E-Cat Cold Fusion Reactor Shames Thousand Ton ITER Electromagnet (Hank Mills)

The following post was submitted by Hank Mills.

San Diego’s General Atomic’s is providing the ITER reactor a critical component: a seven story, one thousand ton electromagnet (see story here: http://m.utsandiego.com/news/2015/apr/11/fusion-reactor-atomics/). This enormous piece of equipment will help contain the superheated plasma which is needed to allow deuterium and tritium – two isotopes of hydrogen – to under go “hot” nuclear fusion. If all goes well, this component along with several others will be put together by 2019 or 2020 to complete the reactor that’s expected to have a total cost of at least sixteen billion dollars. The bad news for taxpayers across the world is that they should not expect to reap any real world benefits from the reactor until at least 2027 – this is when the first attempts to produce fusion reactions may take place.

Conversely, Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer technology has already proven to produce nuclear reactions and produces excess heat at high temperatures exceeding the requirements of virtually any electrical generating technology. The “hot cat” version of his technology produces thermal power without emitting any radiation or producing any nuclear waste. And, unlike the ITER, the E-Cat “cold fusion” or “LENR” reactors can be built the size of soda cans, weight only a few pounds or less, and cost a few tens of dollars. The power supply, measurement equipment, computer for data acquisition, and other equipment used only require a single table top. Compared to the colossus of the ITER, a single E-Cat reactor is like a lean, fit mouse.

The E-Cat technology offers far more benefits than the ITER ever could in the best case scenerio. In fact, the first commercial E-Cat reactors entering the market place will be in the form of a one megawatt plant currently producing steam in the factory of a potential customer. By the end of this year or the start of 2016, the initial 400 day test run of the plant will be completed. If the results are favorable — and all inside sources indicate the test is going beyond expectations — the first plant will be purchased and serial production of them can begin. This would mean a source of nearly unlimited, clean, and dirt-cheap heat could well be available in the marketplace less than a year from now. The proponents of the ITER reactor have nothing that comes close to this.

In the future, the E-Cat has the potential to be used in private homes and businesses. Instead of a connection to the power grid or rows of bulky solar panels on your roof, image a small, compact generator (perhaps the size of an air conditioning unit) co-generating both heat and electricity for your home. The power would be produced from only grams of stable, non-radioactive elements providing the user with a constant source of heat and electricity. Being the ultimate “green” technology, no carbon, particulates, or any other form of pollution would be emitted. As the technology evolves, such systems could be used in electric cars to provide unlimited range. Not all the details are worked out about how to do this, but it’s all standard engineering. If you have virtually free high temperature heat, the sky is the limit.

No government on the face of the Earth is funding any part in the E-Cat Energy Revolution. While billions of dollars are being spent on the ITER and other forms of dangerous traditional nuclear power, only Andrea Rossi and the investors who created Industrial Heat LLC (the company who purchased the rights to the technology) are funding the development of the E-Cat. This proves the best solutions to the problems facing humanity do not always come from projects dependent on government subsidies and funding.

There is another stunning difference between the ITER and the E-Cat. A global race has already began to replicate the Ni-LiAlH4 technology. Alexander Parkhomov, a Russian physicist, has successfully done so perhaps around a dozen times – detecting massive excess heat in fueled runs and none in control runs. Perhaps dozens of other researchers are gearing up to try and follow Parkhomov’s example. When they succeed and post their data on the internet for the world to see, perhaps the funding for wasteful projects like the ITER will be cut.

Earth and humanity are facing a crisis, and it’s time to get serious about doing what it takes to ensure the survival of humanity and of our biosphere. The E-Cat technology can help in the immediate future at a reasonable cost, unlike the ITER. Decisions need to be made now to use ever dollar and Euro in the most effectively way possible.

Spending a single cent on the ITER is like feeding a pot bellied pig another twinkie. For goodness sakes, please stop.

And if you are a scientist or academic with a laboratory suitable for testing, here is a guide I’ve prepared with information that might be helpful in replicating the E-Cat. For a few hundred dollars or less – depending on the equipment you already have – you may be able to achieve results that could change the world.

