Videos of Defkalion Demo Available

For those who didn’t have a chance to see the live Defkalion Demo, videos of the July 23 demo have been uploaded to the Defkalion web page at this link: There are five videos posted there of various sections of the test.

For those who would like to see an abridged version of the test, below is a posted a one hour video posted to YouTube by Brian Josephson (Nobel Physics Laureate) which includes some of the more important moments in the test.

Here are Josephson’s own introductory comments about the video:

Will this be the event that finally leads to acceptance of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion)? Defkalion show the startup process for their Hyperion device before a critical audience in a live webcast. There was much more to the event than you see in this video — the whole day was taken up with tests and checks, including a control using argon in place of of hydrogen that showed no excess heat, while with hydrogen the output power got up to 2.5 times the input.

The first part of the video shows the stage of heating up the reactor, the power output to the cooling water being less than the input power. At 21:45 the plasma generator is turned on, and the output power starts to increase rapidly as a result of the new process induced by the plasma.

  • Steve G

    Defkalion demonstrated in english they are a World Player in the LENR, we congratulate them on a very professional example of game changer energy technology.

    • KD

      It doesn’t prove that their technology is better than Rossi.
      It is still Mr. Rossi say and Mr. Gluck say.
      For me it is more convincing statement of Rossi that the best prove that E-Cat work, is the product ready for market.

      Will it see, when Rossi or Defkalion devices will be working at customer places.
      So far, most confusing is the COP. Input is given in electric kW, output is given in heat kW.
      So with Rossi COP=6, from the netto 5kW heat energy made by E-Cat we can get only 1,6-2.0 kW.
      The same is with Defkalion reactor.
      How it is really effective, we will see when the reactors will be able to produce electricity.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        The Third party test of Rossi’s E-Cat was by far more convincing to me. But it is good for LENR that we have competition, but DGT still stole Rossi’s IP. I hope we are on the verge of other companies showing their LENR wares.

        • Hal

          but DGT still stole Rossi’s IP

          You are constantly spouting this.. do you have any evidence? Yes DGT said they know what’s in Rossi’s reactor, but that doesn’t mean they are using the same ‘formula’ whatsoever.

        • Sanjeev

          Rossi himself has always said that DGT has nothing, at least not his formula.
          Whom do you believe ? Rossi or DGT’s CEO?

          CEO did say that they “know” how an Ecat worked. Which means they took clues and improvised and now they have a better tech. Even better licensing policies, because of distribution to many. Rossi has taken a risk of completely transferring the tech to only one corporation, who can easily suppress it or monopolize it.

  • Sanjeev

    Excellent summary and some behind the scenes info from Mr Gluck:

    NI Week demo is coming and it can be even more convincing.

  • artefact

    Not too much info but:

    From PESN:

    Steven E. Jones not surprised by magnetic anomaly in Defkalion reactor

    • Bill Nichols

      Agreed. This is logical and what I’ve been expecting. The universe operates closer to the concept of “charge” versus “gravity” at all scales (gravity can’t create spin or spherical phenomena at all scales while charge can) . Also, probably why they are using plasma. Heard they may using a Faraday Cage which I can see may be necessary. Common Sense?

      Recall…gravity is more likely a property of our poor understanding of charge…since it is 33-39 orders of magnitude LESS than a charge. Logical?

      It will also help prove all quantum physics…including Temperature (kinetics) and heat (potential) are by definition based on G. This will eventually need to be re-referenced…including radiant energy.

      This is a good thing and why we will be able to eventually create endothermic as well exothermic processes. This is why I asked this question to Andrea Rossi a few weeks ago.

      But…this LENR phenomena is crude to what we eventually will understand and apply. If we use the scientific method properly. Experiments…analyze results and inquiry based…then back to more experiments and so on. Not opinions.

      FWIW…after seeing LENR phenomena in USAF related to Climate Change R&D. Lead me to thought we may well be able to manage weather. This will help prove 2nd Law of Thermo is incomplete because we don’t live in a “closed system”.

      Most of all keep an open mind and let the data and scientific method lead us…not dogma.

