Let’s Help The Only Person to Partially Reproduce a Hot Cat! (James Rice) [Update: Parkhomov Has Sponsors, No Need for More Funds]

The following post was submitted by James Rice

UPDATE (Feb 22, 2015): From a comment below from Bob Greenyer, Alexander Parkhomov writes:

“Dear Bob!
Thanks for so generous offer of the help, but it isn’t required to me. After publications of my reports presentations some offers from the Russian sponsors are already made to me.
I think that the funds raised by you will be useful for your own researches.

Reading Mats Lewan’s recent post and accompanying comments on the timeline for LENR emergence, I see an understandable yearning for rapid adoption of this revolutionary technology. Most express hope for this or that future scenario. I would like to propose something concrete that we can all do to advance LENR.

As far as I am aware, the only person to partially reproduce the Hot Cat and make public his results is Russian scientist Dr. Parkhomov. He is operating on a shoe-string, and we should help him. The need is obvious. And the timing is urgent, for two reasons: First, I believe that when the Putin apparatchiks get wind of Dr. Parkhomov’s work, he will be shut down immediately, as a threat to Russia’s oil revenue,so he needs to do as much work as possible before this happens. And second, Bob Greenyer of the MFMP is departing for Russia in a few days, on the 26th of February, and has agreed to transport donated funds directly to him.

It seems to me that those of us with the ability to donate only small amounts (myself included) could help speed up the adoption of LENR technology, by giving to Dr. Parkhomov.

To donate, go to the donation page of MFMP (see below), and enter the comment “Parkhomov” in the comment section.

This is something real that anyone can do to help this happen. I’ve donated $500 to get things started. This may be the single most effective thing you can do to advance cold fusion at this critical time. Be part of history, not just an observer- Contribute!



  • Mats Hilmersson

    How do I donate to support the purchase of a few bones by MFMP from Parkhomov?

    • guest1

      Same here, buy a few from Parkhomov, then test by MFMP

      • Bob Greenyer

        I have asked him.

        • Bob Greenyer

          He only has time to build the reactor for the test when I am there. I hope it does a good long run!

    • Sanjeev

      They tried to get one from Parkhomov, but he refused. Probably, the reactors are not safe at this time. He doesn’t want any accident involving his reactor. (Or that’s what is the assumed reason).
      So the only way is to go and learn the technique exactly and reproduce it later.

  • Andre Blum

    Can we ask Parkhomov first?

    I see the good intent here, and I encourage everyone to follow their own feeling, but so will I: I will not donate to someone who does not ask for help. The ‘obvious need’ is not there until Parkhomov has indicated it exists. It may be your own interpretation of perhaps seeing his frying pans and hearing his dogs bark. But maybe this is where Parkhomov thrives best.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch, and accepting money for Parkhomov means surrendering a part of his freedom as a scientist. He may feel your huge expectation as a burden.

    My 2 cents.

    • Agree!
      I have the feeling that the Russian academics are open enough to support LENR and I guess Parkhomov is on the right way to attract them.
      If this happens he (and/or a team) will get funds and support from universities or government for research and development of this technology.

      I also don’t understand why Putin should stop research in this field. I understand that Russia has a lot of fossil fuels which they want to sell at the highest prices. But why not use this opportunity to get important knowlegde for the future.

      If other countries get this knowledge they will anyway not buy their oil anymore. With early LENR research they have the chance to make their money with LENR technology.

      • E_man

        Frank, Your speculation ” I believe that when the Putin apparatchiks get wind of Dr. Parkhomov’s
        work, he will be shut down immediately, as a threat to Russia’s oil
        revenue,so he needs to do as much work as possible before this happens” is very non fair.
        Remember, how western media and western scientists “shut down” F&P an how several people died becouse of they tried to make some progress!

        • E_man

          Sorry Barty, I clicked bad reply!

        • ecatworld

          This is not my speculation — the post was submitted by James Rice.

          • E_man

            Frank sorry, pleas. I was suppose it is Your opinion.

        • Eyedoc

          What? you think Russia is somehow going to be more fair about this ? Thats all Rice was saying here…its the PTB whether its east or west matters not

      • right barty,
        intelligent leader will sell oil and use LENR not to consume it, to pump it, and to make money installing LENR.
        not using LENR will not change the oil consumptions of others.

