The Quiet Evolution of a More Puurfect E-Cat

Many thanks to Hank Mills for submitting this guest post to E-Cat World

As the politicians and media pundits of the world continue to banter on about gas prices, the cost of energy and global warming, they continue to ignore the technological breakthrough that will bring about an end to the age of fossil fuels. Since January of 2011, the existence of a breakthrough energy technology has been known by a minority of the population that actually take the time to follow the development of exotic energy technologies. This technology is Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, or “Energy Catalyzer.”

For those who are not aware, the E-Cat is a “cold fusion” device that produces energy in a safe and extremely cost effective manner by “fusing” nickel powder and hydrogen gas at relatively low temperatures — hundreds of degrees Celsius instead of millions of degrees like on the surface of the sun. The result of this fusion process (among other nuclear reactions that may take place) is the release of a massive amount of heat, that can be utilized to perform work. This heat can be used for applications that require heating, or can be used to produce steam that can be ran through a turbine to generate electricity. To produce this energy no radioactive elements are utilized and no nuclear waste is produced. Instead, a portion of the nickel (over a long period of time) is converted — transmuted — into copper. Also, the technology is safe, because no “nuclear meltdown” is possible. If the reactor core becomes too hot, the nickel powder melts, the reaction ends, and the heat production stops.

Interestingly, the majority of the population is clueless about the existence of this technology. But since Andrea Rossi allowed the first public test in January of 2011, the technology has been rapidly evolving and improving. It has went from a slightly unstable prototype capable of producing kilowatts of power (in the form of heat) at low temperatures (around 100C), to a device closer to puurfection. Lets take a look at how the E-Cat technology has changed and improved over the past year and a half.

The first E-Cat demonstrated to the public demonstrated a large gain of energy by phase changing liquid water into a gas phase to produce steam. However, the steam was fairly low temperature, and the device was not practical yet, or at least not as robust as it needed to be for commercial applications.

As the year 2011 continued, more tests of the E-Cat took place. One such test was performed by Dr. Levi of the University of Bologna. In one test he performed an E-Cat with a reactor core volume of approximately one liter produced an average 15 kilowatts for 18 hours, utilizing on average less than 100 watts of electrical input. What made this test even more significant, is that during one portion of the test the output spiked to approximately 120 kilowatts for a period of time. To prevent the reactor from getting too hot and melting the nickel powder, the reactor had to be throttled down. This test was not only yet another demonstration that the E-Cat is capable of producing robust amounts of power, but that the power density can be incredible.

More tests were performed as the year went by, and different sizes and designs of E-Cats were built and tested. One such E-Cat had a reactor core of approximately 50 cubic centimeters (the size of a D Cell battery), but had a rated power output of 2.5 kilowatts and a maximum safe output (in torture testing) of 10 kilowatts. These smaller reactors were tested and proven to produce large amounts of power.

One issue that should be addressed about the E-Cat technology is that as the temperature inside of the reactor core increases, it is more difficult to keep the output stable. For example, the nuclear reactions can start to suddenly accelerate, and a sudden burst of heat can be produced. If the device is not brought under control and the temperature reduced, the nuclear reactions could continue to increase until the nickel powder melts. The result would be a “dead” E-Cat that would have to be re-fueled. In a commercial product, this is not acceptable. So near the end of 2011, Andrea Rossi designed a new type of reactor that would be used in the first prototype of a one megawatt plant.

The one megawatt plant was tested in October and produced almost half a megawatt of power for many hours. The consulting engineer (a thermodynamics expert that has been working on thermal systems and boilers for many years) of the customer — the military — was satisfied with the test, and signed off on the results. However, the development of the E-Cat would continue. The E-Cat needed to be made so that it could produce higher steam temperatures in a stable manner.

High temperatures are important, because they can be used to produce high temperature steam. Most of the electrical power generated in the world is produced by using high temperature steam of around 400C – 500C or higher to spin turbines which then turn generators. The higher the temperature of the steam the higher the efficiency of heat to electrical conversion can be. With only low temperature steam (100C) the E-Cat could be very useful in producing low grade heat, but the conversion process to electricity would be inefficient.

