Unconfirmed — First US E-Cat Plant in Operation

I think this should be put in the rumor category for now, but I received the following comment from ‘Francesco CH’ today — someone who hasn’t commented here in quite a while, but in the past has proved to be quite a reliable source of information regarding the E-Cat (once when I asked Rossi about one of his statements, Rossi said Francesco CH was very well informed):


It does not surprise me at all to hear that the plant is working. It has been almost two months since it was shipped to the United States. If there were no mishaps in transit it should have been relatively simple to get it installed. Now we need to wait for some kind of official confirmarion.

  • Kim

    Please God let it be True!


    • miles

      Why so paranoid? If something was to happen, I’m sure it would be investigated and foul play identified or if the lenr device was to explode, it would be fixed so it wouldn’t explode. But there is nothing to make it go ka boom because its all physics at play. No chemicals, so the testing thus far has ALL been positive. I hope ive at least put your mind at ease. The truth will always prevail and lies will be uncovered. As for rossi being so hush, its a good thing that less people know to avoid any tampering or evilish scheming – less is more.

  • artefact

    A new comment on the arxiv paper by Göran Ericsson and Stephan Pomp:

    • pg

      The comments seem quite ridiculus.

    • Kim

      The earth is still flat, and shall
      remain so.

      Move along… Nothing to see here.

      They know… They were told to
      write and discount the report.


      • fortyniner

        Just a couple of maryyugos with robes and mortarboards. Why does the apocryphal story about King Canute (Cnut the Great) come to mind? The difference is that Cnut knew that he had no power to halt the tide – I doubt these pompous, closed-minded academic time servers are that self aware.

        • GreenWin

          Perhaps the “tough love” approach will work on these…er, mortarboards. 🙂

    • Lukedc

      Göran has a track record of countermanding all results that don’t fit into his closes minded view of physics. Unless its a minute increment to an already established phenomenon, it’s just too much for them..

    • Tony McDougall

      Before It’s News is featuring a video about the Third Party Report and, going by the title, it implies that it was endorsed by Cornell University! Maybe the person who posted that video on BIN misinterpreted the Ericsson/Pomp post on the University’s Library page, or maybe not.

    • Karl

      The winners have the last laugh – “the harder they come the harder they fall”

    • AlainCo

      Some comments are not totally ridiculous and unscientific, but few.

      the part on “it is not science” make me think they live on another planet. Make me think about that quote from Taleb:

      If we behave like usual scientist, this paper stink and deserve no reading. I admit that this usual behavior is not good, but if they were consistent they would dump that toilet paper without reading.

      anyway the test report, beside a pile of stupidities, take few points, that we all know already, that can be addressed with a primate brain endowed of game theory and thought theory.

      • LENR.FTW

        I think there’s some value in academic rigor and constructive criticism from their peers. I hope the testers review the ways to strengthen their measurement techniques and apply them to the upcoming follow-on test.

        I expect the E-Cat will be out of the bag soon and render the next test somewhat less important. But if we are still waiting in about 7 months and the new test report comes out and it says the same thing but this time with exhaustive investigation of potential fraud… well it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

    • Gerrit

      I actually think the “comments on the report” is an interesting piece of work.

      Although the paper starts with a sneering “These are characteristics more typically found in pseudo‐scientific texts and have no place in a technical/scientific report on this level.”, the rest of it is pretty readable and some apparently valid arguments are made.

      However, what it all seems to boil down to is that Göran Ericsson and Stephan Pomp cannot accept that the test was done on Rossi’s premises and it was a black box test. In their view the black box test makes it “not scientific”, because one can’t investigate the real phenomenon and the Rossi premises makes in “not independent” because one cannot control the environment totally.

      To them I can only say that they are totally free to apply for a research budget to study the phenomenon and when they have understood it they can then freely develop their working “Göran-Cat” and they will be totally free to perform all those things to it as described in their paper.

      It should be clear to everybody now why Rossi has told from the very start that the only proof for his Ecat lies with satisfied customers.

      And if the rumor in this thread is true it is even more poetic that while scientists are still complaining about how to “scientifically and independently” perform a test the actual device is already in operation producing energy.

      beautiful really

      • fortyniner

        As with any field of research, those that are so inflexible that they allow themselves to be overtaken by events quickly become completely irrelevant. I’m sure a long and happy (early?) retirement beckons in both cases.