      • artefact

        Good Post.

        And George(Hants) will be delighted by it: “Most of all keep an open mind and let the data and scientific method lead us…not dogma.”

        • georgehants

          artefact, anybody that thinks differently is certainly no scientist. 🙂
          Bill’s comment above should be printed in the front of every science book and no Qualification should be given without the student signing that they will follow bill’s code.
          “Most of all keep an open mind and let the data and scientific method lead us…not dogma.”

      • Greenwin

        “…after seeing LENR phenomena in USAF related to Climate Change R&D.”

        Bill, can you expand on this? Are you assuming the LENR “charge” phenomenon to be great enough to affect ionosphere? Intriguing.

        • Bill Nichols

          Broadly…Stealth technology affects what we perceive (measure?) as scattering, absorption and reflectively. These variances are not only influenced by things that we categorize chemically and thermodynamically…but charge…and this is not independent.

          Yet…all of quantum physics is based on certain probability and statistics that not only don’t account for natural forces…but offer are derived from measurements and caveats that may be too gravitational based.

          Example…any E-M phenomena (wavelength/cycle) “Y” (vertical) axis is what…it is related to charge. Look at how IR and UV was “discovered”. Maybe there are other opportunities for experiments.

          Experiences have shown besides dogma…powerful special interests must be overcome. Why strongly believe in maximum transparency and full accountability.

          Some remarkable anomalies that can’t be explained with traditional concepts.

          Offer everything is more interactive and decentralized with greater ability to transfer “energy” from the now 5 accepted forms (nuclear, electro-magnetic, chemical, mechanical and heat). Isn’t this what history shows.

          Hint: With time…maybe there may be LENR going in smaller scales naturally (consider cavitation and also some unique properties of water).

          Were dealing with unknowns…hence the need to ask the correct questions…the proper way.

          • Bill Nichols

            Its very well would be much more than just the ionosphere…but all aspects of earth-atmosphere system…and by definition…the universe as we know it.

            Mention Stealth technology as was part of R&D did in USAF and this also directly applied to Climate Change (CC). LENR, CC and Stealth relationship…plus impacts and considerations. The overlap should seem logical.

          • Greenwin

            Thanks Bill. Interesting. Small scale LENR would qualify Casimir – which seems inevitable in open systems.

            Transparency and full accountability sounds just right.

  • Leo Kaas

    Little off topic, I just ordered my E-catworld t shirt. The invoice number was over 1100. Way to go Frank, getting the word out one t shirt at a time. Thanks again for all you do.

    • Hi Leo — glad you ordered! I have to say that the invoice number does not represent the number of shirts ordered. It would be nice though!

      BTW, Barry is working hard on increasing the selection — More CF options to come!

      • MaxPower

        I Think a little bit more funny shirts would do it. Like ” I wanted LENR before it was cool” =D or the “I want to belive” shirt with an e-cat instead UFO. Ok don’t care.. it’s just nonsense.
        BTW: is my Startpage! Love it!
        thanks for everything

        • Barry

          Max, I think I got one. In regards to Hot Fusion- “Hot Fusion is Cold Again.”

  • Julian Becker

    Is there any possibility someone could upload it on a video platform I can access from China? Youtube as well as the link above do not work.

    the Chinese youtube called Youku would be cool:

    Thanks, Julian

  • Ken


    We just posted an article with a combined summary of all the news sources we could find that covered the Defkalion Hyperion Live Reactor test over at Revolution-Green. Should make it easier to read all the viewpoints from different news sources in one spot. Link is: (


  • Felix Fervens

    Any news on the Yeong Kim ICCF-18 presentation? That presentation should add theoretical background to the Defkalion demo.

  • artefact

    ICCF yesterday:

    Biberian report what happened this Wenesday

    Below is a small video of the SKINR lab tour.

    • Sanjeev
    • Sanjeev

      Interesting stuff:
      “Collaboration is underway with the U.S. company Coolescence. They now come in a reproducibility of 40% and up to COP 30.”