In 2012 the public tests of new models of E-Cat units stopped. However, the private testing continued. Andrea Rossi along with the military customer continued working on the technology and it was recently announced that testing confirms that the E-Cat can now produce steam at 600C in a stable manner. This is huge news, because 600C is a temperature that is higher than what some conventional power plants generate. With this temperature of steam, heat can be converted to electricity at high efficiency (45% or higher). Basically, the E-Cat technology is now capable of providing all the electricity our world needs.

Andrea Rossi has also announced that in the coming weeks when the latest tests are completed, he will post test data from them on his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics. This test data should be very interesting, because it will be evidence not only of a cold fusion technology that can produce a huge output, but also a very high temperature output. Basically, the E-Cat technology now has everything cold fusion researchers have been dreaming about for the last 20 or so years since Pons and Fleischmann made their press conference. The E-Cat……

— Utilizes no precious metals or expensive materials. The fuel is nickel and hydrogen. The catalyst is said to be 1/10th the cost of the nickel.

— Utilizes no radioactive materials.

— Produces no nuclear waste. Copper and small amounts of other stable elements are produced.

— Produces little radiation. The little that is produced can be easily shielded.

— Produces a high COP.

— Produces a huge amount of output — kilowatts instead of watts like other cold fusion systems.

— Produces high temperature steam up to 600C.

This technology is going to change the world. If this technology is widely adopted, it will bring an end to the fossil fuel age. All other forms of conventional energy will be obsolete. Oil, natural gas, coal, wind, hydro-electric, and solar will all be phased out.

An additional fascinating thing to note is that the massive improvement of this technology in a year and a half — utilizing probably only a few engineers and scientists — is not going to stop. It will continue. I expect once this technology launches that within five years cars will be using the technology, solid state cold fusion batteries will be on the market, and E-Cats will be used in space craft. Maybe an E-Cat could provide power for a colony on the moon?

In the short term, I expect within the first year after the world recognizes this technology exists the maximum steam temperature the technology can produce while remaining stable will go even higher. The COP will probably increase as well. A COP of six is already very high (hot fusion technology with billions of dollars in funding has never produced a COP of even 1.1), but in time it will go even higher.

The E-Cat revolution is about to be upon us. It is only a matter of time now until the first products are launched, they start being utilized by businesses and homes, and the next scientific revolution begins. The existence of a “cold fusion” technology that the mainstream scientific community claimed was impossible will prove to the world that nothing is impossible. Due to the E-Cat, the world 20 years from now will be nothing like the world today.

Lets get ready for the launch of the E-Cat technology.

Hank Mills

  • Hank Mills

    If anyone wants to chat about the article or cold fusion technology, I will be watching the comment section of this article.

  • Kim

    Thanks Hank

    A very well written comprehensive review ans status
    of the E-cat.

    I’m Waiting for the green light.


  • This was a great article! I sure wish AR would be a little more public and a little more forthcoming. You note, “It is only a matter of time now until the first products are launched,” but don’t answer that question. No predicted launch date has ever arrived for any cold fusion device except the one at MIT, which only produces a milliwat of excess heat – enoyugh to light a diode, maybe. We want to see the real thing! (See for more on LENR.)

    • Hank Mills

      Rossi recently stated that the certifications for the one megawatt plants are to arrive in a couple weeks. However, the certifications for the home E-Cats have not yet been obtained. I think that in the next few months we will be hearing about industrial E-Cat plants being sold.

      • dsm


        When you say ‘certification’ are you meaning
        ‘certification that the LENR reactor works’
        ‘certification that the device won’t electrocute or cause harm to people’

        There is a massive difference in the value of one vs the other.



        • alex

          certification that the device won’t electrocute or cause harm to people

          • dsm

            Thats what I am expecting to hear 🙂

    • GreenWin

      Safety “certification” should not be difficult unless politics interferes. In the case of the home e-cat – I re-post two links to home Combined Heat and Power products on the market. These use SOFC technology which operates at the same temperature range Rossi just commented on – 600C.

