Rossi’s ‘Important Announcement’ Delayed

Expectations of E-Cat watchers have been raised since Andrea Rossi said last week he would have an important announcement to make about the high temperature E-Cat within a week. We’ll have to be in suspense a little longer, it appears. Today when asked on his web site about when the news was coming, Rossi responded:

“We are making extremely important tests and we will have important news soon. Not this week, though. We are still resolving problems. We are working very hard, even if the earthquake made us lose some time. Nevertheless, we are working. The tests are in course and they are very important.”

A second, more deadly earthquake hit northern Italy last week and Rossi said his factory in Bologna was hit. Rossi provides no indication now of when to expect the anticipated news, we’ll just have to stay tuned.

  • Camilo

    I had completely overlooked that Rossi was in the area affected by those quakes.

  • Jorge

    Hum, I didn’t knew he was developing in Bologna. I thought he had all development in the U.S.
    I’m running out of nails to bite 🙂
    Did anyone see this ?

    • NJT

      Perhaps his research laboratory is in Bologna, Italy and his manufacturing is in the US somewhere as he says. Maybe that would explain this latest delay as the earthquake affected the research end of things?

      • Ged

        The first earthquake didn’t damage his lab, from what he wrote. But this last one was a lot stronger, so no surprise if things got messed up.

    • Ged

      His laboratory has always been in Bologna. We know the exact address, I even posted it on this site once. No mystery. It’s part of his ties with the university there.

      The factory that’ll be in the US is for mass production, not for lab work. It isn’t complete or up and running as yet as far as we know.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    I never would have expected this!

    • PersonFromPorlock

      I lie, of course.

      • daniel maris

        If you’re a scammer why would you delay? Unless of course you were a v. clever scammer who used a claim of delay to replicate reality. LOL

        • edog

          Totally agree with you dfnj!

          “Personally, I hope E-cat turns out to be true. I think Rossi would be better served getting independent scientific verification now rather than later. He should have faith in the people of the World to reward him beyond his imagination. How much money does he want? By the time he can enjoy it he will be dead at the rate he is going. Every month is nothing but delay after delay. If his claims are true then everyday he delays independent verification could be concluded as a “crime” against humanity.”

          dfnj on June 1, 2012 at 6:46 pm

          • Antonella

            “He should have faith in the people of the World to reward him beyond his imagination. How much money does he want?”

            It is not a simple matter of money, it is a matter of being sure that the invention will spread, it is a matter of having control on it; I bet that someone has already offered money to get the recipe and hide it in a security box for other 23 years.

      • What else do you do? Disingenuous name, disingenuous style, the very name seems to drip of the mucus of the groundlings.

  • Deja-vu

    • dragon

      more like Groundhog day…

  • edog

    I have calculated that in the last 12 months if Roosi has approx spent about $67 000 USD flying between and around the States and Europe… thats economy class.

    Im sure he flies Business at least so the figure could be closer to $200 000. All that time in transit and working very very hard on his further test.. plus the time updating and responding to his JONP website.. not to mention the tennis. Does this guy sleep??

    Bye the way.. shouldnt be too hard to find his Bologna workshop if it was crippled by the earthquake???

    Also… how can you know you have a very important announcement to announce… but cant announce it because of an earthquake?? WTF?? Unless of course he is suffering from amnesia from a earthquake induced falling ecat???

    SO over Roosi!!!

    • jacob

      research and development take time,and AR is
      very optimistic about time,but in reality things
      always take longer

      • edog

        Things only take this long if you dont know what youre doing and unwilling to let others help.

        • Omega Z


          If Rossi is working with the Navy or any Government agency, You can bet he has access to the best in their fields whether Navy Personnel or civilian.

      • Jacob, you are so right! Have you done R&D before as I have?

        • jacob

          Bruce Fast,I have been doing R&D on my own product development ,I am very
          concerned about product life,and take it very slow to see how long the bearing last,some units have lasted 3 month and some are still going after 10 years,but i am learning as I go,and If my units work
          well,i get calls to built more,my advertising is word of mouth,time
          is my luxury,some units couldn’t take the vibration and led to fail due to metal fatique ,but I continue to learn from it,I unlike AR will not consider mass producing
          anything,I could be my financial ruin,if I manufacture a thousand unit even and they break down after
          6 month ,it would be my worst nightmare,I primary built every unit custom built to suit its purpose.

