NASA Video Reports on LENR Research — Home Based Energy Production Mentioned

NASA has released a video reporting on how researchers at Langley Research Center are working on developing energy from a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). Nickel, carbon and hydrogen are mentioned as possible materials for creating a reaction that NASA says is capable of providing enough energy to meet the needs of the modern world. Senior Research Scientist at NASA, Dr. Joseph Zawodny says that the easiest implementation of this technology would to be able to have a device installed in the home which would be able to provide electricity and heat — exactly what Andrea Rossi is planning to do with the E-Cat.

Interesting to see the same ideas as Rossi and other LENR proponents coming from a US Government source — is LENR/cold fusion about to hit the mainstream of science?

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  • Johannes Hagel

    This sounds extremly good in my ears and to my opinion decreases significantly the probability of Rossi being a fraudster. If I understand it correctly NASA has found a reaction enhancer, i.e. a catalyzer to improve the reaction independently of Rossi. And they are doing their research based on the LW theory. Anybody here knowing more details?

  • Stanny Demesmaker

    Looks like NASA is pretty sure that the E-cat is real.

  • Martin

    “Interesting to see the same ideas as Rossi and other LENR proponents coming from a US Government source (all of a sudden…) โ€” is LENR/cold fusion about to hit the mainstream of science?” I suspect so…

  • kurt eklund

    I sincerely hope that the e-cat exists and that it is a nice frendly animal to have in our homes and to save the planet for a while at least.

    • Roger Bird

      Prosperity breeds education; education breeds birth-control; birth-control makes for a better planet with better people.

  • daniel maris

    You’ve been in front of the curve – don’t get behind it! LOL

    This is surely the defining moment. It confirms just about everything Rossi has said.

    I think it’s fantastic that it is NASA saying this. It will give Rossi’s machine huge credibility now.

    For me this is the cusp – we are now entering a new age. Sceptics go home, because there is no way NASA would come out with a statement like this unless they were 100% sure of the effect.

    Of course, they don’t talk about cost, but it doesn’t sound as though their technique will be far off Rossi’s.

    • Roger Bird

      daniel maris, I agree. And it doesn’t matter if Rossi has sustainability and control. He has already provided a great service getting the world’s attention on LENR.

  • daniel maris

    Yep – this is LENR smashing through the wall of mainstream science – and silence.

    It doesn’t matter now whether the mainstream media picks up on this, we know it’s for real. This is the tipping point. From now it is the sceptics who lack crediblity. The sceptics now have to adopt a position of saying NASA are incomptents, fraudsters or liars, conducting bogus or poorly managed experiments. It’s not a very credible position for a sceptic.

    I must go check how the boys at JREF are taking this…

  • Paul

    So NASA is easing out with this short clip, looks like someone has seen something.

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  • Darqmann

    Can someone post the NASA source for this video? That does look like Joseph Zawodny, but Josephs field of experise seems to differ quite a bit from LENR or even Neuclear physics, and I cannot find a mention of this video on

  • Gediminas

    Sory nasa you are late ๐Ÿ˜‰ Learn from Mr. Rossi ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe they spend 2 mln usd for ecat, testet it and now will prepare press realize … how well their spend 20 bln usd and created own cold fusion device ?

  • clovis

    HI, guys.
    You can speculate all you want, but the fact still remains, that no one has,as of yet reproduced a working e-cat like product,
    JUST SAYING, That mr. rossi has said, he alone holds the key elements that produces lenr, or what ever you want to call it, i personally think as frank has coined it and i agree that it should be called NEW FIRE.–SMILE —Clovis

    • peter

      Hey clovis,

      He does not say he holds the key elements of lenr he just says he has a key element to make the “lenr-effect” bigger.

      • daniel maris

        Exactly Peter. I think Clovis should realise that most of hard line sceptics aren’t here. They’ve gone home or been withdrawn. There is no sceptical position any more. This is “game over” as far as the reality of LENR goes.

        Of course there are still debates and discussions to be had about commercialisation, reliability and so on, and whether Rossi is the real deal. But there is no longer a tenable sceptical position in my view.

    • Darqmann


      I’ll have a look

  • Sanjeev

    Carbon seems to be the secret ingredient. The catalyst.

    • Lurker Jack

      This idea, carbon as a catalyzer, was discussed by Dr. Les Case over ten years ago. Find the video “Cold Fusion: Fire From Water” on youtube or elsewhere on the net. I suspect that the Rossi device, assuming no shenanigans, is a direct decendant of the Case ‘football’.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, and someone mentioned elsewhere on the net, K2CO3 and Dr. Randell mills, who used Carbon.
        There are good chances that its the catalyst.

    • sapain

      carbon14 ?

