Ugo Abundo Publishes Photos, Videos of Latest Hydrobetatron Reactor

Ugo Abundo, the Italian engineer and Pirelli High School instructor behind the Hydroton/Athanor open source cold fusion cell project has published a series of videos detailing the construction of the reactor. The model he is working with is now called the “Hydrobetatron”, and a Youtube channel has now been set up where the videos are published.

Unfortunately for English speakers like me, the videos are narrated only in Italian, but I hope over time we might find some translations of them available. The site has today published a set of photos of the reactor as well.


It is good to see Ing. Abundo continuing with this work — it will interesting to see how many people get involved with trying to replicate this reactor as time goes on.

  • edog


    • edog

      happy days.

      I would like to put together an email for Mr Abundo with a bunch of questions.
      Anyone got any ideas?


      • GreenWin

        1) Complete Parts list
        2) Cathode composition (if W, treatment, size, purity, etc)
        3) Experimental data from Version 2.0
        4) Predicted or observed COP
        5) Estimated costs

        • edog


        • Henrik the swede

          6) Where to buy the material (online)
          7) Recomended first step for beginners
          8) Ideas on different changes that needs to be evaluated to find a way of optimizing the reaction

        • 6) Electrolyte composition before operation
          7) Electrolyte composition after operation (has detailed spectroscopic analysis been performed?)
          8) Method of estimating total output energy?
          9) Are non-visible radiations monitored? (if so, which?)

          How did Mr Abundo arrive at the Athanor/Hydrobetatron design? (What precursor expts. and observations if any, or from first principles?)

          • Odd, Henrik’s post wasn’t visible to me when I posted. 9) et seq. then!

        • Ales

          10) Safety concerns
          11) Gamma radiation shielding

      • David
    • RGCheek

      Drunk already before 6 pm?

  • MJS


    A new “Facebook” and “Facebook” type billionaire students in the making.

  • Ron Stringer

    You know what I love – it’s held together with wingnuts! Now that’s a prototype!

    • GreenWin

      Ron there are many in this game that will tell you it is operated by wingnuts. Being quite unfair to the fasteners reputation.

  • Pachu

    Now he just need some experimental data that really shows excess power…

    I realy hope this is done soon and before more vids and photos…

    • Ged

      If one had the money and time, it could be built by oneself. I believe that is its purpose, anyways, to be open source so anyone can get their own answers.

    • RGCheek

      Ignoring the what might be facetiousness, does anyone have any data on the COP of this device? a link to a source as well perhaps?