      • daniel maris

        Interesting – do we know much about them? Any credible scientist on board. Here’s a link:

        • Sanjeev

          Nothing much except that they are a privately funded co. of a handful of people.

          Another thing thats not clear is who has achieved a COP of 30 ? SKINR or the co.?

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      artefact….Thanks, +1

  • Eric

    So i guess Yeong E. kim’s presentation is done, anyone know when the slides are available?

    • Greenwin

      Nothing on today’s talk yet. But here is a 2011 paper by Kim on BECNF (Bose Einstein Condensation Nuclear Fusion) in both deuterated metals and Ni/hydrogen systems (Section 7). From Dr. Kim’s conclusion:

      “In view of the impending world energy crisis, the proposed experimental tests of the BECNF processes are urgently needed as LENR phenomena may well represent a viable long-term alternative form of clean energy.”

      • dsm

        The day 5 timetable at 9:20am I saw listed him presenting a paper that had Yannis Hadjichristos as a co-author ?

        I hope that did get presented ?. If it didn’t I am going to wonder if they decided to switch to an alternate paper – possibly (me guessing) because the paper I was expecting may give away too much too soon ? -am just guessing on this !.


        • Greenwin

          You are correct DSM. The paper today (Thursday) was authored by both Kim and Hadjichristos. I provided a link to Dr. Kim’s previous work on Ni-H from 2011.

      • dsm

        This was what I was hoping they did …

        Haven’t yet found it anywhere though


  • Greenwin

    Brian Josephson was impressed enough to write a letter to the journal Nature’s “Seven Days” wrap-up of a week in science:

    “And how could Seven Days ignore the most important event of the decade/century … , the demonstration by Defkalion Green Technologies on July 23rd. of their nuclear fusion device, producing some kilowatts in the space of a box you could hold easily in your hand?”

    Dr. Josephson is a long time good friend to cold fusion.

    • dsm

      Dr Josephson has taken a load of sh*t from certain people for standing behind Andrea Rossi. The DGT demo has IMHO also validated Dr Josephson as being quite courageous in stepping forward to support Andrea Rossi.

      I have long admired Peter Gluck for showing this same courage in regard to DGT in the face of waves of skepticism. I am not ashamed to admit I look up to Peter Gluck as a mentor and leader in open thinking and analysis.

      On the other hand, the very good side of intense skepticism is the truth will always emerge and in the situation where there is the most intense skepticism, the reversal is often dramatic. I am sensing that is going to happen in regard to this new energy phenomenon.


    • Alan DeAngelis

      The mainstream media has become total fantasy. There’s nothing there that remotely resembles reality.

  • Ken

    So anyone have any ideas on the magnetic anomalies seen with the operation of the hyperion reactor?

  • artefact

    A new paper on JONP:

    Radioactivity Physics Fundamentals
    Will Schmidt

    “Listen, the radioactive nuclear atom will tell you. This article will explain how the neutrino
    works and what it does. What the neutrino really is, has not yet been discovered.”

  • daniel maris

    Any thoughts on this skepto-comment from Independent E Cat News? It’s not very clearly expressed I think but to the extent I understand it it doesn’t sound very credible to me – but I’d be interested to hear what people with a scientific/engineering background think.

    “I have to agree, the steam temperature proves that there was no liquid water in the system, and we don’t see the vapor.
    First problem, as you say, is that the temperature of the reactor is not high enough to flash evaporate the water into superheated steam.
    Then the overheated vapor should be cooled down by the remaining water before it reaches the thermocouple, because the water is at close to atmospheric pressure.
    Any remaining liquid water exits up a vertical pipe around 1.5 meters tall, after the thermocouple. So all the liquid would accumulate at the bottom of the pipe, bathing the thermocouple, and the temperature would read 100C
    If all the water is being converted to steam at a rate of 0.5 liters per minute, there should be a visible steam cloud at the exit of the drain pipe. The steam would rise into the room, which would be saturated in minutes.
    So there must be an experimental error.
    If the thermocouple is working properly, the error must be in the water flow measurement. For example, vapor bubbles forming before the flow meter would interfere with the measurement. Note that even if there is an error, the active test is extracting much more energy from the reactor than the inactive test they carried out before.”

