Rossi on Press Release: Unauthorized and Not True

Following the press release issued by Uta Stechl, and the subsequent repudiation by Adolf Schneider, I contacted Andrea Rossi about it, and just received the following:

I do not know why that press release has been made: it is completely wrong and not true. The product certification is in course, and we cannot talk of it because under NDA.

I never authorized that press release and I repeat that it is wrong and not true!!! I did not release that information, I never authorized anybody to make statements or press releases on my behalf. Please take in consideration ONLY the information that is given directly from me or that is taken from information given from me.

Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi

  • vbasic

    Ooops! With so many licensees now, it’s difficult for him to keep them all leashed. Some may want to get some early pre-orders. Or maybe as in the case of the release of info on the hot cat, he isn’t really as upset as he claims. I still think and hope it is SGS and the original report is correct.

    • Ged

      I knew we had to wait to see what Rossi would say. Exactly as you put it, it’s getting harder to keep everyone leashed and on the same page.

      • zero

        Rossi didn’t write in all caps. I believe this is noteworthy. Normally when people say things that are untrue about his operations HE WRITES LIKE THIS.

        • Omega Z

          The Press Release stated SGS, which would be a good choice, But Rossi says they are not the company he’s working with??? NDA???

          I’ve posted before that I think the Certifying or validation will be QM Systems,(World Wide as SGS is, Or a company called ENERGIA,(I think, something to that effect.

          What I’ve found of QM Systems is that they can certify both the Production Process & Products & software. Noticed Their going to be at the Zurich presentation.

          ENERGIA, If that’s spelled properly is mentioned by Rossi in the Australian-Mr. Green Video from February as a certificator. I haven’t found much about them using a quick search, but haven’t had time to do a detailed search. There is a life besides E-cat.

          If any of these 3 are involved, The Truth is they don’t want to be hounded by those of us who want info. They are a Business. We are an unwanted nuisance. Disruptive. This is why they have NDA agreements. They will come forward when they are ready, not before.

          Were only a few days from the convention, We just need to be patient.
          We’ll also find out if it’s a validation or a certification. There is a difference. A Validation would most likely imply it is as said. A Certification would imply it works & is safe for the intended use. It may be possible to determine if it’s validated by any Data provide. If that kind of Data is released.

          Just 4 or 5 days. Be patient.

          • Andre Blum

            where does Rossi say they are not the company he is working with?

          • Omega Z

            Andre Blum


            Andrea Rossi
            September 5th, 2012 at 1:40 PM

            Dear Pasquale:
            Today somebody, saying he is our German Licensee, has made a press release saying that we got the product certification . It is totally false. I never gave that information, who made that press release has totally invented it and also the name I read is not the name of a Licensee of us. Probably this action has been made to try to damage us. We have in course a product certification, but it will take time.
            Conclusion: the press release of today regarding our certifications is false, not authorized, misleading. PLEASE NEVER CONSIDER A PRESS RELEASE OF US IF IT DOES NOT COME FROM ME, SIGNED BY ME.
            Our attorney is considering any action.
            ANDREA ROSSI, ceo of Leonardo Corp.

          • andre blum

            I don’t see it. Where does he say he is not working with SGS? in which exact sentence?

          • Omega Z

            Sorry wrong one, I’ll try to find the right one. He said that is not the company we work with.

          • Lu

            The press release is still up. It’s been viewed 2830 times.

            Uta Stechl is mentioned in the Zurich Program:

            5.45 pm Advantages of 1 MW E-Cat-Plants for Process Heat Generation
            Application Possibilities of E-Cat plants for industrial processes
            Uta Stechl, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Stechl GmbH, Tuessling/GE

        • I think that he used to write with capslock on JONP when the answer was important for all to read. I guess he thought that most people just asked their own (often repetitive) question without reading the whole blog, so he thought it as a service for them. Anyway in some phase someone kindly instructed him that it’s not good because it’s like yelling. After that the practice has varied, I guess because he sometimes remembers and sometimes not.

  • Gerrit

    In an older post Rossi said about the certification: “2- The safety certification process for the industrial plants has been made. ”

    Now he says: “The product certification is in course, and we cannot talk of it because under NDA.”

    Is he:
    – a) talking about the same certifications and contradicting himself
    – b) talking about different certifications and one is completed and the other is still ongoing
    – c) miscommunicating the “has been made.” where he should have said “has been initiated”

    With this in mind, I doubt that anything useful (newsworthy) will come out of the conference this weekend.

    • Ged

      Hmm, when I look at it closer “2- The safety certification process for the industrial plants has been made. ” sounds like the process has been initiated (the process has been made), not that it’s done. On the other hand, it can read equally both ways. We also don’t know if the certification that is “in course” is the industrial one, that home unit, or the hot cat; can’t assume which one of the three. The NDA may also mean he would have to obfuscate even if the certification was complete. NDAs are tricky beasts and complicate everything.