      Reminder too that we have had millions of X-Ray machines in our living rooms for the past 60 years – in the form of Cathode RAY Tubes – aka televisions. We now have millions of microwave emitting ovens, wireless phones and networks, cell phones, etc. in the home.

      Considering some rather large LENR licensees/OEMs may step forward (e.g. Mitsubishi, Honda, Siemens, GE) certification would go fast. Those who oppose certification will be old fiefdoms unwilling to see human progress.

      The Japanese ENE-FARM is an excellent example of how ready the home CHP market is.

      • GreenWin

        Frank, why are posts with legit links flagged for “moderation?”

  • giro

    Thanks Hank for this overview. I am longing for this revolution as you are! Let’s hope this promise can deliver what it’s claiming, because the world will not be the same as we know it now.

    • Hank Mills

      You are welcome. I think this cold fusion revolution is going to be very exciting.

  • Kim

    This Question for Hank

    In your estimation would you say that Andrea
    Rossi is being throttled?

    If no then, why no defining data? or third party

    If Yes, then on a scale of 1-10 by how much?


    • Hank Mills

      Hello Kim,

      What do you mean throttled? I do not know what you mean by that term.

      Although it may not have been up to the standards that academia would like, Rossi allowed a dozen tests in 2011 that were public or were allowed to be discussed publicly. There were tests before 2011 (some of which I cannot talk about) and there have been tests since. The tests were up to par of basic engineering, and were setup more than well enough to prove that the E-Cat technology produces huge amounts of heat with little input.

      Some may say that there have been no independent tests of the E-Cat, but I disagree. Many different scientists have observed and participated in tests of the E-Cat. This include Focardi, Dr. Levi, Christos Stremmenos, the representative of the military entity that is working with Rossi now, scientists from the DOD/DOE, etc. Perhaps they were not allowed to view the inside of the reactor core to load up the catalyst, but they were there to make sure the tests were conducted properly.

      The fact is that the E-Cat technology works and is real. Test after test confirms this. Due to very serious concerns about theft on intellectual property, Rossi is doing the right thing by not allowing other people to do tests when he is not around — although this might be taking place with the military.

      • Kim


        I could not agree more.

        You go man.

        I’m definitely on you side.

        “Throttled” – to hold back, to not reveal the full extend or display fully to the public. ect…


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  • palace planetarian

    I agree and am anxious to see products and demos that cannot be dismissed. But, please fix your gramatical errors or word omissions.

  • dsm

    This post was intended for here but somehow (finger trouble) ended up in the prior post


    I’m going to toss in a hand grenade re LENR and say that after many months of research and info from some key players (emails & phone calls). I am now wondering if the war we all thought was between DGT and Rossi has actually been a proxy war between Piantell (NicHenergy) and Rossi. There are many reasons for believing this.
    My speculation is that when Rossi failed to come up with a core eCat for DGT, they went to Piantelli. My guess is that he being a researcher & not a manufacturer agreed do work on it for them & that was the basis for their miracle Hyperion that appeared in sept/oct 2011.

    Piantelli also formed NicHenergy to do LENR research and development.

    It is inconceivable (as I have said repeatedly) that DGT could have invented their own LENR reactor from scratch when they only started in business in Jan 2011 but then announced a better than Rossi reactor in Sept/Oct 20911.

    Piantelli has a motive to take on Rossi. He has been publicly been scathingly critical of his former associate Focardi and also scathing of Rossi & his 2008 patent application.

    So my speculation is that Piantelli’s is the father of the hyperion and is working with DGT to refine it and is possibly waiting for approval of his 2nd international patent (Oct 2012 ?).

    Piantelli has avoided public exposure recently as he had other scientists stand in for him at conferences. He has always preferred working rather than talking.

    The person who has finally convinced me that the above speculation may be true is Jim Dunne a former NASA senior exec who along with Denis Bushnell of NASA went to check Rossi’s eCat in late 2011 & both came away saying they were not able to validate appreciable energy gains inthe eCat.