    • AB

      Let me preface my answer saying that I’m no engineer, so I’m merely repeating what I have been able to understand during the test as layman. I do want to respond though because the steam issue was raised by maryyguo who missed the entire first part of the livestream where these things were better explained.

      Defkalion calculated the output power as if it was hot water only. This underestimates the output power for the same reason that making calculations based on steam can overestimate it. Steam can carry a lot more thermal energy than water. Slight temperature differences can thus mean large differences in power. So the calculations by Defkalion were made as if it was water, even if it really was steam or water/steam mix. Any water that goes into the apparatus also must come out. The flow rate was calibrated during an earlier phase of the test.

      In other words, the skeptics are correct to point out that the real power output is different, but I cannot understand how the method could overestimate it.

      As far as steam saturating the room, the pipe went into the drain and passing through a long pipe which would certainly cool it to some degree. The thermocouple was not placed at the pipe exit. I don’t think one can make accurate estimation of what exactly is going on in the pipe.

      • Pedro

        There was a copper heat exchanger around the core of the reactor consisting of 2 spirals over the width of the reactor. The temperature between the 2 spirals was mesures and was shows as 270 degrees celcius. Sounds reasonable to expect that the water temperature could be raised to 160 degrees when flowing through the two spirals.

        • daniel maris

          Thanks to AB and Pedro for those responses.

  • Barry At the 8:12 mark, you can see how the whole thing is a computer generated elaborate hoax. These people don’t really exist. (I’m feeling sorry for the diminishing skeptics and thought I’d send them a straw to grasp onto.)

  • Sanjeev

    Dr. Dennis Bushnell in a recent interview says that cultural issues are preventing research in fields like LENR.

  • Gerrit

    A few weeks ago we didn’t even know for sure if there would be a Defkalion demonstration. All we had was rumours. I was afraid of the possibility that Defkalion would not go through with the demonstration.

    Now we have a really good demonstration and maybe we’ll get another one at NI-week, but that one is still just a rumour.

    So far only David Hambling has written an article about it, but hopefully we’ll see few other articles in the coming weeks.

    It seems some pseudo skeptics are wondering what they should really think of this.

    We can’t complain. Compare this to what we had 2 years ago, back then we hadn’t even seen the Rossi October demo.

    I assume some tiny changes are happening in the scientific world. More and more conferences are taking place at universities and Defkalion’s demonstration seems to come just in time.

    I wish we could do something more to raise awareness.

    • AB

      The situation is surely changing. Remember that a favorite criticism of skeptics was that LENR experiments produce very little excess heat. They stopped saying that. Now all they have left are unproven accusations of fraud that only make sense when ignoring the bigger picture.

      • Roger Bird

        I can understand when someone can’t see the big picture or if they just can’t wrap their minds about the idea of a completely and fundamentally new energy source that is almost perfect and almost free. But I have no tolerance for abuse.

  • Ken

    We’ve done some research and found a possible explanation of the magnetic anomaly seen and measured in various LENR experiments and Plasma technologies such as the Papp engine. You can read about it here: (

    Frank, I was curious if you could probe your networks and see if there has been any speculation or discoveries on the cause of this anomaly.


    • This does seem to tie somewhat into what Rossi has reported — of an electromotive force being detected in the E-Cat reactor.

      • Ken

        Yes, it was reported in several LENR projects. I haven’t heard a physics explanation for it yet. Russ Gries from has reported and shown video footage of both magnetic anomalies and green glow discharge on conductive points around and near his Papp test cylinder during operation. Makes me wonder if there is something similar between the two techs.

        • dsm


          I believe their is a great similarity between the techs.

          I am adding this in humor but it is based on an actual demo conducted for TRW in California many years ago, but if DGT charged their device with the right mix of ‘highly purified’ noble gasses & changed the design of their spark plugs to include thorium in the electrodes, they could well blast their reactor apart and shred the lab the 1st time they fired the plugs. 🙂


        • dsm


          Not sure if you have seen this but it is IMHO quite fascinating.