      • I suppose that if safety certification of the 1MW ‘fat cat’ has been commissioned from a company such as SGS, then probably both parties to the contract would be under a mutual NDA until the completion of the contract. Possibly mis-use of the word ‘certification’ (where ‘verification’ is meant) may have crept in somewhere as well.

        In general though, these continual contradictions are irritating, and I wish Rossi would speak through a native English-speaking PR person, who could clarify his meaning before publishing anything, and also keep the story straight. Admittedly though, this latest faux pas seems to be solely down to someone else.

    • Renzo

      as I understand it:
      1) the certification for the low temperature e-cat (those of the 1MW plant) is completed
      2) the certification for the home ecat is in course
      3) the certification for the hot-cat (600°) is in course

      And the test we are talking about was done this summer on the hot-cat

  • Andre Blum

    I think what we saw today was a true leak due to amateurism. For now, I think SGS was indeed involved in some kind of testing. That name doesn’t pop up from nowhere. They are most probably the authors of the 140 page “validation document” we were promised. They have not certified anything; they have “validated”.

    Uta Stechl misnaming this validation report a “certification”, *and* disclosing the 3rd party’s name (SGS) against the rules in the NDA is pure stupidity on her behalf.

    Rossi c.s. now have to twist their words to fix this NDA breach:

    “I do not know why that press release has been made: it is completely wrong and not true. The product certification is in course, and we cannot talk of it because under NDA.”

    This is no bad english today from Rossi. This is put in these deliberate words so that they match the truth. “Completely wrong” refers to the fact that the press release has been made (without his authorization), not referring to the complete content. Not true must mean it has nothing to do with certification, but with validation, which must be something different.

  • jedslater

    Right!! We went from DEFCON 2 to DEFCON 5 🙂

  • paul z

    No worries the event that will reveal everything is just days away and Rossi will look like the Lion he is, the skeptic man eater ) Rossi will come through for us you will see!

  • mcloki

    This is exactly the example of why conspiracy theories are just movie fodder. Everyone who has a secret wants to tell people that secret immediately. Everyone wants to be there first to tell everyone what they know. Welcome to Egos and Idiots, Mr. Rossi. I will wait till Saturday for verification.

    • Filip47

      Mmm, common sense, rare these days.

  • Kim

    Alice in Wonderland.


  • cx

    I hope this does not cause any damage true or false. Admin probably never should of posted a story about this on this site and im guessing all his other sites until he confirmed it. The site that press release was on i believe anyone could of post a press release on. All this does is add more fuel for the more crazy skeptics if it turns out to be false. Just another fail promise in string of fail promises they will say.

    • daniel maris

      Nonsense – we want breaking news. If it gets corrected, so be it.

      • Ged

        Exactly. The fact the admin always updates or correct stories as they develop is the proper way of breaking news. Frank’s doing an amazing job.

        • georgehants

          Agreed, this is not a peer reviewed publication where everything has to be agreed by committee so that it is suitable for it’s poor spoon fed readers, as they appear incapable of reading anything with a fair sceptical mind and making their own decisions and if not sure wait for confirmation or rebuttal.

        • jedslater

          Follow live at the 8th here———->

  • NJT

    looks to me like someone took a page out of Apple’s PR and leaked info for the hype it generates just before the big show!

  • ivan_cev

    Rossi plays with his own money???? So. to whom the licencees are giving its money???
    I thinks the Statement that Rossi only uses his money is not true.

    • Omega Z


      If I recall, The License Fees were to be held in an escrow until Product is ready to be delivered.

  • Gerrit

    Uta Stechl has published a correction to the press release:

    Zertifizierung SGS ECAT

    Korrektur der Pressemeldung vom 5.9.12 bez. ECAT
    Diese Mitteilung war nicht vom Hersteller Andrea Rossi autorisiert. Explizit soll dazu klargestellt werden, dass zwar eine Zertifizierung hinsichtlich der Sicherheit im Gange ist und in Aussicht gestellt wurde, diese jedoch nicht schriftlich vorliegt und nicht die Technologie an sich betrifft.

    Die Stechl GmbH ist an den Vertriebstrechten für den deutschen Markt beteiligt und engagiert sich für den Verkauf der 1MW-Anlagen


    SGS certification ECAT

    Correction to the press release dated 05/09/12 ref. ECAT
    This release was not authorized by the manufacturer, Andrea Rossi. Explicitly it should be clarified that although a certification regarding the safety is in progress and is prospected, but it is not available in writing and does not concern the technology itself.

    The Stechl GmbH is involved in the sales for the German market and is committed to the sale of the 1MW plant

    • georgehants

      Gerrit, well done, still need something from SGS I think