French Financial Newspaper Les Echos Covers Cold Fusion News (Buck)

Thanks to Buck for posting this:

LENR has hit a MSM outlet in France.

The story is brief and is more of a teaser for future Les Echos articles. However, it does include several very important links: the Lugano report, Current Science’s special edition on LENR, the recent Airbus patent, and the Tohuku announcement on establishing a LENR research department.

IMO, it is easily characterized as a wake-up call.

Here’s an excerpt (Google translated)

Some manufacturers are interested in LENR: Airbus has filed a patent; for their part, Toyota and Mitsubishi seem interested in the topic, India and Sweden also in Europe and overseas intelligence agencies would monitor the issue.

Now a man-named ecosystem LENRG encourages this research and it launches an event in Milan Friday, April 10, 2015 entitled “LENRG year 1” .The purpose of this event is to attract the attention of industrialists, investors, but probably also to deepen perspectives collaboratively. Do we know all the laws of physics, nuclear and combined electrochemistry …? Are LENR new scientific fields? Can this frontier of science to dream about how to Interstellar?

What consequences would wear a new form of energy? LENR potential applications are numerous: power generation, transportation, aerospace, electronics, economics or poorest countries without energy resources, geopolitical …

The other side of this story is about the metal. 1989 was a palladium catalyst experience, since the nickel-metal hydride is preferred. It is of course too early to make precise calculations on the possible new nickel consumption. But if the theory and experience came together, this demand for metal in cold fusion cell mobile or static Could she count 50 000et 100,000 tons … in the first place? To be continued …

Les Echos is an award winning Financial Newspaper, circulation of about 120k, first established in 1908.

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  • Mats002

    I look forward to read an analysis from AlainCo.

    • He’s in italy right now. LENR Cities Event and ICCF 😉

      • with a wifi !

        • Mats002

          Good going!

        • Photos and recordings if possible Alain!!

          • will try, but it will be hard for the recording.

            I’ll take notes… and will see what photo I can publish

          • Gerrit

            Let us know when you spot Bill Gates.

    • ah ah…. ;>

      Les echos is one of the very few business, finance and economy newspaper in France (with La tribune). Dider Julienne is not a journalist but an expert in mineral resources.
      The section where he write is to open debate between experts… an “opinion page”, on the electronic newspaper.

      In 1989 he followed the story around palladium, and now with current moves, he question the Nickel.
      How he get the informations is maybe simpler that you imagine. Global village!

      you are right he is opening a door… controlled move.

      • Billy Jackson

        What did you do AlainCo!!! what did you do! 😛

        • psi2u2


  • Sanjeev

    Very important news in The Hindu BusinessLine today. Links posted in always open thread.

    • Gerrit

      it reads: “Next week, the 19th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-19) will take place in Italy. The ICCFs have been generally dismissed as ‘meeting of believers’ but this time around many potential investors, notably the Bill Gates Foundation is taking part in it.”

      I wonder if that info is correct, I haven’t heard that before.

      The detailed program of ICCF19 still shows a “to be defined” on Thursday afternoon. The program, so far, doesn’t mention the CEES at TTU.

      Imagine how wonderful it would be if the “to be defined” would be filled with the announcement of CEES at TTU with Mike McKubre and funded by Bill Gates.

      • I hope they have insider informations. Would be very very good for LENR.