      • Sanjeev

        No idea. C12 is more likely IMO, because Rossi has said that he uses no radioactive stuff.

    • George

      Actually it has already been reported in all the press that the catalyst is tantalum, an obvious choice.

  • arian

    Dick Smith will give to the charity group $200,000 if Mr Bryce,a member of the Australian Skeptics confirm e-cat work as claimed by rossi.

    • Roger Bird

      Too bad the bet wasn’t made on LENR and I wasn’t the beneficiary of the bet. Dnag!!!

      No one here is or can be certain that Rossi is for real. We all hope so, but we can’t be sure, yet.

  • arian
    • Sanjeev

      Great. LENR engine is already being tested. Even a photo is included. Now we can dream of LENR Cars.

      They even cite Rossi.

      • George

        I don’t see anywhere in the presentation that says they are testing any engines. Just Theoretical drawings of how they might be designed. Where do you get that they are being tested?

        • Sanjeev

          Please see slide #16 titled : Future research? Stirling Lab research engine…

          Photo of the setup on left and engine specs on the right.

      • daniel maris

        I couldn’t get the link to work – has someone saved it?

  • Kim

    When was this video produced?

    I wish that time stamps were on ALL videos,
    But they are not… No time reference.

    Now that I have said that…

    This is good news!


    • Ged

      We can know some things about the time frame of this video by looking at the background. Notice that Apple computer? This is at least no older than early 2011 I think, when those slightly burnish models came out.

      • peter


  • Robert

    Are there other interests that will be trying to rush a product to market? Seems the regulatory hurdles would be daunting especially once big oil, gas and power giants get wind of this! And if this is what everyone hopes where is the mainstream media? The silence is deafening!

    • daniel maris

      The silence is deafening indeed. Why? Who can say – the media seems to have grown incredibly lazy of late.

      I think we can see that if Rossi is doing all he says he is, then he is probably pursuing the only strategy that will keep him in the lead.

  • This is AWESOME. Andrea Rossi should be both extremely pleased AND worried about this new development. Pleased in the sense it validates his theories and experiments; and Worried in the sense that he now has a “very powerful” competition funded by US taxpayers.

    • daniel maris

      NASA have been reassuringly slow and inefficient so far, just as they have been in space – detouring to the useless Space Shuttle and the pointless ISS. (OK, well I am being a little bit unfair, but on the other hand they have been sitting on this technology for years and weren’t we told recently that they were closing down cold fusion experimentation – I mean, what the H has been going on? )

  • Malakismeno

    The end of tis saga is near!!! Where are Maryyugo and Krivit now? Not looking too hot for either of them. Oooops!

    • OnTheWaterfront

      Don’t hold your breath, I don’t think you’ll be heating your hot tub with a ecat anytime soon.

      • daniel maris

        As I indicated above, such comments are simply pessimism about progress – not scepticism. The sceptical position has been exploded by this NASA-launched missile.

      • Roger Bird

        I am sure that hot tubs will be heated within the next 5 years by E-Cat like devices, LENR devices.

    • Roger Bird

      Let us include the name of Craig Binns who frequents He has been a pain in my backside for months.

    • Ric

      Actually, Krivit wrote a paper with Zawodny on W/L theory(see his website). Starting to make sense, now, his(Krivit)aversion to Rossi, and Rossi likewise calling him a snake(competitor trying to steal secrets)!

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  • dAnt

    Looks like LENR is virtually confirmed? Thanks NASA. What most here have suspected for a long time – 1989. Mainstream media does not need to get a hold of this to early. The energy industry is arragant and dumb because of it. But they have money. If Mainstream media get this news to fast. Oil and mainstrem electricity will have to act to protect thier interests. Lobing regulations and positioning themselves as the only safe suppliers of this new technology. Oil without the need for drilling, Electricity Grids without Fuel or rivers – Jackpot for them. The longer this stay dormant the better. Surprise them they wont know what hit them if products launch before the have time to do anything about it. Once two different LENR product are in homes, Oil for energy over. Don’t let money win. Or be prepared to fight hard for or rights to the energy than should be free to all.

    • daniel maris

      I agree. I expect the next stage will be a vigorous attempt to put up a roadblock to LENR by raising safety concerns. In that sense, we could do without mainstream media attention. But I can’t really see how the mainstream can ignore this any further.

  • Sparks

    To me, this doesn’t look like the “hearty endorsement” by NASA that most folks are calling it on this site. That video is just a blurb on one of their on-going research programs, not a press release. If it were more of a press-release nature, I would be excited. But keep in mind, NASA is strapped for cash, and they are aware of all the LENR buzz and don’t want to appear to be missing the boat. The message that comes across, between the lines, is that there is still a great deal of work to be done. I would bet that, in the best-case scenario, so-called “home units” will not be available on the market for at least 5 years, and if they do appear at that time, they will still be expensive. In the worst-case scenario, the stability or sustainment problem will just be too expensive to solve (for home units), or the thing will turn out to be merely an energy “flywheel.” Okay, trash away….