Hank Mills

  • Mats002

    Great punsch! I am curious about reader statistics of ECW, is it increasing or are we still a little duck pond talking to ourselfes? Can you shine a little light on this Frank?

    • ecatworld

      It is increasing overall. Compared to this time last year we have approximately a 43 percent increase in visitors, and 60 percent increase in pageviews. But still we’re a small community in the grand scheme of things.

      • Alain Samoun

        And no Euros soon!

        • Agaricus

          Europe will soon fall back onto former national currencies – but what will the US fall back on…?

          • GreenWin

            You’re referring to Dr. Bussard?

        • Mytakeis

          Thanks, done as follows:

          Dear Senator,
          A revolutionary energy paradigm change becomes reality, now upon us.
          I send this summary by Mr. Hank Mills of Pure Energy Systems News to you, so that you may lead South Dakota into the leading edge of its expansion.
          Please look into this and try to get research monies into the State for this.
          It will generate a boon to all citizens when South Dakotas leads in near
          free energy recognition!
          (your summary here)

      • Agaricus

        I must admit I’m surprised by that – it seems a small increase given the developments over the last year. Hody and his like must feel a glow of satisfaction at a job well done.

        • ecatworld

          I’m not sure the reason.

          There just seems to be a small, but growing, pool of people taking the subject seriously. Probably some people originally interested have lost interest since things have progressed slowly since 2011.

          I think most people just aren’t that interested in a technology that is not yet on the market. It takes a certain perspective and mindset to be as passionate about the topic as may readers here are.

          • Omega Z

            Most people are far more interested in what the Kardashian’s & others are wearing. Or not wearing.

  • jaman73

    “….no government on the face of the Earth is funding any part….” rather than “….no government on the face of the Earth is fundying any part….”. Maybe there could be a few “underground” projects….



  • LuFong

    “No government on the face of the Earth is fundying [sic] any part in the E-Cat Energy Revolution.”

    Do you acknowledge that Rossi’s first customer was the US Military? Who do you think funded that? What do you think happened to that plant?

    • Alain Samoun

      “What do you think happened to that plant?”
      Do you know LuFong?

      • LuFong

        Surely you must know that if the customer was indeed the US military and they knew what happened to the plant, they probably could not tell you Alain.

        • bachcole

          LuFong, I was very conservative about who I thought knew, like only provable people. Then AirBus came out of the closet and blew my mind. Probably lots of powerful people and corporations know; that is my position now, sort of in the middle, between complete “we’re all alone” and complete “everyone knows but they are keeping a lid on it.”

          • GreenWin

            Rog, there is “wisdom” in the lid. Pulling it too quickly would collapse valuable infrastructure. It is being lifted, carefully, slowly, so as to not cause socio-econ-meltdown. Check “Buck’s” comments – he is IMO well-versed in this transition. And a good friend to LENR. It’s good to have friends!

          • GordonDocherty

            As balance, 5,000 children a day – a day – currently die needlessly around the world from drinking contaminated water. That’s about 1.8 million children a year – or one “holocaust” every three and a half years. So, while the engineering cannot be rushed, governments and economies should really be encouraged to make PUBLIC plans to transition now – plans such as “where do the first LENR systems go”, “how quickly can production be ramped up (empty factory shells with transport / water / power / telecomms could be planned, with those plans put out for public consultation now (if required)), “how can our transport systems be adapted to vehicles that use heat for power” – and, of course, the vehicles themselves: we may have moved on from steam engines (though they would do at a pinch 🙂 ), but planning mobile / scalable heat-based power systems now would be “real useful”… and nowhere more so than aircraft (glad Airbus and Boeing are on-board), thus eliminating kerosine and other explosive chemicals on-board and so making air travel “way safer”, and rail systems (including underground systems – again, “way safer”). Finally, with (the right) LENR, hydrogen can be stored as water and then extracted as needed, also providing oxygen for life, so opening up the solar system and beyond for what we do best – exploring and growing: the impossible hamster can’t stay Earth-bound for ever 🙂

          • GreenWin

            Well said Gordon. And yes, it appears as though part of this ascendance will be to cast off Earth-bound chains. However, without a firm moral and ethical foundation (i.e. rigorous honesty, and amends) a sentient universe will be disinterested, or hostile.

