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  • clovis

    Hi, ya’ll
    You know where is all the ,big breaking news, of this world changing,discovery you would think that it just too big, and the world will have to be dragged into the further kicking and screaming,–smile

  • gregoryyc

    Celani should’ve concentrated more on how he did his stuff and how effective it was, how he made it work. At 200w outout that wasn’t shabby at all but he kept talking about it as if he was sorry he discovered it . Then he finally started to raise his voice in apparent annoyance at this idiot who complained that he didn’t include all other failed experiments to balance out his claim of success. Rightly so. Such frigging robo-shills show up every where.

    Otherwise he only duplicated the information what most everybody in new tech forum are pretty much aware of already for a while. But still it was good to see that CERN was accepting enough of this new source of energy tech that they included Celani in the forum. If any of this infoe goes out into mainstream media that would make it more relevant to average joe block who is so easily influenced by propaganda machineries. Nice job !!.

  • GreenWin

    CERN shaken by Japanese LENR LEARN progress:

    “The folks at Mitsubishi are looking far beyond palladium, platinum and nickel. That begs the question – “What is it they already know?” They seem to have an answer that stimulates a far-reaching implication – there may well be Low Energy Nuclear Transmutations or “LENT” across a much larger part of the element table that any of us have been thinking so far.”