      • Omega Z


        If it were easy we’d be out in our garage building one instead of following Rossi’s progress on the WEB…

    • “Bye the way.. shouldnt be too hard to find his Bologna workshop if it was crippled by the earthquake???”

      If it is so easy, why don’t you guide us in that endeavor? If you don’t, then you are just making heat and blather. I hope that, one of these days you might learn to string together a coherent thought.

    • Ged


      We actually know the exact address of his Bologna lab, there is no mystery there (Eon Srl is the name its under, you can find it on Google easy enough).

      If he was finishing collecting data, or even if the quake simply damaged other projects, he’d probably have to turn his attention to that and not worry about giving us “news”. Sounds like problems popped up regardless of the quake anyways, that he wants to solve before giving news. A very practical approach.

      We have no idea how much he personally flies around. Nor do we know the exact number of employees he has, but there are quite a few. I doubt he has to travel much; in fact I only know of 4 times for sure he’s traveled between Europe and the US, those were for some of the videos in the lab. I think your estimates are way too high, and you don’t provide your numbers so we can’t fact check.

      Updating responses on his web site probably takes about two hours out of a day in total. It isn’t that hard. Besides, a lot of the e-cat work is probably on computers, designing and analyzing data and all. But he has said he sleeps about 4-6 hours a day or so. Yes, it is possible for someone to sleep 4 hours continuously and function: I had a friend who slept 2-4 hours a night throughout his college career till the last year. It did catch up with him after years, but a person who is motivated can do it. Not good for your health in the long run, unless you just have crazy lucky genes!

  • Lu

    At least Rossi announced the delay and acknowledged problems, unlike Defkalion which just went dark. Too bad Rossi didn’t give a new timeframe for the announcement–maybe he learned his lesson!

  • “A second, more deadly earthquake hit northern Italy last week and Rossi said his factory in Bologna was hit.” Or Rossi needed a good excuse, and the earthquake looked convenient to him.

    • John

      There might be a volcano eruption in Iceland that he can blame next time, destroying his Icelandic lab.

      • Admin, perhaps you could introduce some kind of minimum age filter? Say 14+?

        • GreenWin

          Heh heh… that’s far too grown up for this one Peter.

  • john29302

    Rossi aint in Italy he had his original “lab” there and a year ago he claimed to have built a unit that has been heating a factory in Italy for a couple years. then there is the month ago he had the italian parliment run in and swore no factory for italy. guess the world depends on someone with a tension span of a gnat to inform this crowd,,,hey wait a minute i have addhd and you depend on me to keep the facts straight? well fox news aint news and coorperate america is a big bfat liar and cold fusion is in the hands of a bunch of ludicrous schemers. aint no over unity device on the planet yet. remember in order for this to happen you have to demo it. oh yeah some believe in magic and not the real thing. yaknow steam billowing out, heat doing real work, you know the real deal. not a nerd lying but real science. oh yes it really does matter.

    • whew

      oh yea. tension spans. of gnats.

      • Sounds more like bridge engineering than entomology!

    • Ged

      I am actually not sure what you are saying. Too much stream of consciousness in your text.

      The “no factory” was for mass production of E-cats; that isn’t happening in Italy. But his Bologna lab is still functioning fine, last we saw on video. That’s where the R&D is going on.

      Unfortunately, that was hit by a powerful quake last week, on the heels of a weaker quake just a few days before. So, no surprise if things can thrown off the tracks time line wise.

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  • John E

    So many people who are certain Mr Rossi is a scam artist but they keep coming back. So many people who say they are over “him” but continue to post.T his is an interesting investigation in itself.

    • Bertil Nilsson

      The people who are certain that A.R. is a scam artist continue to post probably because they are performing small private investigations themselves, curious about how a scam like this is performed IRL so to speak. Always a bit of fun. 🙂

    • John

      I’m 99% certain that it’s not true, though it may or not be a scam. But for some reason, it’s impossible to turn away. Sort of like if you’re watching a car crash about to happen. In many ways I wish I’d never heard of E-cat, if it was “real” I would have heard about it anyway.