          • Omega Z

            I agree with the premise of your post.
            “5,000 children a day” And how many adults.
            But it needs to be kept in perspective. This has always been & to a much greater degree in the past. We have made much progress & this needs to continue. It could also be applied to many other areas of discussion.

            That said considering the possibilities of LENR, The Government could intervene. They could go in & validate Rossi’s, Brillouin’s and others work while guaranteeing their IP. They could then clear the path for accelerated transition to the market. And tho some things really require time, they could offer help & support wherever needed & possible.

            I am Not concerned that a manufacture will make a 10% profit that can still sell it to me for 5 times less then I can build one. That just means it will be much cheaper for everyone & will benefit far more people far faster.

            We have Governments deeply in debt trying to figure out how to make work. While in reality, there is far more necessary work that needs done. The undeveloped world need an infrastructure built. The developed world needs to rebuild it’s crumbling infrastructure. We are at risk of no potable water & sanitation when these old systems crumble to nothing. Not to mention many other areas.

            The U.S. has pumped about 5 trillion$ into the system that for the most part, went into artificially pumping up the value of stocks. Imagine had they pumped 1 trillion$ into infrastructure. Millions would no longer need taken care of by the government & would be paying taxes instead. Governments would find there debts dwindling & flush with new revenue. AND, the stocks would have increased in value. Not from artificial demand but from real worth.

            We need new blood in politics. People with intelligence & vision. Not people who pay the poor to de-weed the parks while our infrastructure crumbles. The U.S. Government spends an average $80K+ a year to take care of a family on welfare when they could produce real jobs that pay taxes for about 30% less. Will the idiocy never end.

            The Governments need to learn how to lead or get the hail out of the way & let someone in that knows what their doing.

          • GordonDocherty

            Alas, the figure of “5,000 children a day” is from the (relatively) recent past:


            and while the situation has improved in some areas, it has worsened in others.

            As to governments being in debt, LENR is definitely a very powerful way of stimulating and growing economies around the world, so solving the immediate debt problem (sort of reverse of the 1973 oil shock) but, yes, along side this behaviours will have to change: more exploring, less exploiting… using our brains and not the other major organ… 🙂 Well, you can always hope.

        • Omega Z

          Actually, Some tax payer funding has been provided to LENR through a few programs. Tho most are not labeled as such. Think plasma physics, material science & gas loading technologies.

          There is DARPA, NRL, NASA to name a few, but it is seldom labeled LENR/CF research. It has also been small change in the few million$ range.

  • giovanniontheweb

    I’d rather be a little more attentive, ITER people is a community of dedicated professionals and I guess not just composed by jerks, international heavy investments started on industrial facts in the time where lenr/canr were producing few milli-watt. The effort of one independent, Mr Rossi, brought the international attention on alternatives ways of ‘fusing’ matter. With my small knowledge, listening discussion in Padova and talking to the involved people I believe this is going to ‘explode’ very soon, nevertheless, machines like ITER will not be a waste of money as the understanding of the physics behind is very far from being understood and other views will definitely be needed, ITER most probably will never participate to your electricity bill but for sure will participate to the fusion understanding.

    • Dave Lawton

      ITER is a joke they have been working on Hot Fusion since 1950 its all been promises,promises.It`s the big physics game.I do know little bit about that game I use to work for it.

      • GreenWin

        Certain “people” purport to be superior to human beings. An amateur shrink can read the inflated egos in academia’s ivory towers. They lack humility. Were they to do so, the heavens might open and give ’em a clue. 🙂

        • Pekka Janhunen

          “It’s hard to be humble if you are the world’s best”, said Keijo Rosberg, Formula-1 champion 1980-something. Every scientist is the world’s best in his own, perhaps narrow, field. On the other hand, many scientists have experienced that the more they know, the less they know. That promotes humility. Some or humble, some are not.

          • Omega Z

            A Humbling Experience.

            Guide says to the PhD. Sir, you need to stay on the path.

            The Professor proclaims, Young man, I have 8 years of education & 20 years experience in academics. I do not need you to tell me what to do.

