25th Anniversary Cold Fusion Conference at MIT

Here’s an announcement from Mitchell Swartz’s Cold Fusion Times web site of a conference to be held at MIT on March 21-23, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pons-Fleischmann news conference where they introduced their cold fusion research to the world. I expect more details will be forthcoming.

25th Anniversary of the announcement of CF/LANR:

March 21-23, 2014 – 2014 Colloquium on CF/LANR at MIT

Speakers: Peter Hagelstein, Mitchell Swartz, Larry Forsley, Frank Gordon, Pam Mosier-Boss, George Miley, Robert Smith, Tom Claytor, Mel Miles, John Dash, Yiannis Hadjichristos, Yeong Kim, Vladimir Vysotskii, Yasuhiro Iwamura, Charles Beaudette

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  • Buck

    Incredible. What a thing to wake up to.

    Has anyone checked the gravitational constant . . . I feel things are a bit upside down.

    Next, they will be supporting Nobel Prizes for the two.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Very appropriate. A not so subtle slap in the face to those scientists who ridiculed them.

    • NT


  • Boris Ivanoff

    Anyone know if they will exhibit a running ecat or Hyperion at the meeting? Now *that* would be an amazing development.

    • barty

      Till that, Hydrofusion from Sweden will show a working 1MW ecat plant at a civil swedish customer (they said).

      • Boris Ivanoff

        Fantastic! Did they say when?

        • barty

          In (late) autumn. A few weeks ago, Frank posted an email where hydrofusion statet that all is “processing well”:


          • Roger Bird

            I emailed twice a few weeks ago some chick working for Elforsk and got no response. For me on this matter, no news is good news.

          • daniel maris

            Hydrofusion work out of an accommodation address don’t they? I think that was established some time ago. Not that reassuring really.

          • fortyniner

            You do them a disservice, Daniel – in fact they have two accommodation addresses, one in Stockholm and the second in Harrow!

          • Hampus

            Autumn is coming here in Sweden. Winter starts like november/december depending on where you live in Sweden.

            If hydrofusion keeps their promise we would see an ecat plant late October early November.

          • Omega Z

            Problem is if Hydrofusion should pull off this project, It’s likely not to be public for some time.

    • Barry

      Perhaps a NANOR.

      • Roger Bird

        What is a NANOR?

        • Hi Roger,

          Check out this video about the NANOR that Barry took when he went to visit MIT last year.


          • Roger Bird

            I’ve seen that video. Meant, what do the letters N A N O R stand for?

        • Seriously Roger,

          You of all people does not know what a Nanor is?

          I find that heard to believe.

          Its a quantum electrical nano device that Mitch and Peter has been working on for many years.

          In run away it reaches at least 8000% energy released.

          Until now they have worked with very low input levels, I would love to hear more about their progress (if any), Mitch mentioned in January they where working on a bigger device. (what ever that means)

          • Roger Bird

            Maybe I had a stroke (which is very unlikely), but I don’t know Mitch or Peter. 8000% would be a COP of 81. How come I haven’t heard of them? They are not Rossi, Defkalion, nor Brillouin, so I would have noticed someone who had a COP of 81 who were not the Big Three. And what is a “quantum electrical nano device”. I never heard of it before, unless that is a strange way of saying LENR. And if not, I haven’t paid a great deal of attention to other energy devices not LENR. So I suspect that you are goofing me.

            And you did not explain with the letters NANOR stand for, so I am suspicious.

          • Barry

            Hi Roger, Glad to hear you successively escaped from the time-machine. Dr Bob is telling the truth. M Swartz from Jet Energy (you can learn more an his site Cold Fusion Times http://www.std.com/~mica/cft.html‎ ) obtained 80 COP for thirty minutes with his Nanostructured CF device. He’s made and upgraded over forty of them and tends to work with palladium rather than nickel. Mitchell Swartz is quite quiet about his progress, but he and Peter Hagelstein show reports every now and then at their MIT classes or the ICCF every year. He’s also a great guy who will communicate with somebody like me who is sitting way back in the cheap seats.

          • Omega Z


            Roger hadn’t settled in to ECW back then as a regular.
            It’s quite likely he missed it

          • Omega Z


            You can check out Barry’s video here at ECW. 3rd 1 down I believe.


            Cold Fusion device at M.I.T.. Barry Simon visits Dr. Peter Hagelstein at MIT to see the NANOR Cold Fusion device

  • Frost*

    Yikes! who’s in charge of that website? Can someone please them its not 1995 anymore!!


  • Hampus

    I wonder what Pons think about this? After all the crap he and Flieschman got from MIT.

    • Buck

      Better yet, what does John Huizenga, Charles Vest, Ronald Parker, and Ronald Ballinger have to say?

  • Jim

    Kind of interesting to google the names of each of the speakers (+ “fusion”)

  • Pedro

    Hagelstein has given a 1 week course at MIT called ‘Cold Fusion 101’ or something similar, but my understanding is that he was completely ignored by his physics department collegues. The same will happen with this. Don’t get to excited by the fact that MIT is the venue.

    • Hampus

      He have given that lecture two years in a row now.

    • Barry

      Perhaps progress “One funeral at a time”.