    • Alexvs

      I think the main reason why we all are here, believers or not is simply that this blog is so amusing…

      • Was ‘believers’ a freudian slip? You might be in better company over at ECN.

        Just a suggestion.

      • You could take Bertil and John with you, too.

  • Maybe he was running an endurance test scheduled to finish and report soon, but they had to interrupt it because of the quake. Just thinking aloud, no inside knowledge.

    • Omega Z


      I assumed they have been running an endurance test from other statements that have been made by Rossi. Something to the effect it had been going for about 3 weeks. Any day now would have been a month.

      Depending on just who those tests have to satisfy, they may have to start from scratch. Another 30 days & with the possibility of more quakes, a person wouldn’t want to set another date for news release. He’s going to catch flack now. Why invite more if something else happens.

      Next update will probably be after confirmed results are obtained. Not a few days before…

  • Omega Z

    If the Earthquake knocked things off line it would cause delays.
    If any of his personnel had friends or family harmed by the quake, this to could cause work delays.
    He did state Immediately after the quake that it did rattle his facilities but no serious harm.

    Here’s a few other things to take note of.

    I Don’t recall their names off hand, But A few people have been to his work site & have confirmed that work is being done over the last few months & research & improvements are being made to the 1Mw E-cat. Even mentioned the redo of the Home version consumer product. They’ve mentioned Officials Comings & Goings. Both Business & Government Types. He has Investment groups working with him.

    These people would only give limited information, But said a lot is going on behind the scenes. These people have absolutely no reason to lie. Their outside the inner loop and wouldn’t give any fine details. These people don’t have anything personally at stake either way.

    Now… Why do you think Rossi is trying to scam you. He has asked you for zero money. He will not take it if you offer. You won’t even be able to buy shares in the company until after products come to market. This keeps you from getting in on the ground floor. But, It also protects you. If some major technical problem should arise that they can’t overcome. Some Government Regulation that prevents it from going to market. Is for your financial safety.

    He has Investors & Backers. He does not need any of us pro or con at this time. The ONLY people he has to satisfy at this time is his Investors & Backers. If he so chose, he could go dark like DGT…

    Face it. If he brings an E-cat to market that lives up to it’s billing, You will buy it. Only a fool would pass on a product that would save them a lot of money in Utilities. Pro/Con/skeptic, whoever…

    The fact that he gives you a small window to be aware of some of the workings is for your benefit. Not His. Maybe he does it because people were supportive of him early on.

    Relax & be patient. Things in life seldom go like clockwork. If something can go wrong, it will from time to time. That’s life…

    If he produces nothing, well, your out nothing & had an interesting ride. On the other hand you have a lot to gain.

    And another thought. That fancy new phone you hear about & hits the market 4 maybe 6 months later. It was most likely in the works for 2 or 3 years prior to you even hearing about it. And that’s just improving an existing product.
    Another Reference: Intel mentioned in 2010 they had a Working 16-core processor under development. It’s not scheduled for release until 2016.

    7 months ago Rossi had an unrefined working prototype. More of a working proof of concept barely off the drawing board. Want proof. Look at the pictures from October 28 & before. I think he’s done quite well according to what visitors have said. If what he’s working on was easy, someone would already have built one in their garage.

    • Karl

      Good comment!

    • GreenWin

      Omega, the Rossi skeptopath is either a genuinely disturbed soul or a shill for the fossil industry. Confront them with hard evidence that the real fraud has been for 40 years – hot fusion – they’ll blink and look away. A real skeptic would be all over the evidence that hot fusion is a scientific boondoggle that’s cost taxpayers $$$billions.

      There is no evidence against LENR and only eccentricity from Rossi. See my post above “Confessions of a Former High Priest” for details.

    • jacob

      Omega,that’s a true reflection of the current situation and it reflects my view also

  • georgehants

    Science News
    … from universities, journals, and other research organizations
    New Compound Could Become ‘Cool Blue’ for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

    • The universally white painted buildings of the Mediterranean countries are a bit of an eyesore, especially in coastal areas. Blue ones would be much prettier!

