Russia 1 TV News Reports on Parkhomov (Video)

Thanks to Sanjeev for finding this video on the Cold Fusion Doctor Bob YouTube Channel.

From the logo at the top right of the video, this video comes from the Russia 1 TV channel, which is a state-owned television and radio company, and has the second largest viewing audience in the country according to Wikipedia.

I would suggest paying no attention to the subtitles in the video, which appear to be very inaccurate and random (probably computer generated). I don’t understand the words in the video, but quite a lot can be inferred from the images.

It does seem that thanks to Parkhomov’s work in trying to replicate the E-Cat that many in Russia, including in the scientific establishment, are taking LENR quite seriously.

  • fritz194

    Subtitles are mindboggling freejazz ;-))

    • Ophelia Rump

      Well said, I would love to know how they managed to work in Third Reich.

  • Gerrit

    ICCF19 will start in a month. I hope the russian scientists will also present their results and show an overview of the work being done in Russia at this moment.

    • Let’s hope that multiple independent scientists are able to confirm Parkhomovs results.

  • malkom700

    It seems that in journalism regarding the greatest invention of mankind Russians have overtaken us. Russian journalism is probably better than ours.

  • David Nygren
  • georgehants

    At the risk of repeating myself, would just like to say how delighted I am that the Wonderful free Russian media have covered the Cold Fusion topic.
    This can only help to speed up what I think we are all working for, the freedom from establishment censoring and denial of important scientific knowledge.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Nice. I always said I would rejoice when this gets mainstream media, and even though Russia is far from where I hoped LENR would first be accepted, it is demonstrating some acceptance. Are there a hundred monkeys yet?

    • georgehants

      friendly, years ago Russian scientists used to dream of coming to the West to practice free science, shortly I think all our free-minded scientists will be reversing course and traveling to the East to be able to do their Wonderful open-minded work without interference.

      • friendlyprogrammer

        It does appear Russian Media is more accepting of fringe science, that’s for sure. Let’s hope it’s a shot heard around the world.

    • Wait until other russian scientists can confirm the Parkhomov results. Then the russian media will be full of it.

  • RR

    As far as I know this TV programm was shown on TV channel “Culture” ( ). It is one of the central Russia TV channels, but not the Russia 1 TV channel.

  • Hi all

    At a time when the Russian equivalent of the BBC on its top science news program is carrying LENR replications as its top story. And while India’s scientists right up to the designer of their fast breeder reactors are saying LENR is real and works. The west may have Rossi but the reactors he designed are to be mass produced in China. At this crucial stage in the gestation of an LENR industry the west has lost the initiative.

    I did warn about this.

    Kind Regards Walker

    • bachcole

      You warned us but I still don’t feel threatened. When the Soviets had better ICBMs than we did, I felt threatened. When Al Qaeda brought down the Twin Towers, I felt threatened. When I see ISIS spreading like a cancer I feel threatened. But somehow this just does not make me feel threatened. I wonder why? (:->)

      • Mytakeis

        free energy is not threatening?

        • Omega Z

          “free energy is not threatening?”

          Nope. No such animal. It is a myth.
          A 2 Billion$ power plant whether it gets it’s heat from an E-cat, Coal, Gas, whatever is still a 2 Billion$ power plant.

      • Hi all

        In reply to bachcole

        Some examples:
        Have you got a pension?
        Do you know where they invest your pension money?
        If western markets, are not as informed as Russia’s, who’s pension suffers?

        If Russian weapons are LENR powered, aircraft, ships, and most importantly their micro-drones before the west’s are, and they demand Estonia,and the rest of the Baltic states back, then want the Ukraine the Czech Republic, Poland and Alaska to be buffer states, and there are some in the echelons of Russian who do see the world like that and they are in the ascendant, what then?

        Please note I do not think Russia is any worse than the US or the UK one has only to think of the last 30 years on that matter, but shifts in Power are real those who think differently, included, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Afghanistan they paid for not recognising that change in millions of lives.

