Why I Believe There is A Coming E-Cat Revolution

There have been all kinds of opinions set forward on the Internet regarding Andrea Rossi’e E-Cat. Many thoughtful and reasonable comments have been made here and elsewhere expressing doubt about Andrea Rossi’s claims. There have also been less tactful ones. I think I understand people’s wariness and doubtfulness. There are many good reasons not to trust people just because they make an extraordinary claim, and history teaches us that many of the most exciting and tantalizing pronouncements about miraculous breakthroughs have turned out to be empty words intended to deceive and defraud.

So it is no wonder that there is for some skepticism about Rossi and his claims. I was quite skeptical too when I first heard about Rossi and the E-Cat, but over time I have climbed off the fence and stepped firmly on to the believer’s side, and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Sergio Focardi. His statements about what he learned and witnessed during his work with Rossi are very forthright and unequivocal. He has stated that he believes that we are a the dawn of a new age of energy production based on Rossi’s invention.

2. Guiseppe Levi. His statements about what he has measured in testing done on the E-Cat are similar to Focardi’s.

3. Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen. These respected Swedish scientists were able to participate in testing of the E-Cat and both have gone on record stating they could find no other explanation for the energy production they witnessed other than a new kind of nuclear reaction.

I am sure that all of these established academics are not part of any grand conspiracy to trick the world into thinking that Rossi has come up with a new form of energy when they know he hasn’t — and based on the closeness of their work with Rossi (especially Focardi, who worked with Rossi over a long period of time) I don’t see any way that Rossi could have hoodwinked these professors with some kind of rigged machine.

4. The October 6th test in which the E-Cat self sustained for almost 5 hours and heated water a constant temperature without any energy input. Again, I don’t believe that Rossi would have been able to have faked this demonstration.

5. Andrea Rossi himself. I find his words and actions convincing. The way he his going about his business seems rational given the circumstances and, most interesting, there doesn’t seem to be anything going on at the moment that resembles a scam. There has been no appeal for the public to send him money — and no one has come forward and said that Rossi has tried to defraud them. Some people might think that he is simply insane and delusional, but I go back to the involvement of the professors — if Rossi was insane, it would not have taken long for these men to realize it, and they certainly wouldn’t have stepped forward publicly to identify themselves professionally with such a person.

I don’t doubt that there are still problems to be overcome with regards to engineering and commercialization. This ‘new fire’ could be hard to tame, and Rossi has set a very ambitious timetable for starting the sale of home-based E-Cats (Autumn of this year). I wouldn’t be surprised if that date was pushed back given all the logistics involved in putting a production network together. I think it’s also possible that political and legal barriers may put in place to slow down a revolution, but it will be very hard to keep a technology as powerful this from breaking through.

I believe that Rossi has made a very important discovery that will eventually lead to far more advanced and cost effective energy production than we now know. Rossi seems to realize this too, and is doing all in his power to bring his invention to light, including keeping the cost as low as possible so everyone will be able to afford it. As he says, “This will be a revolution, and, as I said already, a revolution must be popular to survive.”

Is there a chance that I am wrong in my conclusions? Of course — I’m certainly not infallible. But I have tried to be as logical and reasonable about this case as I can be, and from every way I look at things, I believe that an E-Cat revolution is not far away.

  • Erik Petersen

    Don’t get your hopes up, please remain a hopeful skeptic.

  • Swedish guy

    I think it’s worth mentioning Roland Petterson who said that he is 100% sure the E-cat works, during the lecture with Sven Kullander November 23rd. Roland Petterson observed the Oktober 6th test.

  • arian

    stupendous from defkalion furom

    Well since I had visited DGT’s offices in Glyfada, I presume I am among those Greeks referred from DGT. For all it matters and since I am visiting many offices due to my profession I can tell they are real people, hard working and no “scam” looking at all (I have my top ten list for scammers in any business, they don’t fit anywhere in this list 😉 )
    Furthermore I would like to mention that among them are people well known in Greek business “scene” that have served for years other fields with honesty and good business practices, which makes me a “believer” on them. Definitely they want “time”, not buying out of it, but for e.g. settling things with the “monsters” of the Greek bureaucracy etc etc. They are heroes trying to setup such a enormously innovative business in Greece not now that we have problems but anytime !

