E-CAT Plant Sighting

In a preview to today’s Swedish SVT station’s show “The World of Science”  on cold fusion there is a clip which shows an E-Cat Plant which appears to be different from the one that had been photographed and filmed numerous  times in Rossi’s Bologna factory.  I don’t believe that this is a Hot Cat unit (apparently built inside a drum-like container) , it seems to be a new model of a low temperature 1 MW plant. Rossi says that this plant will be a commercial plant that will be deployed in Europe.

  • Mauzen

    Interesting images. Though would be interesting to have a translation of the part about Vattenfall.

    • No radioactive waste and no risk for a radioactive meltdown.
      Thats the idea of a new kind of nuclear power, so called Cold Fusion has yet again started to be discussed by scientists and energy companies.

      Vattenfall – Physicist:
      This might maybe revolute the world a little bit when it comes to energy production

      The idea was born already in 1989 and the lead to a big scientistic fight.
      But it is new italian experiment, performed by scientists in Bologna who has revived the dreams of this “new clean super energy”. (NCSE=New Clean Super Energy)

      Rossi talk about his plant that he want to get out on the market very soon.

      And now, the Swedish Energy Gigant Vattenfall (waterfall) is looking into this energy source.

      Well we have one problem, we have to replace Nuclear Power(fission) with something …
      This is something new and it is our responsibility as an energy company to look into alternatives, and this is of course one possibility that might change the whole world.

      But many established scientists is completely debunking the attempts
      Göran Ericsson: Well its hard as a scientist to say that something is impossible but “there is at least nothing that points towards that there would be this kind of reactions”.

      Thanks to Göran Ericsson we now know that there is no evidence for Cold Fusion, NASA WAS WRONG! SPAWAR was wrong! Rossi, Defkalion, Brilloun, Mitsubishi, Honda and Dr Bob Laboratories is fake and MIT is in on it as well!
      Apparently all these youtube reactors and the hundreds of replications had been measured wrong.

      Ok Frank, time to close down the website!!! Göran has spoken!
      Also… I should not have ordered that Thorium and the Japanese DC Converters! €€#”#€%

      • captain

        However two swedes, the scientists Essen and Kullander know well that Rossi’s E-Cat is a tremendous power source, clean, safe and cheap.
        And about Mats Lewan, better to ignore him, after the damage he has already done.

  • freethinker


    I can’t give you the verbatim translation, but the overall attitude was that as an energy company they are obligated to keep an eye open for new energy sources, and that soon nuclear power plants need to be replaced. The program speaker went on to express its surprise that a company like Vattenfall actually looked into this…

    Overall, it was a nice segment, although it would be nice to have a more broad LENR perspective. The also had flare for drama as the Lund physicists seem to end the segment with a total debunking….

    • freethinker

      I was referring to the actual show, but it fits the preview as well.
      Also I should mention that the sentiment was that AR is an entrepreneur more interesting in getting things to work than to labour with theory.

    • Björn

      Yes, but the drama continued with Lewan, Essen and Kullander. Nice!

      • GreenWin

        Bjorn – can you translate the most interesting parts for us? Much gratitude.

  • Jim

    mentioned in the video, don’t know what they said:


  • Lu

    First public sighting as far as I know of a “pizza box/small computer” E-Cat configuration Rossi spoke of at the beginning of this year. Good to see. I wonder if it’s changed even more since then given his progress.

  • artefact

    Mats Lewan tweeted:

    Swedish TV on cold fusion, Rossi, #Ecat, now online (until Jan 16). Starts at 24:30 minutes


  • Jonas

    There was a chat session with Hanno Essén, Jan Kullander and the program responsible on SVT’s science show, right after the program. Not much new that came out, except perhaps that the interview with the positive Magnus Holm of Swedish Hydrofusion was done after the controversy in which they couldn’t detect any excess power on the hot-cat. He still believes in the e-cat, that is, apparently.

  • Johan Kjellander


    Great that a public TV station reports on “Cold Fusion”. Unfortunately the program was all about Rossi. There were no references to other “Cold Fusion” activities, academic, commersial or open.