    • daniel maris

      Yep, and in the long run we’re all dead as well…is it being so cheerful that keeps you going?

      The official NASA is unequivocal and destroys the sceptics’ case. It says:-

      (a) LENR is a real phenomenon.

      (b) It produces huge energy gain.

      (c) It can be harnessed economically.

      (d) It can be used in all forms of transport.

      You can place as many bets as you like, but all you are doing is being pessimistic about progress. The sceptical position has been blown away.

      • Sparks

        It “can” this and it “can” that, does not mean it can be easily reduced to practice. Go look at all the patents out there, and how few of them ever get to market. This is just one researcher’s video, NOT the level of BUZZ that we could expect out of NASA if this was close to realization. This is the same researcher who has the patent (nice catch, LKB). I stand by my 5 years (minimum) to market with anything remotely affordable. Wait and see.

    • HanzJager

      Wait a min… the video wasn’t a “hearty endorsement”? Did we see the same video? Did your dog die and wife leave you today? Cheer up bud everything will be ok! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • daniel maris

      Well a patent is a pretty hearty endorsement isn’t it? Your arguments are getting more and more desperate. The sceptical position has been blown away today. Why it’s taken till today I am not sure, given the patent application was filed back in March 2011 and we have had other clear indications from NASA that LENR is real, but for whatever reason, today is the day things changed. This is the tipping point – from now on scepticism has no purchase. You can trying clinging on if you like but it won’t work.

      • Sparks

        The reason nothing concrete has happened since the patent was granted is that the patent is only a necessary-but-not-sufficient piece for reduction to practice. Nothing changed today. There remains a huge mountain to climb.

  • LKB

    For all of you crowing that NASA may be “late” or “behind” Rossi, see this:

    NASA filed this patent application in March 2011.

    • daniel maris

      Did they do so because of Rossi’s January 2011 demo?

  • Peter

    Yawn. All I heard was speculation about a potential energy source. Let me know when I can see two confirmed working units. Until then I’ll drive around in my make-believe water powered car and cure cancer with nuts and berries.

    • Neil

      This site needs an /ignore feature.

    • Roger Bird

      Nuts and berries and other healthy foods are a terrific idea for lowering the risk of cancer, but not for curing it.

  • Niko

    The name of this guy who appears in the video is Zawodny. In Polish it means- man who failed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sparks

      Despite being the leading site skeptic (I like to think), I don’t want anyone to conflate my technical doubts with discrediting one or the other researcher or scientist in the field (except Rossi — I find his claims irresponsible). Zawodny seems to be a solid scientist whose esoteric efforts are being misinterpreted by folks to mean “problem solved.” Watch the video again — it is the typical message of a researcher, discussing the enormous potential and promise of his research area (i.e., why it should continue to be funded), as opposed one to an announcement of problem solved. It is, in the best sense of the phrase, government research lab propaganda.

      • daniel maris

        Watch it again. It says LENR is real. So your sceptical position means nothing, unless you want to call him out on that as a liar, a delusional guy, an incompetent or a fraudster – the way people have called out Rossi. You can’t have your cake and eat it. If you accept what he says, but still don’t want to get on board you are expressing pessimism not scepticism.

        • Sparks

          Yes, by all indications LENR is a real phenomenon. I have never said it isn’t. I take issue with the unrealistic reduction-to-practice claims.

          You are failing to listen to all the things he does NOT say, and which must be addressed before this can go from academic idea to marketable product. Instead, you are making a leap to a “problem solved” position. Zawodny does not appear to be a liar, a delusional, incompetent, or fraudulent at all. I think you just aren’t familiar with research labs and the proclamations they routinely generate to keep their programs moving forward, one year at a time.

          • I looked this guy up…


            He’s not a LENR research scientist he’s a climate research scientist. It doesn’t make sense that he would making a video about this.

          • daniel maris

            Of course I am familiar with lab claims – the biggest running farce being hot fusion (always due in 20 years). This is entirely different and I think in your heart you know it is. Clearly this is essentially a pretty simple technology – the difficulties seem to centre on control and sustainability.

          • Sparks

            Daniel, you just stated (below) the crux of our conflict. You think I am being disingenuous, (knowing “in my heart” that this will be simple to accomplish and stating otherwise). Not true — rather, I am stating what I believe. This is why I say “just wait and see,” because our argument will go no further until concrete evidence one way or the other surfaces. All we can do now is wait.

    • No it doesn’t.

      Either way, it’s not good character to make fun of people’s names, no matter how silly they may sound.