    Jim & I met some years ago in the US where we shared a technology pavilion at an airshow, both of us promoting new technologies.




    • dsm

      This 26th Feb 2010 letter is a reminder for those who may have forgotten or didn’t know about it. It is Piantelli being very blunt.

    • GreenWin

      According to his 2008 bio Jim Dunn was never a “NASA Senior Exec” – he ran his own company called Center for Technology Commercialization CTC, Inc. a security operation involved with Massachusetts State Police. He also claims to have been an NSA consultant.

      He does not appear to be as qualified as Dr. Bushnell to evaluate a nuclear-type reaction such as that in electrochemical and gas loaded LENR cells. But we all believe who we want to believe…

      • dsm


        Where did you get your bio info ??? – is it possible you have some other Jim Dunn ???
        Jim (James) Dunn – “past Director of the NASA NE Regional Technology Transfer Center”
        Now that sounds like a former NASA Senior exec to me ? + I have an email from Jim where he restates this !.
        Cheers DSM

        • R101

          It sure sounds like Jim was a good choice.

          Dick any chance of you, or someone you trust, going over to see Dr. Robert Duncan University of Missouri or Robert Godes at Brillouin? There’s also that chap from SRI Labs though I can’t find is name offhand.

          These guys seem to be more open to the inquisitive or skeptic.

          I also would love to have a chat with you if you’re ever in Canberra (Woolies bashing 🙂 ).

          Cheers R101 Canberra.

          • dsm

            R101 LOL 🙂

            Me bash Woolies ? – why on earth would I wish any harm to that bunch of thieving aggressive unwanted galahs LOL !


      • GreenWin

        Your aquaintance Jim Dunn claims in the link you provide to have been the CEO and CTO of the The Center for Technology Commercialization (CTC) in Westborough, Massachusetts… Yet CTC’s own website tells us someone named Tom Kennedy has been CEO and President for the past 13 years… Tom is a former MA State Trooper. There is no mention of a Jim Dunn or anything to do with NASA. Again, we believe who we want to believe…

        Has you Jim Dunn any evidence of visiting Rossi and witnessing an e-cat demo? That might clear things up.

        • dsm


          Don’t complain here – go kick them up the backside then !.

          But your ability to get your facts rights suggests you tread very carefully.

          Re Jim Dunn visiting Rossi – go google it yourself – it is out there – nothing I show you will make 1 skerrick of difference to your obsessive beliefs in what you chose to believe in



      • GreenWin

        Something is pretty stinky over at CTC – DSM. You may have been right all along not to doubt Dunn’s conviction. At any rate his science expertise in nuclear fusion is highly skeptical. Better we leave the science to qualified personnel;)

  • Paul C

    Hi Hank, another well written article that we can all understand and your description of the eCat functionality is very clear now. Thanks Again

  • Kim

    Could or Would a short video of Andrea Rossi’s

    Associates,team members,and technicians gathered

    together to endorse, and or verbally verify

    the undeniable excess of energy they have witnessed

    be of any value for our collective psyche?

    It could go a long way at this time in improving


  • longjohns

    Thank you for the article. Why do you suppose government agencies are not getting more involved with this? Why are they continuing to pursue policies that seem to assume that that LENR doesn’t exist? Surely someone like Steve Chu who is a first rate experimental physicist should and would understand the technology. Would seem hard to believe that we could miss the technology while he is the Energy Secretary?

  • Hi Hank,

    Excellent article. You seem to be very confident in Rossi and the e-cat now producing stable kW. I truly hope we are that close.

    Do you have first hand knowledge of the ecat working – Or are your opinions based on what you have read and the other credible individuals acknowledging it?

    What about the claims of the calimetry being insufficient in the 2011 Rossi tests? or what DSM notes in his comment about Bushnell and Dunne from Nasa saying the e-cat did not work last October?

    I am dying to believe that the e-cat works as claimed. 20 years on…. oh how one can dream!

    good stuff

    • Hank Mills

      My opinions are based on the many credible individuals who did tests on the E-Cat. They are also based on the opinions of certain skeptics who I know for a fact privately admit the E-Cat works, and want to figure out how it works so they can claim it as their own.