  • georgehants

    Worth remembering that less than 18 months ago Cold Fusion was virtuly unknown and abused and debunked by every part of science outside of the few scientific Rebels willing to gamble everything, against the establishment led campaign to deny any science contravening their holy religion.
    Rossi has informed the World to what was being hidden and even opened a Wonderful journal page where true scientists can print and argue, fairly, subjects, censored and laughed at by the church congregation.
    If he has nothing, he still, by serendipity has archived more for Science and people than is realised.

    • Rossi has not only dragged the possibility of new energy sources out of the depths of ‘fringe science’ where it had been safely locked away, but also inadvertently provided more proof of the real extent of the irrationality and deep corruption of science, politics and the media. However things turn out, he’ll be owed a debt of gratitude for that much alone.

      • Well spoken.

      • jacob

        Rossi, King of LENR

  • georgehants

    From E=Ni+H.
    A view worth reading if not the whole story.

    Ike was Right
    Of course, given the influence that both the US and Russia, the remnant of the former Soviet Uniion, have had on shaping the world in years since World War II, it can be reasonably argued that the MIC/MFC has shaped the whole world in the last 7 decades. Not only do we have famous physicists at MIT scuttling research dollars for promising cold fusion research, we have academics in Italy scolding the high school teachers at Pirelli Industrial High School for “corruption of knowledge of young people” in terms of the school’s Athanor experimental cold fusion device.
    And while LENR/cold fusion is the matter at hand on this site, and I am attempting to explain some of the reasons why research has been opposed and stifled, one can only imagine the number of other revolutionary technologies that have not been fully developed or pursed because of the influence of the MIC. When looking at the world around me, I am at times struck by how primitive the landscape looks, with power poles sticking out of the ground, wires hanging everywhere, dirty cars spewing poison into the atmosphere, roads and bridges in disrepair, etc. If it sometimes hard to believe we are living in the 21st Century. We may not have listened to Ike, or forgot what he told us, but now it is time we be reminded that we were warned.

    • GreenWin

      It is fascinating to watch academics threaten those who teach a different scripture. It has happened over and again in the science community – unfortunately garnering a reputation for voracious greed and jealousy.

      I read a couple letters chastising Athanor’s Ugo Abundo – the replies were good. Let the students build the experiment and if it is phony science – they’ll learn that.

  • vbasic

    …and in other news: (since we are awaiting Rossi’s big announcement) a company called Impulse Devices received a DOD grant for fusion research using cavitation. Now although the company describes it as hot fusion, the temperatures and approach seem more similar to Nanosprire which would put it in the cold fusion range.
    They may have called it ‘hot’ to avoid the ‘cold fusion’ label.

    • GreenWin

      See my post above, “Confessions of a Former High Priest” – hot fusion, at least the tokamak version is an admitted fraud by one of its founders.

  • georgehants

    The question is long and not really necessary but link below.

    Dear Antonella:
    Good question.
    This is the question I could have asked for, should I have been in your position.
    Before I answer, please consider my position: I cannot so far disclose my theory and I cannot disclose, until the international patent is granted, how the reactor exactly works. Therefore I have to answer within the boundaries allowed from my former considerations.
    1- the analisys are made upon samples which are always different, due to the difficulties to make omologous samples when you deal with a matter where a tiny percentage of matter reacts within the total charge.
    2- impurities are always possible
    3- We enrich the Ni with the 62 and 64 isotopes, which are the sole to work really: if they had not worked and therefore if Cu had not been born, an excess of 62 and 64 Ni had to be found: therefore the fact that we did not find a percentage of Ni outside the relatively wide band of the isotopes is normal. Should not Cu have been made, we would have found an excess of 62 and 64 Ni
    4- Our theory is deeply changed during the last 2 years of experience and tests, and we have understood clearly which is the transmutation role, so that all the considerations of your Collegue are perferctly explained
    5- Remember that our goal is not to produce copper, our goal is to produce energy.
    Warm Regards,

  • georgehants

    Govt. likely to formulate a new science & technology policy:

    Ha, don’t get excited, thinking the west has woken up. this is from, The Hindu

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the government was likely to formulate a new Science and Technology policy within a year to enable capacity building for meaningful development in a decentralised manner.

  • georgehants

    1930s photos show Greenland glaciers retreating faster than today
    But nobody thought it was a big deal
    By Lewis Page
    Posted in Science, 2nd June 2012 09:07 GMT
    Recently unearthed photographs taken by Danish explorers in the 1930s show glaciers in Greenland retreating faster than they are today, according to researchers.

