MFMP Loading Celani Wire

Here are a couple of new videos from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in which they discuss the Celani cell calibration process, and we also see them start the hydrogen loading of the Celani wire. The gas loading will take some time, and I understand that the first active run will not begin until perhaps Monday evening US time.

It’s fun to watch all this happen in real time. I have been in contact with Bob Greenyer and he wants to emphasize that the MFMP folks are committed to make this process as transparent and personal as possible, and they want us observers to feel involved, for which I am sure we are all very grateful. They want to express their thanks for all who have provided donations to make this project possible. Here’s hoping we’ll see some positive results quite soon!

  • Dr Bob

    Information & Technology can solve all our problems.

    I think MFMP is doing a good job in regards to making us (the public) feel involved.
    No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

    The Celani reactor and the MFMP crew is being very transparent and thats something we should all be very grateful for. These guys brings credibility to Cold Fusion research.

    Dr Bob believes not only in a technological revolution but also a social…
    If you like their videos you could spread them on social medias. We can all bring something to the table!

    Viva La Revolucion!

  • Andrew Macleod

    Great work! Real science and scienctists making steady progress, they are moving faster than I thought they would. I wish this kind of approach was taken back in ’89, an honest effort at replication.

  • e-dog

    Hey Guys and Girls,

    The quantum heat people make me feel all huggy and warm inside.

    On a side note. Does anyone know how Mr Hugo Abundo is going? He is making similar efforts to be open and transperant like the MFMP

    Maybe Danielle over at 22 blog has some news?? Anyone in contact with him or Mr Abundo?

    Good luck all!

    • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

      Hi, e-dog,

      The Ugo Abundo experiment is being replicated by Gladstone Secondary School in Vancouver. Abundo produces spectacular overunity results, which I’m sure you’ve seen on Youtube.

      Let’s hope the Breslauer effort goes well, and that they’re not disappointed.

      In addition, the working language is in English, which is a relief.

      The Vancouver Website also contains the Abundo Pirelli High School effort as its last link.

      Also don’t forget to drop in on quantumheat.

      • This is great news. Bring it on! Soon the whole world will be doing it – about time too.


  • Methusela

    You guys seen the wire SEM pics? Wild! Lots of places for H to hide…

    • freethinker

      Wild – I totally agree – it is just a terrific project! The pace, and the amount of feedback in their work. I mean spread-sheets of raw data, and enough info to interpret. Never though I see that in a LENR project – ever. 🙂

  • Pedro

    Anybody any news/feedack from the “breakthrough energy conference” in Hilversum the last 3 days? LENR was one of the subjects covered. Would be interesting to know what went on there.

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  • Barry

    Thanks Guys! A video is worth ten thousand words.

  • Morgan

    sorry if someone else posted this but apparently his patent has been approved as well

    • Peter_Roe

      Thanks for posting this link Morgan. It’s new to me. Piantelli seems to espouse the ‘negative hydrogen ion’ theory and is using some kind of plate reactor, parts of which resemble an old-type tuning capacitor!

      A lot to digest – perhaps one or two of our resident experts could comment?

    • dogman

      Not approved or rejected yet, merely published.

      Patent applications become public 18 months after the earliest filing, which in this case was based on an italian patent application (IT2011PI00046) filed on 2011-04-26. Based on this Italian patent application Piantelli filed a PCT patent application with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), which was assigned the serial number PCT/IB2012/052100. A patent is only effective in the jurisdiction/country that grants the patent. A PCT application provides a streamlined approach for receiving patent rights in other countries. This PCT application was published by WIPO as WO/2012/147045. Because each publication is assigned a different number, many people confuse these as separate patent applications. However, they are all the same patent application, based on the original Italian patent. Piantelli has until October of 2013 to file in other jurisdictions, such as the U.S., which will again assign a new serial number and publication number.

  • Robert Mockan

    More proof that an infinite energy generator has been developed.

    (Originally posted at Vortex-1)

    • Omega Z

      Now that’s an Energy Catalyzer…