John Maguire Interviews Andrea Rossi

John Maguire of Q-Niverse has conducted an interview with Andrea Rossi and the audio and a transcript has been posted at Cold Fusion Now.

True to form, Rossi does not go into much detail about things that people want to know about the E-Cat. He won’t discuss the new design of the reactor, for example. John tries hard to get Rossi to enter into a discussion about the recent E-Cat test, but Rossi does not want to critique it or comment on it very much, saying that his only concern is to concentrate on making sure the 1 MW plant he and his team is working on is working perfectly.

Rossi does mention that he thinks the COP of the reactor measured in the test was probably higher than reported, because he thinks the testers were using very conservative calculations.

The most interesting part of the interview in my mind is when Rossi talks about the problems operating the 1 MW plant. He says that this is the first time that he has used a plant in a real-world industrial operation where the plant is under continuous load. Previous plants have been operated without a load, and apparently there are big differences now. He mentions that there is a much more sophisticated control system for the plant now, and he says the plant is now basically operated by a ‘robot’.

Rossi thinks it will take about a year to get the plant to where they want it to be — running perfectly smoothly so it can produce a continuous thermal output 24/7, for 350 days per year. But that is just an estimate, as there are unforseen issues that can crop up.

Well done to John Maguire for this interview — I think he did as well as anyone could have done under the circumstances. It sounds like Rossi was in a hurry, no doubt wanting to get back to work, and not wanting to talk about anything that might give away any secrets. Thanks also to Ruby Carat for helping arrange the interview.

UPDATE: Underlining what is mentioned above, Rossi just posted this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

I am receiving a snowball of comments, in any form and with the most creative excuses, to get more information regarding the reactor tested by the ITP: questions regarding charge,powders, alumina, resistances, photographies, cables, you name it, you got it. For me it is not a pleasure to spam all of them. For this reason, please take notice of the fact that I cannot give any more information about the reactor in positive or in negative. I cannot, as well, give any information, so far, regarding the R&D and the theoretical study started from the publication of the Report.

Audio below:

  • Jonnyb

    All sounds promising, shame we all have another long wait, but Rome was not built in a day.

  • Avatar Polymorph

    Yes, IH should start making press releases. You can wait too long thinking your competitors will get nowhere. Look at e-ink.

    On another topic, check this out! LOL:

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    • Warthog

      Two different high officers of IH have recently spoken in public….one somewhat obliquely (before release of the third-party report) and the company chairman immediately post-release. In that session, the chairmen (Darden) specifically validated all of the “hints” that Frank has uncovered over the months. Surely these qualify as “press releases”? I am sure more will be forthcoming.

      • Buck


        I am only familiar with Darden’s interview with Lauren Ohnesorge of the Triangle Business Review.

        I don’t recall seeing/reading the second you allude to. Can you share a link to it.

        • Warthog

          The “second” was not Darden, but another officer of IH. Comment was off-the-cuff during a talk on generic environmental and energy issues. I doubt that I can find the link again, but I’ll have a crack at it.

          • ecatworld

            I think you are referring to Bill McDonough who did mention LENR at a lecture he gave. We don’t know for sure if McDonough is involved in Industrial Heat, but Rossi has said he has met McDonough at the IH factory. So I think he’s an insider of some kind. McDonough is a friend of Tom Darden and together they have sponsored the Cherokee McDonough Challenge for a number of years.

      • jousterusa

        A press release is a written document that outlines the author company’s viewpoint on and facts about a certain issue. It is not a cobversation; if it is a speech, that’s called a statement, and a press conference, of course, is a gathering ion which multiple journalists are free to ask whatever questions they like and the respondents are free to answer or not, as they please. A “press release,” a :statement,” a “white paper” (an extended statement in print), and a “press conference” are words and phrazses thatr have specific meanings and should not be conflated or confused.

        • Warthog

          I’m a scientist, not a journalist. But the fact remains that Darden has validated the ownership of the E-Cat technology to a legitimate news source.

  • Foks0904 .

    I hear you curious — your criticism is well taken, and I really appreciate you listening, but did people expect Rossi to “spill the beans” or something? I was just happy to have been given a chance to get him on the record about anything at this point. Frank’s analysis pretty much nailed it.

  • Mats Hilmersson

    IH will not say a thing, since there only purpose with the report is to get their patents granted. Any surplus attention will just distract them and benefit the competition.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      I agree. Besides, it looks often fishy, or at least naive, if a company announces a major „breakthrough“ without having a product that is completely ready for the market. IH has apparently enough resources to follow their path, especially due to the backing by Cherokee. I sympathise with their stance, although it is hard for us to get by with the sparse news.