    • Shhh – that doesn’t chime with the disaster scenarios, so you mustn’t mention it!

    • Jimr

      Are you trying to stir up trouble. You should know facts such as that are not to be divulged in this-politically correct society.

    • GreenWin

      Okay, but the IPCC said ALL the glaciers in the Himalayas would be melted in 20 years!!

  • steveG

    Keep up the excellent reporting Frank – we know there is important work that will be released soon from Dr Rossi, the young and inexperienced do not yet understand why Dr Rossi can not tell all just yet .. but he will very soon now.

  • joe j

    Sorry, the world will not change, it will be the same world we live in next year as the world we lived in last year. No free lunch to be had by any.

    • The world changes all the time. Did someone say anything about a free lunch?

      • Robert Mockan

        I’ll take ham and cheese on rye, mustard, but hold the mayo.

        • Mayo – indeed. Its like putting custard in a sandwich. Why do they make that stuff?

          • Shane D.


            Value your opinions, but trust me… lay on the “Mayo” too much, and you will lose your US fans.

            Mayo makes EVERYTHING taste better. Thats why we “make that stuff”.

            Weird I know, but while no one can explain the Aussies “vegimite” craze, I for one, will never take them to task on eating such a thing.

            Same goes for us yanks and our mayo. It’s a national thing.

          • Robert Mockan

            The real mayonnaise made from olive oil, egg yolk,and vinegar is palatable. But the crap they sell in US stores (the artificial Mayo poison)ruins everything it is put on. In Venice and London the better chefs never use the crap.

  • joe

    Business as usual. Don’t tell me you expected something else from Rossi.

    He will have enough money from his investors by now for a few more years of secret redesigning and certifications till his workshop burns down destroying all working e-cats.

  • GreenWin

    Confessions of a Former High Priest

    For our friends Bertil, John, Alexvs, Popee, Millstone, Zaroff, etc… Let’s talk about fraud a moment.

    Dr. Robert W. Bussard, Princeton PhD, Los Alamos nuclear propulsion expert, is considered a father of hot fusion. As Assistant Director of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission – he and Director Robert Hirsch sold the tokamak magnetic con-finement program to the Congress and elite science community. Near the end of his life he came clean with a written confession:

    “Magnetic confinement fusion is a misnomer, as magnetic fields can NOT confine a plasma, only constrain its motion towards walls. The entire history of the MagConf program has been to reduce transport to neo-classical (not turbulent or instability-driven) losses. And THEN the machines are all inherently and inevitably huge and cost too much and make too much power to ever be economically useful…”

    Bussard did not stop here, in his long letter to hot fusion skeptics he confirmed what many were thinking:

    “No matter, the global tokamak program provides jobs for hudreds of thousands of people in many countries, and is a safe place to put political pork funding, simply because it IS NO THREAT TO OIL – it won’t ever work, but it sounds good to the untutored public.”

    And then Dr. Bussard told us how it is with the oil men:

    “There is only one thing the oil companies want, and that is to sell oil, and more oil. So long as the fields pump, the oil companies will squeeze. They have NO, absolutely NO interest in anything new, in spite of all their foolish ads in magazines for wind mills and solar-PV roofs. It is all just show and tell. I know these guys, and there is no way they would support anything that might get in the way of oil.”

    Looks like skeptics, debunkers and a full Congressional investigation need to focus on the real fusion “fraud” tokamak and ITER. 60 years, $$billions – ZERO energy.

    Considering the Bushnell & Zawodny NASA announcements, work at Navy, DARPA, SRI, U Illinois, Purdue, Missouri, Bologna, Japan, France, Greece, etc. — it would be prudent to immediately move some hot fusion funding to LENR projects. White House/DOE needs to take action.

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, I am sure the establishment are reading your comment and have begun an investigation immediately.

    • No change will come about until someone in the priesthood of physicists is willing to nail his theses to the door of the established church. The change must start from within; it won’t come from obscure people like you or I. All this is a tempest in a teapot and will change nothing.

      • GreenWin

        Zed, Brussard was about as inside as you can get.

