Report of Rochester, Minnesota Public LENR Presentation by Tom Wind (Ivan Idso)

Tom Wind, president of Wind Utility Consulting in Jamaica, Iowa, and president and founding board member of the Energy 2.0 Society gave a public presentation on April 26, “The Advance of Low Energy Nuclear (LENR) Technology”, at the Earthfest Ecofair in Rochester, Minnesota.

We had an audience of about 15 people which included, to my knowledge, a couple of retired PHD’s, 3 people with energy related backgrounds, one high school science teacher, and a couple of high school students. One ECW participant, sorry I can’t remember his name, drove 2 hours to see the presentation. Although the audience was fairly small, they were fully engaged and of the people I talked to afterwards, they are converts. I did not perceive any skepticism, just genuine interest. Tom did a magnificent job of covering the history of Lenr right up to current events.

The mission of the Energy 2.0 Society is as follows:

The Energy 2.0 Society is an educational organization that provides information and spreads awareness about Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology and promotes it as a clean and economical source of energy to be used for the benefit of humanity.

In my opinion they succeeded in their mission with their presentation yesterday. As an environmentalist fighting climate change, you don’t win the war in one day. The war is fought in many small battles and yesterday was a win for LENR acceptance. The 15 people in yesterday’s class will talk to 15 of their friends and then there will be 225 people in Rochester who accept LENR as a legitimate science.

Thank you Tom, for taking a whole day, driving four hours each way, and spreading the word about LENR. I encourage everyone to support the Energy 2.0 Society and their mission.
Ivan Idso

  • bachcole

    I guarantee that the day will come when such presentations will have standing room only.

    And how do I know this? My little Birdie intuition told me.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Does anyone have a list/running total on successful LENR replication claims? It must be getting pretty long.

    • radvar

      Looks like Frank is keeping this one is up to date; it has Firax.

      • friendlyprogrammer

        Thanks. Thanks also to Frank again.

        That covers serious public replication displays, but I’d also be interested in a list of “claims” such as NASA claims to have seen it, Toyota verified the Mitsubishi claim, Peter hagelstein, George Miley, Pirelli high School, Piantelli, etc.

        • ecatworld

          I don’t know if there is an exhaustive list of successful experiments, but Jed Rothwell’s site is a huge database of papers going back to the beginning.

          You’ll find some of the successful replications listed in this timeline:

          • friendlyprogrammer

            Thanks Frank,

            Yes. I know back in 2012-13 we were listing everyone who claimed to have a LENR device. Last I saw that list was with over 20 LENR claims from various organizations.

  • Gerard McEk

    Today I gave a smilar presentation for interested former retired colleagues of mine. 40! turned up and they ensured me that that they had enjoyed my presentation.I counted at least 5 academics and many bachelor degrees engineers.
    I hope many of us will do that to spread the LENR light.

    • ecatworld

      Good to hear, Gerard!

    • Ivan Idso

      So that’s 55 people in the last 3 days that have been enlightened. I know there was supposed to be a class in Madison, Wisconsin earlier this month also, I wonder how that went.
      With the success of the class on Sunday, I was emboldened to offer to teach classes in my area as opportunities arose; if the Energy 2.0 Society would provide the PowerPoint presentation. This is an opportunity for me to contribute to LENR.
      Are there others that would be willing to teach classes and formalize the process under the Energy 2.0 Society, if they desire that? Perhaps keep a calendar of classes scheduled and record the number of people trained?

      • ecatworld

        Thanks for the idea, Ivan.

        Yes, Gary Scott and Tom Wind went to talk to the Madison, Wisconsin chapter of the IEEE about LENR. There were about 35 people there, and I heard they had a good meeting.

        I’m on the board of Energy 2.0 and will bring up your idea to the board members at our next meeting.


  • Ivan Idso

    Based on the recent success of these classes, I would conclude that the general public may, in fact, be open to acceptance of lenr. The mass media is either more demanding or are under the influence of something or someone, and this should come as no surprise.
    In my work, if I need to implement a new policy or gain acceptance for a new program, there is either the top/down approach or the bottom/up approach. Since we can’t control the media, the bottom/up approach seems best. Franks ECW has begun this botton/up by bringing interested people from around the globe together. The next thing that we can influence is educating the general public.
    At some point this will drive the change, or at least the world will be more prepared when mass communication finally occurs.

    • Ivan Idso

      I further suggest that a new non-technical website could be developed to market lenr to the general public. Most people don’t care about how it works, they just want to know what is possible and how it will benefit them.

  • Ivan Idso

    Bachcole, check out this webpage:

    This is a static, basic information for the general public. This is what I was thinking.

    • bachcole

      Oh, sorry, I was thinking of a separate techno forum. But I like what you are saying. Heck, I’d just copy their source material and insert cold fusion information and then post it.

      • Ivan Idso

        Yes, the only difference is that the hot fusion page is science fiction and cold fusion is real!