International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals opens in Siena, Italy.

An interesting conference is taking place in Siena, Italy from April 10-14. The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) is holding its 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals where 50 oral presentations and many poster sessions will be taking place. Among the sponsoring committee is Francesco Piantelli, known for his pioneering work in nickel-hydrogen reactions. His company, Nichenergy, is one of the sponsors of the event. Piantelli will be giving a presentation at the workshop about his work on April 14th.

A look of the Book of Abstracts for the conference shows that research into LENR of various types seems to be thriving. Here are some of the titles of presentations that will be given:

  • Nuclear processes in metal-deuterium systems stimulated by radiation
  • Are Ni + H Nuclear Reactions Possible?
  • Excess Heat in a Long Thin Pd Tube with Deuterium Flux at Room Temperature
  • Nuclear Transmutation on a Thin Pd Film in a Gas-Loading D/Pd System
  • Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensation Nuclear Reactions in Deuterium/Hydrogen Loaded Metals
  • Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation is the Way for Remediating Waste Radioactivity
  • Anomalous excess heat during absorption of hydrogen in: Pd-Ni-Zr02 nano powder

Researchers presenting at the conference are from various parts of the world, presenters from China, Japan, Russia, France, Italy, Ukraine, and the USA will be discussing their work. It’s interesting and encouraging to see that work in the field of LENR is continuing apace, despite negative sentiment by many in the scientific community towards anything that could be ‘cold fusion’ related.

  • Joseph Fine
    • georgehants

      Interesting to see the sponsors who are willing to put up money for a subject that most of main-line science, in it’s vast Wisdom considers not to exist.
      Science in Cold Fusion as with many other subjects is being seen correctly as an incompetence laughing stock and yet many scientists still try to defend an administration that has destroyed nearly every scientific principle.
      Science is there to Research and investigate the unknown in the Natural World not defend DOGMA, incompetent “expert opinions” and shy away from every subject not fitting the brain-washed closed-minds of many of it’s members.
      No “opinion” is ever going to change reality and the only way to find answers is to do the Research.

      • Karl

        I fully agree with you.

      • RichyRoo

        Hear hear!

      • Allen McCloud

        RAmen brother george.

      • sapain

        it`s interesting the number of results that have happened by accidents during research. no research, no accidental discoveries. power to the inventor.

        • clovis

          I’m (young) enough,to remember things like, coal oil lamps,drinking from a hand dug water well, taking bath’s in an old tin tub, out houses, and the like.and people would say quite regulatory, oh that’s impossible.
          You know i don’t hear those words much anymore, in fact, i say it should be stricken from our vocabulary, because i believe all things are possible , and that our universe (is) infinite.
          And no one controls us, we determine our on person is as important as any other and each one is so very powerful, they should be humming and giving off a brilliant light,with no external power source.—smile

  • Joseph Fine
    • alex 2e

      Most of these abstract ideas are tangents along the lines of the experiments in 89′. With the exception of Cellini. Japan, Russia, etc. all seem to be predecessors to Fleichmann, or Piantelli. Where it is nice to see the work being done, we know more of what doesn’t work. These are still just pieces to the puzzle, without the smoking gun of the eureka moment. All of these scientists are kicking the kindling, but no one has proven the “new fire” yet.

      My own experiments with Ni plating, and hydrogen separated from water, have not returned excess heat yet, but I will keep on at it because this is pretty interesting.

  • GreenWin

    Frank, thanks for this optimistic overview. Indeed there is lots being done to understand this curious, exciting LENR phenomenon. And why not? What could spark the minds of young scientists more than finding a clean, new source of abundant energy?

    There is no more exciting area of science today than this quest for “new fire.” Those who discover it and put it to use will forever change man’s place in the cosmos.

    • Ramo

      You could have said the same back in ’89. Nothing has changed since then.

      • Allen McCloud

        Nothing has changed? Have you been sleeping? Back to the cave with ye!

      • EduardoRG

        So ???, that was in 89 !!! It because of guys like you this science is stuck since 89. We need to clearly investigate and try to learn from it without just people criticizing and being negative about it.

        Skeptics and negative people, if all would be just on their hands, we would still be in the stone age.

        Investigate, learn and improve. If it is wrong or mistaken OK, but at least DO SOMETHING !!!! not just pure talk.