        I am more afraid of democracies, where some popular lobbies will ask to block LENR to block the social status quo… like in USA with coal, in france with EDF grid, or with renewables, with solar subsidies…

        it won’t last long as we will just economically collapse.

        • Eyedoc

          But the Russians leaders wont ‘open source’ it

          • If there is money, people will compete , encouraged by Russian success.

            I don’t feel that free like a beer will accelerate LENR development.
            I believe that free like speech is what we should defend, while protecting the economic and moral interest of the victorious…

            If Russia and Iran develop LENR, patent beautiful technology, it will inspire US and EU, and push them to move their B…

            today I know there are big players who are enthusiast…
            they just are coward… they ask for papers, insurances, NDA…

            they are not individually stupid, they are structurally stupid.

            that Putin develop LENR will push big corps and big labs to stop flirting with reality, and go serious.

          • psi2u2

            “free like speech is what we should defend.”


          • If I say patent are of that kind (in fact they don’t work, but that is another problem), do you follow me ?

            people respect things more if they own it, and work harder if they can acquire it…

            the secret of open is that people are:
            – free to see what they can acquire
            – free to pay an honest price to use it
            – free to improve and thus compete

            If I understand well that is the basic of open IP…

            the result is people work harder to innovate, to sell their IP , and use the work of others respectfully and selfishly.

          • psi2u2

            Very well put. There are legitimate values involved in both paths to popularization of this “new fire.” Therefore I encourage and exhort those committed to an open access model, but cannot reasonably criticize Rossi or others who take another route. We need them all.

          • Sanjeev

            Having sponsors is a great news. If the sponsors are industrialists, it can result in a industrial or home product and his replication will not remain a mere scientific curiosity.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I do hope that the money he has been offered does not come with strings attached. We want to demonstrate that we can work together moving forward with our planned experiments adding to the collective effort.

      We are having the metal coated Alumina shards analysed and we hope that will provide valuable insight into what goes on in these experiments.

      Bob Higgins’ planned experiment will allow for experiment pressure measurement and capturing of post experiment gas and we have had an offer by a third party to test that residual gas for 1-50AMU content, this will add valuable new open understanding.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Alexander has responded when I had informed him that we had raised some funds for him.

    “Dear Bob!

    Thanks for so generous offer of the help, but it isn’t required to me. After publications of my reports presentations some offers from the Russian sponsors are already made to me.

    I think that the funds raised by you will be useful for your own researches.


    This is great news, but now what to do? Is he just being modest?

    The trip has cost just a little over $1000, but that will was money saved from the Dog Bone thermal assessment research (renting, rather than buying the Optris)

    I will appeal for him to make us some reactors, failing that, if anyone wants return of their donation, then I can organise it to be refunded by Paypal.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      “now what to do? Is he just being modest?” Your guess is as good as mine, but I would do what Parkhomov suggests.

      • Yes, MFMP offered it him. They should not do more.

        @Bob: Maybe you can ask him again if you are locally. And also what his supporters demand from him.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I hope to have discuss things in depth and I am never afraid to ask searching questions.

          What I know is that this field needs collaboration and cooperation more than it needs obfuscation and NDAs.

    • GreenWin

      Very considerate Bob. I doubt Parkhomov is being modest. Rather, he has captured the attention of Russian funders who may be less swayed by energy lobbyists. He has certainly broken “open science” ground with his near-Rossi-replication.
      On Axil’s thread re “Tinkering with weak and strong forces” – there is a fascinating discussion of magnetic influence on LENR effects. Would you consider asking Dr. Parkhomov to bring a strong permanent magnet close to his reactor during a run? This would be a quick and cheap way to observe any variation in reactor output / performance under magnetic influence. Thanks for your continued good work for MFMP!!

    • rats123

      Hi Bob,

      How much involvement will you have with Parkohmov’s experiment? Will you be able to ensure baseline calorimetry is done before he runs the “live” wire?

      • Bob Greenyer

        I will be watching/monitoring the whole experiment with a Russian/English translator present (who is also a brilliant scientist).

