Cold Fusion Advocacy Video Published in Time For Election Season

In an election year it’s not unusual to see advocacy organizations promoting certain causes and policies — but it has not been common to see the public being urged to bring the subject cold fusion to the attention of elected officials and present it a solution to economic, environmental and social problems. This election season it’s possible that things could change somewhat as there seems to be growing interest in LENR/Cold Fusion technology, with some people believing now that the time has come to for it to enter the mainstream.

Ruby Carat, publisher of the Cold Fusion Now web site has released a video called Cold Fusion Five: 5 World Changing Benefits of Cold Fusion Technology which provides basic education about cold fusion/LENR technology, promoting it as a cheap, clean and viable energy source, and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is featured as being an immediate application of Cold Fusion. Viewers are urged to talk about the topic to their elected officials.

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  • Tom Krieg

    First of all, nice video.

    I would be nice if we had more of these videos.

    Some suggestions:

    Residential uses:
    1. Credibility: List of successful demonstrations by credible sources.
    2. Applications for the average Joe: How it would interface with existing home furnaces and water heaters.
    3. Cost to operate over a year.

    Municipal Uses:

    Utility Uses:
    1. Remote powering.
    2. Distribution system extension reduction.
    3. Water preheating for generating plants.
    4. Powering for environmentally sensitive areas.


    • Alain

      for credible demo, fait for Defkalion independent tests that should happend before 2 month.

      for compatibility with existing furnace and boiler, ask defkalion , they say they have tested the compatibility of their device with existing thirdparty devices.
      they talk about the following possible application :
      – connecting to classic house water heating through heat exchanger
      – replacement of boiler if you add a water storage (like we do on water storage electric boiler, that allow to use night electricity price)
      – cold production by absorption refrigerator
      – mechanic and electric energy production (need 400C variant of the recator, using molten salt coolant in the primary circuit)

      look on their forum, they answer much.

      if you follow that subject as an engineer, it is no more doubtful, no more in research , but in short term application development, and first draft theory validation (WL theory is a good candidate IMHO, not sure but…).

      about peer review papers on cold fusion,
      look for the work of spawar few years ago (with paladium heavy water electrolysis and co-deposition. independently replicated 100% times)
      and their video of a good explanation
      by the way it explain the initial imperfect replications.

    • Jim Fischer

      You’ve always been the pragmatic realist, Tom. But don’t forget the economics — universally ignored by the “greens.” Current government is of no help; they’re too busy trying to become venture capitalists with taxpayer money — witness Solyndra et alia.

  • Jim

    Hydrogen? wtf? The hydrogen isn’t the fuel. The nickel is the fuel. The hydrogen is replenished during the process.

    And to anyone who argues that the nickel and hydrogen are fused together, therefore it’s fuel too, please don’t. The e-cat, at least, is supposed to replace the hydrogen during the process, but not the nickel.

    • Stephen T.

      Congratulations! If you have in fact solved the mystery behind lattice assisted nuclear reactions I hope you will be publishing this information soon. We can all benefit from this enlightenment.

    • Ged

      According to theory put forth by nuclear physicists, the hydrogen is fusing with the nickle, and thus indeed is part of the fuel. The catalyst is what is regenerated, as that’s the definition of a catalyst (speeds up a reaction but does not itself contribute or get consumed).

    • We/scientists are learning exactly what LENR is, but it is slow going. This is a well put together PR film and Hydrogen is a necessary part of the fuel.

      I probably would have listed Nickel first as well, but showing the most plentiful element in our universe first is smart.

      Imagine a cook saying spaghetti is a mixture of spaghetti sauce and pasta. Then someone else comes along (YOU) and says What about the tomatoes?

      We know there is Tomatoes in Spaghetti sauce and we know there is Widom-Larsen Theory and Beta Decay, etc. involved in the LENR process.

      This is a video for common people who don’t give a pickle about the science of it. If you want peer reviewed scientific papers on LENR there are many available. There is even peer reviewed Books on the subject.

      I do agree Nickel should be listed first, but it is an excellent video, Kudos.

      Just remember it is a commercial.

      • Alain


        if widom larsen is the good theory (or at least not far), nickel is the matrix that allow the reaction and most of the fuel (anything that can absorb neutrons is the fuel), and hydrogen is the “comburant” (providing the neutrons bricks).

        even if widom larsen is wrong, it seems clear from scientfific results that the reactions is not HH or DD fusion, but neutron or atom absorption by nucleus…

        windom-larsen is of the few theories that match thos facts, and also respect classic quantum mecanics…
        true theory might not be far, even if slightly different.

    • Scott H

      Apparently AR says his process uses only minute amounts of hydrogen now. Which is even better and safer.

  • clovis

    Hi, guys.
    The video was very nicely done, and i also think we need more always more the better, hot dam thing have started to move now, what an exciting times we live in.–Clovis

  • Stevie G

    Really like this video production we need to work together and get more of these out on Cold Fusion.