          It shows a device called the “Roberts Rotary Engine” – built by Bob Rohner. The demo is very interesting because they also show the 2 – cyl engine Bob completed after his demo at Tesla conference last year.

          What I would draw attention to is the coils around the 2-cyl engine as it has been written up for a long time (since Papp’s patents were published) that there is a massive electromagnetic field created when the plasma of noble gasses changes state and this is so powerful that the coils are used to capture the collapsing electromagnetic field and the energy used to fire the adjacent cylinder. Bob Rohner has several videos showing this.

          This brings us back to the need for a double Faraday cage around the DGT device as they too are experiencing a massive electromagnetic field and the cage prevents that field damaging nearby electronic equipment.

          I have followed Bob Rohner’s work for over a year and believe him to be the honest open engineer he has been throughout his long career. I do not want to make comments about anyone investing in any of his ventures as that is not my interest. My interest is how his work has such striking similar effects as to some aspects of DGT’s work.


          • dsm

            Ken – my humble apologies – yes you do know about that link – I later saw you were the one commenting about the engine and it was you who provided it.

            The development is certainly a big advance of what I saw 6 months ago.

            Cheers DSM

    • dsm

      Excellent find and very very relevant to the current discussions on what occurs inside such devices esp when plasma is involved.


  • Blanco69

    On the DGT demo at the point where they initiate the spark discharge to trigger the reaction. The output power had already started to climb just before they switched on the HV. It looks to me like the reaction is thermally triggered (Rossi) but the introduction of the HV plasma phase somehow smoothes out the power profile suggesting that the plasma component somehow stabilises the reaction. However it still looks like temperature is the key trigger.

    • Sanjeev

      If you see the graph, it does look like the output started climbing even before the HV pulses were applied. But the up-down trends were most likely due to the technician adjusting the water flow rate.
      He adjusted them to reach a specific core temperature and then hit it with pulses. That’s when the output really jumped to overunity.

      DGT guys have essentially given away their tech in this demo, unless there are any secret additives in the powder. Anyone who is an expert in the art should be able to replicate it now. There are very few unknowns.

      • Sanjeev

        My best guess is that, H1 is needed to get the reaction going. Rossi is using a catalyst to get H1 from H2 and DGT is using the sparks.
        It can be as simple as that.

        • dsm

          IMHO absolutely spot on !. And the comment that others will be able to replicate it is also IMHO accurate.
          This works! – the genie is out of the bottle and I can’t see anyone being able to stuff the genie back in.
          I think we can be prepared for a few big surprises in regard to who might just step forward to participate in further demos of the DGT device. DGT really do want the most hard nosed skeptics to step up and do their durndest at future demos 🙂
          If Andrea Rossi has solved the eCat control stability problem (I think he is likely using heat pulsing closer to what Brillouin use) then we may all get our home eCats after all and not too many months off his original commitment.
          The other question is how far down the path are Brillouin with their large scale boiler being built at SRI.

        • dsm

          PS – just wanted to add the below to head off any confusion people may stumble across in regard to 2H vs H2 or 3H vs H3 etc:

          H = single atom of hydrogen (one proton 1 electron)
          2H = Deuterium (one proton one neutron + electron)
          3H = Tritium (one proton two neutron + electron)

          H = monoatomic hydrogen (single atom of hydrogen)
          H2 = diatomic hydrogen (two hydrogen atoms locked together). This is the most common form of Hydrogen but is not helpful for LENR/LENR+ or HENI reaction.



          • Sanjeev

            Thanks dsm, conventionally we write D2 for Deuterium molecule.

      • Kim

        Good Point about replication.

        I set a new post.


  • Kim

    There seems to be enough information
    available for anyone to build these.

    Unless their is a secret catalyst.

    The Powder Isotopics and Nano scale form
    are known.

    Hydrogen is available

    Machining the stainless steel core and
    its temperature gradient should be easy.

    HV trigger and flow apparatus are known.

    What Else?


    • daniel maris

      Reading a recipe doesn’t mean you can create the perfect baked cake…it sounds like there are a number of tricky variables that may make it difficult to achieve the desired effects.