        • Gerrit

          We all know that as soon as LENR are accepted by the mainstream, overnight all the pseudo skeptics will not only vanish, but will have never existed.

          Mainstream will claim in hindsight that it has always been evident that there is more to be discovered, but that proper science takes a long time and that most of the work done in the 25 years LENR struggle was “pseudo science” and is directly to blame for the long delay.

          Nature will proclaim that they never dismissed “cold fusion” papers out of hand.

          Funding agencies will proclaim that they would have considered research proposals.

          Mainstream science will NOT wake up, they will simply blame the LENR researchers – who kept the torch burning – for not having been more acceptable.

          • fortyniner

            Insightful comments – in particular,

            “…most of the work done in the 25 years LENR struggle was “pseudo science” and is directly to blame for the long delay.”

            The true record will persist online, but if the ‘climategate’ disclosures didn’t finish AGW it is unlikely that such records will help much in bringing those responsible for the CF disinformation machine to account.

          • GreenWin

            Gents, I agree with your combined assessment of mainstream reaction. A big white wash and blame the heroes. But I sense a different time coming along with LENR. Here in the U.S. we have Congress seriously considering terminating funding for ITER. It is mostly politics except that The Admin has terminated MIT, and NIF funding and the Princeton fusion project is near extinction.

            This is to suggest the old guard is badly weakened. And only old age will keep Park, Koonin, Huizenga, Ballinger, etc. from civil prosecution. Congress should hold public hearings and demand an explanation why the country’s best and brightest took us down a path that pointedly ignored scientific fact.

            And the Mckubre’s and Hagelsteins and Storms, should be given high public recognition. THIS, cleansing process must occur in order to avoid a repeat of the same corruptive conduct in another generation. Cleansing is good IMO. And it is a long time in the coming.

          • clovis


          • AlainCo

            that was the message of Eric Walker on Vortex…
            In that article I explain that Nassim Nicholas taleb say it is a rule of history.

            really fun to read.

      • MoonShine

        Göran already made his own “e-cat”.

        Its in the Swedish documentary about Cold Fusion from “Vetenskapens Värld”.

        Hypothetically: I wonder if people like him would benefit from having access to the real deal to make measurements. (not necessarily rossis) Or if he would just use the opportunity to bash colleagues even further.

    • AB

      Too much sneering and spurious points of criticism that do nothing but inflate the volume of the article. The valid points boil down to
      a) Test not 100% indipendent.
      b) More data could have been reported.

      • artefact

        yes, like “The authors seem to jump to conclusions fitting pre-conceived ideas where alternative explanations are possible”
        What are the alternative explanations they think of? They do not state them.

        • AB

          The author even questions whether the IR camera works as intended. He makes the argument that reading the temperature from the IR camera is an unnecessary detour, and that instead, the raw sensor data should have been used.

          That paragraph is just a waste of space. The only purpose of including it, as far as I can see, is for FUD, ie. to raise a lot of similar questions and make the whole paper look unreliable.

      • fortyniner

        I’m not sure about the etiquette of quoting from another blog, but this from Yury Kissin on ecatnews.com seems worth repeating here:

        “I am a scientist, a chemist, and I periodically write peer reviews of articles submitted for publication in scientific journals. I am doing it for at least 30 years, so I think I can speak from experience.

        “What the people commenting on the Levi’s paper wrote is pure nonsense. The principal role of a real peer reviewer is to determine that the experimental data are presented in an acceptable scientific manner and that the conclusions are justified by the data.

        “No reviewer, in its clear mind, will start questioning honesty of the authors, will doubt that the experiments were indeed carried out or will question validity of the third party’s numbers on the weight and the composition of the original components in the experiments.

        “To my mind, these “peer’s reviews” loudly say the simple truth: The “reviewers” have no doubts that the Levy’s experiment is correct and that it represents an independent proof of LENR in the nickel/hydrogen system. The “reviewers” loathe this fact and are trying to use any argument, however obscure or unrelated to the issue, to deflect the readers’ interest and to bury the Foccardi/Rossi discovery.”

        • kdk

          Yeah, it will come when they say something like “their information was unreliable, and we were right to doubt, only recently have advancements been made… our arguments were justified.”

