Big Surprises Still to Come From Rossi & Co?

Rossi is still being coy about what he is up to. A few weeks ago he mentioned that ‘big surprises’ were coming, but gave no details. Here is a new exchange about that topic from today.

Giuliano Bettini
July 20th, 2013 at 3:17 AM
Dear Andrea,
we know that the E-Cat technology is undergoing extremely rigorous tests.
We trust that from this, surely, important results will come.
Without causing any disturbance, however we would ask:
your feeling of “Big Surprises arriving soon” is still valid?
Big Regards,

Andrea Rossi
July 20th, 2013 at 7:09 AM
Giuliano Bettini:
Your question answers to itself.
Thank you for your attention,
Warm Regards,

My interpretation of Rossi’s reply would seem to be that Rossi is saying ‘yes’ — but it seems Rossi is being deliberately vague here.

  • Hampus

    Ofc he has surprises the question is when will he come out with them 🙂

  • fortyniner

    Clearly the question does not answer itself, unless Rossi is trying to infer (it’s a stretch) that the “important results” that are coming from the “extremely rigorous tests” are themselves surprising.

    In this case I think he would have said so, as he has done in the past, unless he is being gagged by his associates. Sadly, I think the days of relatively free-ranging ‘updates’ and announcements from Rossi have been over for some time – as might be expected.

    • Kim

      I agree about the free range info is

      His “Over Seers” are now all in the
      Cold fusion Fetal Position about the
      “Money” and “Bottom Line” stagnation
      and information is Zero.

      They have to figure out how to make
      a quick profit before the technology
      can be reversed engineered in someones


      • Blanco69

        That’s a good point. If Rossi’s partner is big business, they will think and act like big business. Profit maximisation theory tells us that ecats won’t be cheap to buy, energy won’t be so abundant that it’s not worth metering. Simply, huge profits will be made in the medium term. That’s why I’m sort of glad that the spark of the idea that came from Rossi-Focardi is now in the hands of two players. It means the world will change a little bit faster for the rest of us.

        • fortyniner

          Initially, the big money will be in centralised powergen, which means the ‘hot cat’ system in one form or another (but probably gas-fired initiation). So far it looks like DGT have probably developed a high-output version of the LT e-cat, which might compete in the process heat and large-scale building heating markets, but perhaps not in powergen.

          If Rossi’s associates did have any plans to make some kind of announcement (Rossi’s ‘surprise’?) it’s probably on hold anyway until they can extrapolate from whatever DGT is prepared to show in public. Chances are though that we won’t hear anything of substance until they are ready to go to market with something.

  • Tony McDougall

    AR is trying very hard to hold back what he really feels:

  • I think he’s waiting for news at ICCF-18. If defkalion is big in the news, he’ll drop his bomb 😉
    He did similar things in the past…

  • Thinks4Self

    If I was Rossi and Associates, I would be prepping an announcement, photo release, etc… for the day after Defkalion demo. In business you always plan to steal the thunder of your rivals, specially when they give you plenty of notice so that you can.

    If Rossi has a real established company working with him and they have actual marketing and PR departments then we should expect to see some announcements and surprises from them next week.

    • Kim

      I don’t think there will be any “Bombs”
      dropped by Rossi.

      His “Over Seers” are quite prepared to
      take care of Defkalion Legally.

      Defkalion just wants to see how far they
      can push it.

      This issue with Defkalion and Rossi
      will have to be taken care of before
      any real progress in a commercial product
      can go forward.

      How ever I hope I am wrong.


      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Why will Rossi’s suit against Defkalion stop Rossi’s E-Cat commercialization? Just another IP/Patent fight, there are hundreds going on as we speak.

        • Kim

          Real Progress.


      • clovis


  • John-64

    The question is a bit pointless. Of course, any person would say “Yes, of course, you’ll see some surprises coming real soon”. The fact that Rossi doesn’t answer it this way, well the reason for that can be left as an exercise for the reader.

  • Roger Bird

    I hear “yes”.

  • Sanjeev

    Perhaps the biggest surprise is coming for Rossi himself, which is – DGT public demo of their product. So far Rossi believed that they had nothing but an empty box waiting to be filled with powder stolen from Ecats.

