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Ask questions to the Working Group – ECAT long-term test

Working group will answer questions!

The authors of the long term test-report of the hot-cat had offered us the possibility to ask them a bunch of questions. Our idea is that YOU can post your question to the authors of the report.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Did the Wright brothers actually fly? Did anyone check to see if there were any thin wires that were suspending it from a zeppelin?
    It’s back to the calibration for me. Rossi needs to get on the drums.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      How Freudian is that?

  • pelgrim108

    Did you do any filming besides the infra red, and in case you did, will you release them on YouTube?

    • Andrew

      Please explain the fuel loading, extraction and sampling process in further detail.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yes, please more details about the sampling.
        I’m assuming that this test was only the first of many. In my mind it was sufficient to determine if the effect is real (real enough for patenting purposes). I never expected this short study to be the definitive study of an entirely new branch of science. Rome and the transistor weren’t built in a day but when more E-Cats can be made available for future studies it will be necessary to dissolve all of the ash (not just a portion) in acid and then do the isotopic analysis (in a heterogeneous mixture we can’t be sure if we’re getting a representative sample).

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe I’m thinking about the initial sampling of the fuel.
          Yeah, I though the real questions should be post at the forum.

          • Andrew

            I tried to register so I can post and have yet to receive a conformation email. 6 hours later.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Yeah, I don’t think I have that many questions for them anyway after rereading the report.

  • @all: Can you please post the questions in the forum? there we will collect them and the community can vote for which questions should be sent to the authors.

    Thank you!

    • we-cat


      Please ask the following question;

      What would the group of testers like to test in a hypothetical next test where there are no restrictions? Why?

      Thank you,


  • Buck

    I have a simplistic question for the testers.

    Why is it a naive idea to use alumina cement to build up between and across the ridges 2-3 contact points of minimal sufficient area and then attach thermocouples to the central body of the reactor?

    The researchers spoke with concern of the specific design of the main body which enhances heat dissipation. If the attachment points reduced the heat dissipation capabilities then they could reduce the input power and still attain a target temperature.

    • Warthog

      1) Because it would totally screw up the heat transfer characteristics of a device that depends entirely on heat removal to avoid destroying itself. It would probably take a major redesign effort to come up with a “smooth outer surface” E-Cat.

      2) I’m sure they did.

  • Buck

    Does the following have merit regarding the setup and results of ITPR2?