    • LENR.FTW

      Nothing really new, but a nice summary of the shortcomings of the test. They are right about most things. None of their objections and nitpicks change the basics:

      * Heat output was measured to most everyone’s satisfaction
      * Electrical energy input measurement was not as thorough as it should have been given the circumstances

      Their lengthy objections to the quality of the paper and some of the decisions the testers made does not change the fact that the testing reduced the situation to two possibilities:

      * it works
      * Rossi is engaging elaborate fraud that has escaped detection by many, including this group of 7 testers that had unfettered access to the device for 5 days of uninterrupted testing

      • AlainCo

        and he designed a fraud that he could reasonably imagine impossible to be detected by 7 scientist using common instruments.
        This rule out HF and DC hypothesis, hidden wires, microwave, IR…

        maybe alien technology, fairy powder or LENR may explain the result.

    • Dave Lawton

      Ericsson and Tromp are part of the James Randi team ,many years ago I investigated
      the members of the team at the time it was quite illuminating.I was going to give
      a talk on what I had discovered about them.Within two hours of my talk I was canncelled.Say no more.All I will say research the sceptics and you will be suprised what you come up with.

      • AB

        So what did you discover?

  • Hans-Joachim Müller

    Step by step the evidence for the reality of the E-Cat increases.

  • sophareth camsonne

    The E-Cat moving is irréversible.

    • fortyniner

      Yes, momentum is building quite quickly. The dam hasn’t burst yet, but many cracks seem to be appearing!

  • Kim

    I have had this thought before…

    and will share it.

    The E-cat is now up and running in the U.S.

    The Main Stream Media starts to give attention to it.

    and then there is some kind of explosion…

    Injuries, perhaps a death.

    This scenario could easily be arrange by
    government operatives.

    It would all come crashing down.

    It worries me. so easy to do.

    Rossi must know this and lies awake at night because of it.

    The elite will either let us have the
    new fire or they will not.

    This is a very vulnerable stage we are at.

    Please tell me I worry to much.


    • Zedshort

      Why the paranoia about “government operatives”?

      • b4FreeEnergy

        Because apparently things like this are necessary: http://www.citizenhearing.org/video.html

        And still not a ‘bliep’ in the newspapers!

        That is why!

      • Karl

        No wonder why there is no report about Cold Fusion/LENR in mainstream mass media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh5LBKnO4NE&list=PLD079EDFB6A0AD658

        • sylvie lamontagne

          I believe Mark Gibbs of Forbes about the e-cat and cold
          fusion a number of times.

          • sylvie lamontagne

            I believe that Mark Gibbs of Forbes magazine wrote a number of articles on the subject of cold fusion and e-cat.

          • fortyniner

            That’s true – most have been commented on fairly extensively here. He seems to have started out as an outright skeptic with a contemptuous attitude towards cold fusion proponents, but more recently seems to have become rather more realistic about the evidence (but without admitting to his earlier arrogance, incompetence and incivility).

    • Redford

      I think it’s a political game and Rossi seems to get it. It’s a matter of who support it vs who opposes it. If you start little and controle who you disclose to you have a good shoot at getting strong support before getting strong opposition. Now the internet itself is a leaving proof that “coming-from-the-top-control” can miss big things. As you imply it, Rossi was under the radar and may now be entering the part of his project where he begins to be noticed.

      My hope is that this time the money power wants an eCat. In the 2000′ it bet on oil with, to say the least, mitigated success. Specifically, worldwide US opposition is largely strong because oil is strong. So there certainly are a lot of interest, in the places of power, for getting out of oil.

      Then they will make projections. If one is substancially better than the other, they’ll go for it. But switching energy model for the whole world is potentially an ocean of profits. Strong incentive!

    • Roger Bird

      It could be any operatives.

      And you are being needlessly paranoid. It would prove LENR+ big time, and I doubt that anyone who would want to stop us would want that.

    • kdk

      I think it would be corporations doing the sabotage, as well as disinformation. They wouldn’t need to risk someone in the gov finding out that they were working against it. The fewer who know, the better.

      They want their piece of the pie. They’ve been working on that for a while me-thinks. There are too many interested parties who need the energy and don’t have the supply, to stop it though.

      I hope you’re being paranoid.