    From the start this viewpoint seemed like wishful thinking, if DGT had an empty box, they would not announce anything, would not invite people to see it and test it. They’d simply wait till they can purchase an Ecat and afterwards reverse engineer it, all behind the curtains. But we see something else.

    One argument can be that DGT pretends that they have the tech only to get some investments. I highly doubt that’s practical as a big investor would ask for a demo/test before putting his millions in front of them.

    Anyway the demo is going to be interesting from many angles.

  • Nixter

    Exactly how Defkalion obtained their reactor design is a mystery, it seems to be based on a different method of operation, Defkalion apparently uses excited Plasma to generate the conditions necessary for the reaction to initiate. Rossi uses heat to do this in his E-Cats.

    I think that Rossi’s certainty that Defkalion did not, could not, have a working reactor may have been based on his belief that the information they would have needed to copy it was not easily obtainable. Rossi may have purposely done something to make identifying his secret very difficult, perhaps altering his formula enough that it would still function, but not giving them access to his TRUE E-Cat design. He could have added unnecessary compounds or altered ratios to confuse analysis or something similar to complicate any attempts at obtaining his secret catalytic ingredients. Rossi was quite certain that Defkalion had nothing! He stated this several times, saying that Defkalion was waiting to get a E-Cat so they could use it to fill their empty boxes with his technology. How could he have been so certain of this?

    It is possible that Defkalion was initially fooled by Rossi’s obfuscation attempts, but that they then managed to get their device functioning regardless of the wrong information.

    An old Science Fiction Radio play titled: “Project Trojan”,—p2.html
    First aired: 19 June 1956 on X Minus One.

    In this fictional radio play, during wartime a Government leaks Top Secret plans of a Super Weapon to fall into the enemies hands, the device is deemed impossible to actually ever be built because of a basic but hard to discover design limitation, it would divert enough resources to help them win the war if the enemy worked to develop the flawed weapon based on an incorrect principle that was impossible to ever develop into anything useful. Because the enemy scientists did not know that building the device was impossible, they did manage to develop an engineering breakthrough that made the impossible possible.

    Such a thing did happen once.
    (For reference, see Snopes for the Unsolvable Math Problem. )

    There is precedence for the idea that if you do not know that something is impossible, it becomes possible. There is a chance that something like this happened, Defkalion used extraordinary non conventional methods to examine and develop unique theories, in doing so they may have discovered a novel method of LENR energy production from a Nickel Hydrogen system. This is all conjecture by me and it is possible that Defkalion did in fact steal Rossi’s design, but wouldn’t their reactor be very similar to Rossi’s? Since few have seen the hardware in action it will be interesting to look for any similarities,..or lack of.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Nixter, you said “Exactly how Defkalion obtained their reactor design is a mystery”, not really:

      The quote below is from the 11/29/2011 article in Ny Teknik written by Mats Lewan, he quotes Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion:

      “Let’s say I have Rossi’s formula, but I do not say it officially. My scientists have found a way to accomplish it. They need three months. I know what is in the reactor. I know everything. It was done with spectroscopy at Siena University of Padova (…) They tested the reactor without [Rossi] knew what they were doing, he continued.”

    • I don’t believe tha Rossi ignore that Defkalion have another, different reactor, which work, and which is very different… He is not stupid, but he know how to pleas his fanclub and spread the FUD about defkalion

      They migh have guesse the rossi formula, but reading what they say afterward, confirmed by Rossi’s problems, it was not working so nice…
      they simply worked hard from the huge mass of papers, make many test, and have found a way which is not so surprising….

      accepting that rossi have a real reactor is not a reason to say that his technology is the best, nor the only one…

      all about that have been said and is coherent.

      reda my executive summary, the story as it have been told is there

  • Babble

    I own a stock that has world changing technology (medical) and I have waited many years for it to go big. It still hasn’t but now appears to be about a year away, finally. I have found that many great technologies never make it to market or if they do, the companies stock doesn’t go anywhere but down. Look at Capstone turbines as an example. A game changer comes on slowly, too many stories about free energy. I believe in LENR but have learned the hard way to do other things while waiting. A constant state of excitement just wears you out. When it does change the world, I’ll say yea I know about that.

    • Allan Shura

      LENR/cold fusion both can and should be a game changer.

