LENR/E-Cat Getting More Attention Worldwide

While still well off the radar of most mainstream media outlets, the LENR field seems to be receiving an increasing amount of interest around the world lately. A good way to discover how much interest there is in any topic is to see how much web searching people are doing on it. Google Trends is a handy tool which measures search traffic, and the following graphic shows that interest in LENR has picked up lately.

LENR -- Google Trends

Google shows that for both LENR and Rossi’s E-Cat, Sweden and Italy are the countries where the interest is greatest. Significant events are usually what drives web searching traffic, so if breakthroughs in the LENR field are reported it is likely to be continued interest — if not, things could die down again.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    This is even better than Google Trends:

  • daniel maris

    Well if DGT come good on experimentation then we could see a real spike.

  • sapain

    start mentioning lenr on other site, ie sports, entertainment, fashion, world events etc.

    • Joe


      • edog

        Oh! I know why! To really annoy the hell out of people reading some intelligent comments regarding a topic totally unrelated to LENR or Cold-Fusion!! Works for me!

  • Rogerborg

    In other news, interest in LERN remains statistically insignificant compared to fairies, unicorns and yeti.


    Live by statistics, die by them.

    • Zawodny’s video on youtube showed something like 6000 hits, then was reset and shows 300.

      No attention is what these clowns like Rossi and Zawodny deserve. They’re unprofessional and don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

      It’s very easy to lose your reputation. You can do it in an instant. It takes a long slow time to regain respect.

    • Roger Bird

      Rogerborg is no relation to me other than we are both human beings.

      • edog

        Ecat is no relation to me other than we are both not animals.

    • I believe you’re right. This will change RADICALLY a few hours after Time magazine publishes LENR on their front page. These things start with a trickle, and turn into a deluge.

      • edog

        Does anyone really read Time magazine any more?
        I think TMZ might be a better gauge of popularity???

  • morse

    Hopefully LENR will give us a breakthrough soon.
    The ITER project in France is costing million/billion of dollars and it has not even got a working reactor. At the moment, they have problems with the superconductors life’s expectation.
    Instead of spending billions of dollars on hot fusion spend the money on LENR !
    But even the European commission is blind:

    • My ranch house view is being mauled by wind generators popping up in the mountains. At night I will have a Michael Jackson strobe light disco outside my windows all night every night.

      Los Angeles Times on Sunday reported that the damage caused by solar plants in the Mojave will take more than a human lifetime to repair. Plants that take 100 years to grow are being cleared to make way for mirrors.

      I think a LENR breakthrough may have occurred, only nobody with a big name has the cajones to admit that it is unreliable.

      An unreliable but clean and safe power source would halt all of the green projects, at least temporarily, in order to assess LENR as an alternative. With energy storage like dams and water pumped uphill LENR beats green any day.

      • LENR is green. No toxic waste or emmissions = green.

        • Correct. I should have said currently available and mainstream green = alcohol, wind, solar.

          • atanguy

            Alcohol is not ‘green’ it produces CO2 when burning. The corn that is used to produce alcohol is growth with petroleum products.

      • Roger Bird

        Charles Ponzi, I think that it is time for you to log off and log back in with a different handle. Your current handle has out lived is appropriateness. Perhaps “Thomas Edison” might be a better handle.

        And, yes, we are all not convinced that Rossi or Defkalion or anyone else has a reliable and sustainable and controllable reaction.

        • Well I wouldn’t exactly bundle them all into one batch. Rossi and Defkalion might be money scammers but what is going on with MIT/NASA is another matter.

          Here’s my take on it. They have something. They’re afraid to call it cold fusion. They don’t know themselves what it is. It’s very unreliable and unstable. If they were called on it they might look foolish. They prefer to wait and see if it pans out into something more stable and something they can figure out and understand before making any statements that the big guns in their institutions will stand behind and support.

          • I’m coming of the mind that “It’s very unreliable and unstable” is valid any longer. Ames National Lab specifically says otherwise. (http://www.mail-archive.com/vortex-l@eskimo.com/msg47437.html) When public demos that work are presented at MIT, no failures, it doesn’t seem unreliable to me.

            Rossi and Defkalion’s claims are miles ahead of what the big guys are saying. But they seem to be past “It’s very unreliable and unstable.”

      • atanguy

        Sorry to hear that your ranch house view is broken by wind mills but would you prefer a coals mine or a derrick or a nuclear plant destructing your environment? When LENR comes to the mainstream it will take some time to be adopted and during this time we will need wind and solar energies.

        • edog

          I actually find the up-down action of a derrick quite soothing… LENR wont take any time at all to become mainstream once the chinese get a hold of a ‘working’ reactor!! If they can be selling the latest fake iphones before the new version is released… hey!you chinese are dropping the ball! Why cant I go down to the ‘markets’ and pick up a fake ‘fake’ ecat yet?????? you know one that you have to plug into mains power to make it work??? and cost more to run than your current water heater but is half the price?????? Pick up your game comrades!!