      • AlainCo

        Big corps will try to slowdown the change, and take a share of the cake…

        However the most frightening is the priest of apocalypse, the fearmongers, who will try to really block that invention of Satan that will corrupt the heart and the mind of the masses, with comfort and wealth…

        • Roger Bird

          Well, there is that problem of comfort and wealth, but they exist so that people can grow spiritually. We just have to accept the challenging with the unchallenging.

  • RenzoB

    Rossi himself says the plant is installed and working in the following radio interview
    It is a good interview but without other new informations, so I will not translate it.
    From min. 17 onwards Rossi says the plant is already installed and working fine. His partner will probably hold a press conference after a few months of normal operation, they want to gain experience before making an official annoucement.

    • Gerrit

      I don’t understand much italian, but the first minutes are funny to listen to … “I am not a professor !” – ” Ah capito !”
      The poor interview lady unable to interrupt Rossi.


      • RenzoB

        she calls him “professor” and Rossi says he’s not a professor but he has a degree in philosophy and only a honorary degree in engineering

        • Robyn Wyrick

          “he has a degree in philosophy”

          Actually, I believe it has been posted here that he has a
          Dottorato di ricerca (Doctorate of Philosophy), which in Italy is the equivalent to a PHD, and his field was engineering, not philosophy.

          Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

          • Roger Bird

            You are correct.

    • robiD

      To say it all, at min 16:50 Rossi also says that the plant that is now working in the US has been completely built there (USA).

      • GreenWin

        This is surprising. It suggests it is not the container we have pictures of leaving Italy. If there is indeed a full working plant built on American soil – that IS good progress!

        • Gerrit

          Time to ask Rossi if the plant which is currently in operation is the same one that was shipped from Italy or one that was build in USA.

          Or if there are more plants in operation at the moment, built in Italy AND USA

        • fortyniner

          It’s just possible I suppose that the plant Rossi is referring to is in fact a prototype/pilot ‘hot cat’ installation. To my mind far more exciting than the boring old ‘mark 1’ miracle!

      • Gordon Docherty

        Be careful of translations – he could well be meaning assembled, especially if it were shipped in parts…

        • Chris I

          No, he did not say “assemblato” he said “…il primo prodotto interamente qui…” (…the first one entirely produced here…) and he is being interviewed over the phone in Miami.

          Besides, the one that was shipped was not disassembled at all.

    • Chris I

      Why is that rather unexcellent guitar superimposed over the interview for quite a while?

      Apart from this, another noteworthy thing he says is that there will certainly be a press conference, once it has been running smooth for a few more months. We need to wait for this event and see what names and addresses will be disclosed.

      Apart from that brief tract (ca. 16:45 to 17:30) the rest is pretty much worthless chatter.

  • AlainCo

    Let us be careful, this is all else an official claim…

    LENR is replicated a thousands times, LENR+ is validated independently more than 3 times…
    Rossi’s technology is cross checked by a handful of circumstantial evidences and partners.

    but that news is not checked…

    • MaxS

      You are making bold statements with “replicated a thousand times”
      Note, according to the German licencee, this news happened already in May, and a report was published on June15.

      • Extremnews is missleading with their statements.
        They only talk about the delivery, not that it is already in operation.

  • E_man

    Next Thursday could be good oportunity for Obama to announce it (by my opinion).

    • KD

      For Obama to talk about LENR, it is necessary to have proven working devices. So far Rossi is developing his product, organizing production. And Hot E-Cat is in R&D stage.
      It might take six months or one year of testing in work.

      Remember that Solyndra cost taxpayers over 500 million dollars. And there was many others bankruptcies.

    • Roger Bird

      Obama’s credibility would be utterly shattered if the letters ‘L’ ‘E’ ‘N’ ‘R’ left his lips. Yes, in a few years, perhaps after he left office, he would be hailed as a great visionary, but his 2nd term would be ruined and the Democrats chances in 2016 would be finished.

      Also, understand that he is a very busy man, with golf, fatherhood, and governance and all. New energy schemes are plentiful. LENR is probably hardly even a blip on the government’s “radar”, and in the government he will be the last to know.

      Also, he and all politicians are dependent thinkers. They won’t consider ANYTHING that hasn’t already been accepted by the science community.

    • Chris I

      Just wait for the press conference.

  • a

    Why would all of these customers of these plants again and again want to remain so private and secretive?

    • GreenWin

      a, possibly because they have learned from business that pioneers take the arrows. And staying out of the spotlight allows for a controlled, peaceful shakedown cruise.