      The calorimetry that was performed was more than good enough to prove that the E-Cat produces huge gains of energy. Many different researchers participated in the calorimetry and every test proved the E-Cat worked.

      I did hear about a test in which the E-Cat started to leak and the test could not be continued.

      The NASA folks have their own agenda and I do not trust them.

      • GreenWin

        We cannot trust government scientists whose salaries are paid by the citizens? They wouldn’t be conning us would they?

      • What’sUP

        Wouldn’t care to put a name to those:

        “skeptics who I know for a fact privately admit the E-Cat works”

        Would you. Or do all you have to go on is… Hank says.

        So now we have not only Rossi says but now – Hank says.

        What a way to start a new world changing technology.

        When you read stuff by a Rossi disciple like this you kind of get the idea how easy it was for LRH to start his new religion.


        • psi

          It would be nice if you could park your insults at the door.

          • clovis

            Yep,adjust the attitude.

          • What’sUP

            The attitude is deserved –

            You notice Hank refuses to post the names – even though he says he is willing to reply to comments.


          • What’sUP

            Come on Hank post the names of these critics!!

            You said their comments are the basis of your beliefs as posted in your Rossi disciple supporting article.

            Afraid those critics won’t back up your claims?

            Just more of Hank says concerning Rossi says.

            No proof or justification of any of this.


            “My opinions are based on the many credible individuals who did tests on the E-Cat. They are also based on the opinions of certain skeptics who I know for a fact privately admit the E-Cat works, and want to figure out how it works so they can claim it as their own.”

            Come on – provide verification of your “facts.”

            Or can’t you?


  • chris robinson

    Yes Hank an excellent summation. You would have about a million to one chance of getting anything loke that being published in the mainstream press here in Australia

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  • psi

    Nice summary, Hank, thanks!

  • Tom

    Somebody needs to make a decent documentary on this. Any film aficionados on here?

  • joe

    You are wondering why e-cat is not getting more attention?

    This is a perfect example. The complete post is pretty much hearsay and wishful thinking.

    And please replace the term tests with demonstrations. Tests sounds misleading.

    • don’t be surprosed if media and the resulting consensus is often far from reality.

      look at facebook price… I’ve been shocked that, out of a business TV that raise positively some concern, everybody have accepted the bubble price.
      even with 10% discount it is still 98% too expensive…

      wishful thinking and reality denial is the rule, as explein Roland beanbou in his “collective delusion” theory, quoting some “patterns of denials” that are funny if you forget the billions it cost and resulting death toll.

  • Don’t forget that at this hour no independant tester has had a single e-cat unit in the hands to drive a complete test ! We do not want to open the e-cat, we want test it because Rossi’s demonstrations are not convincing enough ! Perhaps the industrial strategy of Rossi is to launch a performant product to keep the advance to competitors. But waiting that we wait ! When the single unit will be available we will change our talk !

  • Raul

    And what about the price of nickel in a few years? How abundant is nickel?

    • John Littlemist

      There was some calculation claiming that 1 percent of annual worldwide nickel production is enough to produce all the energy currently produced by mankind annually.

      If that is true, nickel supply will not be a bottleneck in LENR utilisation.

  • daniel maris

    The whole article should have started with an introductory clause: “If what Andrea Rossi says is true…”

    Then it would have been accurate.

    As it is, whilst interesting, it has no real substance.

    • The duke

      Agreed. Rose colored glasses are definitely used in this article. Lets keep in mind that politics and economics are based solely on oil. You take that out, and the worlds governments, wars, and economies will nose-dive.

      While I think something like this is certainly needed, and I think eventual, this is most certainly not going to happen in our lifetimes. My guess is we MAY see something like this happen in the next 100 years or so. MAYBE. And only when the fossil fuels are depleted and/or the climate is so dramatically changed that oil is no longer viable.

      I don’t think anyone wishes for the e-cat to be true and legit more than me. And also for its adoption to happen as fast as 5 years. But the fact is, no government on the planet would let this happen without trying to steal the tech for themselves, permanently shutting up those who can create it, or going to war to prevent it.