  • Thomas

    No wonder, because before Rossi nobody claimed to have a working and obtainable cold fusion reactor within a year …

  • Robert Mockan

    The media does not have a clue. I expect the giggle factor to pick up soon if the subject is ever really addressed. Even scientists who know the phenomena is real have a hard time getting their heads around “cold fusion” that does not even need a metal lattice. The present theories about it may not even be close.

    The book, “Nuclear Transmutation of Stable and Radioactive Isotopes in Biological Systems”, by Vladimir I. Vysotskii and Alla A. Kornilova, Pentagon Press, 2010, discusses in detail the experiments proving the “cold fusion” phenomena exists in biological systems. Evidently living organisms, including plants, have evolved a form of enzyme that enables the organism to use the energy and nuclear products of “cold fusion” reactions, to better survive. Plants have been using it possibly since they evolved on earth millions of years ago. Oh, and by the way, there are many people skeptical about the phenomena. More so when one even suggests that “biological systems” utilize it.

    • Robert Mockan

      By the way, the “cold fusion” phenomena in biological systems is real “cold fusion”. It involves whole nuclei fusion of atoms above hydrogen in the periodic table. The term “cold fusion” for fusion at room temperature is very apt. Cold fusion can not get much colder than that!

      • jetmech

        Think for a moment what the Rossi Ecat would mean for mankind. Freedom to pursue our most basic instincts. Look up a science fiction movie called “Foribidden planet”.
        All the worlds religions are now free to try and out – procreate thier rivals! We have currently 7 BILLION human beings living on our planet. Imagine if ALL of those 7 billion
        people had access to a machine that could produce limitless amounts of power for next to nothing! Marco Rubio is now proposing a provision to the Health Care Law (OBAMACARE)
        that would eliminate BIRTH CONTROL as he is a staunch Catholic. Get my drift? If we had limitless access to almost free energy waht would that do to our planet? If every human being on this planet had
        access to limitless free energy what would be the consequences? We are not SKEPTICAL enough for this technology. Half of all americans (just americans) believe in SUPERNATURAL dieties, GHOSTS, MIND READERS,PEOPLE WHO TALK TO THE DEAD!
        we are not ready for such technology! If you free the entire population of the earth from striving to obtain sustenance and direct them to trying to out procreate thier religious rivals you have an unprecedented recipe for disaster
        And that is not all we could very well heat the planet with all our Ecats untill it is unlivable! (Arthur C Clarke)

        I remember a quote from Arthur C. Clarke about his thoughts on the subject.
        he said, if energy was free then no one would turn anything off. the result would be trillion of heat generating devices and the long term result would be a planet similar to Venus. I agree with his long term view, simply because I believe his conclusion to be true until dis proven.

        Heat energy so proliferous that it could wipe out humanity! THE PROBLEM IS WE DO NOT YET HAVE ENOUGH SKEPTICS TO QUESTION RELIGIOUS BELIEFS IN DIETIES!
        To counter your argument about SKEPTICS I say we need more NOW!

        • Robert Mockan

          So your premise is that the minds of people are not evolved enough?
          I’m inclined to agree.
          However, rather than propose practicing skepticism, or worse, coercive action, I would suggest education about the nature of emotion, and that feelings should not be a substitute for reason when determining behavior. Liberty and subjective world views need not be antithetical.

        • Robert Mockan

          I also believe people tend to rise to the challenge of solving their problems when given the opportunity to do so. The Rossi E-Cat will be a challenge, but I think there is a place for the technology in the world, without dire consequences.

        • superbowlpatriot

          Oh please… if you feel so threatened by the unwashed masses, surely your superior brain can design and implement a moon base powered by this technology before they ruin the earth.


  • I think all those searches were done by me. OOP!

  • Roger Bird

    This could be good news or bad news. If both Rossi and Defkalion flop, then even more people will discount “cold fusion”/LENR than before. If even one of them works, then it will help change the world.

    • edog

      You need a fence to perch on mate! 🙂

  • Joseph Fine
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  • Brad Arnold

    It is good there is a little interest in LENR and the E-Cat relative to before, but nothing like what it will be when those LENR generators start pouring off the assembly line like sausages in about a year.

    I just saw the comparison between gorilla & chimpanzee genes and human, and they were saying that humans see the future differently, remember the past differently, and consider consequences differently, and especially human baby’s brains remain plastic a lot longer than apes. None the less, humans have a real hard time imagining, so it will probably come as a big surprise even to us that are following LENR & Rossi how big the whole thing will become soon.


    • edog

      Tangents dude, tangents to outer space, infinity and beyond!!
      Like your optimism though! 🙂

  • Stuart Lawrie

    Your forgetting TAX! Religion has always been used to keep the peasants in control, so that taxes can be collected. Religion is of course now dying off. With the advent of free energy, the tax burden will have to change radically and you can guess where it will come from. So don’t expect to by an E-CAT for $500.

  • Sanjeev

    Google is going to launch:

    An ideal place to popularize LENR.

  • Dippy

    Wasn’t the US military doing nickel/hydrogen cold fusion research in the 1990’s. They only abandoned it because the efficiency rate was too low at something like 1:1.2
    The question was never does it work but rather can a useful amount of energy be extracted. They of course stayed with fission power plants.Cold fusion courses are taught at top university’s I doubt these guys would teach pseudo science rubbish.