    • Gerrit

      why not ?

    • fortyniner

      One or more ‘customers’ for 1MW units are supposedly military – entities which are not in the habit of keeping the public updated on their internal affairs. If any customers so far are private entities, then perhaps they would keep quiet because there would be no commercial gain in going public?

      However in the present case it seems that Rossi and partner are simply not ready to disclose as yet. If some kind of public ‘launch’ is intended, they will need a body of ‘field’ evidence spanning several months in order to prove safety and reliability, in addition to records of thermal output vs. electrical input.

      • Bob

        From earlier reports I understood that the first ‘customer’ in the USA was his top secret partner.
        Unless that has changed I don’t think we will hear much about it.

        • KD

          The US secret Partner might keep for own use, for additional tests or install for one of his customers as Rossi said.

          • Bob

            So the question is then, is the plant installed and running in the secret partners workshop or is it now out in a real customers factory?
            Does anyone know?

          • fortyniner

            My guess would be some kind of arrangement similar to that offered on ecat.com, i.e., the unit may be installed on the premises of a genuine customer, but still owned by Rossi or the partner. The customer would receive some free heat (relative to input) in return for providing field testing.

            For such a deal to make sense, Rossi and the partner would need to meet all installation costs plus any incidental costs arising from monitoring and recording, increased security etc. It seems likely that such a customer would already be a client of the partner, or perhaps a subsidiary.

      • Einar

        fortyniner wrote:
        However in the present case it seems that Rossi and partner are simply not ready to disclose as yet. If some kind of public ‘launch’ is intended, they will need a body of ‘field’ evidence spanning several months in order to prove safety and reliability, in addition to records of thermal output vs. electrical input

        Agreed, I would expect a full fuel cycle’s worth of operation (six months) before going public.

        • Len R

          Yes, 6 months is perpetually needed

    • MikeP

      So far there’s only one customer. What do you mean by “all of these” customers? Future deliveries? What are you trying to imply? That somebody on a wait list should issue a press release about it? What would it mean if they did?

      Supposedly the first U.S. customer will allow visitors later this summer once they’ve had some experience with the plant. If that doesn’t happen, then you can use the phrase “secretive”. That still would be one customer, not a conspiracy. In the future, when there are multiple customers, if they all refuse to talk about it, then you could use the phrase “all of these customers”.

      I personally can’t see multiple companies keeping quiet. Positive or negative, when you have a group, somebody will share their opinions.

      • KD

        There is no sense to reveal itself by the user of first commercial 1MW E-Cat plant.
        It would be too costly to employ additional dozen employees to answer the phone calls and mail and additional security to guard the plant.

        • Roger Bird

          KD, excellent point. A smart company does not employ more people than it needs. At the very least, they would have to employ a security guard. What possible motivation would they have to force themselves into employing a security guard, who may not even be sufficient for their needs.

          And any company smart enough to buy an e-cat is by definition “smart”.

    • Chris I

      They have few reasons to want to be known and, if there is no real advantage to it, they will prefer not.

  • Ecat

    June 28th, 2013 at 2:22 AM

    Dear Andrea, a rumor has spread that the first us plant is up and running. Can you confirm that? Thanks. All the best
    Andrea Rossi
    June 28th, 2013 at 8:12 AM

    Yes, is going well, but it is soon to talk about it. We are at the beginning of a long path. The production of the plants in the USA is started too: all the next plants will be entirely made in the USA.
    Warm Regards,

  • Roger Bird

    In the article “Sergio Focardi — Top Witness of the E-Cat [Updated: Video of Rossi on Focardi]”, there were 184 comments. fortyniner had 14 comments. I had 41. GreenWin had 23 comments.

    In the article “Rossi on E-Cat Electricity Generation”, there were 84 comments. fortyniner had 6 comments. I had 5 comments. GreenWin had 9 comments.

    I suppose that we are all on moderation. But I am not sure why I am still on moderation.

    Roger Bird

    • reader


      • Zdzislaw

        Do Pana Rogera
        Obserwuję informacje o E-Cat – teraz podobno są sukcesy-
        ale czy ma Pan absolutnie pewną informację czy ten 1MW E-Cat został wyprodukowany, zainstalowany i działa.
        Wszędzie są komentarze a z nich nie wynika że ktoś to widział i jest pewny że to działa.
        Zdzislaw Niedzialek

    • Chris I

      Are you some kind of an actuary?