  • Excellent video. Made my whole family watch although I was probably the only one crying in my popcorn.

    Dang! The revolution has started, but like the first days of Microsoft and Apple, nobody knows.

  • AstralProjectee

    Most people don’t know that someone else will be probably coming on to the scene with something even more powerful than Rossi’s E-cat. That is PlasmERG. Though I think they need to provide more evidence, I email them and got a pretty good rely on on a question about the patents that they filed.

    PlasmERG makes much, much more energy then the E-cat. But again the proof will be in the pudding.


    • Tom

      True, more powerful devices may be available. Though I believe a significant factor for the most successful device will be availability. The company with the first units on the market will have a huge advantage also. But the scale of the LENR market could reach the billions very fast, one company wont be enough.

      • Alain

        it will be defkalion, with a fair device,
        that will be fairly designed to do a fair job in my house as a fair furnace and boiler… maibe even as a fair CHP.

        all at a fair price.

        Rossi mini e-cat is more revolutionary, but will came later. anyway ther is plentifull of room for fair devices, because even bad devices will be much better than existing.

  • Roger Bird

    I am one of those common people that kwhilborn mentioned.

    The video was great except for the part at the end when she tells people to contact their elected officials. Please, don’t tell your elected officials! Tell you elected official that it is all a big scam. I felt the narrator was some kind of sweet, kind, idiot greenie who thinks that big government is going to solve all of our problems. Please, name one breakthrough invention that government has successfully promoted: light bulb, train, automobile, computer, printing press, fire, cell phone; please, tell me which invention that change society did government invent and launch?

    • James Rovnak

      Get a life – what about the internet. Business is too consevative to innovate,just look at what came out of the space program and what our overpaid corporate executives sent to China to be developed by near slave labor. I worked on government and corporate programs and would take a government engineering job any day even with it’s inefficiency – corporations are worse left to their own resources – too greedy!

    • Donald Gleason

      the internet developed by the defense dept

      • Alain

        cold fusion tto,
        by spawar.
        it is democracy elected politicians
        that blocked spawar from pursueing the research…

        for me it is media that control science today, and army was lucky to be farther from politic, thus from media, thus from the (green) lobbies that manipulate media, that manipulate us, thus manipulate our chosen politicians….

        media IS the problem.

    • Scott H

      Roger you are correct, most game changing inventions are created by a guy in his garage with an idea. The billions this government is pouring into low constrained energy isn’t going to solve a damn thing.

    • daniel maris

      Rockets, jet engines and satellites…? The computer was invented at a government establishment by a government employee – well that’s how the UK tell it.

  • Joe

    Too bad the video is rooted in fantasy and not reality.

    The star gazing can wait until something feasible is produced that generates excess usable energy. A person can make a video showing all the beneficial effects of a star trek warp drive would have on the human race but that does not help demonstrate said warp drive could exists in the realm of science fact vs science fiction.

    Just more pointless cheer leading.

    • Paul Richards

      Joe – It is hard to change our value system. This really is a paradigm shift.

    • Tom

      I don’t think cheer leading is pointless.I think the video is only supposed to open peoples eyes to the fact that new clean energy is possible. There’s lots of people who know nothing of cold fusion and this would definitely grab their attention. Sure it may not be exactly true but the target audience for this probably don’t care how LENR works so long as it does.

  • James Rovnak

    Great video Ruby! I think US governement knows already and 2012 will be the year of the energy Catalyzer and the beginning of CHANGE in our energy supply!

  • Steve Robb

    I wish it had been possible to mention the evil influence that our dependence on oil has on our policies and way of life.

    Ever notice the very irony of the US Navy, the worlds largest user of oil, guarding the Persian Gulf? It must guard the Gulf so it can continue to guard the Gulf.

    • Statistics

      Of course ships are big, but they aren’t going full throttle all the time.
      At any rate, I think you’ll find that the Navy’s 285 ships (a number of them nuclear powered) do not use as much oil as the 62 million cars in the US.

  • i believe there was a fictional account called”chain reaction,actors morgan freeman,and keinen reives,(matrix movies

  • Rockyspoon

    There’s enough hydrogen in one big spit to power an E-Cat for 6 months (as a source of the necessary H). Not sure why the emphasis on hydrogen in the video–the constraining component is a transition metal such as palladium, nickel, or even zirconium.

    The last statement in this video sounds like something that would be used to support the Tokamak and other hot-fusion “solutions” that try to replicate what’s happening in the sun, rather than putting emphasis on LANR systems that require both hydrogen and some transition metal and are achievable.

  • Skeptic

    There are also Five Fantastic Benefits for free gold, a cure for cancer or a working perpetuum mobile.
    I agree that cold fusion should be allowed to shed the stigma it got from the PR-failure a decade ago.