Martin Fleischmann Dead at 85

New Energy times is reporting that Martin Fleischmann has died at his home in Tisbury, U.K. He had been suffering from diabetes and Parkinson’s disease and had been in poor health for a number of years.

Fleischmann, Professor of Electrochemistry at the University of Southampton, England became world famous in 1989 when he and his associate professor Stanley Pons announced to the world that they had achieved a cold fusion reaction in experiments at the University of Utah, and set off a firestorm of media attention. Following the announcement, Pons and Fleischmann’s claims were subjected to intense scrutiny, and after some attempts to replicate the Fleischmann and Pons experiment were unsuccessful, there was a huge backlash against the two professors who became effectively outcasts from the scientific community.

The Cold Fusion/LENR has continued, thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated and persistent researchers in various parts of the world, and today there has been a resurgence of interest. Andrea Rossi states that his interest in the cold fusion field began with the announcement of Pons and Fleischmann, yet he was unable to replicate the cold fusion effect. Nevertheless his interest led him to try new methods of experimentation until he came up with the formula that he now uses with the E-Cat.

Martin Fleischmann’s posthumous legacy will likely be far greater than in his lifetime. His work has sparked a slow-burning revolution that seems to be ready to ignite.

[UPDATE] I thought I would add this comment from Vicky Harvey here, in case it got buried in the comments section below:

Martin Fleischmann was my grandfather. He was such a clever man and such an inspiration to us. I think that my family are planning on sending an obituary to The Guardian if this is any help to you all. Its great to see people do recognise him and his work.

See below for the news conference that started it all.

  • artefact

    RIP 🙁

  • Andre Blum


  • Kim

    I think that true science is dying also,
    or may have.


    • True science died some while ago, and now doesn’t smell too good. I hope that those who attacked Martin Fleishmann in life have the grace to honour him in death.

  • Daniel Zavela

    I was fortunate enough to have met Dr. Fleischmann and Dr. Pons in Monte Carlo in 1995 at ICCF5. Dr. Fleischmann was a real gentleman and a true scientist.

  • Carlos

    People leave, but their ideas persist. May he can achieve immortality this way. RIP, Fleischmann.

  • I was sad to hear about the passing of Martin Fleischmann. We should never forget what Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann offered the world in 1989. Let history record the importance of their discovery. If more scientists had recognized the importance of the ‘heat release’and tried to replicate that, we would already have safe, clean, and abundant energy reactors. jdh

  • 🙁

  • G-Man

    RIP Let you be vindicated… You will be remembered.

  • How sad that he died on the very eve of cold fusion’s adoption by the world and the scientific Establishment that pilloried him! MAY HE REST IN PEACE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT HE TRULY BETTERED THE WORLD FOR MANKIND.

  • Robert Mockan

    Rest in peace.

  • We have a guy over here in Australia called (Dr) Karl Kruszelnicki who fancies himself as a human encyclopedia of science. Everyone here knows him as Dr Karl.

    He’s good at promoting himself, and is a regular guest on the publicly funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s TripleJ radio station. He’s also the poster boy at the ABC Science portal and he makes regular guest appearances on other local ABC radio stations Australia wide.

    A few weeks ago Dr Karl was a guest on a local ABC radio station and a listener asked Dr Karl a loaded question, i.e. “Does he (still) think Cold Fusion is junk science?”. Dr Karl’s on air response was to provide the host and audience with a brief history of the experiments conducted by Fleischmann and Pons back in 1989, and then went on to say that Fleischmann and Pons used some sort of dodgy graph (of the reaction) to support their claims, but that this graph was mysteriously omitted from a subsequent paper they published!

    To my surprise, he then said something like: “So even scientists can be dishonest, just like politicians and used car salesmen”! I would say that’s bordering on slander.

    So it’s sad that Martin Fleischman will not have a chance to hold Dr Karl to account for his unfortunate remarks.

    • Sad that people chock to the hilt with little more than yabber are given air time and an audience.

    • Tom

      The radio is always on JJJ at work and Dr Karl is usually a good listen. Smart dude. Shame I missed it that day. I’ll check if there’s a podcast. Might have to give him a ring about this and tell him what’s up.