        Part of good governance and even basic civics is realising that threats exist and need to be prepared for.

        Kind Regards walker

        • Omega Z

          Blackrock investments with 6 Trillion$ in funds(Mostly pensions) is
          aware & watching. Regardless, The transition will take decades &
          only a few will take any serious financial hit.

          Just because LENR isn’t in the MSM doesn’t mean they aren’t aware. Their
          just waiting for a conclusive product. If you’ve followed close enough,
          you would know that dozens of U.S. organizations are already involved.
          Point being, They are far from clueless.

          As to manufacturing. They will be built all over the world. As will all
          the other necessary hardware that makes them usable. Rossi speaks of a
          factory manufacturing a million reactors a year. A 1000 more factories
          & you have a very good start. In 40 years they’ll have just about
          replaced all fossil fuel use. Maybe. My calculations on the number
          required may be to conservative.

  • Frechette

    It would be ironic that after the West slapped Russia with sanctions Lenr reactors are developed by Russian scientists which every country in the world would want to get their hands on. The sanctionee could become the sanctioner. It’s known as divine retribution.

    • Omega Z

      This is Ideological nonsense, But lets go there for a second.
      This does change the dynamics, but in a detrimental way for Russia.
      They are fossil energy rich with a fast depreciating product. No longer a product that’s selling cheaply, but a product that has a vastly diminished demand. No Customers. This is far worse then any sanctions would ever be. The shoe is on the other foot. They will need help from those they have tried to take advantage of. Time for them to change their tune.

      The upside is the Russian people will have cheap electricity & heat & can focus on building their industry. They’ll need to as they will no longer have fossil energies to depend on to trade for goods. Fortunately(I say fortunately as I have no ill will towards the Russian people), they have the means & resources to this end. It’s mismanagement & Government corruption that has held them back from being self sufficient.

      From a U.S. view point, No Country can use Nuclear energy as a guise to build Nukes. There simply would be no justification to build such an energy source. Every Nation in the world would know without doubt what you were up. This is a unifying factor. It is simply in the best interest of all including the U.S. that this technology is available to ALL.

      Their going to get it 1st. He’s going to get it before the U.S… Really???
      Unless Rossi is totally full of it, I think the U.S. Already has it.
      Unless i missed the announcement.
      Does anyone else have an Industrial/Commercial Pilot plant in operation.

      • Frechette

        It is intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that the US powers that be are not interested in Lenr. This includes the oil companies, main stream scientists, media prostitutes, and the US patent office acting at the behest of the politicians. They all have separate interests but the same goal, that is, suppress the introduction of LENR reactors for as long as possible. It began in 1989 and is still happening. If the Russians bring it to market it will force the hand of the West which will be to the detriment of those who are blocking it. It may do more damage here than to the Russians.
        Incidentally, hydrocarbons will still be required by the chemical industry for applications other than fuel for heating and transport like composite materials which are lighter and more durable than metals. Think B-787.

  • steve high

    Check out 1:10. What was Rossi doing there?

    • hempenearth

      That’s not Rossi. At 5:01 we get a view of his LH jaw.

      • steve high

        What is a Large Hadron Jaw?

  • Eyedoc

    Baffling, isn’t it ??

  • Ophelia Rump

    That translation was insane.

  • Mytakeis

    to expand, is the reason you do not feel threatened by free energy because free energy is not threatening?

  • Omega Z

    As I’ve said before. It’s going to be a long transition. Oil, Gas, even Coal will be in use for several decades.

    • EEStorFanFibb

      no, that’s very wrong. fossil fuels will be out of the picture in much less than several decades even if there never is a successfully commercialized lenr product.

      the coming economics of renewables and batteries are simply too good – not to mention the problems involved with fossil fuel pollution and carbon.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Less of a cold war, more like a gold rush. No one wants to be left behind.

  • Mytakeis

    Never my intention, you misinterpret me, sir. I remain firmly entrenched in the hope that free energy (as in e-Cat type free, [pennies for reload]) will prevail, and we, everyone, will benefit.