    • Robert Mockan

      Bussard did not fraudulently pitch the MagConf program. Originally experiments needed to be done and questions answered. 1000 failures? No, 1000 ways that we know now that do not work. And along the way learned a lot, and like he says provides jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in many countries. But guess what, that is how scientists learn a lot. By staying employed. And hot fusion does work, and has been demonstrated many times. Fusion boosted atomic bombs prove that. Tokamak and ITER are experiments to try to duplicate the ignition conditions without making mile diameter fireballs and explosions hotter than the sun. When perfected, people will say… we always knew it could be done.

      • GreenWin

        Robert, I’m sure you’re right re good intent of Bussard to start. But at some point he and others realized they could never produce useful energy with MagConf. It is Bussard’s own words that call the whole thing a fraud.

        My point is aimed at the hypocrisy of mainstream science today defending and milking billions from hot fusion while hissy fitting over LENR – which has cost taxpayers next to nothing and actually proven itself to work and be scalable.

        And at some point we need to deal with the clan that falsely accused P&F in 1989. There are amends and street cleaning to be done. Half measures will get us nothing.

  • GreenWin

    This quote from Dr. Bussard was meant to be included in the below post – “Confessions of a Former High Priest.”

    “One of the biggest obstacles is the world-wide tokamak lobby, which perpetuates the fraud that Hirsch, Trivelpiece and I foisted on the country in the 1970’s when we started the big tokamak ball rolling.”

    NOTE: Dr. Bussard died Oct. 6, 2007 RIP

    • Alexvs

      Thanks Greenwin.
      Lux perpetua illuminate Dr. Bussard.
      In my modest opinion the USA research on tokamaks was impelled for the need of not being surpassed by USSR in this research field.
      I do not know if it can be named fraud or irresponsability.
      In any case this blog is not dealing with hot fusion, not even with cold fusion or LENR, name it as you want.
      The facts today as ever are that Mr. Rossi has said many things, has made many announcements, has cursed many people but has not demonstrated anything.
      As I have posted months ago, Mr. Rossi is not getting my money, I hope not yours. He is risking his own money (so has been written here) and regarding me, he has made no harm to me.
      But apart from material harms, suscitating expectations among the so called believers is a… (I do not find the word, perhaps something between stunt and crime).

      • Karl

        You forget or prefer to ignore that he has made several demonstrations during 2011. The reason why he can’t be too open is obvious for anyone being involved in business development, innovations etc.
        We clearly see several competing activities intensifying in this segment during the last 18 month after the Rossi 2011 Jan demo – thanks heaven for this.
        It’s really time to start to take the phenomena serious what we quite clearly there are many indications that something real is happening here.
        Cold fusion, LENR and anomalous heat reaction from hydrogen metal surfaces whatever we would like to call it is quite obvious a phenomena that has to be investigated much more thoroughly. This also must include R. Mill theory of hydrino and his verified CIHT cell which obviously can deliver electricity from water.

      • GreenWin

        This site is following the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Revolution – publicly unfunded because mainstream nuclear science claims it to be impossible and a fraud. Yet, my post quoting the father of hot fusion Dr. Bussard has him confessing the tokamak to be a fraud. THAT real tangible fraud has cost global taxpayers $$$billions – and produced ZED.

        Why hammer on hot fusion now Alexvs?? Because 22 years ago the hot fusion community led by self-indulgent, corrupt “scientists” at MIT like Ron Parker doctored their cold fusion data. And falsely accused Pons and Fleischmann of fraud. To protect their hot fusion sanctuary and $$ millions in taxpayer funding.

        LENR and hot fusion are inextricably entangled Alex. Rossi is one player on a very large stage. He has committed no fraud. But by confession – hot fusion has. And they will have to answer for it.

    • Sanjeev

      Great posts GreenWin. This is worthy of becoming a guest post on this widely read blog of Frank.

      The recent article on (link in my last comment on previous story) is a sign that the hot fusion money sucking scheme is losing support now. Else they wouldn’t have allowed such an article.

      Hot fusion has all the tell tale signs of a fraud. The “success” is always 10 year ahead. Always needs more funding. The tech is not proved, no one has observed sustained fusion. Surprisingly people do not question them, they are blinded by the govt and priests of science in white coats.

