Open Power Association Announces Collaboration with MFMP, Work on Parkhomov Replication

The following announcement has been posted on the website of the Open Power Association here:

It is Official!
Open Power
collaborates with:
the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce the newborn partnership between Open Power and The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, in the spirit of open science and of the sharing of results that animates both of us . This collaboration will certainly make easier to find a new source of energy: inexhaustible, clean and economic, as a common goal.
After the cordial relations that have grown up with Bob Greenyer during the ICCF19 Conference in Padua, on the occasion of our loan of an energy meter for the Parkhomov replication attempt, now the links have been consolidated with a collaboration relationship that sees as a first activity the supply of a sample of “Parkhomov” fuel by the MFMP, and the design drawings of their reactor, so that we can build a twin and take measurements in parallel with them, among other things, safely and numerous because it will be hosted in our steel shell fully instrumented. Thus we will be able to perform also measurements and tests that would be impossible without the outer chamber, for safety reasons. Moreover we openly will interchange each other ideas , proposals and solutions.

Ugo Abundo,
Luciano Saporito

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    This is excellent news!

  • TomR

    Thank you MFMP, Ugo Abundo and Luciano Saporito. This will be great partnership.

  • radvar

    Link to the document that shows Open Power’s very tasty equipment array

  • Gerard McEk

    I believe in cooperation, I congratulate oth parties and I hope it will enhance the replication efforts.

  • Gerrit

    I haven’t heard of any unambiguous successful replication result yet. With the number of parties trying replication it should be happening any day now, right ? Right ?

    Are there any negative results produced that I haven’t heard of.

    Who is keeping a list ?