LENR-Cities Publishes White Paper Outlining Business Plan

Michel Vandenberghe, CEO of LENR-Cities, a Switzerland based startup, is speaking today at ICCF19 in Padua, and below is a white paper published in connection with his address.

LENR-Cities held a meeting in Milan on April 10th in which they introduced their LENRG ecosystem plan to interested parties (representatives of Airbus were there). More information about this event has been published at http://lenrg.org/

LENR-Cities proposes a program to help the world transition smoothly to the use of LENR technology, which they say must be accomplished within 20 years.

LENR-Cities White Paper-En_April 14 (1)

  • MWerner

    As an engineer I find this side of the business world so incredibly boring. I am happy someone finds it interesting because we need some of this. I hope they are able to make something useful happen.

    It sounds like they want to be middle men. Skim profits by handling the transactions for those that build and those that finance.