United States Senate with a practical plan to bring healing to our nation. He is a Republican candidate running for the position currently held by Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow. He has been married to his best friend, Marcia, for 42 years and together, the have 12 children, ages 18 to 40, and 21 grandchildren.

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  • drew

    The roller coaster is finally starting to roll!!! Gonna be a VERY exciting couple of years, unless a mary yugo somehow discredits him and demolishes LENR. There WILL be plenty trying!! Educate EVERYONE you know, the PEOPLE need to KNOW!!

    • drew

      Just to add I,ve forwarded this link to my MP (UK) please do the same at ‘write to them’.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      …unless a mary yugo somehow discredits him and demolishes LENR.

      MY, by not being as credulous as many in the LENR community, ensures that any proof of its successful implementation will actually prove something. She makes the proofs stronger, not weaker.

  • Scott

    It probably surprises a lot of people that the first politicians to acknowledge LENR are republicans. Most republicans believe in energy Independence from any source as long as it can compete economically. Mr. Rossi using the free market is typical of what made America great. I just hope America is still has a FREE MARKET.

    • Wes

      It will probably surprise a lot of people that the first politicians to use LENR to help people (rather than just just enrich corporations), will be democrats. Many democrats believe that energy independence should be used to improve the quality of life for many, not just the top 1%.

      • Scott

        Sorry Mr. Occupier but the Democrats don’t hold a monopoly on helping people, in fact Conservatives have been shown to personally give more where as Liberals rely on Government.
        The E-cat will be a benefit to every one.

        • Wes

          Happy New Year Scott.

          • Scott

            Thank You Wes and may 2012 be a Happy Year for us all.

    • daniel maris

      There’s plenty in LENR for politicians of all colours, including Green.

  • Wes

    A republican with 12 children? Sounds like he already believes in miracles; perfect LENR candidate.

  • daniel maris

    I wasn’t aware of the interest of Royal Dutch Shell in LENR. Is that something fresh in the pulic arena?

    If so, it seems the “delusion” is contaminating whole swathes of industry and science! LOL – NASA, University of Bologna, SWAPAR, Shell, Amoco…

    It looks like 2012 is going to get off to an interesting start.

    • Alain

      no surprise that a company workin in a domain, keep aware of alternative.
      Total is working on wind generator.
      BP is financing Greenpeace.

      the question of a big corp is not to save it’s mastered technology, but to master the winning technology before the other, and drop the dying ones more quickly than other.

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  • arian
    • Redford

      …new ?
      It’s January 2013 here, not 2012 😛

  • clovis

    Randy, a republican you say, well there goes the neighborhood.smile

  • Brad Arnold

    This is a matter of national security. Due to the energy density of nickel using LENR, I suggest you call for a Presidencial Designation of Ni being a strategic commodity. This is a very unintuitive thing, because of how plentiful nickel is, and also how LENR is still rather controversial.

    There are few challenges facing the US as great as our leaders fully understanding the implications of LENR Ni-H, and nothing that will make more of a future impact upon US national security as the quick realization of the value of nickel.

    “They that dominate nickel dominate space.” Sort of unintuitive now, but painfully, painfully obvious in the future.

    • Steve Robb

      Nickel is abundant and therefore cheap. With the cheap energy available via LENR even the poorest ores could be processed. As has been pointed out the nickel in one nickel has the energy equivalent of five barrels of oil. No need to panic and declare a state of emergency.

  • Charles HIgley

    LENR is so far from being useful, it’s a joke. People have to understand that to generate useful power, you need fusion happening at a great enough rate to reduce high temperatures which can be converted into steam then electricity. There will be no direct conversion to useful electricity and there HAS to be radiation given off, there always is with nuclear reactions, particularly with fusion.

    This is grabbing at solutions that are not even partially baked. The researchers’ problems with measuring the reaction with conventional instruments speaks clearly to the garage-inventor mentality that it’s real and mysterious, but they know it’s there because we know it’s there.

    Liquid thorium nuclear reactors are much more feasible, cheaper by far, and can be made into small, every useful fully automated units. Thorium requires little refining, no enrichment, cannot melt down as it is already a liquid, and we have mountains of it. The icing on the cake is that thorium and its products cannot be used to make nuclear weapons!

    • Charles HIgley

      “produce high temperatures”
      in the third line. Sorry.

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  • Redford

    Tea party people? Not really the most credible support.