Rossi on Being Called 'The Man Who Saved the World'

A very enthusiastic article by Gianluca D’Agostino in praise of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat invention has been published at He titles it “Andrea Rossi, the man who saved the World” and he sees Rossi’s contribution to the world as more important than those of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. D’Agostino writes:

Yes you read it right. Andrea Rossi, an Italian engineer who developed a cold fusion device in a little warehouse in Bologna, he’s the man who is going to save planet Earth from the energy crisis, the climate change and the economic collapse. Like Superman or Batman, even if he looks much more earthling than the average Superhero.

In a follow-up comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, D’Agostino even suggests (seemingly seriously) that the Vatican might name Rossi as a saint.

How does someone respond to such praise? Here’s what Rossi said in response:

Thank you, but I am not sure we will save the World. I am sure we are making good and sound plants, that’s what I am sure of . . . We are just working at the best of our possibilities. God will decide which is the merit of it, not me for sure . . . Of course I take what you said as a hyperbole. Thanks for the wishes.

I couldn’t find any suggestion that D’Agostino was being tongue-in-cheek in any of his comments, and it’s not the first time I have heard this kind of praise for Rossi. Such high expectations are surely hard for anyone to handle, especially at a time when the E-Cat is still largely unproven. While Rossi does not seem particularly to be seeking for the praise of the world, he doesn’t hold back in giving positive evaluations of his technology.

I guess in time we will see how accurate D’Agostino’s assessment is.

  • raymond spada

    Rossi is his own “Hot Cat”——— Lots of his own “Hot Air” & a Mythical energy device—“Where is it & what is it Running”
    ? “Savior of the World ???—Isen’t that a Premature “Leap of Faith” ??? Wheres the Hard EVIDENCE ??? I dislike taking the Man’s word for it !!!

    • captain

      Why don’t U buy one Rossi’s 1MW warm plant already on sale on the market?
      And then put your comments here!

  • Jorge

    Could something like the hot cat be suitable to run a train? Space for the power generation part is not that much of an issue on a train.Jorge

    • Zaghlool

      Well, my dream is to see ,in my life time, the old black train’s locomotive to come back on the tracks by using E-Cat steam generator.

      • clovis

        You, mean like this one, old timber or lumber engine.

      • clovis

        HI, All.
        You know that i agree with all of what he said, he will be and is a vp,believe it. and i’m sure that mr. Gianluca D’Agostino , was having a good time, those italians, are just that way, you have heard me say the same thing here in these threads, many times, kindly referring to Dr. Rossi, as a super hero, maybe that is where he came up with it, and for you naysayers, you only have to look as close as our own, fp/mp, these young men will confirm that it is true, although this field is so young they are closely recording every last detail, for history. so you don’t have to believe anything just go over and observe or participate.
        we call this ecat world, center of the e-cat revolution, Dr. Rossi our super hero engineer’s hot cat,engine it about to pull the e-cat express out of the station , all aboard ,

      • Me too, although steam is not essential, just getting rid of the electric power lines over the track. They are not beautiful.

      • David

        From fiction to reality: the rise of the steampunk world!

        • Peter_Roe

          WP omits mentioning one of the best novels of the subgenre: ‘Pavane’ by Keith Roberts.

          • David

            It’s Wikipedia, you can edit it.

          • HeS


            Wikipedia is censored. All entries are reviewed and edited/deleted by the administrators. I stopped provide them with donations.

          • Peter_Roe

            Me too.

          • AlainCo

            even out of LENr, and from a mainstream point of view, far from fringe position, Wikipedia have no more any neutral, and even less multi-polar content.
            It supports fringe position, when popular in some “millieu”.

            Most of article on sensible subjects are missing mainstream position that count, mainstream reports or documents, confirmed facts, and often add some judgment that are incompatible with the state of science.

            I say that far from LENR, and from famous science controversy.

            Wikipedia is now controlled by a/many lobby, and not by corporates, but by some kind of “Templar monk” who are sincerely honestly violently intolerant with opposing views. Hear Abd Ul-rahman Lomax speak of his experience with CF on Wikipedia.

            The same article I was still sing around 2005, with minority position, which were in fact the mainstream-science position, have made the minority=mainstream-science position disappear even from controversy and documents…
            UNO-level reports have disappeared, and unfounded propaganda reports are referenced, with no scientific sound content…

            and the corps are silent about that, because moaning would make the monk look sympathetic…

            the dictatorship is when the victims no more even moan. Nothing can fight lies, there are clear cognitive science results that confirm that. Best position is to ignore.

            about LENR, not having the Ed Storms Naturwissenschaften report, quoted or at least cited is a shame. A prove that wikipedia is corrupted.

            even an attorney cannot be so single sided.
            They break their own rule.