      Its sad that MIT seems to be involved in this corrupt practice. No one questions them either. Instead people point fingers at LENR which is a proven phenomena and has potential to turn those very people into gods. This is brain washing at its best.

      If even a tiny fraction of money that is being spend on HF or oil digging and searching is spent on new techs, it can turn the whole earth into heaven. Even solar, which is the only free energy source, did not take off due to corruption in govt and science.

      Why no progress is solar since last 100 years ? When such feats are possible:

      The efficiency is 43.5% here, a record, a very cheap to produce thing. HF has an efficiency of 0 and costs billions. The twisted intentions of powers that control you are obvious.

      • Camilo

        IMHO the only reason that people bought in the Hot Fusion Scam is because “theory says it’s possible”. In the case of LENR, there is not even a theory. The whole problem began when scientists replaced experiments with maths.

        • “… when scientists replaced experiments with maths.”

          Astute observation. An extension of this is computer ‘modelling’. You can only model what you already know, or think you know.

        • GreenWin

          Indeed Peter, computer modelling has given us 20 years of failed climate predictions.

  • There is no objective way to measure or perceive whether a man is a con man or authentic. It is all a matter of one’s instinct. So while a con man might put off “important news” again and again before evaporating with someone else’s money, an authentic scientist – Dr. Randell Mills of BlackLight Power, for instance – might do the same thing but eventually bring forth a great achievement.

  • Sanjeev

    A bit off topic but shows what can be done with clean techs, when there is no greed. In Germany 50% of electricity is now solar.

    • jacob

      Sanjeev good digging,this is Germany’s policies at work that could be used and copied world wide,as a child growing up in Germany ,I noticed the Germans
      took pride in their accomplishments to be a leader in innovation,and they would say ,look at what we did,we accomplished that and its part of national pride,in seems to me Germany is ahead of America by 20 years when it comes to social matter,which includes energy policies,which has been a response of what the people wanted,what i remember too is ,there was many mass demonstrations that were very well organized,to stop nuclear power plants and maybe that helped,
      the Government of Germany gave the Germans what they wanted.

      sometimes when you want something really bad, you
      have to stand up for what you believe in, and be part of a mass of people to mass demonstrate to tell the government what we want,to change some
      energy policies .

      LENR is a worthy cause for a mass demonstration right now and long overdue,and the blackout in the media of LENR is unjustified.

      and it is a shame that 99.99% of people don’t know about it.

      • GreenWin

        jacob – probably 50% population knows about cold fusion. It has a high impression level for people over 30 years age. Millions saw the CBS Television 60 Minutes report called “No Longer Junk Science – Cold Fusion is Hot Again.” One reason Dr. Rob Duncan now has a $5.5M budget to study LANR.

        It is only the wishful troll or skeptopath hoping no one remembers.

        • The thing is with most of the trolls is that they are simply paid professionals. Like others of their ilk (lobbyists, lawyers, politicians) they don’t necessarily believe a word they themselves say – its just a matter of doing what you are hired to do.

          • not so sure…
            all is coherent with the usual passionate Internet surfer.
            like me…
            knowledge, lack of knowledge, bias to accumulate or deny new data, can explain different visions.

            I don’t event think that the big guys have any idea that LENR is coming.

            feel like they are like the admiral of Pear Harbor.

            we are just the Papuan that have seen the Zero-plane and their bombs.

      • Sanjeev

        Just imagine if a country takes up LENR on war footing and starts pouring manpower and money into it. It will transform that place into a self sufficient and prosperous civilization of abundance within a few years.

        But sadly, most of the govts and politicians cannot see beyond their noses and are too concerned with their own welfare. I’m happy that Germany took the lead. Others are following slowly, may be because their role model is US.

        Alt energy scene is changing very fast. A surprising news:

      • Sanjeev
  • andreiko

    Geachte weldenkenden,

    Wat mij bij alle LENR experimenten opvalt is de rol van het element waterstof (H)in aardse omstandigheden
    (H2)Ik heb een vermoeden dat het element H het transport van neutronen verzorgd van element A>B immers het is voor neutronen een vrachtwagen die leeg is,de meeste waterstof atomen bezitten geen neutronen in de kern! Wie kan met dit idee aan slag?