            Guide: That’s all well & fine sir. Now if you give me your hand I’ll pull you out of that quicksand.

            The Best we can expect from the highly educated is that they are good in their field of expertise. Not a Given. Education & Intelligence are 2 different things. They are not synonymous. They’re is not even a correlation.

            True Story. I once defended an Intelligent man.
            Guy comes up & tells me this metallurgist was dumber then a Box of Rocks.
            I asked him what he meant by that. He proceeded & told me he asked if they could reheatreat a plowshare. He was shocked that the metallurgist had no idea what that was. The metallurgist told him look. I’m good at what I do. There is much I don’t know outside of that.(Note: Word in management was he was among the top 10 in the world & had standing offers for employment from all over)

            I pointed out to this employee that I considered that to be the mark of an Intelligent person. He is well aware the difference of where his expertise lies & is willing to freely admit it.

            To Follow: The person who questioned the metallurgist’s intelligence-
            Paid $20 to have the busted plowshare welded up and was willing to wait a week to get it reheat treated. A half mile down the road was a farm implement store who sold them for $8. (???)
            I didn’t tell this guy so, But I think he missed his calling. He would fit right in with today’s politicians. His career awaits. 🙂

          • GreenWin

            The question is, how long can a society filled with narrowed experts unable to avoid quicksand, survive?

          • Frechette

            How many more demonstrations of excess heat generation does one need before mainstream scientists finally get the message?

          • john M

            MFMP may be able to answer that question by this summer.

          • bachcole

            This just proves that intelligence and even knowledge is not the same as paradigm shifting nibbleness.

          • mcloki

            Once LENR can offer salaries to put kids through school.

          • GreenWin

            Using this logic can we expect a “scientist” offered $150k/year will happily do a study on fire-breathing dragons as the misanthropomorphic cause of climate change??

            Rigorous honesty, admission of error, making amends and remuneration, are the greatest failures in mainstream science.

          • mcloki

            They would. It’s not he cause but the conclusion they pay for. As long as climate change isn’t man made. Cow farts, Natural sun cycles, All of these “causes” will have “Scientists” give you a paper supporting that theory.

    • Mytakeis

      so true, but taxpayer dollars can be better spent, I feel.

    • Omega Z

      From all that I’ve read, Few would ever be able to afford energy produced by ITER/Hot Fusion.
      The recover costs would far exceed present electricity costs alone.

      Aside from that, The safety concerns discussed by some who are involved with ITER,There is only about 16 locations where such device could be built. Most of the world would not have access to it’s electricity production.

  • US_Citizen71

    But do we have the correct angles for the flux capacitor? 😉

  • A COP of 6 is helpful, but a COP of 20 or more is world changing. If Rossi can get the Hot Cat to run reliably for years without the alumina tubes breaking and at a high COP, then he really has something. Success depends on the construction costs and long term operating costs. How often will it have to be refueled? How much will that cost? Can you replace one cell in a reactor made up of 100 cells without shutting the entire reactor down? Will anyone ever figure out a way to scale up the technology to gigawatt size?

    • Alain Samoun

      “Can you replace one cell?” Doesn’t seem impossible,if you get a 20 COP you have plenty of energy to spare if one cell is down.

      “scale up” Don’t need it really, as the reactors can be put near the places where they are needed

      • Mats002

        Agree, this solution “scale out”, but the energy output goals can be same as a “scale up” solution.
        Scale out is better in terms of both distribution and redundancy.

      • Omega Z

        Without some major tech breakthrough(both the E-cat & other), Rossi’s technology is only useful & cheap for small scale power plants located near cities. With the exception of Lt e-cats for home heating.

        The reason for this is simple math & scale.
        Power company can achieve 50% conversion due to large scale.
        Power company only requires 1-10Kw E-cat for every 2.5 to 3 homes.
        Home energy can achieve 15% conversion due to small scale.
        Home energy would require on average 5 10-Kw E-cats.
        Home produced would require 10/15 E-cats verses a Power companies 1 E-cat
        Power company will utilize about 80% of all energy produced.
        Home energy will waste about 95% of all energy produce.

