Rossi Changes Plan Regarding Refueling of E-Cats

In an interesting and somewhat surprising move, Andrea Rossi now says that the home-based E-Cats he is planning to launch can be refueled by the customer. Rossi was asked by a reader of his blog how often and by whom the E-Cats would be recharged.

Rossi replied: ” 1- Yes, every 6 months the domestic E-Cat will have to be refilled. 2- the refilling operation will be made by the Customer himself or by his usual plumber, or installer. It will be a very simple operation.” (emphasis added)

The big change here is that previously, Rossi has always said that one of his agents would do all the refueling, even though the the procedure would be very simple. Rossi has always been very protective of his trade secrets, and the surprise here is that he now is going to let the customer handle the part of the reactor that presumably contains the prepared powdered nickel. Perhaps that reactor does not contain the secret catalyst, or perhaps he feels the refill is protected in such a way that it won’t be possible to uncover the secret.

To me, it sounds like this refill is similar to purchasing a tank of propane for a grill or camping stove. There are many outlets where you can turn in your empty tank and purchase a full one. Rossi has said in the past that the spent fuel can be recycled, so there might well be a system by which old reactors are sent back to Leonardo Corporation’s factory for reprocessing.

Anyway, it’s all very interesting to hear this change of plan. Is Rossi getting more relaxed about his secret? He has said that one of the purposed for going the lowest possible cost route for the E-Cat is that it will mean that no one will be able to compete with him commercially. If this is the case, maybe he’s not so worried about people stealing his secret, since he figures no one will be able to hurt his business.

  • dAnt

    And with that, If true. The world should becoome a better place. If we don’t reck it some other way.

  • With these details, it would appear as though no certification will be needed to handle the “hazardous materials” in this fusion device. The only way to do this, is to prove there is minimal chance of danger, and to render the fuel canister or module inert beyond reasonable doubt. Basically, you would have to try to do something stupid to get hurt.

  • Cliff Bradley

    This is what I was hoping to hear. I always wanted to recharge it myself. In fact, I want to be able to keep some on hand to recharge it when ever necessary.

    I think that Rossi’s idea of making a million units changed everything. The competition is now about how to manufacture E-Cats at low cost rather than the theory. Of course, patent infringement will probably be prosecuted agressively enough to keep people out of the market for a while.

    This is great news.

  • Brad Arnold

    A confluence of utility and economics, how beautiful.

    In order to surmount the reverse engineering concern, Rossi is implimenting a high volume/low profit per unit strategy that not only counters piracy but also benefits humanity.

    It would really be something if Rossi and company end up the top dog in the wild wild west of LENR – that is a hat trick (the first to discover a commercially viable LENR formula, the first to successfully commercialize LENR, and the most successful at commercializing LENR).

    Rossi is a demi-god (Prometheus)! BTW, I realize hero worship is considered bad form in an egalitarian society, but this is extraordinary.

    • James Rovnak

      Ithink you are right on Brad. Search Web for “I Believe in the E-Cat” Video. The device is about as simple in the video – just added controls and RF driver not mentioned in song. Like those Canadian Talk Show Host. They Interviewed Rossi in Dec 2011. Look it up!

  • timycelyn

    I wonder if this is partly driven by competitive positioning opposite Defkalion’s offer. At present, Defkalion are promising a much higher COP than Rossi, but they have always made it clear that theirs is a high tech offering with GSM and maybe other links back to base. So Rossi’s answer is, ‘OK, my guaranteed COP may appear to be lower, but there are none of these technical ‘strings’ on my offer.’

    If this becomes confirmed and repeated, it will be interesting to see if Defkalion shift position…

    • Luca Salvarani

      Defkalion? Are you joking? You don’t know very much about Greece and Greeks in general… Greece = south of Italy = Africa in all senses!

  • Martin

    I would think these replaceable e-cat modules could be disposable much like aerosol cans are now, use it up and replace it, put the old module in for recycling, simple.

    Thank you Rossi

  • Frank Foster

    I just want to stick it to the gas companies for charging us that .9/10 at the end of the dollar amount for all the years ,(57),I can remember.
    $3.49 9/10 why not say $3.50???????
    I can’t wait to get my E kitty 🙂

  • Robert Mockan

    Now were talking! Rossi, that is a great decision! The fuel is what its all about, but not as the focus of business. Your focus on the product that USES the fuel is the basis for a viable business. However, I could still use a megawatt, so how about selling the fuel in bulk cheaper for people who want to use some specialized reactor design? Provide the fuel at $5 per thermal kilowatt and I’ll send you a check for $5000 today! That priced would be below what I could make it at.

  • Robert Mockan

    As one trained in engineering I have high certainty my analysis is correct.

    The re-fuel canister will not be like a propane gas bottle, but a plug in replacement. One would pull out the depleted canister, and insert the new one. Heat conduction will be through the metal walls of the canister into the sleeve housing the canister, through which the heat exchange working fluid will flow in channels.

    Cost effective engineering dictates design. What Rossi is emphasizing now is minimal disturbance of fundamental design philosophy that every engineer is trained in. One does not re-invent the wheel. Plug in canister design became feasible once he chose hydrogen gas under pressure to equalize catalyst thermalization to avoid hot spots and gain thermal stability.

    Even if vested interests in maintaining the status quo of the energy industry somehow stop Rossi at this late date, there is enough momentum building that progress will continue at an accelerated pace.

    And then we WOULD go after those people that stopped Rossi. Take notice.

  • We must take each story with restraint and calm, because in the world of inventions, anything can happen from one day to another. Ecat believe the works and is the first LENR works as expected. In my opinion, this is already a fact confirmed almost but not quite accepted. The reasons may be many, but most importantly always have to do with money.
    Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi as we know, it all started in the last century with the experiments of Pons and Fleischmann, but the great merit that Andrea and Sergio have been going far beyond a mere theory. Thanks to his great commitment and determination to overcome many barriers, we have put before the gates of an ancient great change, a chance to enrumbar global energy development towards a common good, making this a sustainable balance and a more accessible form of benefits for all, I hope!.

    • Ged

      So true. We won’t know what will really happen till and if we have these devices in our houses and in our hands.

  • geniusantique

    Rossi possibly copied Chan. Mix MgH2 + Fe + Ni/Cu* powders and seal in RFG permeable chamber. *(See
    ). Screw reactor into home unit. He saw the Chan innovations and alternate process for home units suddenly were envisioned as the lowest cost solution.Next, he will disperse mix in oil, dilute with Diesel and use it in Generator Set to yield free electricity by adding a RFG coil to the injectors.

    Very old Genius

  • Ed Pell

    The global corporations have trillions of dollars and they do not obey the laws. Rossi knows they will “steal” the technology. What he can do is establish a fair baseline before they do so. This will limit their ability to “rob” all of humankind with unfairly high prices for energy. I dearly hope he is as shrewd as a fox.

  • Knighthawk

    “Is Rossi getting more relaxed about his secret? ”

    No, he’s just throwing out stuff his believers want to hear as he looks more and more like a bs artist. Now that said a year from now if that robotized factory is up and pumping out units that do remotely what he claims at remotely the price he claims I will certainly be among his first wave of customers. Till then it’s all talk, and you know what they say about that.