    • daniel maris

      Couldn’t you take some pics of the offices and post them somewhere? Since they don’t do that themselves…

      • And your point is??? They’re real because their offices look real?? The fact their offices look real only means that they reinvest part of the money that investors gave them into making it look real in order to encourage even more investors into packing their money into the enterprise.

        Proof talks BS walks!

  • Stephen T.

    I would add that the state of the art in LENR or CMNR has advanced a great deal in recent years. Focardi worked with Piantelli and they had good success with Nickel Hydrogen gas loaded systems. Rossi’s development is a confirmation and extension of published scientific work. Francesco Celani’s presentation at the World Sustainable Energy Conference today in Geneva, Switzerland is an indication of the progress generally. See his presentation here:

    (It’s a fairly large download and thanks to Daniele Passerini at 22passi.blogspot.com for sharing access to this presentation.)

  • Ciertamente, la preocupación más bien que muchos ya están teniendo es la posibilidad de que este gran invento se vea boicoteado por intereses ajenos al inventor mismo, pero sí tendientes a no permitir que algo tan maravilloso se divulgue y llegue a la mucha gente esperanzada en el Ecat.

    Lo importante en todo esto es mantener el optimismo de que todo saldrá como se espera, y que, el Ecat muy pronto será parte de nuestras vidas cotidianas, tal y como usamos un cepillo de dientes, pero con la salvedad de que nos traerá mucho más que una simple blancura en los dientes.

  • clovis

    Hi, Guys.
    Bring on the e cat revolution.–smile.
    Frank, old buddy. I am in total agreement with everything you just said, makes good sense to me.
    So,color me a believer, smile.
    And I think Mr. Rossi is a head and shoulders above
    All his completion, a verry intelligent fellow.
    My advice to all is that a revolution is coming,–cool

    • Kim

      I agree with Frank also


  • LBt

    I like to add 2 points:
    6 Rossi is obviously in some kind of partnership with NI
    7 He seems to be negotiating with Home Depot

    • Luca Salvarani

      Point 7 is highly controversial: NI has confirmed they work with Rossi, Home Depot hasn’t… seems is not enough to support our point of view.

  • John

    Blah blah blah blah.

    Forgive my snarkiness. I really want CF/LENR to be true. As a lay person I’ve read and watched more about recently it than my feeble grasp on physics and chemistry would normally permit. I’ve dropped in on this website quite a bit over the last few months and now, sadly only thing I’m certain of is that there’s an awful lot of puff and not much substance going on here right now.

    Doubtless you’re walking a fine line. Maintaining public interest while keeping your IP secure is understandable. But I think patience is wearing thin (not just mine) and I don’t think I’m being unrealistic. I’m sure that developing this technology is painfully slow. Getting it market ready is crucial if you’re to avoid the mistakes of the past and have any chance of avoiding the unwanted attentions of vested interests.

    The mistake being made here is purely and simply one of inept PR and marketing. Plenty of individuals and organisations must be in your position but (unscientific survey alert) they don’t feel the need to constantly issue meaningless press releases or have their proxies do it for them.

    As Elvis once said, a little less conversation. A little more action…


    Go quiet for a while and get the damn thing show ready then blow our minds.

    • yep. blah, blah, blah. It’s real, but nobody can see or touch one. Sounds fishy.

      I think he does have one that can run for 5 hours but nothing marketable. You’d need to stand there and reload it and clean it constantly.

      • He used to have one that ran for 18 hours, but whose counting.