  • Sanjeev

    OT but related:
    Bill Gates’ nuclear company explores molten salt reactors, thorium

    Looks like no one told him about lenr.

    • Roger Bird

      I am glad that he is looking outside of the box, and the salt reactors will take some of the pressure off of LENR to transmutate nasty radioactive junk into safe junk.

      • clovis


      • Mcloki

        I think bill likes the radioactive material transmutation. Think of the legacy that would be.

        • Roger Bird

          I am particularly fond of the idea of the transmutation of elements because this would open the door to the possibility that lamestream science has dropped the ball since the Louis Kervran experiments in the 1960’s on the biological transmutation of elements, rather than just since 1989. I want the embarrassment to run DEEP.

  • Nixter

    When Rossi first said they had measured EMF in an E-Cat, he marginalized that aspect of his LENR technology, the manner in which he presented the information led me to believe that the amount of EMF detected was very small, only able to be measured by the use of sophisticated state of the art instrumentation, now DGT is saying that they are measuring “a strong magnetic component.” This is by far the most interesting and promising aspect of H +Ni reactors so far, it vastly improves their power and energy generation possibilities into the near future, it portends a time when they will be able to make power directly. If a toroidally shaped reactor core can made to spin the EMF field into a rotating motion around the ring, almost certainly, very interesting things will be discovered.

    • Kim

      I agree that the EMF component is
      interesting and opens possibilities

      I mean if we are going to worship money
      as our god, then lets get to worshiping
      the right things, Energy production is
      the heart and sole of being alive.


    • Sanjeev

      Mostly people are shocked by the claims of intense heat and high COPs, but for those of us for whom CF has become an everyday matter, the claim of 1 tesla fields happening there is shocking.

      Normally such high values are found in superconducting magnets of huge sizes (using tons of iron). Most likely there was a mistake by John H. and it can be 1 millitesla etc.

      Anyway, if there is a magnetic field there and its oscillates, they can wound a few thousands of turns of copper wire around the core and harvest the electric power, which can be fed back to the heater wires, and we have a self sustaining reactor there!

      • dsm

        I am pretty sure that the magnetic firlds being talked about are related to the plasma transitioning. I don’t believe the NAEs themselves are creating any magnetic fields.

        Also am sure these are bursts in sync with the plug sparking. If that is happening at a high enough frequency then yes coils could harness the collapsing EMF field. But, by educated guess, I don’t think the sparking occurs at a useful enough frequency.

        But this is worth investigating.


        • Dsm

          Following on my post re this am adding this quote attributed to Prof Kim that I believes supports what I said.

          Kim speculated that the magnetic fields generated by the triggering could provide magnetic alignments of Nickel atoms, and these could provide localized magnetic trap (LMT) potentials for Boson clusters on the surface of Ni powders, though these traps have short lifetimes.
          END QUOTE

          Prof Kim says “generated by the triggering” which to me means what I said about when triggering the plasma as the transition generates an EMF that creates a magnetic field capable of affecting adjacent sensitive electronic instruments. And thus the double Faraday cage to contain this energy.


        • Sanjeev

          It was confirmed by Yeong Kim yesterday , the magnetic field is seen there, around 0.6 to 1.6 Tesla.
          Sparks would also produce EM obviously, but I think they would know the difference.
          And if control runs with Ar result in no huge magnetic fields, its easy to conclude.

    • Omega Z


      With Rossi, it’s hard to say.
      Sometimes he back-steps leaving you wondering if it was of little importance(minimal) or something of key interest & deciding to keep it under wraps.

      He did speak of direct conversion, but didn’t elaborate.

      • Nixter

        It is also possible that the E-Cat does produce a weaker EMF than DGT’s design.

  • Torbjörn

    There’s an interesting discussion going on about the possible existence of ultra-dense deuterium / protium in LENR.

    • Roger Bird

      I still refuse to hold my breath on hot-fusion.

  • winebuff

    I can say for certain after the demo that a lot of the scientists will be redoubling their efforts to catch up to rossi and DGT if they want to be a relavant playef in the future.

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