      As the saying goes, there is no money in cures, its all in treatments.

      • Martin

        Those who presuppose that the existing powers can stop progress are part of the problem. We the people do not need their permission to free ourselves from their tyranny. Ideas are impossible to suppress as they come from the mind. Thus the powers that be use all the tools they can to plant the idea that we are incapable of progressing without their approval. That is why they are already part of the past but the future belongs to those who perceive a future free of public tyranny and suppression of all that is good. They can only live in the past because they have no future.

  • Sanjeev
    • georgehants

      Sanjeev, interesting, can anybody confirm transmutation in any of the Cold Fusion reports with a link please.

      • Robert Mockan

        Evidence for transmutation is often anecdotal, and even though references to empirical based research are often provided, replication of those experiments when applying rigorous scientific procedures is generally unsuccessful. Unfortunately even when successful, skeptics often deny the evidence, alleging incompetence or fraud.
        Existing world views are so powerful that one is often confronted with the opinion that “it is not possible, therefore, it is not true”.

        But of course, given the proper circumstances, anything is possible.

        • georgehants

          Robert, I am sure that it is possible as reported in Cold Fusion experiments.
          I just do not have a link to one of the experiments where it is reported.

          • Robert Mockan
          • Robert Mockan

            The previous link was the wrong one. This is one I had intended to give you.

            Robert Bass, Rod Neal, Stan Gleeson, Hal Fox,
            “Electro-Nuclear Transmutation: Low-Energy Nuclear
            Reactions in an Electrolytic Cell,” Journal of New
            Energy, vol 1, no 3, Fall 1996.

            The LENT-1 transmutation reactor notes are in my files because I was communicating at the time with the inventor, Stan Gleeson. Unfortunately he passed away from leukemia
            before I could finalize my offer to purchase one of the reactors. The LENT-1 reactor was being sold back then for about $3500 , and I wanted to find out the products from transmutation of different elements.
            Then shortly after that the kits being advertised and sold were pulled from the market, and it was no longer available.

  • georgehants

    Report from New Scientist, I cannot read it as I cancelled subscription when they censored Cold Fusion reporting.
    I doubt if Cold Fusion is mentioned but I could be wrong.

    We could break free of oil long before it runs out – find out how cheaper electric cars and better gasoline engines will quell our cravings for the filthy stuff|NSNS|2012-2105-GLOBAL|mg21428651.700&utm_medium=NLC&utm_source=NSNS&utm_content=mg21428651.700

  • Hurley

    Nice summary Hank. This is the Wright Bros. of the coming LENR designs once they are scaled up. The nuclear plants in GA and CA are estimated to cost around $7 billion each. Rossi’s 1 MW plant at $1.5M would cost $1.5 billion for 1 MW plus oversizing (to charge on the run), land, BOP. Lets be conservative with a 2 billion dollar price tag it is still a good deal. As Rossi has said, this price will come down with economy of scale. I am an Engineer with years of experience at a dozen nuclear plants and now refineries. None of my Engineer friends or my Engineer Dad believe in LENR. Once a customer has one connected to a combustion turbine and HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) making electricity, then it will hit the main stream news.
    thanks again

    • jacob

      Hurley ,before one can hook up a Lenr device to anything at all ,it need to have a UL sticker or CSA
      or such ,and since you are an engineer and are involved in that business ,don’t expect that any time soon.
      Expect a very strong opposition to a big change.
      play nice with the big boys , hope you keep your job.
      I did some contract work for fort Chicago and those power engineers frown pretty quick ,they know their stuff,and I let them think they did and played nice.

  • GreenWin

    Very well documented Hank. As you point out, the demonstrations in Bologna with many qualified scientists watching the proceeds – do not satisfy the hardened skeptic and that’s fine. People do not accept change easily.

    Thanks for spelling it all out so clearly. What with Drs. Focardi, Kullander, Essen, Stremmenos, Dr. Levi etc. all witnessing the many tests Rossi conducted – along with the 1400 papers and presentations on the LENR effect – we know for certain there is an effect, Rossi is using some variation on it and heat is being produced in an inexplicable way.