        E-cat allows smaller scale power plants located anywhere. They need not take into considerations Rail for coal availability or N-gas pipe lines. Small makes them affordably self contained & don’t require vast water resources for cooling towers. No need for a large national grid infrastructure. Large reduction in transport losses from that grid.

        Present power plants lose the waste heat. You just can’t pipe that heat to manufactures or greenhouses 50 or 100 miles away. Being local, Manufacturing & greenhouses could make use of that waste heat.

        These small localized grids will provide electricity far cheaper then you can produce yourself. Will greatly reduce power outages. They’ll have technicians present. You will wait weeks for a tech when needed. You’ll probably still need to be hooked up to the grid.

        I can’t imagine TPTB allowing 1400`C home systems, but if they did, I can only imagine the regulations & safety codes to be met costing 10’s of thousands & maybe even a 24/7 technician on hand.

        • Alain Samoun

          E-Cat is only the first step to a new kind of energy, who knows how it will evoluate?

  • theBuckWheat

    It will not take much consideration to make an eCat-powered generator impervious to EMP, but nothing can make PV solar cells impervious. In fact, an EMP will instantly fry every single PV cell in line of sight and maybe far beyond.

  • MasterBlaster7

    I disagree with this article Hank.

    Hopefully, the e-cat (LENR) is the holy grail we all think it will be. 16 Billion dollar machine v. something you can just about slap together with parts from home depot and radio shack for 20+ COP…no contest.

    But, I think cutting funding for ITER is wrong headed. Hot fusion is definitely a worthy scientific domain that needs to be explored. If e-cat (LENR) is successful…there will probably never be a fusion reactor to produce energy for the peoples. That is fine.

    Take a look at CERN. That is a multi-billon dollar facility and I don’t think it has produced anything useful, commercially.

    I would like to see ITER continue as a pure research project if e-cat (LENR) is successful. There may be some known unknowns or unknown unknowns that result from ITER that are useful to science and possibly LENR.

    If you are worried about money, don’t be. 16 Billion dollars is a drop in the bucket for the energy sector. I think we burned up something like 4 trillion in oil last year (forgot if that was US or world). So, if e-cat is successful….just watch the money come rolling in…that wont be a problem.

    • bachcole

      “Hot fusion is definitely a worthy scientific domain that needs to be explored.”

      Please list the practical benefits of ITER type research, past, present, and future. (:->)

      Practical in this sense means that one single person would be fed a healthful, hearty meal who wouldn’t have. Something like that.

      • mcloki

        You never know what will fall out of ITER research. What if it accidentally creates wormholes. Research is research. The cause should be to slice off a little funding for LENR research. But we shouldn’t put all of our research dollars in one basket. You never know.

        • GreenWin

          What if “wormholes” exist without benefit of infant (and utterly naive) tinkerers at ITER. NIF, PPPL and MIT’s Alcator C-Mod? “A Star in a Bottle” — the dream of hot fusion children. But they’ve yet to invent a bottle able to hold their Star. Worse, they lack the humility to admit the fact.

          • MasterBlaster7

            Look at it this way…If e-cat (LENR) work….you take a 4 trillion dollar a year oil bill and turn it into…say…a 1 trillion dollar a year oil bill. You are saving 3 trillion dollars a year with e-cat (LENR) implimentation…..so what is a lousy 16 billion? You are leveraging the savings from LENR to throw a few dollars to basic research. That is the way it should be. Hot Fusion is still a thing worth scientific exploration regardless of LENR success.

          • Frechette

            There is a problem when all of the money goes to ITER while LENR researchers suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as they are ridiculed to boot.

        • Frechette

          “But we shouldn’t put all of our research dollars in one basket.” True tax payer money is a limited resource. Some of it should be siphoned off to support LENR research. If its to the detriment of ITER so much the better. Whatever happened to the notion of pay for performance.

      • MasterBlaster7

        known unknowns and unknown unknowns. I answered your question before you asked it.

    • GreenWin

      MB7, you are not wrong in that we should fund basic research. However, CERN and academic “science” today is beholden to a tiny cadre of solipsistic “elites” invested in human ignorance. Were they not, the facts of e.g. LENR, FTL neutrinos, morphic consciousness would not be dismissed as incredible, or measurement “error.”