    • edog

      Sorry Andreiko,
      Cant help, my Arabic isnt that good.

    • jacob

      Your idea that hydrogen atoms are used andreiko,for a transport of neutrons in the LENR process seems to me Plausible

    • Mike

      Andreiko, Why do you keep on babbling in Dutch? Most of us do not understand you and your ideas will only be read/understood by a few dutch guys.

      Grow up and start to speak English like all grown ups do here

  • Frank Foster

    I have been reading these blogs for about a year now and have come to the conclusion that it is not inportant what are opinions of the ecat is, but I for one would like to see more intellectually stimulating conversations. such as how the economy will be affected,(JOBS created or JOBS lost) or how are the power companies going to let this happen without a fight,and how to stop them, or how or if the government plan to suppress this techonology. We the people need to do some heavy thinking and useing this time that Mr. Rossi is giving us to come up with solutions and answers. I would like to see this techonology happen in my lifetime so I can see my grand kids grow up knowing thay have a future. It is not a mater if this is going to happen but when,and are we going to be prepared for it.

    • Robert Mockan

      Examples? How about underpaid overworked commercial truckers losing their livelihood completely the next few years? Between replacing heavy diesel engine cabs with LENR or CIHT powered engines, and “robo-trucks” that drive themselves, the independent commercial truck drivers will be left owning cabs they bought having no resale value, that they have invested hundreds of thousands in, and the drivers working for trucking companies will also be replaced by robo-trucks. Rail and trucking are the two basic transportation systems for almost ALL goods being moved from one location to another, and LENR, CIHT, and automatic controls will change the system landscape in the foreseeable future.

      • joe j

        The history of the ecat and LENR in general is littered with such fanciful speculation by a great many devotees. These dreamers are always left broken with nothing to comfort themselves but their tear stained pillows as LENR’s many prophets try and fail to immanentize the eschaton.

      • GreenWin

        The history of the hot fusion in general is littered with such fanciful speculation by a great many devotees. These dreamers are always left broken with nothing to comfort themselves but their tear stained pillows as hot fusion’s many prophets try and fail to immanentize the eschaton (see Christian dogma.)

        • CSmith

          Little depressing Dude…

      • CSmith

        The trucker will be rolling with multiple direct drive electric motors. No need to worry about jobs unless your in the middle east. We will all still need oil for many years.

      • phil

        Em…… “Robo-Trucks”???? Where the hell are these supposed to come from?

      • Lee Wilson

        Foolish thinking. Yes, radical change will come if this tech is successful! The oceans will be used to make fresh water to turn the Sahara and Gobi and Death Valley into gardens.
        Problems of agricultural runoff will evaporate with ample energy to resolve treatment of effluent. Truckers and Locomotive engineers will ply the transportation corridors with powerful clean transport machines. Petroleum can be relegated to portable high density energy needs, re: aircraft. The poorest people in the third world will have their lives enriched in ways that a typical first world citizen rarely stops to imagine! Imagine low cost clean water, transportation, education. Access to inexpensive energy is the most important potential revolutionary change in the history of mankind.
        Truely LENR as imagined in these last few months will even save the world from over population! Use a little imagination and you will see why. God Bless the inventors and innovators and their quest!

    • Robert Mockan

      Being prepared for the changes that will be coming soon might mean living off the grid on a self sustained homestead that is paid off. Grow own food, have own water well, septic system, some goats and chickens (maybe also fish pond and rabbits). Definitely homeschooling. A LENR power source to replace wind turbine, or photo-voltaics and solar ice maker, would be ideal preparation.
      Unfortunately land cost, zoning, and intrusive government regulations affecting every aspect of our lives, makes being ideally prepared more distant than ever before.

    • Robert Mockan

      I would have been gratified to see the technology developed in my lifetime. Hoping for a future that never happened is very depressing in the end. One does the best one can trying to contribute to making it happen, but the obstacles created by the status quo blocking ones’ path are enormous. If Rossi can succeed with marketing a LENR product he will have made an incredible accomplishment, and be an inspiration to many other entrepreneurs. Sometimes just staying informed, for many of us, is the best we can do. By knowing what is happening, what has gone before, and what is to come, can enable making better choices about how we live our lives. That alone would change much of the world for the better. So, GOOD LUCK ROSSI!