    • Harold

      Your impatience is understandable, we would all like to see this thing burst onto the market, and be happily chugging away in our homes giving us free heat and electricity as soon as possible.
      To keep things in perspective, this technology was first introduced in 1989 by two reputable scientists, whose careers were ruined by other scientists who wanted to protect their funding for “hot fusion”. Since then it has been suppressed by the corporate media, the oil and gas industry and everyone with a vested interest in the status quo.
      It is a miracle that Rossi has made it this far. For a one man show, his progress in such a short time has been phenomenal.

      • el_loco_jp

        Their reputations were “ruined”, not by the “hot fusion” crowd but by the simple fact that their discovery was a hoax. Although many tried, their experiments were never independently verified by anybody in the whole wide world.

  • OnTheWaterfront

    Drink the Kool-Aid. Thats what Ro$$i would want you to do.

    • Roger Bird

      But Marlon, Rossi is not charging us to buy the Kool-Aid, so what would be his point?

    • Jesse

      make mine grape!

  • andreiko

    Wat goed is komt snel en is niet te pareren!!

  • Armand

    Every body wise starts off as a skeptic, than after examining the facts for a period of time and seeing follow through and delivery on his word. At this point there is simply too much proof, through all the points listed above and many more points, it makes it highly implausible that Andrea Rossi and all his numerous associates are plotting one of the most evil deceptions of all time, if still in doubt reexamine the facts and go back as far as January of 2011 on http://www.ecatnow.com to review. It’s good that Andrea Rossi doesn’t get mixed up in all this down talk otherwise he wouldn’t have achieved so much in so little time.

  • Roger Bird

    I am with Frank Acland on this. Control-ability and sustainability remain concerns.

  • Bob Johnson

    How hard is it to have one PR guy go around and do demonstrations?

  • Niko

    The essence of progress lies in the fact that one hundred professors says that something is impossible, then an ignoramus who does`t know that,does just that.

  • Frank, your case for Rossi is all valid.

    The best case, however, is the replicators. A dozen separate labs, including a half dozen top scientists from a half dozen top labs (MIT, SRI etc.) have achieved the Ni + H reaction. Even though Frank’s case is good, excellent, this is the Pièce de résistance. Replication is the proof!

  • gérard

    automatic translation is not perfect excuse me

    despair & Hope

    The story is on do not miss this turn, the battle over the “hot” will be held in the United States, or political supporters already credible take up the cause of the concept LENR, including Mr. Randy Hekman, who argues in his campaign highlighting cold fusion.
    In the weeks and months ahead the global crisis and challenges people to live, will push forward the energy solution, the power of the U.S. elections could sweep past certainties.
    It is time for theorists to lift, to give voice and writing on the public place.
    In 1989, it was relatively easy to go after a period of P & F they were alone. Now you can do, timing is particularly favorable to Rossi, the global crisis in all its aspects in his favor. U.S. elections are a lever that cold fusion may precipitate on the front of the stage.
    Today the personalities of physics and theorists can defeat the advocates of classical nuclear physics, for their theoretical demonstration and credibility will be much more difficult for conservatism to advance the fraud and fraud since the theory come argued fait accompli industrial E-cat, its inventor Andrea Rossi, his team and industry followers.
    Faced with so many competent people own is the credibility of the proponents of nuclear “hot” which will then be called into question, they give a picture of those obtuse, arrears and not hesitate to lie to protect a misplaced pride or worse financial interests and powers.
    Today the theory is on track to catch up with industry practice and provide pedigree deserves the E-cat and the generator of 1 MW. Credible and renowned theorists are involved to explain this phenomenon which is inconsistent with the known laws of physics and applied. They ask questions and issue of new theories. A new exploration fields in physics opens the world.
    The fundamental theory has killed traditional cold fusion there are more than 20 years, it could rehabilitate today. It’s good practice and the reality of cold fusion that lead theorists to provide an explanation for a phenomenon hitherto unknown, where does the energy that should not exist according to classical knowledge.
    Once cold fusion theorized by the “fathers”, the recognition by governments and leading political figures will be very fast because the politicians are hungry for credibility, and they have a morbid fear of losing it, the media will follow. .. This recognition will be even easier than the industrial process is well advanced and will allow an understanding and educational communication.
    We need to let our fans and commentators, theorists and practitioners of this major innovation convinced of the reality of cold fusion. In order to convince politicians to change all that. As for the pressure groups of energy, they will have to restructure or disappear, they will not have the necessary credibility with politicians, who will arbitrate in favor of the global emergency and cold fusion.
    If you are among the progressive forces do not be bland or ambiguous, do not leave any doubt about your convictions. Mr. Andrea Rossi and his team needs from you to us.
    LENR or cold fusion is a way out for our good old earth and our humanity, left does not condemn this door …. Stéphane Hessel as I want to tell you “you indignant,” it’s time!
    Now await events, they give reasons for all of our expectations.