      • MasterBlaster7

        Yah. I see your point. But, 6 sigma proof on the Higgs Boson came from that same solipsistic “elite”.

        Another thing to consider…is that top academic minds go into fusion research. It is a pool for big brains on a similar topic to LENR. Now if Rossi is successful…I think you will see a huge brain drain from that pool into LENR. Just think of it as a holding pen for LENR researchers…waiting for conditions to be right.

        • Omega Z

          I consider it the Governments holding pen to keep those who could & would work for rogue nations who want to build nukes. An effort to constrain nuclear proliferation. Just note the huge jump in hot fusion funding when the USSR collapsed.

          Those people have families to cloth & feed. Hot Fusion research gives them a 1st option over a less desirable choice. Unfortunately, It had the unintended side effect of encouraging even more to enter this field. There are still to many physicist looking for work & the ITER project has grown exponentially to fill the void. It is going out of control. A Runaway program…

          • GreenWin

            Perhaps theory, and evidence from sensors, and probes is a better way to understand our Sun – than attempting to build a bottle capable of holding the Sun we do not understand.

          • Frechette

            As someone once coined that famous phrase: “Just follow the money”.

          • Omega Z

            Yes. Yes I did that follow the money..
            I found this giant unfinished contraption. I asked if they thought it would work.
            They said give us another $20 Billion & come back in 20 years.
            I said, HEY, Wait a minute. Isn’t that what you said 20 years ago.

            They quickly slammed the door & turned off the lights.
            I could here them whispering, Quick. Lets lets get out of here. Their on to US…

        • GreenWin

          Indeed there is good basic research happening within the narrowed halls of CERN. But how long do you think Higgs will remain “The God Particle?” Before someone suggests, hey maybe there are even more fundamental bits of matter than Higgs? This adventure costs taxpayers and society billions — yet rarely does basic research remunerate in pragmatic ways. At best it keeps certain people working and motivated to learn – none of it will solve “climate” or rainforest, or air pollution. Eventually, after much gnashing of teeth, it will lead scientists to understand they and their universe are one and the same.

          • AlbertNN

            There has been a number of technologies developed at CERN and similar institutes that today are used to solve the problems you name.

        • Frechette

          I agree with one point. If governments were to pull the plug on ITER and shift the freed up financial resources to LENR mainstream scientists would jump like rats off a sinking ship to become staunch LENR promoters. They will even claim to have found religion.

          • GreenWin

            Hot fusion scientists “found religion” when they got their first paycheck.

        • Warthog

          Yup…..welfare for physicists is basically what it amounts to. I suggest cutting the fusion budget by $250 million, and using that to fund definitive research into LENR.
          That is barely pocket change from the $250 billion that “hot fusion” has burned through.

          But to give you just one example of how “dog in the manger” these people are:

          Peter Hagelstein had interested a non-government source into a TINY (as I recall, less than $100K) grant to investigate some aspect of LENR. When the “hot physics” sorts found out about it, they propagandized the potential funding source that LENR was “bogus science”, until the source called off the grant.

    • Frechette

      The point is even if ITER were to be successful in producing power most people in the world would not be able to afford to buy the electricity it generates.

  • GreenWin

    “One of the biggest obstacles is the world-wide tokamak lobby, which perpetuates the fraud that Hirsch, Trivelpiece and I foisted on the country in the 1970’s when we started the big tokamak ball rolling.

    Magnetic confinement fusion is a misnomer, as magnetic fields can NOT confine a plasma, only constrain its motion towards walls. The entire history of the MagConf program has been to reduce transport to neo-classical (not turbulent or instability-driven) losses. And THEN the machines are all inherently and inevitably huge and cost too much and make too much power to ever be economically useful — as the utilities have been telling the AEC/DoE for 30 years. No matter, the global tokamak program provides jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in many countries, and is a safe place to put political pork funding, simply because it IS NO THREAT TO OIL – it won’t ever work, but it sounds good to the untutored public.”