        • AlainCo

          I’ve made an article about how ineteresting is steampunk fashion for LENR.
          the idea is that steampunk is a reaction to the anti-science mood of current period, of the vision that there is no future.
          If there is no future in the future, people look for future in the past…
          and victorian period is a period, when despite awful problem,s people were optimistic about technology…
          Jules Vernes, Scherlock Holmes,…

  • Zaghlool

    Well, the common question for every one today :
    Is the “E-Cat” a real device or it is just Mythical ?
    Who can answer this question ?????????????

    • AlainCo

      Ask Aldo Proia, and his investors.

    • captain

      To be convinced, buy one 1MW warm thermal plant, already on sale on the market.

  • GreenWin

    “D’Agostino even suggests (seemingly seriously) that the Vatican might name Rossi as a saint.”

    I got a full 15″ LOL from this! Dr. Rossi is the catalyst-lightning rod for a team of exceptional scientists. An extension on the Saintery will be needed if deification arrives.

    • Zaghlool

      Well, Andrea Rossi received a special inspiration regarding the secrets of the Cold Fusion Phenomena in the right time.
      Without that special inspiration neither Andrea Rossi or another 1000 scientists could do any thing regarding this issue.
      This inspiration is a special gift given to Rossi.

      • GreenWin

        You may well be right Zag…

  • LCD

    Wow very interesting article not sure what’s true.

    Some quotes

    “The e-cat for domestic use will hit the market next month, on Februrary 2013, but in the meanwhile there’s a commercial version for industrial use, the Hot Cat which is already in the market, distributed by Prometeon Srl.”

    “In 1978 Rossi registered a patent for a system that was able to convert human waste into a fuel called refluopetrolio, (reflowoil) a type of fuel that was very similar to oil. The machine patented by Rossi was able to make 2 tons of oil per day out of ten tons of organic waste, with the additional advantage that the reflowoil was 30% cheaper than the regular oil. You have to consider that 1978 was a year in which the oil crisis made the oil price skyrocketing, so you can imagine how important such an invention could have been considered at the time.

    The invention was simply revolutionary and the U.S. President Jimmy Carter personally granted Andrea Rossi a permanent U.S. visa to come to the United States to develop his research even further.

    Unfortunately Rossi chose to stay in Italy, where he bought an oil refinery that he transformed into a reflowoil factory. He called his company Petroldragon.

    Since its beginning reflowoil was very successful within the chemical industry, that used oil to make solvents and other oil-based products. Thanks to Rossi’s invention, chemical companies using oil as their main supply started saving 1/3 of their budget.

    Everything went smooth until one day of 1987 when just out of the blue, the Italian government made a law, according to which the waste treated in Rossi’s company had to be considered toxic material.”

    • Peter_Roe

      “The e-cat for domestic use will hit the market next month, on Februrary 2013, but in the meanwhile there’s a commercial version for industrial use, the Hot Cat which is already in the market, distributed by Prometeon Srl.”

      D’Agostino seems to be rather ‘off on one’ with this. Rossi himself has said that the domestic e-cat is a long way away and it’s eventual appearance will depend on safety data from prolonged operation of industrial units. Prometeon doesn’t mention it, and also states that the ‘hot cat is “in an advanced stage of research and development”, as are other configurations of the container e-cat.

      Although this article is dated for Jan 27th 2013, and also refers to Feb 2013 as ‘next month’ I get an impression of something that may have been mostly written quite some time ago – before a certain amount of realism crept into the narrative. Possibly it’s just been ‘warmed over’ a little, without checking the current situation with regard to what is actually supposed to be available.

      The stuff about Petroldragon seems to correspond with the facts. Rossi was royally shafted by corrupt politicians and the mafia.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, politicians are eminently capable of royal shafting… Mafia most likely revert to common shafting.

        And you may be right about the timing. It did strike me odd that D’Agostino was not better informed on the delays in the domestic e-cat.

  • LCD

    For those who are following the Ciuchi, Widom-Larsen-Srivastava argument here is the latest from WL camp

    “There is a recent comment (Ciuchi et al., 2012) concerning the theory of collective many body effects on the neutron production rates in a chemical battery cathode. Ciuchi et al employ an inverse beta decay expression that contains a two body amplitude. Only one electron and one proton may exist in the Ciuchi et al model initial state wave function. A flaw in their reasoning is that one cannot in reality describe collective many body correlations with only a two particle wave function. One needs very many particles to describe collective effects. In the model wave functions of Ciuchi et al there are no metallic hydrides, there are no cathodes and there are no chemical batteries. Employing a wave function with only one electron and one proton is inadequate for describing collective metallic hydride surface quantum plasma physics in cathodes accurately.”

