Parkhomov Presentation Watch Thread

Two presentations by Alexander Parkhomov have been announced for this week in Moscow.

The first is scheduled to be today (Tuesday, January 27th, 2014 at 14:00 local time ) at a seminar titled ““The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” at VNIIAES, the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation based in Moscow, where Parkhomov is to speak on ““The study of high-temperature heat source analogue of Rossi”.

The second presentation is scheduled for Thursday, January 29th at a seminar titled “Cold fusion and fireball” in the People’s Friendship University in Moscow to be held at 16:00 local time, where Parkhomov’s presentation is titled “New experimental results with the analog high-temperature reactor Rossi”

I have put this thread up in the hopes that we might get some reports from people who have attended either of these presentations, or who have found reports about it. Thanks in advance for any reports — especially to our Russian speaking readers!

  • As I understand, the todays presentation is closed and only for invited scientific guests, but the presentation at thursday is open for everyone?

    • ecatworld

      The announcement for today’s meeting reads: “January 27, 2015 g, Tuesday, at 14-00, VNIIAES (Ferghana, 25) in the room. 614 will host a seminar: “The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” Everyone is welcome, Order badge: [email protected]
      So maybe you have to register in advance.

      • Okay, so this presentation is already over now.

  • Josh G

    I think the correct translation for the second talk is “cold fusion and ball lightning” instead of “cold fusion and fireball”

  • Gerrit

    Maybe Rossi’s Ecat process can be thought of as captured ball lighting.

    • Guest

      I should not speculate what processes takes place in devices said to harness energy from plasma (globular lightning), because I do not know, but the creation of energy seems to differ from “Cold Fusion”, which is a reaction that takes place in the atomic structure of an metal lattice.

      I think of them as cousins, the guy who is said to be getting the best result from globular lightning lives in Utah, and worked with Cold Fusion for several years.

  • Gerard McEk

    I hope to see the results at Peter Gluck’s Ego Out. I am sure he did everything in his power to watch the life thread and otherwise he may have some friends who can inform him.

  • LENRwatcher

    At today’s seminar in Moscow it was mentioned that during Obama’s trip to China [apparently 11/2014] he proposed a joint manufacturing project for 50KW LENR home heating devices.
    I don’t know if this info is accurate – anyone have any additional info/insights into this?

    • Sanjeev

      The obvious question is, who said that ? and is there a video or audio or anything about the seminar ?

  • Owen Geiger

    Presentations are great, wonderful.

    Publishing open source detailed instructions for replicating LENR like Parkhomov apparently has done would be 1000x times greater.

  • peter gluck

    We have to wait. Parkhomov wrote me that the second presentation will be the more detailed and
    the report will be published only after it.
    Still don’t know when will be published the other papers: Andreev, Samsonenko,. Laptukhov (see my blog)

  • David Nygren