    Dr. Robert Bussard, PhD Princeton University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos Nuclear Propulsion Division, Asst. Director, United States Atomic Energy Commission,

    “Somebody will build it; and when it’s built, it will work; and when it works people will begin to use it, and it will begin to displace all other forms of energy.” Dr. R. Bussard re alternative fusion energy.


  • GreenWin

    Ha ha! You’re right. Just keep telling taxpayers, “It’s gonna take another 60 years, but, hey… think about the children. We need your money now!”

  • guest3

    I bought your book. Very good

    • Omega Z

      Frank says Thank You.
      He says if he sells 999,999 more, it will be 1 Million sales.

      🙂 Just Kidding.
      I’ve read many of fznidarsic posts at the Vort & they are interesting.
      I hope he sells many more books.

  • Josh G

    Frank, I learned about your work through Jeremy Rys’s youtube channel. I would encourage you to try to summarize your theory and its relevance to cold fusion and submit it to ECW through the “Submit a Post to ECW’ link at the top of the site. Then it will stand as its own post and will hopefully attract more attention and generate a discussion. It seems to me your theory could be useful for cold fusion researchers in finding the right frequencies and scales to catalyze the conversion of nuclear energy to phonon energy and vice versa.

  • Omega Z

    It is distressing to see the money going to things that will become obsolete, but I remind myself. If I need a car today, I’m not going to wait 5 years for the fuel free version. Life continues.

    “With unlimited energy only our imagination will stop what we can do.”

    You have No Idea how true this is. Without cheap abundant energy, imagination is greatly stunted. Nearly all improvements in life are directly connected to energy. Cheap Energy is a key element of closing the gap of the haves & have not. It will have a major impact on lifting up those at the bottom of the economic scale greatly narrowing the gap.

  • Alex Ruiz

    You are fully right.

    NASA, Airbus, USN, SPAWAR, DARPA, ENEA, Boeing Research, Georgia Tech, Elforsk, Tohoku University, University Missouri, Texas Tech, DTRA, Purdue, Uni Illinois, India Academy of Sciences… have not provided evidence even if some of them have been interested in.

  • GreenWin

    Polywell and all other hot fusion variations suffer the same fate — inability to control rogue neutrons. It’s just criminal. But there is an entire world of LENR opportunity for physicists tired of 62 years of unproductive meddling and failure!

    I shall add the harsh numbers: hot fusion cost to taxpayers worldwide is about $250B (Billion$$). For which terrestrial human beings have received to ONE WATT of useful energy.

    • Ivy Matt

      Just giving some context for your quotes from Dr. Bussard.

      I’m not sure what you mean about “rogue” neutrons. Neutrons have no charge. They are unaffected by magnetic fields, so they radiate isotropically from the reaction source. Neutrons are vital to most mainstream fusion concepts because the fusion energy is captured in the form of heat produced by the neutrons striking the material surrounding the reaction chamber.

      Bussard’s intent was to develop a net-power Polywell that uses hydrogen-boron fuel. The reaction between hydrogen and boron produces three alpha particles (He-4 nuclei) and no neutrons. The alpha particles have a positive charge, and their kinetic energy can be converted directly into electricity without the need to heat water to produce steam, to turn a turbine.

      But mainstream or alternative fusion, neutrons are only a potential engineering problem.

      • GreenWin

        “However, the test [Polywell WB-8] device did not demonstrate the neutron production that
        would be required for an actual fusion reaction. “We tried to do it,
        but we just didn’t have enough equipment to do it,” Park said.”

        I’ll leave it to you and Jaeyoung Park to argue about the latest hot fusion failure, Ivy. Meanwhile, rogue neutrons are in-charge of hot fusion programs responsible for taking some $250B from taxpayers and providing NOT ONE WATT useful energy.

        Funny you mention He4 – the very stuff ENEA/DARPA proved in electrolytic CF experiments 15 years ago. Rigorous honesty?? Not in this sim.

  • GreenWin

    A decade ago someone in a Japanese geek lab converted plasma to enough current to light a neon lamp? How does this justify the billions $ wasted on hot fusion boondoggles?? Poorly programmed simulation is no excuse for inflated egos and rigorous dishonesty. IMO.