  • elasticbucket

    That LENR exists is not now the question. The question is can LENR be utilised to perform a positive service to a world that has an ever increasing energy crisis, and is Rossi the conduit? The conduit from a world of scientific dogma in which yesterday’s accepted science,it appears, is overwhelmingly cast in perpetuity and beware the fate of challengers.

  • I think there is plenty of question as to exactly what Eng. Rossi has. If he has what he claims, he will bring on a revolution. If he has what he claims, he will end any energy crisis, though the crash of the energy industry will be more than unpleasant for many. If global warming is really caused by the side effects of energy, then he will solve global warming.

    Will he save the economy? I don’t think he will. 20% of our current economy is energy. Having this much of our economy become useless will produce a lot of shock to the system. The system is painfully unstable. It cannot withstand that 20% shock.

    On the economy, I believe that a new economy will rise up due to LENR. LENR may in fact hasten the crash of this economy, though the crash is inevitable anyway.

    Ultimately, is Rossi responsible, even if he has what he claims? That’s a better question. Rossi recognizes that he built upon the work of others, such as Pons and Fleischmann. If Rossi doesn’t have something close to what he claims, the LENR economy will happen anyway. It may take a little longer, maybe even decades longer, but it will come.

    If Rossi has what he claims, he deserves a lot of kudos, he deserves the Nobel. However, if Rossi doesn’t have the goods, the goods will come without him.

    • Peter_Roe

      As you say, the world economy is going to crash soon anyway, due to the manipulations of the banksters. Let’s get it done with so we can see what can be rescued and what needs rebuilding, and try to pry loose the tentacles of the financial parasites in the process.

  • At this moment, the main talent of Rossi is advertising ! Since 2 years, we are waiting a convincing test of the units !

    • captain

      Do U personally your convincing test by buying one 1MW warm thermal plant already on sale on the market.

      • Silvio Balatelli

        are you sure ? One of the licencees told me they are still talking about setting up the first 1MW demonstration plant somewhere in Italy. They may have sold units, but not delivered yet.

  • georgehants

    Thomas Florek
    January 29th, 2013 at 10:26 AM
    Dear Gianluca D’Agostino,
    If you like the E-cat, wait until you hear Andrea Rossi play drums!
    Andrea Rossi
    January 29th, 2013 at 5:32 PM
    Dear Thomas:
    Why don’t you organize a jam session in March, with money to a specific family you can choose hit by Sandy ? ( No organizations, please: just real People)
    If that’s jazz, I can play.
    Warmest Regards,
    Thomas Florek
    January 29th, 2013 at 10:26 AM

  • georgehants
  • georgehants

    Wonderful to read scientific reports where the mystery and Wonder is admitted to still be found and not science has all the answers.
    The Reference Frame
    Wednesday, January 30, 2013 …
    Evolving portrait of the electron
    The electron may hide lots of wonderful new structure inside. However, the particle’s behavior in the atoms is independent of these not-yet-settled mysteries. It’s both good news and bad news. It’s good news because our understanding of atoms and similar, relatively long-distance physical situations may be rather complete despite the incompleteness of our understanding of the internal structure. It’s bad news for the same reason: the observations of the atomic and other phenomena can’t tell us anything about the very short-distance physics even though we would love to learn about it.

  • Jonas

    “Saving” is perhaps a little strong… If he doesn’t put the domestic cat on the market soon, but rather only sells the industrial plant for a couple of years, the only thing we’ll notice is the even richer energy corporations. At least until someone copies it.

    By the way, why would the industry want to buy this thing anyway? It consists of a hundred ‘regular’ e-cats, same as the domestic ones, but each one costs 30 times the prize of the domestic one, said to be approximately 500 dollars (the industrial plant costs 1.5 million dollars to buy, divided by a hundred=15.000 dollars/cat)! Aren’t they allowed to be a little questioning as to what more they get than just waiting and then buy a hundred domestic ones..?

  • Roger Bird

    A saint!!!???!!!. I guess some (or perhaps most) people, including probably the Papacy, are clueless about what constitutes a saint. It is the state of consciousness, a consciousness of compassion for all being and love for God, that constitutes a saint, NOT worldly accomplishments. Afterall, John D. Rockefeller saved the whales and St. Francis of Assisi didn’t accomplish anything worldly-wise.

    Rossi is either a complete con or else a very well meaning, hard working decent guy who is doing the right thing and will help the world immensely.