    In french

    Désespérance & espérance

    L’histoire est en marche ne ratons pas ce virage, La bataille la plus “chaude” aura lieu aux Etats Unis, ou déjà des partisans politiques crédible prennent fait et cause pour le concept LENR, notamment Monsieur Randy Hekman, qui argumente sa campagne en mettant en avant la fusion froide.
    Dans les semaines et mois à venir la crise mondiale et les difficultés des populations à vivre, vont pousser en avant cette solution énergétique, la puissance des élections américaines peut balayer les dernières certitudes.
    Il est temps pour les théoriciens de lever, de donner de la voix et de l’écriture sur la place public.
    En 1989, il a été relativement facile à une époque de s’acharner sur P&F ils étaient seuls. Aujourd’hui vous pouvez agir, le timing de Rossi est particulièrement favorable, la crise mondiale dans tous ses aspects joue en sa faveur. Les élections américaines sont un levier qui peut précipiter la fusion froide sur le devant de la scène.
    Aujourd’hui les personnalités de la physique et théoriciens peuvent mettre en échec les tenants de la physique nucléaire classique, par leurs démonstration théorique et leurs crédibilités Il sera alors beaucoup plus difficile pour les conservatismes d’avancer l’imposture et la fraude puisque la théorie viendra argumenté le fait accompli industriel, l’E-cat, son inventeur Andréa Rossi, son équipe et les industriels qui le suivent.
    Devant tant de personnes compétentes c’est la propre crédibilité des tenants du nucléaire “chaud” qui sera alors mise en cause, ils donneront une image de personnes obtus, arriérés et n’hésitant pas a mentir pour protéger un amour propre mal placé ou pire des intérêts financiers et de pouvoirs.
    Aujourd’hui la théorie est en bonne voie de rattraper la pratique industrielle et donner les lettres de noblesse que mérite l’E-cat et le générateur de 1 MW. Des théoriciens renommés et crédibles s’investissent pour expliquer ce phénomène qui est en contradiction avec les lois de la physique connue et appliquée. Ils posent des questions et émettent de nouvelles théories. Un nouveau champs d’exploration pour la physique s’ouvre au monde.
    La théorie fondamentale classique a tué la fusion froide il y a plus de 20 ans, elle pourrait la réhabiliter aujourd’hui. C’est bien la pratique et la réalité de la fusion froide qui poussent les théoriciens à fournir une explication à un phénomène inconnu jusqu’ici, d’ou vient cette énergie qui ne devrait pas exister selon les connaissances classiques.
    Une fois la fusion froide théorisée par les “pères”, la reconnaissance par les gouvernements et les personnalités politiques de premiers plans se feront très vite car les politiciens ont soif de crédibilité, et ils ont une peur maladive de la perdre, les medias suivront…Cette reconnaissance sera d’autant plus facile que le processus industriel est très avancé et permettra une compréhension et une communication pédagogique.
    Il faut que nous soyons nous les partisans et commentateurs théoriciens et praticiens de cette innovation majeure convaincus de la réalité de la fusion froide. Afin de pouvoir convaincre les politiques de changer la donne. Quant aux groupes de pressions de l’énergie, ils devront se restructurer ou disparaitre, ils n’auront plus la crédibilité nécessaire auprès des politiciens, qui devront arbitrer en faveur de l’urgence mondiale et de la fusion froide.
    Si vous faites partie des forces de progrès ne soyez pas fade ni ambigu, ne laissez aucun doute quant à vos convictions. Monsieur Andréa Rossi et son équipe ont besoins de vous, de nous.
    La fusion froide ou LENR est une issue de secours pour notre bonne vielle terre et notre humanité, ne laissé pas condamner cette porte…. Comme Stéphane Hessel j’ai envie de vous dire “indignez vous”, c’est le moment!!!
    Attendons maintenant les évènements, qu’ils donnent raisons à tout nos espérances.