      Martin Fleischmann will be remembered.

      • Martin Fleischmann will be remembered as one of the top electrochemists in the world. The so-called Cold Fusion controversy, he triggered in 1989, will be remembered as the most important episode in history of science, no matter what the final verdict (about validity of his CF claim) will be. I participated in CF research since 2003, as described in:

        “Cold Fusion Is Not Voodoo Science;” at:


        Perhaps someone will review this set of personal recollection. Thank you in advance,

        Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D. (see Wikipedia)

        • Julio Melo

          A true hero, who will be remembered forever.

          Unfortunately, he will not be alive to see the “effect” that he discovered become the basis of a huge revolution in the human industry and way of life.

          But justice will be made, and his name will enter the gallery of honour of the greatest scientists of all time.

    • Tony, I put in a post on this forum a few months ago about Dr Karl, our so called Australian Guru ,on everything
      I too telephoned him ,and informed him of the the work at Defkalion and got exactly the same the same inane response of complete disbelief and scepticism . He is not interested in anything that he can not quote verbatim from a textbook. It is this closed mind-set ,from types like him and others, that is preventing the mainstream media from totally blacklisting the subject of cold fusion in OZ.
      RIP Dr Fleishman , you will be vindicated .

      • Edit
        It is this closed mind-set ,from types like him and others, that is causing the mainstream media to totally blacklist the subject of cold fusion in OZ

  • zacky

    Unfortunately the golden age of the Great Britain is gone for ever and UK now is not more than a third world nation.
    Martin Fleischmann is just one of the remains of the golden past.

  • Jacob

    Our father Jacob said: Man’s life is same as the steam ; it appears for a short while then disappears.

  • I don’t think I can believe it until his Wikipedia page is updated. For a man who never retired, his work will continue on.

    • I hope Martin Fleischmann followed this blog, or was given summaries, so that he knew that his work was appreciated by many people and was coming to fruition rapidly. It’s just an enormous shame that he didn’t live to see the the first 3rd party verification of ‘cold fusion’ or even an actual product coming to market.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, let us know if and when BBC, Guardian, Times, or Telegraph fabricate a story recounting his pass.

  • Jacob

    3500years ago , The Prophet Moses said:
    “Normally man’s life time is 70 and with strength it is 80 and most of it tiredness and Woes.”

    Martin Fleischmann got a bonus-5 years extra.

    • And more tiredness and woe than he deserved.

  • EduardoRG

    Finally, peace. You deserved it, you always deserved peace and glory.

  • Hampus

    Rip, hope he saw enough from Rossi to know whats ahead.

  • Alexvs

    Martin Fleischmann has entered the science history and will be remembered as a pioneer in environemental induced nuclear reactions discipline. (LENR if you want to call it that way)

  • Karl

    He started perhaps the most important fire in human history. I really would have like to see him getting the reward he surely deserved already in his lifetime.

    • Renzo

      He was aware of the recent developments but I’m sorry he didn’t live long enough to be fully vindicated.

      Last post by Cures:

      “… Can you confirm that Rossi is not a scoundrel? I only need two words … ”

      He is not. It is proven by the test results that I know very well to the last detail. But the public image is so degraded, mainly because of himself, that walking on water would not help to convince you that he speaks the truth.

      • Renzo

        in a follow up post Cures writes that the third party verification has been done by an industrial entity. It is still not certain if they will allow their name to be made public (in such a case we already know the story: skeptics will stay skeptics!).

        • Stephen Taylor

          Thank you for keeping us informed about this area. Many of us do not follow the source directly.

        • AB

          What’s the point in an anonymous entity publishing reports? It’s a joke.

          • Ged

            Seriously. I doubt that’ll happen, or at least I sure hope not.

  • georgehants

    Another sad victim amongst many, of a man being wrongly ostracised by the “scientific method.”
    Still time to put right the terrible wrongs against Pons.
    We all die but nobody deserves what P&F have had to go through, just for being good at their jobs.
    Peace to him.

    • georgehants

      Fleischmann leaves brilliant legacy of courage in pursuit of truth
      With Love and Peace to You Martin. Ruby Carat.