      The false media exposure has been a real disservice to humanity by discrediting the technology. That seems to have really had an effect in slowing investment and research.

  • captain

    Think italian, a question put by an italian, and an answer given by an italian. The english translation can be misleading.
    IMO Rossi means that, very likely, a positive surprise could come from his hard job.

    • Chris I

      Indeed that’s the only interpretation I can figure.

    • Phil

      I totally agree with this approach.
      Being French (latin language), what I understand is :
      “If the predicted surprises had been announced already, you would not ask the question”
      You can even have a “further” (deeper ?) reading of AR’s reply.
      “I will not reply directly to this question that hurts me, as it shows a lack of confidence in what I predicted”

  • andreiko

    Perhaps a collaboration with Dr. Rossi?

    • Pedro

      They had a collaboration in mid 2011 and that fell apart big time with accusations from both sides about faul play. Since then they are enemies rather than competitors. Little chance for collaboration.
      We shouldn’t wish for that anyway… now we have two fiercely competing teams which is much better than one collaborating team. Their solutions are different so now we have two chances for a new energy source instead of only one.

      • andreiko

        Dear Pedro you hits another colonne contenders over and unity is strength.

        • Pedro

          Unity also is monopoly. Many independent contenders makes for more competition, more likelyhood of “open source” or at least lower prices.

  • Roger Bird
    • Gerrit

      from the article: “current methods, in which a conventional photovoltaic cell is coupled to an electrolyzer for producing hydrogen, cost 15 € per kilo at their cheapest. We’re aiming at a € 5 charge per kilo”.

      That cost / 3. That’s not very revolutionary, is it?

    • Mark D

      Does this repeated phrase not cause red flags with others as it does for me?

      1- The E-Cat technology is undergoing rigorous testing and all the results- positive, negative or inconclusive- will provide further guidance about its potential


  • Roger Bird

    I thought that y’all would like this one. It was in quotations on an email in a homeopathy site, and I thought that it applied so well to the history of cold fusion: “Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt one doing it.”


  • Yona

    Rossi said that the factory can manufactur thousands of ECAT per day.
    How it is possible?
    It is a robotized line?

    • AlainCo

      Not sure it is robotized, but e-cat seems simple in structure, based on tubes.
      Imagine making Cofee-pots (in bigger, heavier, tungsten)?
      howmany a day ? with 20 employees, it mean 5 device a day, if done in 10 stages, it mean each worker make 50 manipulation per day, thus, about one operation every 10 minutes…

      20 employess, 20 machines, 10 minute per operation, it is not big.

    • orsobubu

      Some posts from Rossi about the robotized lines, april-june

      Dear Steven N. Karels:
      Theoretically there are not limits in this sense, but there are considerations connected with the intellectual property that limits the convenience of these “mini”Cats. Think, for example, to the Clowns who are saying that they have been able to steal our technology: today they have a mock up, an empty box waiting ( from us) for real technology to be filled with. Should they be able to buy for small money a device, the day after they could announce a real test, made by an indipendent party, and they are just a paradigm of a crowd like them. We will put in the market small devices only after we will be able to produce in mass quantity, to gain a competitivity enough to forbid a steal of IP. This issue is bound to the certification process: with a certification process done, we can robotize the production, prices will be unsustainable for wide competition, we will be able to get a strong share of the market: after that, even if unavoidably the competition will be born, our efforts will have been prized adequately.
      Warm Regards,

      1- about 1 million. without any engagement, to be confirmed when we will send the offers with the price
      2- this is a question to which is not easy to answer, but I can tell you that we are already preparing the robotized lines.
      Warm Regards,

      Dear Steven N. Karels:
      This question needs a study that cannot be made in minutes. We will face this problem when and if we will foresee that such a problem is in the horizon. In any case, the robotized line we already have designed is able to make half million modules per year, and to double this capacity is not a big problem; besides, much work can be outsourced, and we have already organized a network of manufacturers we can outsource our production to ( for the non confidential parts).
      Warm Regards,

      Dear Paul:
      Commercial priority: we are developing with our USA Partner a robotized line for the reactors even for the industrial plants. We will have also to continue to manufacture plants for heat production. Technological priority is electric power production.
      Warm Regards,