  • Rossi could be overoptimistic and blind to many hurdles, but scammer — no! It’s real secular revolution in making, and if it’s several months late — so what? Even 0.00001 W of anomalous heat is mind bogling and revolutionary, becase it turns the whole chemistry upside down. An you, nasty pampered kids, want market-ready product in no time. Disgusting!

    • Scott H

      Very will put praos. No one here can see all that is going on behind the scenes or screens. I’d like to know how long it took to get cell phones in the market. People today want instant gratification. I too am anxious for results but realistic.

      God speed Mr. Rossi

    • “Even 0.00001 W of anomalous heat is mind bogling and revolutionary”

      Yes! Even 0.00001 W of anomalous heat should produce a buzz of excitement in the scientific world. Even one organization back in 86 duplicating Pons and Fleischmann should have produced a buzz of excitement. However, Nasa claims that they produced that duplication, yet the voices of those who failed drowned out the voices of those who didn’t. This whole fiasco sets the scientific community in a very bad light.

  • A friend of mine mentioned the Yeti puzzle when I told him about Rossi and Cold Fusion.

    A group of guys out in Siberia found the Yeti. Brought him back to civilization in a refrigerated box. To prove it’s really the Yeti requires that the box be opened. Opening the box will damage the Yeti. Damaging the Yeti is against the interest of the group so they refuse to do it. However, rest assured, no doubt, it really is the Yeti inside the box.

    My friend recognized this game Rossi is playing right away. Classified it as the Yeti puzzle.

  • James Rovnak

    Search Web for “I Believe in the E-Cat” (Song) U Tube video. Says it all with sketch of internals of E-Cat and picture of actual unit with obvious boiler scale on it from operation. All posted before the Oct 6 test by some astute Canadian Radio talk show hosts. They also interviewed Rossi in Dec 2011 on their program after successful Oct6 and Oct 28 demonstrations of device working. Play it a couple of times, look around all the posts and just maybe you will believe! Retired Nuclear/MechanicalEngineer delighted that this has happened and wishing the best for all who made it possible – Even a Nobel Prize! Hoping it’s sooner rather than later at Home Depot! The World could surely could use some GOOD NEWS like this.

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    January 10th, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    Dear Keith W:
    We are making the certification .
    Attention: I did not say that we will begin to deliver in August, I said we can be ready to make order confirmations in Autumn; we are right now making the engineerization of the factory ( the production will be completely robotized to squeeze down the price as much as possible) and, even if we will be very good, the first deliveries will start perhaps within the year, but I cannot promise it; I can say that the price will be lower than expected and that it will be a revolution. We are making a tremendous work with top level Partners.
    Warm Regards,