  • AlainCo

    ecatnews published a moderate critics
    Globally i says that beside the unscientific remarks, it just moan on some lack of precisions, and just cast doubt…
    They jump from doubt to sure it is fraud. classic…

    • fortyniner

      With a few honourable exceptions, ECN seems to have pretty much gone down the tube again, with Hody in several guises plus several of the old troopers all hacking away with the usual mix of prejudicial terminology, innuendo, partial truth, ad hominem attack and outright lies. Paul Story needs to pull several weeds if his blog is to survive (again).

      • Mark

        I second that. It is starting to seem like intellectual cowardice for him to continue to say that proof is far away, like he’s looking for every excuse that he can find to sit right in the center until evidence comes along that is so overwhelming and easy-to-see that only a moron would deny it. That is cowardice.

        • NJT

          He and his blog are toast. To bad as he started with much intellectual potential and was quickly beheaded by the pathoskeps who took over his mind and his blogsite…

  • barty

    I’m curious if his partner has build a working plant on it’s own already.
    This would be nice, because then they are able to produce ecats without Rossis help.
    And if they could speedup the production, it’s possible we will see some plants in the free wild in the very next future.

  • LilyLover

    Dear Kim,
    There are a few things we can do about it.
    We’ll discuss those as the need arises for us to take some proactive action.
    But until then, may this help you feel peaceful –
    If the controllers sabotage the E-Cat with explosion, it will send a signal to Rossi that their early-cooperation was a farce. BRICS or someone will show the rest of the World that E-Cat can be SAFELY installed and used. In that light the perceived controller – the USA – will look incompetent and unreliable. The men behind the curtain love the curtain the most for that’s the source of their power. The E-Cat explosion and reliable demonstration elsewhere will precipitate the curtain-unveiling. Being greedier and more cruel put them at the top of the pyramid (which really is a top(a toy) that is still spinning and therefore standing). The top is slowing down. Once the spin’s gone, it’ll fall. Resistance is futile. They get it. Therefore they have to scavenge the bottom and top too. Controllers, amongst themselves, will be forced to be greedier and mean to each other. Omniscient hack-able cameras, data and ability to see Russia being more capitalistic and less socialistic than US will force the kids of pro-ignorance-adults to wake their parents up. This will bring the Oz out. Now, before losing it all, they can vanish from the scene and hope to remain untouched. Or be more aggressive and awaken the proverbial giant. Or play along and prolong the ignorance while sucking the system dry.
    Rapid impact attack may be met with the counter-attack. And the game’s over. Therefore, for profit maximization and survival, they’ve no choice but to stop hindering the human progress.
    Education is their enemy. But as of now it’s as low as it can be. Therefore further dumbing down is not possible. Besides, when everyone is empowered through open source or say, when every kid becomes at least half as strong as bully and makes one friend(even out of necessity), the bully cannot bully anymore. The “top” has become too heavy. The bottom pin is too stressed out. Worn-out. Now it has become the matter of “eat or die” as opposed to “ignorant vs elite” or, “the right thing to do” vs “obey the law of the land”.
    They will try to add more spin to stay upright. But the base is worn-out. A top can’t spin in marsh.
    In terms of graphs – They’ll rather die a radioactive decay than a sinusoidal wave. Slower the rate prolonged the decay. Bright bands of constructive interference are hard to maintain. Out of phase – out of business. Waves aren’t kind. And the present day controllers are neither good-enough-surfers nor as illuminated as their ancestors. Time’s up.
    Mario gets the princess.
    Have a good day.

  • clovis

    Frank, thanks and to Dr. Rossi, thank you sir, for keeping us so well informed, about the latest developments, of your E-cat, and what great news it is, congratulations on having a working model, on line and producing a product, wow the press conference is just around the corner.
    Good things and times, ahead

  • Omega Z

    Francesco CH Statement isn’t that surprising to me.

    I note that Rossi traveled to the U.S. Shortly after the LT 1Mw was shipped.

    As to Rossi’s posts on JONP, He has been here for an extended period of time & has neglected/declined to give any info about it.

    I have assumed that he has been busy setting it up & putting it into Operation. Also training those who will be in charge of it.