  • Hank Mills: A well-written, polite, nicely unsensational and pedagogical article; of course with the usual implicit caveats applied (assuming that it’s true etc). At the end where it says “nothing is impossible”, just one shouldn’t take it to mean that “anything is possible if one tries hard enough”, because many things are truly impossible. I read it so that nothing should be regarded as a priori impossible when it comes to potential ways for nature to surprise us.

    • ZviBenYosef

      The workings of our physical universe are constant. Nature has not changed. The only reason we are surprised, is because our models of nature are imperfect, but yet we grow attached to them and believe in them so much, that sometimes we refuse to believe the evidence of our own eyes rather than question these long cherished ideas. Having an open mind, capable of considering new possibilities is the key to human progress.

      • jacob

        ZviBenYosef,you are right,nothing is impossible to those who believe ,where believing is in the not yet understood and believing in the hidden knowledge that one day will be revealed and to the Majesty of the divine Universal Creator be the glory
        honor and praise.

        I bet other highly advanced civilization,also
        those who left us behind on earth thousands of years ago are looking on
        as we rediscover technology they had back
        then ,with a chuckle and smile.

        Us earthling misled by a dark cloak of
        secrecy so unbelievable yet true ,us a slave race taught poorly by a system of suppression which appears to be a democratic illusion to those who have not a clue to what is really going behind closed doors.

        And it is yet another mystery ,why Lenr
        cold fusion is ignored ,no suppressed in the media by which we are brainwashed for
        many years and as a result have become critics of the things we don’t understand
        or are impossible for us to understand because our education i science has been lacking the truth.

        just a small example

        lightning is a static electricity high voltage discharge causing thunder by exploding water molecules within the lightning bolt.

        what is significant about this ,static electricity causes water molecules to explode at 3000 miles an hour.

        capacitors are charged with normal electricity ,and the discharge is static electricity, the discharge makes a loud snapping sound , same with electric fencers

        and yes this was just an example.

        have we not been taught thunder is from the
        hot and cold clouds colliding?

        water can be exploded by capacitive discharge of a few thousand volts to drive
        a piston.

        now your brain is overloaded and can not understand , even though it is so simple
        it is had to comprehend .

        Cold fusion is here to stay!!

        big oil, banks ,media control will hide the truth as long as it can,and so far it is working to hide the truth.

        how will the masses find out and have mass demonstrations?

  • georgehants

    From Cold Fusion Times with thanks.
    Cold Fusion device at M.I.T.
    May 21, 2012 – Barry Simon: “Here’s a video of a Cold Fusion device called the JET Energy NANOR(TM) at M.I.T. It is a small, low temperature, classroom research model invented by Dr. Mitchell Swartz and has been monitored at the classroom of Professor Peter Hagelstein at M.I.T. for five months, producing 10 – 14 times more energy than it takes to run it.”

  • Robert Mockan

    Mr. Mills mentions the possibility of a “cold fusion battery”, but did not expand on that idea. I think coupling a small heat source to a thermoacoustic converter that uses a linear pulse generator will be an exciting development. Battery technology has been in the doldrums for many decades, with only marginal improvements in output using more exotic chemical reactions than the lead-acid cell. And fuel cells, even after many years of development, are still not available to replace any of the common size batteries used in consumer items. It will be cool to have a battery using a small nuclear reactor and a FRG FELLOW MEMS-TAR as a power source.
    The link to the MEMS-TAR is:

  • AstralProjectee

    Just curious how many of you check Pes Wiki for new energy updates?

    Hope this question is OK to ask. Hank Mills use to work at Pes Wiki.


  • AstralProjectee

    Thought some of you might be interested in this.

    From infinite energy magazine.

    Potential Advantages and Impacts of LENR Generators of Thermal and Electrical Power and Energy David J. Nagel


  • EnergyGuy


    “It has went” should be “It has gone”.

    Other than that, excellent resumé on Rossi’s technology