Evidence Mounts in Favor of the E-Cat

In reflecting on the SVT E-Cat program, I can’t help but think that this has to change some minds in favor of the E-Cat. The way I see it, this show has confirmed a lot of what Andrea Rossi has been saying over the last few months regarding the development of his technology and business plan. Here are some of the key points that stood out in the program to me.

  • There is indeed a redesigned 1 MW E-Cat plant (low temperature), something Rossi has maintained for a long time.
  • The E-Cat can self sustain. Linus Broholt, the investigating journalist said, “When Rossi has had his power cord unplugged a few hours during our interview, the heat is maintained in the reactor, according to measurements seen on the screen.”
  • Physicists Kullander and Essen are still impressed with the E-Cat. Essen mentions that in the testing they did, the E-Cat produced 10 times as much power as the electrical input.
  • Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest power companies, is actively investigating the E-Cat to replace its traditional nuclear plants. In the program, Anders Aberg who is responsible of R&D at Vatenfall says,”This is something new, and we are obligated as a power company to check up on alternatives, of course. This is a possibility that might change the entire world . . . We have one problem, and that is we have to try to find replacement for nuclear power plants as times goes by.”

These are some things indicate to me (in addition to other pieces of evidence that we have covered extensively on this site) that there is something to this story beyond simply the words of Rossi on his blog. The things shown in this program are consistent with the things that Rossi has been saying for a long time, and to me provide more evidence that there is an important story going on here — and I am glad to see that serious journalists in Sweden are realizing this.

Credits: Quotes are taken from an additional translation of the show done by ECW reader Freethinker. Thanks very much for your work!

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  • Greg Goble

    Energy greater than 10 times input has been observed and replicated in numerous replications. Do an LENR search at the U.S. Science.gov site and study the in depth research studies for confirmation. The trick is to keep the reaction going, starting it easily, and controllability… Sorta like learning to fly! With quantum and nano, both science and engineering, entering the art of ‘cold fusion science’ great (quantum) strides are being made, quickly. I thought, “With excitation, the harmonic convergence of atomic particles within the lattice ensures the cold fusion LENR/LENT nuclear active phenomenon”, would be the case in June 4, 2012 / Gregory Goble, “Evolution Through Cold Fusion” LENR quickly moves into engineering and design, ask NASA and Boeing.

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