      • PSkeptic logic:

        If its happening in MIT or NASA and its pro lenr, then MIT or NASA has nothing to do with it, its some eccentric individuals with doubtful qualifications playing with Ni,Pd etc in their own rooms, while working for these prestigious institutions. Their experiments are simply mistakes, since they don’t know how to do it correctly. They need to do it at least a million times in our ways so we will read their results, if at all.

        If its happening in MIT or NASA and it debunks lenr, then its officially from MIT and NASA, nothing to do with the opinions and biases of the individuals who failed to show any results. The one and only one experiment done by these people was perfect to the limits of science and hence there is no such things as lenr. Since this is from the highly qualified people and official, it was done rightly (even though we do not know how it was done), no questions can be asked.

        • Roger Bird

          Sanjeev, you’ll feel so much better if you simply not allow yourself to go to those sites where people say these kinds of things. You’ll sleep better at night. (:->)

          • Sanjeev

            Roger, I don’t feed them these days. It has become the same old same old. So much so that I can predict reliably what they are going to say next year when this event happens.
            Its also for any newcomers, so that they are not instantly brainwashed when they read this kind of logic.

          • Roger Bird

            It was also fun. (:->) I think when LENR is proven that they are going to say that they used the proper thinking processes, so that makes them right.

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  • clovis

    hi, guys,
    Remember this video, some may not have seen it so http://youtu.be/rVeqMoUFwZo

    • Roger Bird

      Shame on MIT and shame on the individuals involved.

    • Barry

      Hi Clovis, Just goes to show how the Powers That Be can set back a technology twenty-four years. It seems it was the nuclear fission people rather than big oil that did most of the dirty work.

  • JonB

    What a great date for Rossi to show the world, 25 years.

  • artefact

    ST Microelectronics LENR patent:

    “Reactor for energy generation through low energy nuclear reactions (lenr)
    between hydrogen and transition metals and related method of energy
    generation – US 20130243143 A1”


    • Sanjeev

      Great news. Good to see one more player in the field.

      I didn’t read the whole thing yet, but it looks like they are using a novel method of controlling the reaction using a thermal gap. And they are also using semiconductor manufacturing techniques (as can be expected, they are in VLSI business).

      So has Celani sold his IP to STM ?

      • Roger Bird

        Please, someone translate this patent from Martian into English.

        Click on their names in the patent and behold their credibility.

    • Roger Bird

      This will generate it’s own post.

      What does it all mean? What is the process. How come I never heard of these dudes? And isn’t this a stab in the back for Rossi?

      • cliff

        I think there will be a lot of teams that have been working on LENR over the years that will be coming out with different ways to cause the effect. There are three main players right now, but there will be more, IMHO. They have no choice but to come out now, before Rossi starts getting many working plants out, because if they don’t they’ll just be too late to get their ideas produced.

        This is not bad for Rossi. Rossi is building working plants. Everyone else just seems to be developing the technology and letting manufacturers take over. Besides, I feared for Rossi’s life while he was the only one and now, with all these coming out, there’s no containing LENR, so Rossi’s safer. Think about the oil producing nations losing the money they use to fund their lavish life style and political projects. Being the only producer of something that could put them out of business was dangerous.

        Finally, there is nothing that will drive Rossi to get the tech out to all of us who have been waiting for it like someone nipping at his heals. This is good for Rossi and good for the world. Competitors is what I’ve been hoping for all along.

        • Sanjeev

          Yes, there will be more. As you were typing this, the news of STMicroelectronics entering this field is spreading.

          Many people think that the oil producing nations will oppose this or they will be destroyed when no one will want to buy their oil. IMHO, its not totally written in stone, there are many possibilities. I think they will benefit as much as any other country, since the real source of prosperity is not oil, its energy.

          With an abundant and clean source of energy in their hands, they will happily close down the oil business and start producing wealth in other ways, becoming genuinely independent and less dependent on imports. Their huge cash reserves will give them a big head start. Of course things can go wrong in the fight to preserve status quo, somebody needs to educate them.

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    • Timycelyn

      Sorry George, as another old geezer I have to say that I really like the new format.

      It would be boring if we were all the same…..

      • georgehants

        O.k so we will just have to get out the boxing gloves and fight it out, on second thoughts I am a bit of a coward so you win.

      • Roger Bird

        I am also a geezer. But I don’t care how it looks because I know that I will get used to it, no matter what it is. But I do want it to work. If you click on the big “ABC check mark” to check your spelling, then you have to click on it again once you are finished using it; otherwise your comment window may not work properly.

        But what I really look forward to is a means of judging comments. Like “Like” and “Dislike” or a number system. I like positive 10 to negative 10. This would reduce traffic and make entries quicker in many cases.

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  • Buck

    Very strange show last night.

    Al Jazeera America presented the documentary “By The Numbers”, a strong rendering of the efforts by Bill McKibben of 350.org to end the dominion of Big Oil/Gas/Coal and to protect the global ecosystem from the consequences of CO2 emissions and Global Warming.

    Yesterday, it was MIT recognizing the 25th Anniversary of Pons-Fleischmann

    Today, it is the news agency out of Doha, in the oil kingdom of Qatar, educating the US about ending the use of fossil fuels to save the planet.

  • SNB

    In my expert opinion cold fusion is not workable, except as cargo cult fantasy life for olds geezers who give up on hard facts and retreat into dreams.