Al Gore Live on Reddit: Vote for a Cold Fusion Question. [Update: Session Over]

I got a note from a user that as we speak Al Gore is conducting a live ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on There is a question up there about cold fusion, but we don’t know if Mr. Gore will see it or answer it. There is more of a chance that he will if users ‘upvote’ it.

The question is, “Earlier this year you mentioned there were some very intriguing things going on in the field of cold fusion. What are you aware of, and can you expand on what you know?”

Here’s the link the question. If you can, please upvote it so it may have a better chance of getting answered.

UPDATE: We were late with this effort, and Al Gore left without answering the question. It’s likely he never saw it, since there were so many questions sent to him.

  • You posted the wrong link, here is the correct one:

  • You posted the wrong link, here is the correct one:

  • GreenWin

    “This trend toward “distributed renewable power” is unstoppable. But the
    legacy industries of the past are trying to hold it back by using money
    and lobbyists and raw political power. Now is the time to push hard to
    tear down those walls…”
    Algore on nuclear

    • Manuel Cruz

      I’ll be eating popcorn the day when your country no longer has nuclears but Iran, China and North Korea do.

  • artefact

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