    • Stephen

      I hope this revival of LERNs, cold fusion… whatever it is… will bring in some more open-minded, reasonable (but serious) behavior within the public opinion and within the scientific community. And yes, in particular attract new young and old scientistis and aficionados… with no prejudice of any sort.

      I have seen eough fundamentalism around, from all sides…! Both in the pros and cons fields…

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  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Daniele Passerini (22passi) writes:
    “NEWS dal Workshop di Siena in corso da ieri e fino a sabato:
    Mi dicono che forse l’intervento di Piantelli sarà anticipato a domani.
    Tutti gli atti del convegno saranno resi disponibili alla fine di giugno, ma conto di potere offrire sul blog qualche assaggio, molto prima.”

    “News from the Siena workshop ongoing since yesterday until Saturday:
    – I’ve been told that maybe Piantelli’s session will be advanced tomorrow.
    All of the workshop proceeding will be made available at the end of June, but I will be able to show on my blog some previews much sooner”

    • Ged

      The Nuclear transmutation talk looks extraordinarily interesting. That is, after all, both the biggest proof of the LENR, and the biggest benefit we could gain from it. Energy production is all well and good, but being able to transmute atoms to our liking at will at low temperatures? That could be earth shattering for all areas of science, and allow nanotechnology to leap forward by untold bounds.

      • Stephen

        Indeed… transmutations, obtained in very controlled environments and measured with serious analytical tools… are just very exciting and impressive. To me they are maybe the most convincing evidence that LENRs are real.

        I disagree this is more important than energy production. They are both very exciting perspectives. What I wonder about transmutation is: assuming it really works, will we ever be able to trasmute any significant amount of stuff? I mean, if it takes 1 month to make few grams… it could be boring. Of course one could scale things but… then you really need to do something with all the heat u will produce! 🙂 I was thinking it might be worth in the case of rare earths or some uncommon but useful element.

  • sapain

    india just brought on line a 40mw solar plant. one dumb coal plant gone.
    solar is expected to grow 650% in 10yrs.

    oil companies can`t cash into the market, it now belongs to the ic world.

    coal, oil, gas and nuclear r on the run, countries r bing advised not to invest in building these dinos anymore.
    group investors r staying away from bankers.
    help the solar revolution, buy a solar panel/s and grid rig it. build a passive solar heater. every watt counts and will save u $.

    a solar panel takes 8 months to generate the power needed to build it, the rest is free.

    • Ged

      In the mean time, China is abandoning solar for nuclear.

      • sapain

        china makes 70 billion a yr and growing in solar and they r abondoning it. okay, that makes total sense.
        usa is scared of china`s production, why do u think obama wants to put tarriffs on chinese solar. it`s cutting into the big boys wallets and they don`t want to c individual power.
        alot of talks were held before solar expanded and dropped it`s prices. amazing why people like gates, don`t invest in solar and help drop the price. guess it will hurt their wallet. alternative is doubling every yr.
        u have to remember that solar expansion is now kicking in. the ic industry used alot of silicon and solar was put on the back burner. now that silicon production is ramping up and a good supply is making it to the pv industry. the ic people r involed with there automation.
        utilities r being forced to give up their monopoly and buy power supplied to the grid.

        china is setting up plants in the usa.
        bp, who is desperatly trying to gain a foot hold has moved to india and china. bp crashed and burned in the us.

        china and india have increased their silicon production.
        china is not abondoning it`s solar production, they make billions from the west.
        china can not export energy from nuclear, so they export energy by solar. the west is paying for their expansion.
        solar is growing, even in an economic down turn. it`s the new market, solar companies that go under is because they can`t compete. to many lazy white collars, expecting to get paid $100k a yr, or investers that want hugh dividends.
        problem is the bankers got everyone in debt and makes it harder for the individual to buy.
        people still think of the 2008 prices and don`t know that it has dropped. $2.30/watt is cheap. wait till it hits $1.50/watt, even people on welfare will buy their own power.

