U.S News and World Report on Cold Fusion/LENR

This article was published today in U.S News and World Report.


An excerpt of the article which is actually rather positive:

“But what has inspired hope within this small community are several recent developments: LENR demonstration projects recently initiated at respected places like MIT, the University of Missouri, and the University of Bologna; public presentations by executives at one of the world’s largest instrument companies, National Instruments, apparently designed to attract the top LENR researchers into a project to test and quantify observed LENR effects; and a July report from the European Commission’s research and development center that LENR at least has sustainable future energy technology potential”

  • georgehants

    Come on Guys I know it has been said before but without Frank giving us all this great website to discuss, without problem people, we could not enjoy so well the wonderful things happening.

    • dragonX

      Well you are right about that. Truce.

    • Johannes Hagel

      Infact I can only agree to that! Its a wonderful journalistic work the results of which I enjoy since one and a half years now. It combines passion for the subject with the necessary amount of remaining “on the ground” and keeping an honest and objective view. Very very well done, Frank!

    • daniel maris

      “Problem people”? Sounds rather Orwellian. You mean people who disagree with you?

      • georgehants

        daniel, sorry but I think my point in general conversation is clear.
        Trying to turn my meaning is not a good trick.
        To help, problem people are the ones who have been removed meaning it is generally excepted they do not debate fairly or accurately.

    • GreenWin

      Hear hear George. There is much to be appreciated and I would recommend all interested in professional LENR applications, to consider Frank’s new LENR Connect service.

  • Don Witcher

    Jeff Nesbit, the writer of the article is certainly a person who clearly understands the ramifications of LENR. I suspect and hope we will be hearing more from him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Nesbit

    • Don Witcher

      Jeff Nesbit is now the Director of Legislative and Public Affairs at the National Science Foundation. Implications anyone?.

      • GreenWin

        President Obama will be directing the NSF to present an LENR funding program prior to elections. But federal research especially in light of the negative attitude they themselves are responsible for – will trail “Edisonian/industrial” applications.

        However, for savvy Dems and Pubs, sponsoring a bill to fast track development of a very low cost, green, abundant energy source is a VOTE MAGNET. So far only Randy Hekman (MI candidate) and Senator Bruce Tarr (MA) have seen the light.

        • Don Witcher

          Could be better than that for the dems if the military have been working with ecats since last October as I believe they have. They are not weaponry but can be a great leap forward for military infrastructure, which is just as important as weaponry, as Napoleon and Eisenhower were fond of pointing out.

          • GreenWin

            Good point Don. As DOD is the largest consumer of petroleum on planet, this would make good political hay and practical savings. Plus Navy esp deserves credit for vision and insight.

  • dragonX

    I wonder why Ugo Abundo is not going to ICCF-17?
    Looks like he is making friends in the mainstream science (see Luigi Marrelli):



  • Kim

    Its not real

    Till its “Official”

    What constitutes official?


    • Hampus

      There’s an old lady in my town that refuses to believe that airplanes are real. Whenever a plane flies by we tell her to look up but she never does.

      Some people believe what they want to believe.

      • artefact

        poor old lady.

      • SH

        Does she post on the internet under the alias “maryyugo” or “john milstone” by any chance?

        • freethinker

          ROFLOL. That was really funny.
          Thanks for the exuberant comical relief.

        • Niemand

          It is Marisska

      • Chris

        Yeah some people keep closing their eyes to what happens, just because theorists have no certain model of it. Neither did Oersted, when he saw the compass needle swing, or so many other past discoveries. According to such arguments, we should still disbelieve superconductivity.

        The most hilarious scene in the musical Chicago is the one about Kitty, the pineapple heiress. As she points the pistol at her boyfriend, he claims to be alone in their bed. When she screams “Whaddya mean, there’s two girls with you!”, he rebukes “Are ya gonna believe whatcha see or what I tell you?” She doesn’t swallow that. She just pulls that trigger. Once for him and once for each of those girls.

  • dragonX

    In the mean time, the Russians don’t just stay idle. They have their own version of ICCF:
    The 17th Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning
    It is attended by Dr. Yury Bazhutov who is also atending ICCF-17:



  • georgehants

    Tim Harrell
    August 8th, 2012 at 8:10 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    Have you considered experimenting with E-Cat under various (extreme) pressures? Might auto-ignition and more precision self-regulation be possible using a Tight-Cat/Loose-Cat control, possibly unchaining from electric drive?
    Thank you for your continued good work!
    Best Regards,
    Tim Harrell
    Andrea Rossi
    August 8th, 2012 at 10:09 AM
    Dear Tim Harrell:
    We are already there.
    Warm Regards,

    • Ged

      I think that’s some of the basic stuff that was worked on first. Might be able to push to greater pressure extremes now that there is such a equipment and resource backing behind him; but I am not sure what role if any pressure plays in this (other than gas loading).

      • Kim

        Why not take the nickel and hydrogen into
        the plasma state and work on some solutions
        from that perspective.

        Output and COP may go thru the roof!

        The plasma would have to be contained adding
        to the cost of the device, but go you may
        go to warp drive!


        • LCD

          It is widely believed you need a metal lattice, I.e. a solid.

        • Ged

          That would be hot fusion, with all the kinetic limitations and problems we already face. Unless nickel somehow changed all that (which we have absolutely no evidence for when looking at natural hot fusion phenomenon like stars). Certainly won’t know unless we try, but that again requires the hot fusion reactors to attempt; and I doubt those people will go for trying that with their crazy expensive apparatuses.

  • John W. Ratcliff

    So, was I the only one who was bothered by the glaring errors in the US News and World Report blog post?

    There are a number of factual errors and some really bad characterizations about the current state of research.

    His tone paints it as if it’s all still a bunch of kooks in their basement. At times you would think he was writing about UFOs, not research being done at NASA.

    I tried making some corrections in the comments section of the article, we will see if they help refocus his point of view.


    • georgehants

      Hello John, How would the report connect to UFO’s, thank you.