      • georgehants

        Andrea Rossi
        August 5th, 2012 at 3:20 AM
        Dear Joseph Fine:
        My condoleances to the Family of Martin Fleischmann.
        He and Pons, after the experiments made in Argentina in the fifties under the Peron government, have been the first ones to publish the possibiliry to obtain low nuclear energy reactions.
        We all are indebted with them for this inspiration.
        Warm Regards,

  • barty


    Maybe he’s an angel now, and is able to push the LENR scene from the afterworld…

    • jacob

      maybe ,you are right barty

  • He and Stanley Pons are true heroes of science, men who had the courage of their convictions, and like Galileo and so many others, were hounded out of their professions for their discoveries but in the end were vindicated. I only wish he had lived a few months longer and was able to see a commercial cold fusion device come to market. I note that the New York Times, whose Malcolm Browne was one of his accusers, has not acknowledged his death with an appropriate obituary today, just as they have not acknowledged the progress in LENR.

    • admin

      I’m surprised, Joe. A search of Google News just now shows not a single mention of Fleischmann’s death.

      • joe j

        That’s probably due to the circus that followed their breakthrough that no one else could replicate. Both those guys did great harm to the r&d world while chasing fame.

        • Robert Mockan

          Enough already. Those are quite disingenuous comments.
          The “circus” that followed their breakthrough was not of their doing. And neither of “those guys” were chasing fame.
          They did not “harm” the R&D world.

          I suggest if they had not gone public no one would ever have learned about cold fusion.

          • Karl

            Interesting angle Robert – “if they had not gone public no one would ever have learned about cold fusion” – That’s obviously what they got critics for. It’s obvious that the break through in the cold fusion has to to come from persons like Rossi that works outside the traditional standard scientific box.

          • Barry

            Well put Robert!

          • joe j

            The world hearing about cold fusion is irrelevant. Workable science is not a popularity contests, the only benefit cold fusion has bestowed on the world are lots of ad click revenue and a fair amount of laughs.

            Those two guys doomed the field as a place for crackpots making wild claims of magical results while never producing anything worthwhile nor reproducible.

            The world has every right to laugh at any “scientist” that says he discovered something then cant make it happen again.

          • Robert Mockan

            joe j,

            where DO you get your information? In spite of all that was done to denounce them, F&P were doing 100% reproducible experiments using specific samples of palladium that worked.
            The material problems they, and other scientists, had are a separate issue from demonstrating that the heat effect was real. It is true that many others could not reproduce the effect, but that does not reflect poorly on the expertise of F&P.

          • NJT

            Good one Robert – Joe j is completely wrong and desrepectful to the memory of this wonderful scientist. I wonder what Joe j has done to help better society?

          • Kim

            Steven Greer making Disclosure film about
            ufo’s/Free Energy. Soon to be realeased

            Arm Kaleka’s (the film maker) father was the target of a professional Illuminati revenge-hit in a Wisconsin Sihk temple. Arm Keleka was threatened while making this film.


            Pray for Greer and Arm kaleka’s Father. Pray for humanity and
            this scourge we call the cabal.


    • Vicky Harvey

      Martin Fleischmann was my grandfather. He was such a clever man and such an inspiration to us. I think that my family are planning on sending an obituary to The Guardian if this is any help to you all. Its great to see people do recognise him and his work.

      • admin

        Hi Vicky,

        Our sincere condolences to you and your family. So nice of you to comment here — we do hope that your grandfather’s contributions will in time be widely recognized and appreciated.

        Best wishes,

        Frank Acland

      • Barry

        Hi Vicky, I hope you get this. It’s a tribute to your grandfather. I can think of few people who have potentially changed the world in such a big way. Peace to your family, Barry

  • cx
    • Barry

      Not bad for Mark Gibbs. Glad he wasn’t negitive towards CF on this day of all days. He seems to be changing his tune.

    • GreenWin

      Gibbs is following direction to very cautiously dole out information about the inevitable. Forbes is a business magazine not a science book. His job, along with a few other appointed “reporters” is to judiciously prepare the big energy industry for introduction of a technology that will displace their current role.