        Alexander is happy for me to place the whole experiment on 10kg scales that I will bring with me which are accurate to 2g in order to monitor the weight loss and water additions.

        • rats123

          Pardon my ignorance, but how will weighing the experiment prove anything? What is important is the power readings for the baseline and the experiment are measured as accurately as possible. How do you intend to check this is happening correctly?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Monitoring accurately the mass of water that has been lost/added will give accuracy to the calculated output power of the reactor.

            Parkhomov says the entire key apparatus including water chamber is approx. 5kg.

    • Alain Samoun

      “Russian sponsors” That’s good news!.

      As far I am concerned, in matter of money sent, MFMP should keep it all for your next experiment.

      • Eyedoc

        Good news?? Russian investors ! Thats probably the end of AP’s open research

        • Alain Samoun

          “sponsors” not necessary “investors”…

  • Bob Greenyer

    Well, yes, we might have to pay that, but having spoken to them, they think it may only be the USB module. It was sent back to them a week ago for evaluation with a request that we can re-hire it.

  • Private Citizen

    Wonder if the Russian investors are willing to share their newly funded secrets with the open science community?

    • Eyedoc

      I’ll bet ‘Nyet’

  • EEStorFanFibb

    I honestly fear for Parkhomov’s life. Rossi’s too for that matter. A lot of bad stuff can happen when trillions are at stake. I wish everyone that’s working in LENR research continued safety and security. And thank you for your efforts.

    • Eyedoc

      Yes. this visit is going to be very telling, re the ‘open’ future of LENR….interesting times indeed

      • SG

        Might I ask how much was raised for this effort before it was called off? As for my small donation, I prefer that if Parkhomov refuses to accept the offering, that it instead be used as MFMP sees fit in the advancement of the replication efforts. I think the crowd does and will continue to support open and transparent replication efforts, where all information is disseminated publicly.

        What the crowd will not support are closed efforts involving secrecy, NDAs, and patents. Don’t get me wrong–there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach when the effort is self-funded or investor-funded, but it is simply incompatible with efforts that are even partially crowd-funded.

        I’ve often felt that a revolutionary technology such as LENR+ wants to be open and free–just like information wants to be free, and there will be a greater liklihood of rapid adoption and world-wide dissemination under such principle. This is one point in which I happen to strongly disagree with Mr. Rossi. LENR+ might be unique in this regard.

    • builditnow

      It’s a catch 22 for someone trying to stop LENR.
      Kill the researchers could create a lot more interest, might even wake up the masses.
      It might become like a banned book or movie, much more popular.
      Smear campaigns, funded skeptopaths, it’s been working for 26 years, why give up on a good thing.
      This is all made worse by the fact that Rossi and others have in place to dump all their research into the public domain if something like this is tried.
      Then how do you stop everyone building these reactors in their garages?

      Additionally, if you get caught clearly trying to prevent LENR, it could be big trouble in the future. Why not quietly dump all your shares of all the business that could be hurt by LENR and try to pick some winners. All the executives of the biggest oil drilling and exploration suppliers, Slumberger SLB, dumped over 100 billion dollars worth of share in the last 18 months. You can view their sales online. They now own very little. Where did they invest? SLB only represents a pay check while they now wait to get onboard with the next opportunity. Check the SLB morning sales after Rossi’s photo’s were released last Wednesday. Do the SLB execs care much now?

      • EEStorFanFibb

        i don’t disagree with you. and I don’t think a couple murders or a sabotage induced explosion (another small concern i have) would stop a lenr revolution for very long. but whoever said all people were rational? one thing that might help keep things from going violent is there are mechanisms that allow people to profit from a drop in oil. if they are aware and a little bit lucky, they can do extremely well while oil drops and their old business craters.

  • Bob Greenyer

    When I was living in India recently, the Russians built 2, 1 terawatt reactors in Tamil Nadu (the neighbouring southern state to Kerala) on a site there. When the Indians agreed that they would like 5 more sites, suddenly the “west” took note and urged the government to sign the NPT, so that they could start selling reactor tech and fuel to India in competition.

    • Eyedoc

      Yes , money talks …and sometimes kills. Tho we are too far along the LENR path for that stuff, hopefully…….wishing safe passage to you and AP

  • EEStorFanFibb