      From another barrel however I looked at this video and here are my thoughts.

      – Black showman narrator certainly looks authentic. NASA is always trying to look diverse even though their scientific core is mostly white and asian.

      – Is it really NASA? I mean anybody can photoshop a NASA logo onto a video.

      – Why would NASA be using back channels (youtube) to make such a major announcement?

      – What are the ethical implications of taking credit for this invention if it is authentic?

      – Smacks of Microsoft strategy vs Apple. Meaning “good idea glad I thought of it”.

      – OK so you take three elements out of the periodic table, do your magic, and create a brand new one. Shouldn’t you be putting that new element back into the periodic table?

      – Was that a US Navy logo on the picture I saw? I thought this was a NASA video.

      • Oh and what’s up with the carbon? I mean I can take a piece of wood or coal (carbon), stick it into a stove, light it, show that it produces heat and energy. I’m not even a scientist. What’s the difference between LENR and fire in that case?

      • daniel maris

        So you are saying the video is a fake?

        Please clarify…

      • Sparks

        No, it actually is a NASA video, posted on their website. See my comments above. But folks are reading things into the video and jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

        • What kind of unwarranted conclusions? Nowhere in the video did it have any kind of warning that said the technology is in its infancy or not all there yet. The exact opposite seemed to be the case.

          If NASA is jerking people around playing “made you look” then I for one am not happy. Electric power and heat is too serious an issue to take willy-nilly.

  • Magnus

    So i am wondering just how long the Patent Office will be able to continue holding-up Mr Rossi’s Patent? Or did they also tell Nasa that LENR/Cold Fusion is not scientifically possible as it goes against the Laws of Nature?

    Npbel Peace Prizes all round, and formal apologies to Pons+fleischmann – no, in fact i think renaming MIT as the ‘Pons+Fleischmann Institue of Technology and Cold Fusion’ should do the trick ๐Ÿ™‚

  • daniel maris

    Who should get the Nobel Prize?

    There are a lot of contenders.

  • daniel maris

    Your position is crumbling. The video is genuine as is the patent application…

    What do you say now?

  • M. Yugo

    That nearly convinces me!

    • Roger Bird

      Maryyugo, your sarcasm is not coming through, so I will help you. “Hey, everyone, she is being sarcastic!!!”

      Anyway, LENR working does not mean that Rossi’s E-Cat works with the power that he has said that it works. So we know that you are being sarcastic.

      • Joe

        There are about 100 odd elements on the periodic table. if you exclude the expensive or dangerous ones or even the very rare elements that Martini & Rossi could not possibly get their hands on, how long would it take to combine 2 in every combination to find the secret catalyst?

        This is not religion, belief should not be a factor. It works or it does not is all that matters and these guys will kill the cold fusion field for the next 30 years if you all become an enabler possible fraud.

        We need to sooner rather than later expose these guys as being the frauds that they are or the total geniuses that they are.

        • Peter

          “It works or it does not” Exactly right.

          So let me guess; Big Oil and the Government are conspiring to keep this miracle off the market?

          • will

            If that comment is sarcastic, it is inappropriately so.

    • daniel maris

      If the video doesn’t, the patent will.

  • ronb

    This seems to be great news and the response by most here seems very positive. I’m encouraged today and only a few days ago I was ready to give up on the idea that any of us would see LENR anytime soon. I’m just about ready to order my nano powder and get on with it. I understand why Rossi gave up on the demos. It seems that no matter what he would do, there would always be those that would say that it’s fake because they could not be there to see it with their own eyes.
    I wonder what ever happened to Chan, was/is he real? Did he really pick fruit to buy his glove-box?
    I think I’m heading down to our local state university tomorrow and talk to them about this. If I can convince them of the idea that it might be possible, I’ll see if I can work with them to reproduce the effect.
    I saw the patent date as Oct 11, 2011 (too bad it wasn’t in November ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (11/11/11)
    I love the host of comments here. As for those who have been skeptics. Good for you, it keeps us all honest.

    • Scott

      You don’t need nano powder, water fuel cells make it themselves, go you youtube and search save money on fuel with one wire, then watch the voltage on dry plates video. I have been calling it ormus or ORMES but it seems to have these nano powder properties as well.

  • Christia A.

    Dr. Joseph Zawodny has today published a statement about the video on his website:
    An excerpt: “So let me be very clear here. While I personally find sufficient demonstration that LENR effects warrant further investigation, I remain skeptical. Furthermore, I am unaware of any clear and convincing demonstrations of any viable commercial device producing useful amounts of net energy.”

    • Scott

      what part of “It has demonstrated the ability to produce excess amounts of energy” did you not understand? Why was the site taken down, this is a cover up plain and simple, watch the war on cold fusion when you get some time.

  • Jan

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