        • dragon

          By the time solar becomes cheap enough for mainstream, LENR is going to get commercial. if it goes commercial, LENR will be way more cheaper and powerful than solar.
          Solar had its chance starting 2005 until now…after 2015 I will bet on LENR

          • sapain

            next yr solar will be under $2/watt.
            solar is mainstream now, people just want something for nothing if they complain on those prices, besides u can tax deduct panels so they r free.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    April 11th, 2012 at 1:00 PM
    Dear Mark Saker:
    You are right: very much is going on behind the scenes, because in this matter is best first do things, then talk of them.
    We will give due information of all the facts we will have made, while during the making of them we prefer to work in silence, to work better.
    The 1 MW plant is for military purpose, it cannot be seen, but when we will have (soon) a plant in operation that will be visitable, People like you, who have helped us, will be invited to visit it.
    Very important things are in the making, but, again, I prefer making before talking.
    Warm Regards,

    • Caro collega io ed un gruppo di amici ingegneri di Pietrelcina – BN stiamo seguendo solo da pochi giorni tutte le problematiche che incontri per la realizzazione di questo epocale progetto.
      Hai tutta la nostra solidarieta’ tieni duro e vai avanti.Immaginiamo quanti ostacoli ed interessi dovra’ sconfiggere questo progetto, la fusione fredda è la nostra l’ultima speranza.

  • X-prize

    Now we know why the disciples of Andrea Rossi just can’t see reality as it really is.
    Scientific American Mind » March 2012
    Neural Responses Reveal Our Optimistic Bent
    Why adjusting our expectations to reality is so difficult.


  • GreenWin

    One of many Navy scientists, remarking on the imminent introduction of commercial LENR products:

    “Sixty years of research work and $20 billion has been put into the hot fusion experimental reactor being built in France as a joint venture between the European Union, USA, Japan, Russia, South Korea and India,” he noted. “But the world will have to wait for 40 years to see this reactor become commercial and start powering our homes.”

    Compared to ITER’s hot fusion reactor, cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions has had only 20 years of research and spending of just $ 0.2 billion. “This is just 1 per cent of the amount spent on hot fusion,” he said. David Nagel PhD, Navy Research Lab, George Washington University, Feb 2011

    • Stephen

      I agree… but where is the part remarking the imminent introduction of commercial LENR products? Did you cut it out or maybe what you are making here is an “extrapolation”?

      • GreenWin

        Dr. Nagel says LENR within 10 years. Defkalion says by July, Rossi by “winter.” I think the point is the wall of orthodox science is coming down.

        The old school can hear the KNOCKING at the cathedral door. It is the ghost of Martin Luther and dozens of honest scientists. The New Reformation is underway.

        • Robert Mockan

          The insane oligarchs wanting to rule the world will not give another 10 years, maybe not even past this year, before crushing LENR progress, if they have their way. Individual energy independence would undermine even the corrupt monetary and debt enslavement systems they use to maintain their power and control.
          Until EVERY PERSON knows how to make and use nuclear active catalyst and fuel, or until the insane oligarchs are recognized for what they are and do, and destroyed, LENR technology may remain undeveloped.

  • Someone should invent a scientific or rational
    system to allocate public funding resources to science.

    • Andrew Macleod

      The system is already in place. The people who are in charge fund their friends and business Partners.

      • Robert Mockan

        Yes, and unfortunately they mostly focused on developing methods to control what people think and do.

    • john

      That way, the folks living off the public funding (we’ll call them Universities & National labs) can use the funds to suppress/ridicule those who actually make the big break-throughs (we’ll call them Pons & Fleischmann — and now Rossi).

      NO THANKS!

  • Ivan Cevallos

    What we need now is a step by step instructions on how to replicate the piantelli experiment, so every high school could replicate, the explanation and theory will came later, what is needed is a solid failure prove experiment.
    Then the colletive power of the human mind will do the miracle.

    • Robert Mockan

      I have a reply with links that do not post in WordPress, so I placed my reply at my own blogspot. It is the last article, posted today. Just Google OPEN SOURCE NUCLEAR FUEL and take one of the links.
      I gave Brad Lowe permission to post any of my articles he liked at his web site, so you can also read back issue articles from my Open Source Nuclear Fuel blogspot at his site Ecat Planet.

      • Ivan Cevallos

        Thanks lots for your reply, it is all very impresive. the concept the hidrogen will at some conditions show itself as a neutron is amazing. Will some one report about the current convention in Italy and Piantelli advances?