  • sapain

    people still don`t grasp the meaning of lenr. back in 1989 some people did and tried to bury it (governments included). think of a world that has unlimited free energy. who would lose. bankers,vehicle manufactures,utility companies, oil companies and most of all governments, basically the elites of the world.
    velicles consisting of lenr as power sources that don`t need maintence except for a few tires every few years means cars last 100yrs or more not 15. utility companies using coal,gas, fission would go bankrupt, solar cost production would drop, manufacturing costs would implode, bankers would lose big time, the money system would die out and another value would take it`s place, the value of decency, pride and good will. governments would sink and fizzle out, why, no one will need money. no money no lobbyist, governments will consist of individuals directing construction and maintaince of projects like cities, space exploration, food production and enviromental concerns. pollution would be non existance since energy is free and collecting waste and retransforming it is free.
    there would b no war machine and no borders.
    lenr can transmute elements, once this tech is fully understood, gold and platinium would be common place.
    energy is the controlling factor in all civilizations past and future, it controls what is done and how it is done and where it is done and most of all who will do it. now add a technology that completely allows energy to be produced anywhere, anytime by anyone and today`s society will implode basically overnight. (good thing, it will level the playing field)
    imagine cars running 24/7 that cost under 5k to buy new and run until they crash, with a maintiance and operational cost of under a $100/yr. joe delivers a ton of anyting to bob, joe`s cost is what he values his time plus cost towards purchase of 5k vehicle and future repairs and insurance. with competition joe`s time value will be set, purchase cost is $2/day, repairs r $1/day insurance $1/day. joe is happy he is enjoying what he does, he goes home to a warm well lit place that costs $1/day to run, fresh food from his garden/greenhouse, joe`s cost of living is $5/day. joe built his home using natural rock and cost a few $1000 instead of $60,000. (bankers lose big time on mortgages) oil is used for plastics, joe`s roof and windows r plastic. joe gets bored delivering frieght he goes to a project board that lists events and decides he wants to have fun operating a backhoe and off he goes to learn, train and help society to build a mega greenhouse in the middle of the city.
    this is what is stopping lenr from being brought into this world. fear. the very people who have suppressed lenr also fear it, the people who in 1989 realized that if lenr was to escape, their control over people would lose it`s grip and all their accumulated wealth will disappear. that is why inventions like table top lenr is discredited and patent approval is denied, and believe it, the elite do not want lenr to escape into the general population. it would not surprise me if lenr already exists and is a closely guarded secret. rossi being the radical and exposing it.
    if fusion is bogus, why r governments working day and night on hot fusion. hot fusion can only be used by big groups and therefore hot fusion and it`s energy prices can b controlled and the statis quo is maintained.
    the first thing i would do with an ecat would be to use it with a thermalelectri gen to power an rv to save on $7000 in rent, $1200 on hydro, 1200 on heat, $7000 on gas for transportation. not a bad deal when u saved $14000. with the saved $14000 i`ll buy 2 more ecats and put them in trucks and haul rocks to build homes that last a 1000yrs and become a tree hugger lol.

  • Prediction

    Cool, Rossi bought himself some time.
    So many things are wrong with this story.
    1. The device has never been taken apart or properly explained.
    2. Yet, Rossi jumps from a laboratory to mass production.
    This is impossible since it skips the design of a product that
    – will be safe and certified for your house (Neutrons, anyone?)
    – Will work reliably for 10+ years
    – has all necessary pumps and plumbing to fit in your house
    – has support for refueling (or will you buy some nickle-powder on eBay?)

    Rossi SKIPS all these essentials and starts talking about robots in the factory.
    Earth to Rossi. How can you mass-produce a device if you have never worked out how the basic reaction actually works?
    You bought yourself some time, but the e-cat is a fake, and you know it.

    Most likely the tests were done by feeding hydrogen-peroxide, and not cooling water (!!!) into a container with a common catalyst.
    That’s why it is important to have the device explained and picked apart.

    Rossi: “Look, free energy!”
    Skeptics: “Rossi, how does it work?”
    Rossi: “Look, mass production!”
    Skeptics: “Rossi, prove it’s not a trick”.
    Rossi: “Look, robots!”

  • Paul

    I have only one question about your apparently well-thought out article…….no where do you explain what “E-cat” is. WHAT IS E-CAT???

  • john p.

    The E-cats will probably cost twice the estimated purchase price, there might be a tidy little permit fee required for having a little nuke device on your property , at least four pricey little service calls per year, not two and if your little 12yr old trys to find out what makes it tick and breaks the lock and seals on it your in deep legal doo doo. Other than that the future looks bright green.

  • I do 100% agree with the arguments in this post!