    After the program there was a chat with two Swedish scientists on the TV program website. Somebody on the chat asked if they were aware of any other experiments that had produced exess heat. None of them seemed to take any notice of such activities. As an academic my self, having studied this area for half a year or so, I personally find this very strange. There are so many peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals, so many scientific conferences, so many commersial initiatives and also several Open initiatives, MFPM/Celani, Ugo Abundo/Athanort etc.

    Let’s hope that the journalists behind this program decide to make a follow up program with a more scientific angle. Why not interview Rob Duncan, Celani, Hagelstein on MIT and so on ?

    Regards, Johan Kjellander, Örebro university, Sweden

    PS: We are currently making preparations for a replication of Athanor. Two weeks ago we turned on a plasma in our reactor for the first time. So far so good. More experiments will follow.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L7QQ5NBwm0&feature=plcp

    • Jonas

      Yeah, that was me, asking about if they knew of any swedish experiments. =) But indeed, they don’t seem to care much about it. It seems straight forward enough to make e.g. the Celani or the Athanor (hydrobetatron) experiment with relatively little resources on any university, so that is really strange. Really good, though, that you’re preparing to do so at Örebro university. Looking forward to seeing about that, and if you’d want an enthusiastic audience some day I’ll come running (I live in Värmland, though, so it’ll be few hours…). 😉

  • Sameh

    No one tells the truth, Nothing clear – No transparency.
    Is that the 21st century scientists behaviour ?

    • Hampus

      Hi I just uploaded the show on youtube, its a little laggy but its there and it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D-yHkmmkDc&feature=youtu.be

    • Roger Bird

      Sameh, as much as I dislike Rossi’s secretiveness and constant talk and no action, he is not a scientist. He is a businessman. Since the scientists and the academicians have droppped the ball on this one, I am very sympathetic to him acting like a businessman and not a scientist. Although so much talk and so much “Rossi said” is very annoying.

  • Jemico

    Well -Whatever you call it E-Cat or E-Dog , I want to see a practical working heat generator ,based on Cold Fusion phenomena, in the market as soon as possible.

    • Jacob

      I think:
      E-Cat is the normal e-cat device.
      E-Dog is the Hot High Temperature device.
      E-Tiger is comming soon.

  • Andre Blum

    I see no indications that this is a different 1 MW container from the one we’ve seen since October 2011. Small modifications have been made, but essentially, most details still match the original one.

    • Roger Bird

      You can’t see what is going on inside so you have no idea what is going on. Your appraisal is like deciding who is going to win the 200 meter race, the guy in the blue shorts of the guy in the red shorts.

      • Andre Blum

        I am not pretending to have an idea what is going on.

        Admin, in his article, writes that the E-Cat Plant “appears to be different from the one that had been photographed and filmed numerous times in Rossi’s Bologna factory”.

        I spent 20 minutes or so comparing pictures to see if that was true, and am reporting my personal conclusion that it is not. It is the same, but somewhat upgraded.

        (race? shorts? 200 meter race?)

        • Don Witcher

          Moving the main manifold from the inside to presumably the outside because it can’t be seen in the photo is not a small detail. Presumably this was done at the request of SGS for safety reasons. The electronic package looks like it is probably now a standardized package designed for quantity production. The container was always specified as a standard sized shipping container for obvious reasons. The wiring also seems to have been redone, probably as a requirement from SGS. Seems to me he is gearing up for quantity production after having received the SGS certification.

  • Jacob

    Sure Rossi received a special inspiration regarding the secrets of the Cold Fusion phenomena – But that for benefit of all humanity and not to keep it as a top-secret among only the very narrow circle of Rossi’s friends.

  • robyn wyrick

    I don’t know if this was already posted, but I got notified by google alerts on an CF/LENR story:


    It’s dated Dec. 12, and has a link to a PDF (as a google doc, but you can probably download it.)

    It’s from Steve Bannister at University of Utah to Dr. Myron Evans (whose blog it is.)

    I’d be interested in whether others can read this?

    My internet is bad (I’m on a train), and I cannot download it, but the few parts I could read seemed like they were trying to give a “state of the art” review.