  • jacob

    my sincere regret for the passing away of Martin Fleischmann.
    His Effort may not have been in vain, as he, a very humble man
    working for the progress of mankind to leave this world a little better than he found it.
    He is a hero for his passion to discover a solution .
    and I remain in silence for a few minutes over his death to give my
    respect for a person who I personally did not know,but are of the same spirit to serve.

    May he have passed on to a better life,where he is loved and appreciated and supported by all.

    Had his discoveries been adopted by Science,this could have been a different world we live in today.

    • Ged

      It is a sad day to lose a brave scientist, who pushed the bounds.

  • GreenWin

    A curiosity – why this news from questionable “reporter” skirvit and not a mainstream newspaper, London Times. Guardian, Telegraph?? More evidence of extreme censorship in and around all things LENR. It is the height of disrespect to ignore the life of a good soul who sought only the truth and betterment of human endeavor.


    On a far more upbeat note: Tomorrow opens the NI Week congress at which a the Japanese research management company TECHNOVA, INC. will present the latest news on its research into the Pons Fleischmann Effect in nano-metals compounds:

    “The Kobe-Technova team has worked to elucidate the underlying physics of anomalous heat evolution effects in deuterium (D) and protium (H) gas-loaded nano-metal-compound systems. Basic tools are the twin D(H) gas-loading equipment and the supporting theoretical modeling by the TSC multibody fusion theory. Using various Pd-based and Ni-based nanofabricated samples, the team has reproducibly observed anomalous heat effects with isotopic differences using time-dependent (dynamic) data of thermal-power evolutions, D(H)/metal-atom loading ratios, and their temperature dependence (for Ni-based cases).”

    Akito Takahashi
    Technova Inc.
    Professor Emeritus, Osaka University. His expertise fields are neutron physics and condensed matter nuclear science. He was the first president of ISCMNS (International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) in 2004-2008.

    “Technova Inc., a technology-oriented research management organization, provides research, consulting, and promotional services in the fields of energy and environment, transportation, and advanced technologies. It focuses on primary and secondary energy for power generation and transportation, including research on fossil resources, renewable resources, cold fusion, superconductivity technologies, hydrogen energy technologies, and hydrate technologies.” Business Week, Bloomberg

  • Tim Maloney

    Farewell Dr. Fleischmann;

    “Once in the history of each planet”.

    I remember, as a young inventor, I used to think the phrase, “ahead of your time”, was a compliment. It means go away.

    The Smithsonian Museum will in due course be “yours” for your unequaled gift to Planet Earth.

    It was my honor to support your work back in the early days and these pages are modest rumblings of your future renown. It is hard to imagine what lofty work the future “Fleischmann Prize” will honor. “The Nobel/Fleischmann award goes to…”.

  • John Tess

    Their only mistake was using the words ‘ Cold and Fusion’. Had they described their results as LENR or something else they would not have been attacked by status quo who felt so threatened.

    • Barry

      It was the press that labeled it “Cold Fusion” though F&P did use the term “fussion”. Some CF scientist today would say that is what’s happening. But you’re right John, if only the term “nuclear reaction” was used there might have been less of a shunning.

      • Robert Mockan

        F&P said specifically “unknown nuclear reaction” in their original publication in 1989.

  • George N

    RIP Mr. Fleischmann, a true modern day hero!

  • dickyaesta

    Still no mention of your death in BBC Worldwebsite. Sorry Martin for the ignorance of so many. RIP

    • Human beings live only a few seconds compared to the whole story and save the universe. Some men only have needed a breath to influence the direction humanity has taken, some caused the effect almost immediately, but others had to remain anonymous for a few decades and this has happened to Dr. Martin Fleischmann and Dr. . Ponds.

      This form of coexistence in an absurd world we have created, where we left important contributions in the way of life and adopt others that reflect only commercial interests, where the power of money and political control, produce an aberration on the health and solidarity of peoples.

      Dr. Martin Fleischmann is a martyr over political control and power over the means of production, and we are the faithful witnesses of the cruelty involved be years ahead in ignorance of mankind. Galileo, Tesla, and many others suffered as this great scientist will always remember. That will last his life through his legacy as a living example of heroism and perseverance. May God keep Dr. Martin Fleischmann, “Father of the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction”.

  • Martin Leonard

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